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 Nom   Taille 
  H.E.R.O. (1984)(Activision)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   14 Ko  
  Habilit (1988)(Iber Soft)(es)[RUN'CAS-']   15 Ko  
  Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)[RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)[RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Happy Fret (1985)(Micro Cabin)[a][RUN'CAS-']   11 Ko  
  Happy Fret (1985)(Micro Cabin)[RUN'CAS-']   11 Ko  
  Hard Boiled (1987)(Methodic Solutions)[a][RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Hard Boiled (1987)(Methodic Solutions)[RUN'CAS-']   30 Ko  
  Harry Fox Yki no Maoh (1985)(Micro Cabin)(jp)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   44 Ko  
  Harvey Smith's Showjumper (1985)(Software Projects)[passworded][RUN'CAS-']   18 Ko  
  Harvey Smith's Showjumper (1985)(Software Projects)[RUN'CAS-']   18 Ko  
  Haunted House (1988)(Eurosoft)[a][RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Haunted House (1988)(Eurosoft)[RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Head Alignment Kit (1985)(Aackosoft)[a][RUN'CAS-']   3 Ko  
  Head Alignment Kit (1985)(Aackosoft)[RUN'CAS-']   3 Ko  
  Head over Heels (1987)(Erbe Software)[RUN'CAS-']   35 Ko  
  Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)[a][RUN'CAS-']   34 Ko  
  Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)[RUN'CAS-']   34 Ko  
  Heist, The (1985)(Aackosoft)[RUN'CAS-']   15 Ko  
  Hercules - Slayer of the Damned (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   67 Ko  
  Highway Encounter (1985)(Dinamic Software)(es)[RUN'CAS-']   22 Ko  
  HiSoft Devpac GENS (1984)(HiSoft)[a][RUN'CAS-']   8 Ko  
  HiSoft Devpac GENS (1984)(HiSoft)[RUN'CAS-']   8 Ko  
  HiSoft Devpac MONS (1984)(HiSoft)[RUN'CAS-']   7 Ko  
  HiSoft Pascal (1984)(HiSoft)[RUN'CAS-']   14 Ko  
  Hopper (1986)(Eaglesoft)[RUN'CAS-']   12 Ko  
  Hostages (1990)(Infogrames)[RUN'CAS-']   67 Ko  
  Howard the Duck (1987)(Activision)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   26 Ko  
  Humphrey (1984)(Mr. Micro)[a][BLOAD'CAS-',R]   5 Ko  
  Humphrey (1984)(Mr. Micro)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   5 Ko  
  Humphrey (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[a][RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Humphrey (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[RUN'CAS-']   28 Ko  
  Hunchback (1984)(Ocean Software)[a][BLOAD'CAS-',R]   7 Ko  
  Hunchback (1984)(Ocean Software)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   7 Ko  
  Hundra (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)[a][RUN'CAS-']   31 Ko  
  Hundra (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)[RUN'CAS-']   31 Ko  
  Hunt for Red October, The (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   35 Ko  
  Hustler (1984)(Bubblebus Software)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   8 Ko  
  Hydlide (1985)(T&E Soft)[a][BLOAD'CAS-',R]   16 Ko  
  Hydlide (1985)(T&E Soft)[BLOAD'CAS-',R]   16 Ko  
  Hypsys (1989)(Techno Arts)(Side A)[a][RUN'CAS-']   24 Ko  
  Hypsys (1989)(Techno Arts)(Side A)[RUN'CAS-']   24 Ko  
  Hypsys (1989)(Techno Arts)(Side B)[RUN'CAS-']   25 Ko