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  C Compiler v1.6a (19xx)(Misosys)[CMD]   293 Ko  
  C Compiler v1.6a Libraries (19xx)(Misosys)[CMD]   79 Ko  
  C Source File which Supports XMODEM Transfers (19xx)(-)[DAT]   7 Ko  
  C-All v0.0 (19xx)(The Alternate Source)[DSK]   30 Ko  
  Calc Bin-Dec-Hex Keyboard LDOS Filter Conversion Routine v5.1 (1981)(Logical Systems, Inc.)[FLT]   5 Ko  
  Calcs III v1.5 (1982)(Softrends Inc.)[BAS]   11 Ko  
  Calculate 'e' (1984)(-)(De)[BAS]   671 o  
  Calculate Miscellaneous Electronic Formulas (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Calculate the Date of the Barrel (19xx)(-)(Fr)[BAS]   814 o  
  Calculate the First Day of Each Season (19xx)(-)(Fr)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Calculate the Position of the Satellites of Jupiter (19xx)(-)(Fr)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Calculate Time to Double an Investment (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Calculates Number of Program Lines (19xx)(-)[BAS]   481 o  
  Calculator (19xx)(-)[DOS Level][CMD]   6 Ko  
  Calculator Plus (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Calendar (1981)(IJS Electronics)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Calendar (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]   925 o  
  Calendar (19xx)(-)[a3][BAS]   3 Ko  
  Calendar (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   923 o  
  Calendar (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Calendar and Date Program (19xx)(Harris)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Calendar Creator (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  California Income Tax Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  California State Lotto Number Picker (1986)(Edwin Bright)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Calories Used Running (1981)(M. Mayer-Kielmann)[BAS]   628 o  
  Camel (19xx)(-)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Camel's Back (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Camping Food Requirement Calculator (1985)(D.K. Carke)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Capture (1978)(BasicWare)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Capture (19xx)(Adventure International)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Capture (19xx)(Jeff Fisher)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Capture (19xx)(Unknown Author)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Capture v3.2 (19xx)(Adventure International)[CMD]   9 Ko  
  Capture v3.5 (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]   25 Ko  
  Car Maintenence (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Car Race (19xx)(-)[BAS]   459 o  
  Car Race- Gonzo International 500 (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Car Racer (19xx)(Software Innovations)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Card Sharps (19xx)(David Busch)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cardoni 2 (1980)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Carnival (19xx)(Kim Watt)(beta)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Carnival (19xx)(Kim Watt)(beta)[SRC]   7 Ko  
  Carriage Returns Out (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Casette Graphics v2.4 (1979)(Level IV)[BAS]   819 o  
  Casette Label Maker (19xx)(Dr. Peter Shenkin)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Casette Labeler (19xx)(Steve Joy)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Casette Test Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Casino Game Pack (1979)(Radio Shack)[CAS]   20 Ko  
  Casino Games Pack (1979)(Tandy)[BAS]   20 Ko  
  Casino Slot Machine (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Cassette Comm v1.0 (19xx)(-)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Castle Adventure (1982)(-)[BAS]   10 Ko  
  Castle Shot (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  CAT (19xx)(-)[Directory Listing with Sector Count][CMD]   587 o  
  Cat and Mouse (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Catalog Disk Cataloguer (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Catalog1 Disk Cataloguer (19xx)(Reg Peeples)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Catalog1 Disk Cataloguer v2.1 (19xx)(Reg Peoples)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  CatDoc v3.0 (1987)(Guy Omer)[File Cataloguer][CMD]   10 Ko  
  Caterpillar (1981)(Soft Sector Marketing)[DMK]   23 Ko  
  Caterpillar (1982)(Small Sector Marketing)[CMD]   33 Ko  
  Caterpillar (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Caterpillar (19xx)(Soft Sector Marketing, Inc)[DMK]   23 Ko  
  Cavern Quest (1982)(Barry Diller)[CMD]   14 Ko  
  Caves and Creatures (19xx)(George Arseneault)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Celeste Music Demo- Somewhere Over the Rainbow (19xx)(-)[BAS]   674 o  
  Celeste Music Demo- Star Trek Theme (19xx)(-)[BAS]   709 o  
  Celeste Music Demo- Unknown Song (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Celestial Mechanics Orbiter (1982)(-)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Center a Text File (19xx)(Steve Joy)[BAS]   466 o  
  Centipede (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Centipede Attack (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[CMD]   6 Ko  
  Chain Command Writer (1980)(JTP)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Challenge (1979)(Richard Taylor)[BAS]   24 Ko  
  Challenge Match 'em (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Change Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Change Cursor in Basic (19xx)(-)[BAS]   413 o  
  Change the Cursor (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Changer (19xx)(Chuck Jean & Bart Davis)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Chango (1985)(Wolstrup Software)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Character Differences (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[between two files][CMD]   888 o  
  Character Strip Utility (19xx)(Kim Watt)[LDOS][CMD]   4 Ko  
  Character Trap Filter v5.1 (1981)(Logical Systems)[FLT]   2 Ko  
  Chart Plotting Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Chase (1979)(Creative Computing)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Chat Module (19xx)(Bob Ward)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Check Balance Program v2.1 (19xx)(Lance Micklus)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Check Finder (1981)(Lance Micklus)[Cassette][BAS]   3 Ko  
  Checkbook Balancer (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Checkbook Balancing System (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Checkbook Maintenance Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Checkbook Maintenance Program (19xx)(Peter Scheinkin)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Checkbook Plus (19xx)(-)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Checkbook Register (1980)(C. W. Evans)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Checkers (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Checkers (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Checkers (19xx)(Creative Computers)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Checkers (19xx)(Jim Campbell)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Checkers v2.1 (19xx)(Simutek)[BAS]   12 Ko  
  Checking v1.0 (1988)(David Miller)[BAS]   18 Ko  
  Checkmate (19xx)(The Programming Force)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Checks (1985)(Sherman Rose)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Checkwriter (19xx)(-)[BAS]   959 o  
  Checque Account Manager v1.0 (1981)(Dave Powell)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Checque Printer (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Cheesier and Cheesier (19xx)(-)[Fortran Homework][BAS]   727 o  
  Chemical Elements (19xx)(John Flynn)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Chess (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   1 Ko  
  Chess (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Chess (19xx)(Garry Thompson)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Chess Men Graphic (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Chess Piece Graphics (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Chess Tutor (1981)(80-Micro)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]   816 o  
  Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   1 Ko  
  Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1022 o  
  Chi-Square Distribution (19xx)(-)[BAS]   721 o  
  Chicken (1982)(John Weaver Jr.-Factory Programming)[CMD]   39 Ko  
  Chicken! (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Children's Hour (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Chimps (19xx)(-)[BAS]   8 Ko  
  Chompers (19xx)(-)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  ChopFile v1.0 (1988)(Nick Andrew)[a][CMD]   1 Ko  
  ChopFile v1.0 (1988)(Nick Andrew)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Chopper Defense (1984)(Robert Doerr)[CMD]   6 Ko  
  Chores by Week (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Chrismas Tree (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Chrismas Tree for MX-80 (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Christian vs. Lion (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Christmas Card (1982)(-)(De)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Christmas Card (19xx)(-)[Video][BAS]   7 Ko  
  Christmas Carols (19xx)(-)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Christmas Display (1988)(Andrew Bruns)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Christmas Show and Tell (19xx)(Randy Hawkins)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  CIA Adventure (1980)(Hugh Lampert)[BAS]   33 Ko  
  Cipher (19xx)(Richard Andree)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Circle Game (1979)(W.J. Schuler)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Circle Program (1981)(Wee Willy)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Circle Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  CIS A Protocol v1.0 (1982)(Les Mikesell)[CMD]   4 Ko  
  City Accessibility (19xx)(James Todd)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  City of Knossos (1981)(Simon Smith-MED Systems)[CMD]   28 Ko  
  Civil Service Pay Calculators (19xx)(-)[BAS]   10 Ko  
  Civil War (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Clash (1983)(Bill Dunlevy-Computer Shack)[CMD]   116 Ko  
  Classic Game of Battleship (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Classic Logic Problems (19xx)(Ken Reilly)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Clean Disk Drive (1982)(Bob Brown)[BAS]   935 o  
  Cleanup (19xx)(Doug Schiller)[BAS]   11 Ko  
  Clear Directory v1.0 (19xx)(MDZ)[Zero Unused Entries][CMD]   1 Ko  
  Cliffhanger (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Climber (1983)(Paul Bissex)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1979)(CLOAD)[03-79][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1979)(CLOAD)[09-79][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1979)(CLOAD)[10-79][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1979)(CLOAD)[11-79][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1979)(CLOAD)[12-79][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-01][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-02][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-03][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-04][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-05][BAS]   3 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-06][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-07][BAS]   4 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-08][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-09][BAS]   3 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-10][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-11][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1980)(CLOAD)[80-12][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1981)(CLOAD)[01-81][BAS]   3 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1981)(CLOAD)[09-81][BAS]   2 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1981)(CLOAD)[11-81][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1982)(CLOAD)[02-82][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1983)(CLOAD)[12-83][BAS]   5 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Cover (1983)(CLOAD)[Best of CLOAD 1][BAS]   1 Ko  
  CLOAD Magazine Issue 31 (1980)(CLOAD)[BAS]   13 Ko  
  Clock Display (19xx)(The Programming Force)[BAS]   872 o  
  Clone 2 for Disk for NewDos v2.1 (19xx)(Mumford)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  CMDFile (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  CO-DIR v1.0 (1981)(Hunt K. Brand)[a2][NEWDOS-80][CMD]   1 Ko  
  CO-DIR v1.0 (1981)(Hunt K. Brand)[a3][NEWDOS-80][CMD]   1 Ko  
  CO-DIR v1.0 (1981)(Hunt K. Brand)[a][NEWDOS-80][CMD]   1 Ko  
  CO-DIR v1.0 (1981)(Hunt K. Brand)[NEWDOS-80][CMD]   2 Ko  
  CO-DIR v2.0 (1982)(Hunt K. Brand)[NEWDOS-80][CMD]   5 Ko  
  CO-DIR v2.1 (1983)(Hunt K. Brand)[DOS PLUS][CMD]   5 Ko  
  Cobol v1.3B (1981)(Ryan McFarland)[DSK]   78 Ko  
  Code Breaker (19xx)(David Griggs)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Code Printer (19xx)(-)[BAS]   702 o  
  Coder (1980)(John Olsen-CLOAD)[Protect BASIC Files from LISTing][BAS]   3 Ko  
  Coder (19xx)(-)[BAS]   565 o  
  Coder - Decoder (19xx)(-)[BAS]   875 o  
  Coding-Decoding (19xx)(-)[BAS]   475 o  
  Coil Winding & Tuned Circuits (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Coin Collector Inventory (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Coin Tossing (1980)(T. R. Laidlaw-CLOAD)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Cokes (19xx)(-)[Guessing Game][BAS]   776 o  
  Collision (19xx)(David Bohlke)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cologne Crocodiles (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Colony (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SRC]   9 Ko  
  Colossal Cave Adventure (1979)(Microsoft)[DMK]   57 Ko  
  Colossal Cave Adventure (19xx)(Softwin)[DMK]   57 Ko  
  Colossal Cave Boot Source (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[ASM]   2 Ko  
  Colossal Cave Duplication Utility v1.0 (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[SRC]   1 Ko  
  Colossal Cave Duplication Utility v2.0 (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[SRC]   1012 o  
  Colossal Cave Duplication Utility v2.1 (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[SRC]   1 Ko  
  Colossal Character Creator (1981)(Paul Gerhardt-CLOAD)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Colossal Charater Creator (1980)(Paul Gerhardt)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Combat v2.1 (1981)(Adventure International)[CMD]   22 Ko  
  COMM Port Status (19xx)(-)[CMD]   913 o  
  Comm Program for DOS (19xx)(-)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Comm Program with Sound (19xx)(-)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Command File Load Address Scanner (19xx)(Odell Damon)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Command File Utility EDAS v5.0 (1979)(Roy Soltoff)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Command File Utility v1.5 (1979)(Misosys)[CMD]   9 Ko  
  Command Line Creator (19xx)(Softsell)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Command List Generator (19xx)(Softsell)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Commented Directory Program (19xx)(Pat Andersen)[CMD]   15 Ko  
  Common BASIC Programs (1977)(Lon Poole)[BAS]   78 Ko  
  Communications Program (19xx)(-)[32K][CMD]   3 Ko  
  Communications Program (19xx)(-)[48K][CMD]   3 Ko  
  Communications Program (19xx)(-)[a][CMD]   18 Ko  
  Compac Communications Package (19xx)(Brian Cameron)[SRC]   8 Ko  
  Compac File Transfer Utility (1983)(Anthony Wood)[CMD]   22 Ko  
  Compact (1983)(Nick Andrew)[Compress & Remove Patches][CMD]   4 Ko  
  Compare (1982)(B. E. Ware)[CMD]   4 Ko  
  Compare (19xx)(-)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Compare Two ASCII Files (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Compare v1.0 (19xx)(Mohammad Dashzadeh)[CMD]   834 o  
  CompDir v2.2 (19xx)(Dave McGlumphy)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  CompDir v2.3 (19xx)(Dave McGlumphy)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Complex Coder-Decoder (19xx)(CC Morris)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Compound Interest (19xx)(-)[BAS]   354 o  
  Compress v1.1 (1987)(Guy Omer)[Low Level ASCII File Compression][CMD]   5 Ko  
  Comproc v1.3 (1979)(Racet Computers)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Compu-Yahtzee (19xx)(Jim Wright)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Compuserve VidTex (19xx)(-)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Compute MX-80 FT-III Bits (19xx)(-)(De)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Computer Aided Instruction- Mathematics v1.1 (1980)(Tandy)[BAS]   61 Ko  
  Computer Aided Instruction- Mathematics v3.0 (1981)(Tandy)[BAS]   66 Ko  
  Computer Dictionary for Scripsit (19xx)(-)[DAT]   6 Ko  
  Computer Music (1979)(Jost Associates)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Computer Race Track (1979)(Michael Fischer)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Computer Speed v1.2 (1981)(Linville, Tanstaafl & Co.)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Computerized Dissertation on System Speed (1979)(J.R. Lewis)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Computers for the People Graphic (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   615 o  
  Concentration (1978)(Ron Tomchin)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Concentration (1979)(Lance Micklus)[BAS]   12 Ko  
  Concentration (1979)(Richard Taylor)[BAS]   8 Ko  
  Concentration (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   3 Ko  
  Concentration (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Concentration (19xx)(Randy Hawkins)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Concentration (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Condominium (1983)(Alfred Funk)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Configuration Saver (1981)(Les Mikesell)[LDOS][CMD]   2 Ko  
  Conflict v1.0 (1980)(Soft Sector Marketing)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Conflict-2500 (1981)(Avalon Hill)[BAS]   19 Ko  
  Conquerer (1983)(Troy Lyndon)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Conquest of Memory Alpha (1980)(-)[BAS]   13 Ko  
  Constellations (1979)(Brice Hadlock & Albert Golusin-CLOAD)[BAS]   19 Ko  
  Consultation Invoice (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Contest Dupe Sheet (19xx)(Tom Orr)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Control Character Filter v5.1 (1981)(Logical Systems)[FLT]   2 Ko  
  Conversion Program for Relocating Machine Language Subroutines (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion Routine Creation Program (19xx)(Alex Kreis)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Conversion Utility for Selected DOS (1982)(Roy Soltoff)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Conversion- Anglo to Metric (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Conversion- Base 10 to Any Base (19xx)(D. K. Clarke)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Base 2-36 to Decimal (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Conversion- Base Conversion (1979)(Willie Burk-CLOAD)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Conversion- Base Conversion Subroutine (19xx)(Kilobaud)[BAS]   791 o  
  Conversion- Decimal to Hexidecimal (1983)(Wolfgang Kohler)(De)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Conversion- Decimal to Hexidecimal (19xx)(-)[BAS]   341 o  
  Conversion- Decimal to Hexidecimal (19xx)(Wes Gray)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Conversion- Decimal to Roman Numerals (1982)(Wolfgang Kohler)(De)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Decimal-Hex-Binary Chart (19xx)(Anthony Peacey)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Decimal-Hex-Radian (1985)(-)(De)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Conversion- Degrees to Radians (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Degrees to Radians (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   932 o  
  Conversion- Degrees to Radians (19xx)(-)[BAS]   581 o  
  Conversion- Hex to Decimal (19xx)(-)[BAS]   745 o  
  Conversion- Hex-Dec-ASCII Chart (1981)(John Schnell)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Conversion- Hexidecimal to Binary (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Hexidecimal to Decimal (1983)(W. Kohler)(De)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Conversion- Hexidecimal to Decimal (19xx)(Kenneth Bozeman)[BAS]   881 o  
  Conversion- Imperial to Metric (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Conversion- Radians to Degrees (19xx)(-)[BAS]   649 o  
  Convert EDTASM Source Spaces to TABS (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[BAS]   949 o  
  Convert Electric Pencil Documents to Lower Case (19xx)(-)[BAS]   754 o  
  Convert Tape (19xx)(-)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  Convert Upper Case to Lower Case (1986)(Rod Stevenson)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Convoy (1983)(Philip MacKenzie & Jeff Sorensen-Trend Software)[CMD]   39 Ko  
  Convoy (19xx)(William Morris & J Cope)[BAS]   21 Ko  
  Conway's Game of Life (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Coordinate Conversion (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1011 o  
  Coordinate Pattern Display (19xx)(-)[BAS]   659 o  
  Coordinate Plot (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Copy & Kill Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Copy Aid (19xx)(-)[CMD]   5 Ko  
  Copy Art II (1982)(Simutek)[CMD]   44 Ko  
  Copy Files v2.3b (19xx)(-)[BAS]   510 o  
  Copy Protection Routine (19xx)(Kim Watt)[Changer][CMD]   3 Ko  
  Copy Protection Routine (19xx)(Kim Watt)[Ruin][CMD]   2 Ko  
  Copy Protection Routine (19xx)(Kim Watt)[TrakFix][CMD]   3 Ko  
  Copy System Tape (19xx)(-)[CMD]   795 o  
  CopyCat v4.1 (19xx)(Omnisoft Research)[DMK]   6 Ko  
  CopyIt v1.5 (1982)(Nick Andrew)[ASM]   10 Ko  
  CORAID and CORGAME v1.1.0 (19xx)(Understanding, Ltd.)[BAS]   25 Ko  
  Corndog (19xx)(Tom Harleman-Cornsoft)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Corporation Simulation (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Corral (1978)(V. Wise)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Corral (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Corral (19xx)(Ramella)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Cosmic Fighter (1980)(Big Five)[CMD]   120 Ko  
  Cosmic Killers (1981)(-)[CMD]   3 Ko  
  Cosmic Wars '80 (19xx)(Unknown Author)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cosmic Warts (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Country Club Golf, TRS-80 (19xx)(-)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  CP-M Conversion (19xx)(-)[Hardware & Software][CMD]   18 Ko  
  CP-M to TRS-80 Text File Converter (19xx)(-)[CMD]   1 Ko  
  CPU6502 (1984)(Nick Andrew)[6502 Macro Assembler][ASM]   4 Ko  
  Cram v1.0 (19xx)(Hardin Brothers)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Cram v2.0 (19xx)(Hardin Brothers)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Cram v2.1 (19xx)(Hardin Brothers)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Craps (1980)(T. R. Laidlaw-CLOAD)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]   685 o  
  Craps (19xx)(-)[a3][BAS]   1 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(-)[a4][BAS]   4 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]   5 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(Daniel Miller)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(Ken Tracton)[BAS]   862 o  
  Craps (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(Microcomputer Software Associates)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Craps (19xx)(Ray Dashner)[BAS]   11 Ko  
  Craps Simulator (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Crapsod (1983)(Rob Malone)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Crazy Eights (19xx)(David Librik)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Crazy Eights (19xx)(Wes Grey)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Crazy Painter (1982)(Robert Pappas-Cornsoft)[CMD]   44 Ko  
  Crazy Reading (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  CRC Generator (19xx)(R. Baker)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Create BASIC Program with DATA from RAM (19xx)(Steve Joy)[BAS]   855 o  
  Creator & Reportor v3.11 (1983)(TNT Software)[DSK]   27 Ko  
  Creator and Reportor v1.1 (1980)(Bruce Tonkin)[a][BAS]   51 Ko  
  Creator and Reportor v1.1 (1980)(Bruce Tonkin)[BAS]   28 Ko  
  Creator v1.1 (19xx)(Bruce Tonkin)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Creator v2.1 (1983)(Bruce W. Tonkin)[Main Disk][BAS]   15 Ko  
  Creator v2.1 (1983)(Bruce W. Tonkin)[Utility Disk][BAS]   8 Ko  
  Creator v3.11 & Reporter (1983)(Bruce Tonkin)[BAS]   35 Ko  
  Credit Card Information Storage (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cribbage (19xx)(-)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Cribbage (19xx)(R. Mottershaw)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cribbage (19xx)(Robert Barker)[BAS]   8 Ko  
  Cricket (19xx)(Graham Bull)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Crime Adventure (19xx)(-)[BAS]   9 Ko  
  Critical Fleet (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Critical Mass (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Critical Path Scheduling (19xx)(-)[BAS]   12 Ko  
  Crolon Diversion (1981)(Stan Ockers)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Cross Fire (1984)(Paul Bissex)[CMD]   6 Ko  
  Cross Number Puzzler (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cross-Foot v2.1 (19xx)(Johnn Audritch)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cross-Out (19xx)(David Dillehay)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Cross-Town California City Guessing Game (19xx)(-)[CMD]   6 Ko  
  CrossDex (1982)(Serge Calmettes-CLOAD)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cruiser (19xx)(David Librik)[CMD]   7 Ko  
  CRUNCH and UNCRUNCH (1986)(Steven Greenberg)[CMD]   7 Ko  
  Crunch Bugg (1980)(Dana Adams)[BAS]   7 Ko  
  Crunch v2.3 (1986)(Stephen Greenberg)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Crusaders (1982)(Simon Ford)[BAS]   6 Ko  
  Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations)[a2][BAS]   10 Ko  
  Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations)[a3][BAS]   14 Ko  
  Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations)[a][BAS]   14 Ko  
  Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations)[BAS]   14 Ko  
  Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981)(Automated Simulations)[Master][DSK]   35 Ko  
  Crusher (19xx)(CLOAD)[CMD]   2 Ko  
  Crushman (19xx)(-)[BAS]   10 Ko  
  Crypt BBS (19xx)(-)[BAS]   13 Ko  
  Cryptarithmetic (19xx)(-)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Crypto (19xx)(-)[Game][BAS]   2 Ko  
  Crypto (19xx)(-)[Mail Encoder][BAS]   4 Ko  
  Crypto (19xx)(James Demberger)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cryptogram (19xx)(-)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Cryptogram (19xx)(Rik Pierce)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Cryptogram Program (1979)(D. E. White)[BAS]   1 Ko  
  Cryptogram Solver (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cube Chase (19xx)(-)[Lightpen][BAS]   358 o  
  Cube Problem (19xx)(B.W. Styles)[BAS]   4 Ko  
  Cube-80 (19xx)(-)[Rubic's Cube][BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cubes (1978)(Leo Christopherson-80-NW)[BAS]   9 Ko  
  Curly Braces Filter for -DO (19xx)(-)[LDOS][CMD]   1 Ko  
  Currency Conversions into Deutchmarks (19xx)(-)(De)[BAS]   3 Ko  
  Cursor Programs (1984)(-)[DUTCH][BAS]   6 Ko  
  Curvilinear Interpolation (19xx)(-)[BAS]   785 o  
  Curvilinear Regression Analysis (1980)(R. Jones)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Customized Will (19xx)(-)[BAS]   5 Ko  
  Cut Up (19xx)(-)[CMD]   621 o  
  Cutthroats (1984)(Infocom)[a][Rel. 23][CMD]   94 Ko  
  Cutthroats (1984)(Infocom)[Rel. 23][CMD]   83 Ko  
  Cyborg (1982)(Bill Dunlevy & Douglas Frayer-Molimerx)[CMD]   44 Ko  
  Cycle Jump (19xx)(-)[BAS]   2 Ko  
  Cylon (19xx)(-)[BAS]   3 Ko