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 fMSX v5.8 
Lundi 31/08/20 à 14:17 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur MSX a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- fix SHA1 computation and update automatically recognized types for several ROMs. Read-only tape images can now be opened. The Windows version comes with majorly refactored scaling and special effects framework, optimizing rendering to large screens and adding explicit "linear scaling" option.
Télécharger fMSX v5.8 (Windows)
Télécharger fMSX v5.8 (Linux)
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 NegaMAME v0.224-1 
Jeudi 27/08/20 à 14:19 par Firebrand
Cebuild de MAME prévu pour fonctionner avec le frontend Negatron a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.224.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.224-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.224-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.224-1 (Linux)
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 openMSX v0.16.0 - Oh Shucks - 
Mercredi 26/08/20 à 15:56 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur MSX s'offre une mise à jour majeure. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
openMSX 16.0—Oh Shucks—is a major release in which we finally migrated to SDL2 and Tcl 8.6. And we moved to a simpler versioning scheme, stripping off that 0. prefix now :) Other than that, there are loads and loads of improvements. Some often requested ones are copy/paste functionality and drag and drop support. But we also added a super accurate YM2413 emulation (originally written by NukeYKT), fixed MIDI-in/out support on Windows, a new keyboard mode, much improved OSD menu, etc. Together with openMSX an updated version of Catapult, our user-friendly GUI, was released. We again made a small amount of improvements: fix hidden openMSX window when launching from Catapult, migration to Python 3 and wxWidgets 3.0, make supported extensions consistent with openMSX command line, replaced Accuracy control with VSync button and Min and Max Frameskip controls with fast forward speed controls and added a button to enable full speed when loading ("Fast Load").

MSX device support:
- V9990:
*added EOR feature in V9990 bitmap cursor rendering
*fixed crash in overscan modes with deflicker filter
*fixed YJK/YUV rendering (was broken 8 years ago...)
*fixed BMLX command
*fixed drawing of second cursor (in some cases)
*added synchronization for the CE IRQ
*fixed sprite rendering algorithm on P modes
*fixed background rendering in P2
*fixed crash when using V9990 B4 mode with SDL renderer and scale_factor 3
- V99x8:
*fixed that set adjust has no influence on maximum horizontal interrupt line
*fixed right border on V9958 horizontal scroll
*implemented "Cadari" bit
*fixed sprite collision detection with color 0 sprites
*fixed behaviour of TP bit in sprite mode 1
- PSG:
*fixed that PSG registers of turboR do not mirror
*fixed behaviour of wrong PSG port configuration (input ports output 0xFF)
*it is now possible to specify whether a machine ignores PSG port directions; this helps to only show the warning on machines that may actually get damaged by these PSG bits
*fixed noise level 0 ("sound6,0")
- fixed behaviour details of ADPCM of MSX-AUDIO
- fixed VDP I/O wait cycles of T9769: only apply to Z80
- fixed initial RAM pattern of ColecoVision to 0x00, which fixes The Heist
- fixed register mirroring of Yamaha SFG modules
- improved loading bad quality WAV cassette images using cubic interpolation
- added very accurate (but also slower) NukeYKT YM2413 core (now also the default)
- added emulation of 256kB hangul font ROM of the Daewoo CPC-400S
- added emulation of mappers Repro Cartridge mapper (v1 and v2) and Matra Compilation (e.g. Konami Compilation 1 and 2)
- fixed keyboard type of CIEL Expert Turbo
- fixed RAM size of Daewoo DPC-180
- added mapper type for RBSC Flash cartridges with KonamiSCC mapper
- added new machines: Yamaha AX500 (thanks Hashem Khalifa), Toshiba HX-20E (thanks Isaac Santaolalla), Yamaha YIS-503, YIS-503II, CX5F, YIS-604/128, Sony HB-G900D (thanks Peter Hanraets), Yamaha AX150 (thanks Pedro Gimeno), Olympia PHC-2 (thanks Patrick)
- added new extensions: Yamaha FD-03 (thanks Arjen) and FD-05 disk drive, Toshiba HX-F101PE disk drive, ROM Hunter Mk2 (thanks BiFi, Takamichi), Sony HBI-J1 (thanks Sandy), JVC MSX MIDI (thanks gflores)

New or improved emulator features:
- F11 now toggles fullscreen mode on PC, to be consistent with other applications such as web browsers; mute is now under F12
- fixed crash in ColecoVision when e.g. ALT+SPACE was pressed
- fixed crash when ejecting tape during cassette loading
- fixed MIDI-in/out support on Windows
- fixed possible crashes when using reverse
- added drag and drop support of files on the openMSX window. Supports ROM files, disk images (and folders), cassette images, LaserDisc images, savestates, replays, text files, Tcl scripts.
- added copy/paste functionality: with CTRL+Win+V (Cmd+V on Mac) or the middle mouse button, the clipboard text will be pasted into the MSX and with CTRL+Win+C (Cmd+C on Mac), the current MSX text screen will be copied to the clipboard
- added paste functionality to the console (CTRL+V/Cmd+V on Mac)
- several other small console improvements:
*for macOS: Home/End moves to top/end of history, Cmd+Left/Right moves cursor to start/end of the line
*move cursor per word with Alt+Left/Right
*clear console with Ctrl+L and Cmd+K on macOS
*Alt+BackSpace: delete backwards up to the start of the word
*Alt+D (Alt+Del on macOS): delete util the end of the word
- added new POSITIONAL keyboard mapping mode, which is a much improved version
of the KEY mode. Use when CHARACTER mode isn't working properly for you
- added file extensions to OSD menu and command line (e.g. .fd1/.fd2/.fd?/.1/.2)
- OSD menu:
*when browsing for a media (ROM, disk, etc.) the menu now starts with the currently selected item. Makes it much easier to set disk B of a game, for instance.
*implemented quick search in lists with alphanumeric keys. Type the name you expect and the cursor will find items starting with the typed characters.
*fixed filtering out symlinked configurations from the machine/extension lists
*go to the top of a list with HOME or CTRL+LEFT. Go to the end by pressing UP after that, as the lists wrap around :)
*now all cartridge slots and disk drives can be controlled from OSD
*show on/off instead of true/false for boolean settings
*added keyboard mapping mode setting to OSD menu
- added setting to control vsync. Default is now enabled
- added new settings 'fastforward' and 'fastforwardspeed' to offer a way to go fast for a while (e.g. with the F9 button, which has now its binding changed to this) without going insanely fast.
- With vsync enabled the maxframeskip will not have to be tweaked anymore to go faster than the host monitor frame rate. Fast forward just works as you would expect it
- added new OSD icon set, which positions icons as far to the bottom as possible (set3)
- use soft-fullscreen now, instead of changing display modes. This looks better on almost all modern monitors. As a consequence, a screenshot made on full screen will be larger and will probably show letter boxes at the sides.
- huge updates to the Software DB:
*many fixes
*countless new entries for many ROM files you can find on the web
- when using IPS patches, the patched ROM will be looked up in the Software DB
- support host system function keys up to F24 now
- improved error messages on console commands (e.g. wrong number of arguments, unknown options, wrong subcommands)
- fixed cursor grabbing when going to and coming back from fullscreen
- enable HighDPI support (at least fixes some issues on macOS)
- fixed (removed) influence of user pressing modifier keys (CTRL/SHIFT/...) when text is typed into the MSX (e.g. with type command, auto cassette run, text pasting)
- added -once flag to 'debug set_bp' (and related commands) to trigger once
- several fixes to the unicode map files, so that pasting and CHARACTER keyboard mode works better (especially on Spanish MSX machines)
- added a debug probe on the V99x8 command execution and with that made the vdp_busy script more accurate
- worked around bug/limitation of MSX-BIOS when typing MSX characters 00-1F, which now works reliably
- fixed crash when using a relative path with the -setting command line option
- fixed 'kbd_code_kana_host_key' setting (did (sometimes?) not work anymore)
- use Rebecca Bettencourt's officially proposed Unicode mapping of MSX character set
- save_msx_screen script now also supports interlaced images
- added '-command' command line option to execute the given command after starting
- disable V99x8 specific debug writes on MSX1 VDP's
- added an optional -parameter to the exit command
- added script and MSX-DOS tool to give openMSX commands from within the emulated MSX (which is not enabled by default)
- when recording to video with throttle off, save time by displaying as few frames as possible on the screen
- now remember window position when the window is recreated (e.g. when changing renderers or coming back from full screen)
- make it easier to handle non-specific input events in Tcl scripts
- WARNING: backwards incompatible change to the 'machine_info device ' command. The result for ROM devices is now a dict (instead of a list) with at least one key-value pair, with key "type". For certain devices more key-value pairs are present, that were previously in list elements 1 to 3. Example to get the mapper type of device 'usas': dict get [machine_info device usas] "mappertype". And to get the device type (works for any device) of MyCoolDevice: dict get [machine_info device MyCoolDevice] "type"

Build system, packaging, documentation:
- migrated to SDL2 (2.0.12)
- unfortunately, the Android port is for now broken, as we did not integrate it into our build system yet (and that's not easy). The C++ code does compile, and now requires NDK20 and API level 18 (Android 4.3)
- updated all other 3rdparty libraries as well, like upgrading to Tcl 8.6
- SDLGL-PP renderer now requires OpenGL 3.3, shaders are now in GLSL 3.30
- support for pkg-config in the build system, e.g. to build FreeType
- C++ code is based on C++17 and thus requires a compiler supporting it, e.g.
g++ 7 or later or Visual Studio 2019 or later
- fixed endianness on ppc64le
- fixed compilation for big-endian CPUs with g++-9
- migrated build system and all other Python scripts to Python 3, as Python 2 is now officially dead
- documentation is now in HTML5 instead of XHTML
Télécharger openMSX v0.16.0 - Oh Shucks - (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger openMSX v16.0 - Oh Shucks - (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger openMSX v16.0 - Oh Shucks - (64-bit) (MacOS)
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.63 
Dimanche 23/08/20 à 14:59 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ces frontends a été publiée et toujours autant de détails sur les changements...
... c'est à dire aucun.
Télécharger GameEx v16.63
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.63
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.62 
Samedi 22/08/20 à 15:12 par Firebrand
Ces 2 frontends multi-systèmes ont été mis à jour, mais les changements ne sont pas connus.
Télécharger GameEx v16.62
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.62
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 RetroArch v1.9.0 
Dimanche 09/08/20 à 15:05 par Firebrand
Cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis sous une même interface a été mis à jour. Comme toujours, le site officiel a un article détaillé et illustré sur les nouvelles fonctions si vous voulez en savoir plus, mais en attendant, voici les changements généraux:
- 3DS: Fix sound crackling when paused
- ANDROID/VIBRATION: Fixes “Vibrate on Key Press” having no effect on Android devices, which occurred because only the off time/strength was defined in what should have been a pair of off/on values
- AUTOCONFIG: Ensure correct directory is used when saving autoconfig profiles
- BLUETOOTH: Add a Bluetooth driver (Lakka-only for now)
- CHEATS: Fix for wrong number of remaining cheat search matches on some machines
- CHEEVOS: Option to play sound on achievement unlock.
- CHEEVOS: Upgrade to rcheevos 9.1
- CHEEVOS: Restore display of unlocked achievements across hardcore modes
- CHEEVOS: Hash buffered data when available
- CHEEVOS: Fix ‘Auto Save State freezes RetroArch while Cheevos is enabled’
- CORE OPTIONS: Pressing OK (or clicking/tapping) on a ‘boolean toggle’ core option no longer opens a drop-down list. The value now toggles directly, just like boolean options everywhere else in the menu
- CORE OPTIONS: Toggling an option that changes the number of core options being displayed (i.e. things like `Show Advanced Audio/Video Settings) no longer resets the navigation pointer to the start of the list
- CORE OPTIONS: Before, RetroArch would identify core option values as being ‘boolean’ if they had labels matching the specific strings enabled or disabled. Most core devs would abide by this, but not always… As a result, we sometimes would end up with misidentified values, with all kinds of Enabled, Off, True, etc. strings littering the menu, in place of proper toggle switches. All boolean-type value labels are now detected, and replaced with standard ON/OFF strings.
- CLI: A new command line option –load-menu-on-error has been added
- CRT: On the fly CRT porch adjuments – these changes allow a user to adjust how the porch algorithm generates the 15khz/31khz output. Giving the ability to change over/under scan.
- CONFIG FILE: Optimise parsing of configuration files
- D3D9/D3D11: Fix core-initiated D3D9/D3D11 driver switches
- DRIVERS: Implemented protection to avoid setting critical drivers to nothing thus preventing the user from locking him/herself out of the program
- EMSCRIPTEN: Fix input code to ignore unknown keys
- FFMPEG CORE: Prevent seeking past the end of files (hang fix)
- FILE I/O: VFS and NBIO interfaces will now use 64-bit fseek/ftell where possible, should allow for reading/writing to files bigger than 2GB
- INPUT MAPPING/REMAPPING: Add input remap drop-down lists
- IOS: Fixed iOS 6 version
- IOS: Hide the home indicator as it obscures the content too frequently
- IOS/METAL: Metal video driver now works on RetroArch iOS
- IOS/METAL: Support getting video metrics to support proper touchscreen interactions
- LOCALIZATION: Updates for several languages (synchronized from Crowdin)
- MEMORY/LINUX/ANDROID: Fix reporting of free memory
- MEMORY/WINDOWS: Fix reporting of free memory
- MENU: Enlarged INT/UINT selection limit from 999 to 9999
- MENU: Fix cursor forced to first entry after displaying lists
- MENU: Make Notification Font option visible when Graphics Widgets are enabled
- MENU/RGUI: Add optional ‘toggle switch’ icons
- MENU/WIDGETS: Add optional widget-based ‘load content’ launch feedback animation
- MENU/WIDGETS: Make notification font size option visible when graphics widgets are enabled
- ODROID GO ADVANCE: Video driver – fix race condition with RGUI callback
- PLAYLISTS: Change playlists to use dynamic arrays. Instead of a fixed initial 12MB memory allocation (99999 * 128 byte (on 64bit arch)), use a dynamically growing array
- PLAYLISTS: Playlist base content directory paths – portable playlists
- PLAYLISTS/SEARCH: Enhanced playlist search functionality
- PLAYLISTS/DATABASE: Add ‘Explore’ view
- PLAYLISTS/DATABASE/EXPLORE: Show system icons in explore view
- PS2: Improve FPS Limiter
- RUNAHEAD: Prevent runahead from being disabled permanently when an error occurs
- SCANNER: Add more region codes for GameCube/Wii game detection
- SHADERS/SLANG: Increased Slang max Parameters, Textures & Passes
- VIDEO FILTERS/BLARGG: Make Blargg_snes filter customizable
- WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Fix invalid calls to dinput_handle_message when input driver is not set to dinput
- X11: Add lightgun support
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Windows XP/Vista 32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Windows XP/Vista 64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Metal2) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Nintendo GC)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (RPX) (Nintendo WiiU)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (.3dsx) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (.cia) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (PlayStation 2)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.0 (PS Vita)
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 ClrMAME Pro v4.038a 
Samedi 08/08/20 à 13:37 par Firebrand
Un important bug apparu dans la précédente version a été corrigé. Voici de quoi il s'agit:
- fixed: some zip renames could create dupes (4.038a) (MAME .223 v4mdice v4monte issue)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.038a (32-bit)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.038a (64-bit)
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 NegaMAME v0.223-1 
Vendredi 07/08/20 à 16:08 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME adapté au frontend Negatron a été mise à jour vers MAME v0.223.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.223-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.223-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.223-1 (Linux)
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 RomVault v3.1.4 
Mercredi 05/08/20 à 15:33 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
This is a small but important bug fix release. I discovered a bug that was preventing RomVault from correctly reading some ZIP files with unicode file name and instead reporting them as bad zip files, this has been fixed in this release.
Télécharger RomVault v3.1.4
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 ClrMAME Pro v4.038 
Lundi 03/08/20 à 14:31 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- added: support for zip/rar/7z aliases (e.g. jar/cbz/cbr/cb7, etc) in Settings->Compressor tabs. So you can now scan e.g. jar files like zip files etc. The alias settings allow multiple values separated by space, so e.g. .cbz .jar .war
- added: zip property tab in Settings-Compressor with e.g. zip compression level setting option
- misc: use a private use utf8 char for internal set subfolder handling, so all kind of apostrophes '´` in rom/setnames are allowed again and won't be replaced
- misc: speedup multi 7z/rar delete opertions by using filelists
- misc: updated rar dll
- fixed: some zip circular rename operations could kill files
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.038 (32-bit)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.038 (64-bit)
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 ares v115 
Mercredi 29/07/20 à 14:52 par Firebrand
C'est avec tristesse que sort cette ultime (?) version d'ares. Near (anciennement byuu) a tiré le rideau et semble cette fois le faire de manière définitive: en effet, il a fait le ménage derrière lui en supprimant son site et l'ensemble de ses réseaux il y a quelques jours. Voici le dernier message qu'il nous laisse:
It's been a pleasure, thank you all for everything.
Yes, I'll be fine. No, I won't be back. I gave all I could.
The work is what matters. Please continue it in my stead.
Cependant, une archive de est en cours de constitution pour conserver les articles. En ce qui concerne l'émulateur, pas de release notes sur les changements. L'émulation Nintendo 64 qui donnait pourtant des signes encourageant et les prémices de l'émulation PlayStation ne sont pas activés.
Remercions néanmoins comme il se doit ce développeur pour les années passées à créer une émulation de grande qualité.
Télécharger ares v115
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 fMSX v5.7 
Jeudi 23/07/20 à 14:17 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur MSX a été publiée. Voici les nouveautés:
- make several fixes to PSG emulation and MIDI sound recorder. The saved state files should now be fully compatible between 32bit and 64bit architectures. There are also fixes to window positioning and resizing in Windows.
Télécharger fMSX v5.7 (Windows)
Télécharger fMSX v5.7 (Linux)
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 RomVault v3.1.3 
Mardi 21/07/20 à 15:07 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Here is a bug fix update with a bunch of crashes fixed, lots of good user feedback helped in tracking down and fixing crashes in this release .

- Fixed a bug if no ToSort directory exists, or if there is already a files with the same name in tosort.
- No longer load DAT if the DAT contains no files.
- Changed the encoding used for ZIP filenames and now only using unicode zip filenames if the filename does not fit the encoding 437.(Original IBM PC encoding.)
- Using a newer .net version that permits //?/, so can add //?/ and call the .net function now, instead of having to call the file kernel dll's.
- Switch from ILMerge to ILRepack to make the single .exe files for the releases. ILMerge does not work with .net core, which I plan to try using at some point.
- Fixed a crash bug in 7z files when there is a zero byte file by itself in a 7z file.
Télécharger RomVault v3.1.3
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.58 
Vendredi 17/07/20 à 14:03 par Firebrand
Ces frontends multi-systèmes ont été mis à jour, mais pas d'information sur les nouveautés.
Télécharger GameEx v16.58
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.58
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.53 
Vendredi 10/07/20 à 15:20 par Firebrand
Plusieurs nouvelles versions de ces frontends ont été publiées d'une traite. On sait ce qui a été amélioré pour l'une d'elle, la v16.51:
- MAME high score support is back and much improved now using hi2txt by and thanks to greatstone. Performance is vastly improved using caching and results are also now published to and available at GameEx Online. A new leaderboard will be available shortly.
- Much improved performance for Gamebase systems.
- Fixes audio visualizations
Télécharger GameEx v16.53
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.53
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.48 
Samedi 04/07/20 à 14:57 par Firebrand
Ces frontends continue leur série de mise à jour, mais on ne sait pas ce qui a été modifié.
Télécharger GameEx v16.48
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.48
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 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.46 
Jeudi 02/07/20 à 14:08 par Firebrand
Cette fois, les deux versions de ce frontends ont été mis à jour en même temps Pas d'information sur les changements par contre.
Télécharger GameEx v16.46
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.46
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 NegaMAME v0.222-1 
Lundi 29/06/20 à 14:12 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME adapté au frontend Negatron a été mis à jour vers MAME v0.222.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.222-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.222-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.222-1 (Linux)
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 GameEx Arcade Edition v16.45 
Samedi 27/06/20 à 18:51 par Firebrand
D'habitude mise à jour en même temps que la version standard du frontend, l'Arcade Edition est cette fois la seule à avoir droit à une nouvelle version. Et elle est aussi accompagné de release notes:
- As always, an EmuMovies subscription is highly recommended but I have created some system platform videos based on the standard MAME Multimedia and this release can download them automatically.
- The videos were created with a custom .net app I wrote along with FFMpeg and waifu2x for upscaling.
- Here are some samples. MAME and Turbografx.
- This release also fixes dynamic theme videos being shown on the game info screen.
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.45
Site Officiel de GameEx Arcade Edition
 Romulus v0.046 
Samedi 27/06/20 à 18:48 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire des ROMs a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- IMPROVED Speed at scanning when profile has big compressed sets with thousand of files inside folders.
- IMPROVED Compatibility importing softwarelist DATs.
- WRITED Native CHD header reader. No more CHDMAN binaries needed. Now CHDs detection is more fast.
- FIXED Extract to option of Scanner details list popupmenu.
- FIXED Popupmenu display when right click at Profiles treelist at a new node.
- FIXED Import DAT from MAME based EXE option.
- FIXED Lost displaying file extension when using generator in a not compressed files.
- FIXED Locked folders when search files inside for scan/rebuild process.
- FIXED Mousewheel function at lists when list is in a dissabled window.
- FIXED Duplicated files copying files from Scanner - copy selection popupmenu option. Thanks to ToniBC
- FIXED Some visuals.
- RECODED All updater search dats process. Now is more accurate.
- ADDED Description column to updater dats list.
- ADDED Autodownload dats option at updater dats list. Including batch download process. Thanks to RowlaxX for his incredible work.
- ADDED Tons of new dats groups like Connie, DatsSite, MAME, Dos Collections.
- ADDED Statusbar information if main form is on stay normal or stay on top mode.
- REMOVED Rawdump from Updater list. Seems Rawdump project is dead :(
Télécharger Romulus v0.046
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