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 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.208 
Dimanche 31/03/19 à 15:52 par Firebrand
AntoPISA a mis à jour ses fichiers informatif pour MAME. Dans ceux qu'il a prévus, seul manque Messinfo.dat pour l'instant.
Languages.ini v0.208 (0.97):
- 2019/03/30 0.97: Added 0.208 sets.

Series.ini v0.208:
- Items RENAMED (2): (djboy) to (djboyu) and (djboya) to (djboyua).
- Series UPDATED (4): DJ Boy, Neo Print, Raiden and Sega Rally.

Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.208:
- 2019/03/30: Aligned files to MAME 0.208.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.208
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.208 (0.97)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.208
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.208
Télécharger Version.ini v0.208
 History.dat v2.08 
Samedi 30/03/19 à 14:26 par Firebrand
une nouvelle version de ce fichier informatif pour MAME a été publiée à l'occasion de la sortie de MAME v0.208.
Télécharger History.dat v2.08
Site Officiel de History.dat
 Nintendulator FR v0.985 Beta (28/03/19) 
Samedi 30/03/19 à 14:24 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur NES est désormais disponible en français.
Télécharger Nintendulator FR v0.985 Beta (32-bit) (28/03/19)
Télécharger Nintendulator FR v0.985 Beta (64-bit) (28/03/19)
 WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 7 
Samedi 30/03/19 à 14:21 par Firebrand
Cette nouvelle beta de WinUAE apporte une vague de correctif en préparation de la version stable. Voici de quoi il s'agit:
- ELF executable ROM loader crash fix.
- Borderblank + horizontally bitplane ending before display window end: part of right border was drawn using wrong color (borderblank color vs color 0).
- uaegfx and Picasso IV 8-bit palette overlay mode was not implemented. Fixes XIII/Oxyron PIP mode.
- Fixed uaegfx overlay corruption if allocated overlay bitmap width was not divisible by pixel byte size. (PiP_View + image with "unaligned" width)
- Disassemmbling 68020+ full format extension type (an,dn,xxxx.w/.l) didn't print an part.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 7 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 7 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 MAME for XP v0.208 
Samedi 30/03/19 à 14:18 par Firebrand
La version officielle de MAME n'est visiblement plus compatible avec Windows XP. Cette version continue de fonctionner avec ce vénérable système d'exploitation.
Télécharger MAME for XP v0.208
Site Officiel de MAME for XP
 Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (28/03/19) 
Vendredi 29/03/19 à 13:09 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version beta de cet émulateur NES a été publiée. Aucune information sur les changements n'a été donnée.
Télécharger Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (32-bit) (28/03/19)
Télécharger Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (64-bit) (28/03/19)
Site Officiel de Nintendulator
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v15.54 
Jeudi 28/03/19 à 14:12 par Firebrand
Ces frontends multi-systèmes ont été mis à jour, mais aucune information sur les changements n'a été diffusée.
Télécharger GameEx v15.54
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v15.54
Site Officiel de GameEx
 Mameinfo.dat v0.208 
Jeudi 28/03/19 à 14:10 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce fichier informatif pour MAME a été publiée. Voici les données modifiées:
- Updated to MAME 0.208 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes.
- Newest Bugs (27th Mar).
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.208
Site Officiel de Mameinfo.dat
 NegaMAME v0.208-2 
Jeudi 28/03/19 à 14:08 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME prévue pour fonctionner avec le frontend Negatron a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.208.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.208-2 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.208-2 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.208-2 (Linux)
Site Officiel de NegaMAME
 puNES v0.104 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:39 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour mais seulement dans sa version Windows. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed graphical problem with xBRZ filter.
- Fixed mappers 50, 90, 156, 178, UNL-KOF97, UNL-VRC7, MMC3 KT-008 PCB.
- Fixed possible issue with High DPI monitor.
- The shortcuts were not applied and saved correctly. Fixed.
- For the general UxROM mapper use a full 8-bit bank select register.
- Fixed compilation with QT 5.12 under Windows.
- Fixed the management of the zapper that now also correctly manages the X coordinates.
- Updated the Russian translation (thx Alter0ne).
- Fixed the disappearance of the mouse cursor after two seconds.
- Fixed the emulator freezing if pressed "Switch Sides" hotkey.
- Added the rewind function that replaces the timeline. Now it is possible to "rewind" the game. Once the rewind function has been activated (at any time during the game) it is possible to move forward and backward in the gameplay one frame at a time or at different speeds (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x or 64x). You will be able to move freely in the recording until you press the "play" button, from that moment all the gameplay memorized after the selected frame will be lost. In the "general settings" you can select the duration in minutes of the recordable gameplay (the different options are: disable, 2mins, 5mins, 15mins, 30min, 60mins or unlimited) but keep in mind that the more minutes you can record the more space on the hard disk will be used.
Télécharger puNES v0.104 (32-bit)
Télécharger puNES v0.104 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de puNES
 MESS et MESSUI v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:33 par Firebrand
Après quelques mois d'absence, les builds de MESS et MESSUI sont de retours pour ceux qui ne veulent profiter que des machines non arcade de MAME.
Télécharger MESS v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESS v0.208 (64-bit)
Télécharger MESSUI v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESSUI v0.208 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MESS
 WolfMAME v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:29 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour les compétitions supporte désormais les jeux de MAME v0.208.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.208
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
 SDLMAME v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:28 par Firebrand
Cette verion de MAME pour OSX a été mis à jour en v0.208.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.208
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:26 par Firebrand
De nouvelles versions de ces émulateurs spécialisés dans les hackroms et les homebrews ont été publiées; Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- Thanks to "gxb" for his enormous assistance with the new materials that were included in this version.
- Fixes for many glitched mslug hacks.
- Removal of many sets where the difference is quite minor.
- Added support to save the position of sliders such as volume. It might work for HLSL but this has not been tested.
- Fixed hacks of dragoona.
- Fixed a very old bug in pacman. If you had selected the speedup cheat to be always on, the game might not start.

New Games
- [alienchas01] Alien Challenge (Huang Feihong Ultimate Simplified Infinite Killing BOSS Edition 2015-07-05)
- [captcomms47] Captain Commando (God of War Edition 2018-08-14)
- [captcomms48] Captain Commando (99 Beaters Edition 2018-07-07)
- [captcomms49] Captain Commando (Elite Version Update 2018-07-07)
- [captcomms50] Captain Commando (God of War Edition 2018-09-11)
- [captcomms51] Captain Commando (99 Beaters Edition 2018-09-10)
- [captcomms52] Captain Commando (99 Beaters Edition 2018-10-12)
- [captcomms53] Captain Commando (Elite Version 2018-11-08)
- [captcomms54] Captain Commando (God of War Edition 2018-10-31)
- [captcomms55] Captain Commando (Plus 2016-11-28)
- [dinos144] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Dinosaur New Century 2016-01-26)
- [dinos145] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2017 Unparalleled Strike 2017-04-17)
- [dinos146] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Unknown Hack 2017-04-06)
- [dinos147] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Happiness 2017 Unparalleled Edition 2017-10-24)
- [dinos148] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Quick Warrior Edition 2017-10-14)
- [dinos149] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Quickly Increased Edition X3 2017-10-30)
- [dinos150] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Play Unparalleled Bullet Enhanced 2017 2017-11-04)
- [dinos151] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (play Unparalleled Bloody Plus 2017 2017-10-25)
- [dinos152] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Play Dewar Edition 2017-08-17)
- [dinos153] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fight, No Bloody, Enhanced Version, Japanese Version 2017 2017-08-02)
- [dinos154] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Speed Enhanced Version 2017 2017-10-16)
- [dinos155] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (The 2017 Unparalleled Chaos 2017-11-10)
- [dinos156] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Second Generation Warriors 2017 2017-11-12)
- [dinos157] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Snow Version 2018-01-23)
- [dinos158] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Ghost Crying Godless Peerless Version 2018-01-18)
- [dinos159] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Chaos unparalleled 2018-08-16)
- [dinos160] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fighting Version 2018-08-23)
- [dinos161] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Military version 2018-08-13)
- [dinos162] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fast Increase Zeng Xing X5 2017-10-31)
- [dinos163] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Bloody update 2011-07-22)
- [dinos164] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2017 Super Musou Update 2017-10-26)
- [dinos165] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2017 Super Unparalleled Version 2017-10-17)
- [dinos166] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (2017 Super Unparalleled Final Version 2017-11-02)
- [dinos167] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Ji 2011 2017-05-21)
- [dinos168] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Heaven And Earth Unparalleled 2011 2017-06-07)
- [dinos169] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Playing Uranus Edition 2018-09-27)
- [dinos170] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fighting Update 2018-09-27)
- [dinos171] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fight bloody version Update 2018-09-19)
- [dinos172] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Military version Update 2018-09-24)
- [dinos173] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Hit the king version 2018-10-30)
- [dinos174] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fighting Update 2018-10-30)
- [dinos175] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (playing Uranus Edition Update 2018-12-29)
- [dinos176] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (God of War Edition Update 2018-12-22)
- [dinos177] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fast Fighting Version 2018-12-29)
- [dinos178] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Playing Uranus version 2019-01-29)
- [dinos179] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Warriors 2018-12-21)
- [deathstar2] Death Star v2 (by Stefano Bodrato)
- [ffightj2s02] Final Fight (Paced Whirlwind 2016-08-17)
- [ffightj1s01] Final Fight (1VS2 2017-11-26)
- [ffights02] Final Fight (1V2 Enhanced Version 2016-08-17)
- [garoupsi05] Garou - Mark of the Wolves (The brand of the wolf 2015-03-10)
- [grdianss08] Guardians (Electric God Magic 2 Unparalleled Edition 2018-12-10)
- [grdianss09] Guardians (Plus 2018-07-26)
- [hookus03] Hook (Iron hook unparalleled 2016-07-31)
- [hooks06] Hook (Unrivalled Version 2016-08-18)
- [killblds05] The Killing Blade (Simplified 2018-08-24)
- [kov115s12] Knights of Valour (Unparalleled in the world 2016-09-26)
- [kov2h14] Knights of Valour 2 (Full Attack Version 2016-08-17)
- [kov2h15] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.1 2017-08-03)
- [kov2h16] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.2 2017-06-28)
- [kov2h17] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.3 2017-06-17)
- [kov2h18] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.4 2017-06-18)
- [kov2h19] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.5 2017-06-17)
- [kov2h20] Knights of Valour 2 (Unknown Hack Rev.6 2017-06-17)
- [kov2p204s67] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Gai Shi Wu Shen New 2 2016-01-16)
- [kov2p204s68] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (2p full attack version 2016-10-17)
- [kov2p204s69] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (King of the world 2016-08-25)
- [kov2p204s70] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (King of the world 2016-10-26)
- [kov2p204s71] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Plus 2016-10-27)
- [kov2p204s72] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Full attack version 2016-10-26)
- [kov2p204s73] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Update 2016-11-25)
- [kov2p204s74] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Full attack version Updated 2016-11-21)
- [kov2p204s75] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (No Pairs English Update 2016-11-28)
- [kov2p204s76] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Heroes of the World 2016 2016-11-23)
- [kov2p204s77] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (The new world 2016-11-22)
- [kov2p204s78] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Gods weapon update version 2016-11-23)
- [kov2p204s79] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Hero Edition 2016-11-25)
- [kov2p204s80] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (World Warriors 2016 2018-07-27)
- [kov2p204s81] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (World Warriors Perfect Edition 2018-08-18)
- [kov2p204s82] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Fengwu Dragon 2018-04-11)
- [kov2p204s83] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Days of Falling Soldiers - Legend of Kowloon 2018-09-22)
- [kov2p204s84] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Kowloon Legend 2018-09-24)
- [kov2p204s85] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Soul Stripping 2018-10-30)
- [kov2p204s86] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Shenwu Legend 2019 2019-01-20)
- [kov2p204s87] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Cangtian Route 2019-01-20)
- [kovpluss288] Knights of Valour Plus (Undead Spikes 2016-09-15)
- [kovpluss289] Knights of Valour Plus (Authentic BAKA 2016-08-12)
- [kovpluss290] Knights of Valour Plus (Authentic PLUS Eight Gods Edition 2016-08-16)
- [kovpluss291] Knights of Valour Plus (Original Version Completely Repaired The Bug Version 2016-09-19)
- [kovpluss292] Knights of Valour Plus (God of War is unparalleled 2016-01-14)
- [kovpluss293] Knights of Valour Plus (Hegemony 2015-07-14)
- [kovpluss294] Knights of Valour Plus (Five Elements Reversed Steam Express 2010-01-22)
- [kovpluss295] Knights of Valour Plus (Zhuge rainy seconds boss + Zilong Zhuque + characters refueling admission 2016-09-25)
- [kovpluss296] Knights of Valour Plus (Unlimited gas + infinite card Tianshu + can take 4 swords, etc. 2010-12-17)
- [kovpluss297] Knights of Valour Plus (Soldier double infinity unlimited book 2014-04-03)
- [kovpluss298] Knights of Valour Plus (Liu Bei Legend New Edition 2015-07-14)
- [kovpluss299] Knights of Valour Plus (Edition of the Three Kingdoms War 2015-01-14)
- [kovpluss300] Knights of Valour Plus (Is proud of the group 2015-01-14)
- [kovpluss301] Knights of Valour Plus (Single Ride Savior Repair 2015-02-04)
- [kovpluss302] Knights of Valour Plus (Qin Double Love 2015-02-13)
- [kovpluss303] Knights of Valour Plus (Qin Double Love 2016-01-01)
- [kovpluss304] Knights of Valour Plus (2015-12-28)
- [kovpluss305] Knights of Valour Plus (Six Swords Legend 2015 2016-10-19)
- [kovpluss306] Knights of Valour Plus (2016 Final Remastered Edition 2016-10-19)
- [kovpluss307] Knights of Valour Plus (A948 2016 Edition 2016-08-30)
- [kovpluss308] Knights of Valour Plus (1V4 2016-10-14)
- [kovpluss309] Knights of Valour Plus (Three Kingdoms 2016-09-27)
- [kovpluss310] Knights of Valour Plus (Dragon Suzaku 2nd Edition 2016-10-05)
- [kovpluss311] Knights of Valour Plus (Zilong Suzaku 2016-09-27)
- [kovpluss312] Knights of Valour Plus (Ares 2016 Final Edition 2016-09-27)
- [kovpluss313] Knights of Valour Plus (2017 Musou version 2016-11-18)
- [kovpluss316] Knights of Valour Plus (2012 Series A 2018-08-23)
- [kovpluss317] Knights of Valour Plus (2012 Series B 2018-07-15)
- [kovpluss319] Knights of Valour Plus (2012 Days Next 2018 New Edition 2018-05-18)
- [kovpluss320] Knights of Valour Plus (Single Ride Savior 2018 Final Edition 2018-03-08)
- [kovpluss321] Knights of Valour Plus (Great God Road 2018 Final Edition 2018-07-11)
- [kovpluss322] Knights of Valour Plus (Hongbo Falling 2018 2018-09-04)
- [kovpluss323] Knights of Valour Plus (Small Soldiers Series A 2018-12-06)
- [kovpluss324] Knights of Valour Plus (Small Soldiers Series B 2018-12-06)
- [kovpluss325] Knights of Valour Plus (Small Soldiers Series C 2018-12-06)
- [kovpluss326] Knights of Valour Plus (Small Soldiers Series D 2018-12-06)
- [kovshs114] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (Fengyun 2016 Final Edition 2016-09-01)
- [kovshs115] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (Fengyun 2016 Final Edition 2 2016-09-10)
- [kovshs116] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (Fengyun Street Fighter 2016 2016-10-06)
- [kovshs117] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (The Central Plains Defeat the World 2018-12-01)
- [kovshs118] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (Five Swords Edition 2018-12-03)
- [kovshs119] Knights of Valour Super Heroes (The Central Plains 2019-01-02)
- [kovsho81] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Enhanced version 2 2015-12-11)
- [kovsho82] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (The World Wars 2015-12-30)
- [kovsho83] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Nightmare Edition + 1V4 Super Edition, 3rd Edition 2016-07-01)(
- [kovsho84] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Troubled Heroes Nightmare Edition 2016-07-02)
- [kovsho85] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Chaotic hero god cloud VS dog god 2018-08-27)
- [kovsho86] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Zhao Zilong Edition Update 2018-09-09)
- [kovsho87] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Plus 2018 2018-08-12)
- [kovsho88] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Blood Zhao Yun update 2018-09-22)
- [kovsho89] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Survival new version 2018-02-23)
- [kovsho90] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Tianwang version 2018-09-14)
- [kovsho91] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Qunxiong New Version 2018-09-05)
- [kovsho92] Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Qunxiong New Version 2019-02-16)
- [kof96s45] Kof'96 (The Aniversary Edition 2018 2018-09-02)
- [kof96s46] Kof'96 (The Aniversary Edition 2019-02-15)
- [kof97s124] Kof'97 (Days Buwu 083 Hanhua Tongtian Edition 2016-08-03)
- [kof97s125] Kof'97 (Shin2 2016-07-24)
- [kof97s126] Kof'97 (Remix 2019-02-27)
- [kof97s127] Kof'97 (Heavenly kingdom Gods 2019-02-24)
- [kof97s109] Kof'97 (Dragon 2.9 Dark Snake 2017-02-12)
- [kof97s110] Kof'97 (Days, Buwu Jianglong 18 palms second 2016-06-21)
- [kof97s111] Kof'97 (Innovation 2018-07-03)
- [kof97s112] Kof'97 (Rugal Edition 2018-07-03)
- [kof97s113] Kof'97 (YS 2017-08-01)
- [kof97hx307] Kof'97 (Plus 2013/4-07-06)
- [kof98s51] Kof'98 (Alpha 1.0 2019-02-06)
- [kof98hh114] Kof'98 (Combo 2016-09-07)(Original)
- [kof98hh116] Kof'98 (Combo 2017-01-08)(Ver.?)
- [kof98hh117] Kof'98 (ECK Dragon Edition Energy enhancement 2018-09-09)
- [kof98hh118] Kof'98 (ECK Dragon Edition 2019-20-17)
- [kof98hh119] Kof'98 (ECK Dragon Edition 2019-20-27)
- [kof98ae20160902] Kof'98 (Anniversary Edition) (2016-09-02)
- [kof99s33] Kof'99 (Combo Simplify 2018-09-03)
- [kof99s34] Kof'99 (RPG 2013-12-30)
- [kof99s35] Kof'99 (Anniversary Edition 2017-11-12)
- [kof99s36] Kof'99 (EUR Version 2015-07-13)
- [kof2001s42] Kof2001 (Re-emergence 2 2018-09-18)
- [kof2002s109] Kof2002 (Magic Simplified 2017-11-04)
- [kof2k2s73] Kof2002 (Remix Ultra Simplification 2016-09-13)
- [kof2k2s74] Kof2002 (Super Plus 2015-06-21)
- [kof2k2s75] Kof2002 (playstation 2 Original Version 2016-09-30)
- [kof2k2s76] Kof2002 (playstation 2 Simplify Version 2018-10-20)
- [kof2k2s77] Kof2002 (The 20th Anniversary King of Fighters Simplify A 2018-11-25)
- [kof2k2s78] Kof2002 (The 20th Anniversary King of Fighters Simplify B 2018-11-25)
- [kof2k2s79] Kof2002 (The 20th Anniversary King of Fighters Simplify C 2018-05-02)
- [kof2k2s80] Kof2002 (Windbreaker 2019-02-13)
- [knightsh13] Knights of the Round (Unknown Hack 2016-11-28)
- [knightsh14] Knights of the Round (Plus 2016-07-14)
- [knightsh12] Knights of the Round (Super Enhanced Latest Edition 2015-06-02)
- [ms6s07] Metal Slug 6 (Enemies Resetting Version 2019-02-19)
- [metamrphs01] Metamorphic Force (Version Enhanced 2017-07-03)
- [mslug5dh41] Metal Slug 5 (Enemy Soldiers Enhanced Version 2018-08-15)
- [mslug5dh42] Metal Slug 5 (Enemy Soldiers Enhanced Version 2018-08-24)
- [mslug5dh43] Metal Slug 5 (Enemy Soldiers Enhanced Version 2018-09-27)
- [mslug5dh44] Metal Slug 5 (Enemies Resetting Version 2018-12-19)
- [mslug5dh45] Metal Slug 5 (Enemy Soldiers Enhanced Version 2018-11-05)
- [mslugxz61] Metal Slug X (Green Edition 2016-10-16)
- [mshjs03] Marvel Super Heroes (Rise Again 2014-12-24)
- [mshvsfjs02] Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Rise Again 2014-12-14)
- [msheys01] Marvel Super Heroes (Unknown Hack 2015-12-04)
- [mshvsfs02] Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Unknown Hack 2013-10-08)
- [mshvsfjs03] Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Unknown Hack 2015-12-05)
- [mvsh02] Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Unknown Hack 2013-10-08)
- [nbbatmanus03] Ninja Baseball Bat Man (Musou version 2019-02-23)
- [nbbatmanus04] Ninja Baseball Bat Man (Characters Changeable 2016-12-03)
- [orlegendcs95] Oriental Legend (Xianhui Dream 2018-07-15)
- [oldsplus17] Oriental Legend 2 (Magic Dance Yellow Hat Volt Magic Version 2018-08-02)
- [punisherjs10] The Punisher (Enhanced Version 2014-12-23)
- [punisherjs11] The Punisher (Enhanced Version 1 2014-12-26)
- [punisherjs12] The Punisher (Enhanced Version 2 2014-12-27)
- [punisherjs13] The Punisher (Strengthens Second Edition 2014-12-24)
- [punisherjs14] The Punisher (The fourth edition of V2 2014-12-30)
- [punishers11] The Punisher (Unparalleled Fast Fight 2017-12-13)
- [s1945iiis02] Strikers 1945 III (Version Enhanced 2014-04-07)
- [samshos08] Samurai Shodown (12 Swordsman 2014-11-24)
- [samshos09] Samurai Shodown (Unknown Hack 2016-02-15)
- [samsho2s12] Samurai Shodown II (Overlord Prison Hell 2014-11-24)
- [samsho2s13] Samurai Shodown II (Unknown Hack 2016-02-16)
- [samsho3s15] Samurai Shodown III (Unparalleled swords 2014-11-27)
- [samsho3s16] Samurai Shodown III (Unknown Hack 2016-02-15)
- [samsho4s10] Samurai Shodown IV (Amakusa is coming back 2014-11-27)
- [samsho4s11] Samurai Shodown IV (Unknown Hack 2016-02-16)
- [samsho4s12] Samurai Shodown IV (Strengthens 2016-11-17)
- [samsho5s51] Samurai Shodown V (The soul of the soul 2014-11-28)
- [samsho5s52] Samurai Shodown V (Unknown Hack 2016-02-17)
- [amsh5spds13] Samurai Shodown V Special (Special Edition 2014-12-01)
- [samsh5spho01] Samurai Shodown V Special (Unknown Hack)(1st release, censored)
- [shogwarrs01] Shogun Warriors (Simplified 2017-02-28)
- [sfiii2ns05] Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack (Hits The Second Time 2014-11-19)
- [sfiii3ns05] Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Hits the third time 2014-11-20)
- [snakes2] Snakes v2 (by Stefano Bodrato)
- [snowbross04] Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Special Edition 2018-09-25)
- [rbff2hs06] Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (Rise Again 2014-12-11)
- [rbffspecs02] Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Edition Renewed Edition 2014-12-12)
- [tk2h128] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Full Attack Enhanced Version)
- [tk2h129] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Full Screen Attack Sanmei Wushuang version 2017-03-02)
- [tk2h130] Tenchi wo Kurau II (San Jian Sheng Super Edition 2018-02-02)
- [tk2h131] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Master Edition 2018-07-27)
- [tk2h132] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Master Edition 2018-08-17)
- [tk2h133] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Daren Version 2018-12-15)
- [tk2h134] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Daren Version 2019-01-12)
- [tk2h135] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Daren Version 2019-02-16)
- [tk2h136] Tenchi wo Kurau II (Daren Version 2019-02-21)
- [tk2h137] Tenchi wo Kurau II (War On Horseback 2017-11-20)
- [wakuwak7s01] Waku Waku 7 (Seven Hot Seven Fire Enhanced Version 2009-03-27)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.208 (64-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.208 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de HBMAME
 ARCADE v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:20 par Firebrand
Le successeur de MAMEUIFX a été mis à jour avec les dernières sources de MAME. Pas de modification spécifique à signaler.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger ARCADE v0.208 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 MAMEUI v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:17 par Firebrand
Les builds classiques MAMEUI ont évidemment été rapidement mis à jour vers MAME v0.208.
Télécharger MAMEUI32 v0.208
Télécharger MAMEUI64 v0.208
Site Officiel de MAMEUI32
 MAME v0.208 
Mercredi 27/03/19 à 15:14 par Firebrand
La mise à jour mensuelle de MAME a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
Today we’re proud to bring you MAME 0.208. There are some big improvements to SunPlus SPG240/SPG280 audio emulation. Not only does this greatly improve the enjoyability of the JAKKS Pacific TV games, it’s also timed perfectly for the addition of the Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano music teaching system. That’s not the only newly supported music system this month: we’ve added Jumping Popira, and Popira 2 has been promoted to working. Continuing with the audio theme, moralrecordings fixed BSMT 2000 4-bit ADPCM sample playback, cam900 added support for the VRC7 as a separate device with its unique instrument patches, and schnitzeltony improved Atari POKEY performance substantially. Newly supported TV games include Disney, Disney and Friends, Justice League and SpongeBob SquarePants – The Fry Cook Games from JAKKS Pacific, and XaviX titles Geigeki Go Go Shooting, Gururin World and MX Dirt Rebel. You’ll be able to enjoy the XaviX-based games even more now with improvements to the colour palette.
The Nintendo Game & Watch progress has continued with the addition of Balloon Fight (new wide screen), Fire Attack, Octopus, Parachute and Turtle Bridge. You’ll notice some big software list updates this month. The TOSEC Spectrum Plus 3 disk images have been imported, Spectrum Opus support has been added with software from World of Spectrum, and SDX floppy controller support has been added to the Memotech MTX along with a corresponding software list. The PlayStation, PC-98 and Saturn software lists have been updated with testing results and new dumps, original Apple II disk images have been added as they’ve been made available, another batch of Japanese e-kara cartridges has landed, and coverage of Spanish V.Smile releases has been improved. Speaking of software, AmatCoder has fixed a number of issues affecting Amstrad CPC software. The long-neglected Bally Astrocade home system has had tape and lightpen support added in this release.
On the arcade side, we’ve added Atari’s TTL-based Rebound, early English releases of Karate Champ, an earlier version of Nihon System’s Omega, and world releases of DJ Boy and Gemini Wing. In changes you probably won’t notice, we’ve switched the toolchain used for building official Windows binary releases from GCC 7 to GCC 8, and a new tools package has been made available.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 06423: [Graphics] (amstrad.cpp) cpc6128 [terminat]: Graphics corruption on level 3. (AmatCoder)
- 06439: [DIP/Input] (spec128.cpp) spec128, specpl3e: In Abu Simbel Profanation, the character jumps constantly. (AmatCoder)
- 06611: [Crash/Freeze] (amstrad.cpp) cpc6128: Can't play fourth level of Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo disk version. (AmatCoder)
- 06854: [Graphics] (amstrad.cpp) cpc6128 [007tld]: Graphical errors in 007 The Living Daylights. (AmatCoder)
- 06927: [Crash/Freeze] (amstrad.cpp) cpc464, cpc6128: Hundra gets stuck in a black screen after leaving main menu. (AmatCoder)
- 06997: [Graphics] (amstrad.cpp) cpc6128: Graphical issues in Galactic Tomb. (AmatCoder)
- 07134: [Media Support] (amstrad.cpp) CPC6128: Floppy drive support is broken. (AmatCoder)
- 07209: [Crash/Freeze] (dai.cpp) Assembler-based games no longer work. (Robbbert)
- 07240: [DIP/Input] (cps1.cpp) sf2rules: Kick buttons are non-functional. (Ivan Vangelista)
- 07250: [DIP/Input] (segas16b.cpp) dunkshot, dunkshota: DIP 1 and DIP 8 are incorrectly marked as unused. (chaneman)
- 07251: [Documentation] (brkthru.cpp) brkthru: Test mode is undocumented. (chaneman)
- 07254: [Multisession] NETLIST: Machines using netlist components raise a fatal error on back-to-back sessions. (Couriersud)
- 07258: [Original Reference] (micro3d.cpp) f15se21: ROM names for F-15 Strike Eagle are incorrect. (chaneman)
- 07260: [Sound] (topspeed.cpp) topspeed: Top Speed engine sounds are missing. (Ivan Vangelista)
- 07263: [Gameplay] (galaxian.cpp) tenspot: Only half of the games are accessible. (Robbbert)

New working machines
- Disney (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) (08 FEB 2005 A) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
- Fidelity Electronics Checker Challenger 4 [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Fidelity Electronics Gin & Cribbage Challenger [hap, David Viens]
- Game & Watch: Balloon Fight (new wide screen) [algestam, anikom15, f205v, hap]
- Game & Watch: Fire Attack [algestam, Justin Kerk]
- Game & Watch: Octopus [algestam, Zorix, khrainos]
- Game & Watch: Parachute [algestam]
- Game & Watch: Turtle Bridge [algestam, uman]
- Geigeki Go Go Shooting (Japan) [Peter Wilhelmsen, Sean Riddle, ShouTime, David Haywood]
- I Can Play Piano [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
- Jumping Popira (Japan) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
- Rebound (Rev B) [TTL] [DICE Team, Couriersud]
- SpongeBob SquarePants - The Fry Cook Games (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) (AUG 18 2005 21:31:56) [Sean Riddle, anonymous]
- Waddingtons 2001: The Game Machine [hap, Sean Riddle, Couriersud]

New working clones
- Data Cash Systems CompuChess [hap]
- DJ Boy (Japan, set 2) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
- DJ Boy (World) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
- Elite Champion Challenger (Travemuende upgrade) [hap, Berger]
- Finalizer - Super Transformation (set 2) [pacman70]
- Gemini Wing (World) [pacman70]
- Head to Head: Electronic Basketball (TMS1000 version) [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Karate Champ (US VS version, set 3) [Don Thibert, R.Coltrane, The Dumping Union]
- Karate Champ (US VS version, set 4) [Don Thibert, R.Coltrane, The Dumping Union]
- Kishon Chesster (v2.2) [Berger]
- Komo Como (Topmar, bootleg?) [f205v]
- Omega (earlier) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
- Pang Pom's (Nova) [Hammy, The Dumping Union]
- Raiden (US set 3) [Apocalypse, The Dumping Union]
- VEB Mikroelektronik Erfurt Schachcomputer SC 2 (rev. E) [kaiOr]

Machines promoted to working
- Applied Concepts Boris [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Applied Concepts Boris Diplomat [hap]
- Disney Friends (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) (17 MAY 2005 A) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, Ryan Holtz]
- Fidelity Electronics Bridge Challenger III [hap, Lord Nightmare]
- Fidelity Electronics Voice Bridge Challenger [hap, Lord Nightmare]
- Gururin World (Japan) [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime]
- Justice League (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, Ryan Holtz]
- MX Dirt Rebel [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, O. Galibert, David Haywood]
- Novag Chess Champion: Delta-1 [hap]
- Popira 2 (Japan) [David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen, Sean Riddle, ShouTime]
- SciSys Chess Traveler [hap]

Clones promoted to working
- Fidelity Electronics Advanced Bridge Challenger [hap, Lord Nightmare]
- Fidelity Electronics Elite Avant Garde (model 6114-5) [hap, Berger]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
- e-kara Mix (Japan) [Peter Wilhelmsen, Sean Riddle, ShouTime, David Haywood]
- Evio (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime, David Haywood]
- Fidelity Electronics Chess Challenger [hap, Berger]
- Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Smart Fit Park [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- Frantic Fruits [SpinalFeyd, The Dumping Union]
- Jurassic Park (bootleg of Megadrive version) [Jorge Silva, Kravex]
- Kontron Instruments Micromon 7141 ECG unit [Robbbert, Rockman, ClawGrip]
- Lear Siegler ADM 36 Video Display Terminal [Al Kossow, Bitsavers]
- Mega Drive 4 / Guitar Idol (set 1) [Alexandre Souza]
- Neo Print - Chicken Ramen (Japan) [malcor, hammy, Anonymous, Dane Biegert, Sean Sutton, Renato Mucciarelli, Moffitt, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Neo Print - Fuyo Pri Iitoko Tori (Japan) (T4i 3.07) [malcor, hammy, Anonymous, Dane Biegert, Sean Sutton, Renato Mucciarelli, Moffitt, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Neo Print - Otogibanashi (Japan) (T4i 3.00) [malcor, hammy, Anonymous, Dane Biegert, Sean Sutton, Renato Mucciarelli, Moffitt, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Neo Print - Senyou Cassette Ver. 1 (Japan) [malcor, hammy, Anonymous, Dane Biegert, Sean Sutton, Renato Mucciarelli, Moffitt, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Neo Print Special: Sekai Ryokou 2 (Japan) [malcor, hammy, Anonymous, Dane Biegert, Sean Sutton, Renato Mucciarelli, Moffitt, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Sega AS-1 Controller [Arzeno Fabrice. The Dumping Union]
- Star Trek: The Next Generation (LX-5) [PinMAME]
- Super Chick [Travis Swager]
- unknown poker game [chaneman]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
- LeapPad (Canada) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- Mega Drive 4 / Guitar Idol (set 2) [Alexandre Souza]
- My First LeapPad (World, V1.3) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- Over Rev (Model 2B, Revision A) [Dane Biegert, Brian Troha, Henrique Areias Pontes, Sean Sutton, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Sega Rally Championship - Twin/DX (Revision A) [Dane Biegert, Brian Troha, Henrique Areias Pontes, Sean Sutton, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Spider-Man (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) (older hardare) [Sean Riddle, anonymous]
- Yamaha MU80 [R. Belmont, O. Galibert]
- Yamaha VL70-m [R. Belmont, O. Galibert]

New working software list additions
- acrnsys_rom: ADE [Nigel Barnes]
- apple2_flop_orig: A.E., Akalabeth, Alien Lander, The Asteroid Field, Beer Run, Bug Attack, Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear, Championship Lode Runner, Choplifter, Dazzle Draw (version 1.1), Eggs-It, Ernie's Quiz, Gamma Goblins, Golden Mountain, Gruds in Space, High Orbit, Instant Zoo, Labyrinth, Lancaster, Lunar Leepers, Mix and Match, Muppetville, Phaser Fire, Ribbit, Serpentine, Spotlight, The Super Factory, Ultima III: Exodus, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego [4am, Firehawke]
- bbc_rom: Acorn DFS 0.9H (Torch) [Nigel Barnes]
- ekara_japan: 1973-75 Volume 1 (Japan) (EC0017-G73), Artist Selection Volume 7 (B'z) (Japan) (EC0039-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 12 (The Beatles) (Japan) (EC0050-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 13 (Tube) (Japan) (EC0055-ATS), Artist Selection Volume 14 (SMAP) (Japan) (EC0057-ATS), ENK Volume 2 (Japan) (EC0016-ENK), ENK Volume 5 (Japan) (EC0043-ENK), Graduation Encouragement Volume 1 (Japan) (EC0019-BSC), Graduation Encouragement Volume 2 (Japan) (EC0038-BSC), J-Pop Mix Volume 16 (Japan) (EC0028-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 18 (Japan) (EC0040-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 22 (Japan) (EC0053-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 24 (Japan) (EC0056-JPM), J-Pop Mix Volume 25 (Japan) (EC0059-JPM), Kid's Mix Volume 2 (Japan) (EC0020-KID) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, ShouTime]
- electron_cart: ROMPlus-144 [Nigel Barnes]
- gba: Aka-chan Doubutsuen (Jpn, Rev. 1) [No-Intro, FakeShemp]
- ibm5150: Dragon's Lair, Golden Axe (3.5"), Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - The Action Game (Kixx release), Panza Kick Boxing (Kixx budget release) [ArcadeShadow]
- ibm5170: All New World Of Lemmings, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, Ultimate Body Blows [ArcadeShadow]
- icanpian:
*Piano Favorites (J7522) [Sean Riddle, anonymous]
*Disney Princess Magical Melodies (K4656), Jammin' Jungle Safari (Disney's The Lion King, Jungle Book, Tarzan) (K4653), Jungle Boogie (J7524), Nicktoons Show Tunes (J7527), Rockin' Dance Party (J8715), Scooby-Doo! Monster Mayhem (J7525) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- mtx_flop: CP/M System Disk (FDX), CP/M System Disk (SDX), dBASE II, FDX NewWord, Modem Executive 1.14, SuperCalc, Tape to Disc Transfer (FDX and CP/M only), Turbo PASCAL 2.00A, Turbo PASCAL 3.00A, WordStar 3.00 [Nigel Barnes]
- pc98: Cal Gaiden - Tiny Steps Behind the Cal, Capcom Tokoton Efude, Ce'st la vie, Cherry Jam - Kanojo ga Hadaka ni Kigaetara, Cherry Jam - Kanojo ga Hadaka ni Kigaetara (Alt), Chiemi, Chou Shinri Samadhi (Alt), Clipper - Takepon no Ochimono Puzzle, Cocktail Soft - Zoukan-gou 2, Concert, Cranston Manor (2HD conversion), CRW - Metal Jacket, Cybernetic Hi-School / Dennou Gakuen [Neo Kobe Collection]
- pc98_cd: Cyberwar [Neo Kobe Collection]
- snes: Striker (Euro, NTSC Prototype) [FakeShemp]
- specpls3_flop: +3 Utilities, 007 Trans-Master, 2 Por 1: Chase H.Q. + Indiana Jones y la Ultima Cruzada, 2 Por 1: MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back + North Star, 2 Por 1: Motor Massacre + Final Assault, 2 Por 1: Renegade + Target Renegade, 2 Por 1: Silent Shadow + Mad Mix Game, 2 Por 1: Silent Shadow + Mad Mix Game (alt), 2 Por 1: Techno Cop + Mickey Mouse, 2 Por 1: The Deep + The Muncher, 2 Por 1: Thunder Blade + Cybernoid II, 2 X 1: Capitan Sevilla + Meganova, 2 X 1: Corsarios + Mutan Zone, 2 X 1: Don Quijote + Mega-Corp, 2 X 1: Hundra + Turbo Girl, 2 X 1: Phantis + Freddy Hardest, 2 por 1: Platoon + Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, 2 por 1: Platoon + Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh (alt), 20 Game Pack, 3D Construction Kit, 3D Game Maker, 3D Game Maker (alt), 3D Game Maker (alt 2), 3D Grand Prix (master disk), 3D Game Maker (Spa), 3D Game Maker (Spa) (alt), 4 Soccer Simulators, 4 Top Games - Pulsator + Slaine - The Celtic Barbarian, Los 40 Principales Vol. 1, Los 40 Principales Vol. 1 (alt), Los 40 Principales Vol. 10, Los 40 Principales Vol. 10 (alt), Los 40 Principales Vol. 2, Los 40 Principales Vol. 3, Los 40 Principales Vol. 3 (alt), Los 40 Principales Vol. 4, Los 40 Principales Vol. 5, Los 40 Principales Vol. 6, Los 40 Principales Vol. 6 (alt), Los 40 Principales Vol. 7, Los 40 Principales Vol. 8, Los 40 Principales Vol. 8 (alt), Los 40 Principales Vol. 8 (alt 2), Los 40 Principales Vol. 9, A Toda Maquina, La Abadia del Crimen, La Abadia del Crimen (alt), ACE 2 - The Ultimate Head to Head Conflict, Action Fighter, Action Force - International Heroes (alt), Action Force II - International Heroes (alt), Adidas Championship Tie-Break (alt), Adidas Championship Tie-Break (Spa), After the War, After the War (Spa), Afterburner, Afterburner (alt), Agatha's Folly, Agatha's Folly (alt), Airborne Ranger, Alien Research Centre, Alien Storm, Alien Storm (Spa), Alien Syndrome, Alien Syndrome (Spa), Alkatraz Development Disks - Bedturn Project Backup, Alkatraz Development Disks - Designer + Assembler Backup, Alkatraz Development Disks - Disk Protection Source Code, Alkatraz Development Disks - Locoscript Start of Day 25-10-88, Alkatraz Development Disks - Main Enc + BASIC Run Sample Backup, Alkatraz Development Disks - Main Encryptor + Screen Load Designer, Alkatraz Development Disks - Mastering Program, Alkatraz Development Disks - New Word, Alkatraz Development Disks - Run Program + BASIC Constructor, Alkatraz Development Disks - Sample Loader + Master Installer Backup, Alkatraz Development Disks - Simple Loader + Encryptor Constructor, Alkatraz Development Disks - Tape System Text Backup, All-American Basketball (master disk), All in a Day's Work, The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge, American 3D Pool (master disk), Amnesia v1.02, Amnesia v1.02 (Spa), Amoto's Puf, Amstrad Compilation Disk Spectrum Plus 3, Amstrad Compilation Disk Spectrum Plus 3 (alt), Amstrad Compilation Disk Spectrum Plus 3 (alt 2), The Amulet of Darath, Another Big Disk, Answer Back Factfile 500 - Arithmetic - Ages 6-11, Answer Back Junior Quiz, APB - All Points Bulletin, The Apprentice, April 7th, Apulija 13 V1.1, Apulija 13 v1.2, Arcade Collection Volume 1, Arcade Collection Volume 2, Arcade Collection Volume 2 (alt), Arcade Extravaganza Disk 3, Arctic Fox, Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, Arnold the Adventurer 1 + 2, Arnold the Adventurer III - This Time It's Personal, The Artist II, The Artist II (alt), Artura (alt), Asalto y Castigo, Aspar GP Master, Aspar GP Master (alt), Astro Marine Corps, ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter, ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (Spa), Aura-Scope, Australian Games (Spa), Autocrash, The Axe of Kolt, La Aventura Espacial, La Aventura Original, Aztec Assault, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III, Back to the Future Part III (alt), Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Badlands (alt), Badlands (Spa), The Balrog and the Cat, Balrog's Big Disk, The Balrogian Trilogy, Barbarian, Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax, Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax (alt), Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax (Spa), The Bard's Tale Vol 1 - Tales of the Unknown, The Bardic Rites, The Bardic Rites + Dragon-Quest, Bart Bear + The Return of Bart Bear, Batman - The Caped Crusader, Batman - The Movie, Batman - The Movie (alt), Batman - The Movie (alt 2), Batman - The Movie (Spa), Batman - The Movie (Spa) (alt), Beach Volley, The Beast, Bedlam, Bedlam (Spa), The Beginning of the End, Behind Closed Doors 4 - Balrog's Day Out, The Bermuda Triangle, The Best of Clive and Les, Best of Elite Vol. 1, Bestial Warrior, Bestial Warrior (Gun Stick), Beverly Hills Cop (alt), Beyond the Ice Palace, Beyond the Ice Palace (Spa), Bionic Ninja (master disk), Black Lamp, The Black Tower, Blasteroids, Blinky's Scary School (master disk), Bloodwych (alt), Bog of Brit + The Menagerie, The Boggit - Bored Too (alt), Bonanza Bros., Book of the Dead (alt), Boots Action Pack, The Boyd File, BraveStarr, Brian - The Novice Barbarian, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Bridge Player Galactica, Bubble Bobble, Bubble Buster, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (alt), Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Spa), Buggy Boy, Buggy Boy (alt), Buggy Boy (Spa), Buggy Ranger, Bugsy, Bumpy, Butcher Hill (alt), By Fair Means...or Foul, Cabal, Cabal (Spa), CAD-Master - Light Pen & Graphics Software, California Games, Cannon Bubble, Capitan Sevilla, El Capitan Trueno, Captain Blood, Captain Blood (alt), Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Captain Planet and the Planeteers (alt), Carlos Sainz - Campeonato del Mundo de Rallies, Carrier Command (alt), Cartoon Capers Disk 3, The Case of the Beheaded Smuggler, Castle Master, Castle Master (alt), Castle Master (Spa), Castles and Clowns, Castles and Clowns (alt), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude, Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (alt), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Ita), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Ita) (alt), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Pol), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Pol) (alt), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Rus), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Rus) (alt), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Spa), Castlevania - Spectral Interlude (Spa) (alt), Celtic Carnage, CEZ Collection Vol.1, Chain Reaction, Championship Run, Championship Run (rerelease) (master disk), Championship Run (rerelease) (master disk backup), Championship Run (rerelease) (tape master disk), A Chance in Hell, A Chance in Hell (Extreme), Chartbusters, Chase H.Q., Chase H.Q. (Spa), Chase H.Q. II - Special Criminal Investigations, Chase H.Q. II - Special Criminal Investigation (Spa), The Chessmaster 2000, Chicago 30's (alt 2), Chicago 30's (alt), CHIPNSFX Tracker+player, Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior, Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (alt), Circus Games, The Citadel, Civil Service II, Classic Games 4, Clock Chess '89, Clock Chess '89 (Spa), Cloud 99, Coleccion de Exitos Dinamic, Colossus Bridge 4, Colossus Chess 4, Colossus Chess 4 (alt), Colossus Chess 4 (alt 2), Colossus Chess 4 (Spa), Comando Quatro, Comando Tracer, Combat School + Gryzor Preview, Comic, Arcade & Aventura, Command Performance, Complete Machine Code Package, Computer Classics, Continental Circus, Continental Circus (Spa), Corporal Stone, Corruption (alt), Corruption (alt 2), Corruption (alt 3), Cosmic Sheriff, Count and Add, Coursemaster v3.88, Coursemaster v3.88 (alt), CP-M Plus v1.0, Crack City, Cray-5, Crazy Cars, Crazy Cars (alt), Crazy Cars II, Cricket Master, Crystals of Kings, Curro Jimenez, The Curse of Nimue, Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (alt), Cybernoid II - The Revenge (alt), Cyborg 2900, The Cycles, The Cycles (Spa), Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Dan Dare Collection, Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge, Dan Dare III - The Escape (alt), Darius+, Dark Fusion (alt), The Dark Gladiator, Dark Side, Dark Side (Spa), The Dark Tower, The Darkest Road, Data East's Arcade Alley, Data East's Arcade Alley (alt), DB1 Plus 3 Disc Backup Utility, Death Wish 3, Death Wish 3 (alt), Death Wish 3 (alt 2), Deception of the Mind's Eye, Deek's Deeds, The Deep (alt), Defenders of the Earth, Deflektor (alt), Delbert's Hamster-Wheel of Fortune, Desafio Total, Diarmid, DICE v2.1, Dicks Galore, Dinamic 5 Aniversario, Dinamic 5 Aniversario (alt), La Diosa de Cozumel, Discology +3, Discopack +3, Disk Doctor, Dixons Premier Collection for Your +3, The Dogboy, Dominator (alt), Dominator (Spa), Double Classic, Double Dragon, Double Dragon (Spa), Double Dragon II - The Revenge, The Duel - Test Drive II, A Dungeon Romp, The Dungeons of Maldread, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (master disk), Dragon Ninja (Spa), Dragon-Quest, Drakkar, Drazen Petrovic Basket, Drazen Petrovic Basket (alt), Driller, DTP Pack, DU54 v5.04, DU54 v5.04 (alt), Duck Out, Dynamite Dux, Dynasty Wars, E-motion, Echelon (alt), Edd the Duck, Edd the Duck (master disk), Edd the Duck (tape master disk), Edd the Duck Editor (master disk), The Elfin Wars, Elfindor, Eliminator, The Ellisnore Diamond, The Emerald Elf, Emilio Butragueno 2, Emilio Butragueno Futbol, Emilio Butragueno Futbol (alt), Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam, Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (alt), Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (alt 2), Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, The End Is Nigh, Epyx 21, El Equipo A (Gunstick), Erbe 88, Erbe 88 (alt), Erbe 88 (alt 2), Erik - the Phantom of the Opera (alt), The Escape from Hodgkins' Manor, Escape from Prison Planet + Hounds of Hell, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Spa), The Escaping Habit, Espionage (alt), European Superleague, Even Yet Another Big Disk, Extreme, Eye, F-1, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Combat Pilot (alt), F1 Tornado Simulator (tape master disk), Federation (alt), Fernandez Must Die, Fernando Martin Basket Master, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun, The Final Chorus v4, The Final Demand, Final Fight, Firefly (alt), First World Problems, Fish v1.03, Fish! (alt), The Fisher King, A Fistful of Necronomicons, Five Star Games 3, Flameout, Flexipage Viewdata Author, Football Boxform, Football Director II (alt), Football Manager, Football Manager 3, Footballer of the Year 2 (alt), For Pete's Sake, Forgotten Worlds, Forgotten Worlds (alt), Found Yet Another Big Disk, Four Great Games Volume 3, The Four Symbols, Foxx Fights Back, Frank Bruno's Big Box, Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur, Frightmare, Frontiers, Full Throttle 2 (tape master disk), Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds, Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds (alt), Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds (alt 2), Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds (alt 3), Fun School 2 for the Over-8s, Fun School 3 for 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 3 for the Over-7s, Fun School 3 for the Under-5s, Fun School 4 for 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds, Funky Fungus, Funky Fungus (alt), The Fury, G-LOC (Spa), G-LOC - R360, Gaggles of George, Game Over + Game Over 2, Game Without a Name, Game, Set and Match, The Games - Summer Edition, Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (alt), Gary Lancaster Tools Collection, Gary Lineker's Super Skills (alt), Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer (alt), Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer (alt 2), Gauntlet (alt), Gauntlet (alt 2), Gauntlet II (alt), Gauntlet III - The Final Quest, Gazza II (alt), Gazza's Super Soccer (Spa), Gemini Wing, Genesis - Dawn of a New Day, Genghis Khan, GENS3P to GENS80 Source Files Converter, The German Master, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (alt), Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Spa), Giant Killer, Giants (U.S. Gold), Gnome Ranger, Gnome Ranger (alt), The Gods of War, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Golden Axe, Golden Axe (Spa), Golden Axe (Spa) (alt), Golden Basket, The Golden Locket, The Golden Pyramid, The Golden Sword of Bhakhor, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Grabbed by the Ghoulies + Helvera - Mistress of the Park, Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (tape master disk), El Gran Halcon, Grandes y Pequenos, Gryzor, Guerrilla War - Hail the Heroes, The Guild of Thieves, The Guild of Thieves (alt), Guillermo Tell, Gunship, Gunship (alt), Gunship (Spa), H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (alt), H.K.M. - Human Killing Machine (alt), Hairy Toes, A Handful of Hamsters, Hard Drivin', Hard Drivin' (alt), Hard Drivin' (Spa), Hellfire Attack, Helvera - Mistress of the Park, Henrietta's Book of Spells, The Hermitage, Hero Quest (alt 2), Hero Quest (alt 3), Hero Quest (alt 4), Hero Quest (alt), Hero Quest - Return of the Witch Lord, Hero Quest - Return of the Witch Lord (alt), Hero Quest - Return of the Witch Lord (alt 2), Hero Quest - Return of the Witch Lord (alt 3), Heroes - , Heroes Rescue, Heroes of the Lance (Spa), Heroes of the Lance (alt), HiSoft BASIC Compiler v1.2 +3, HiSoft C v1.3 +3, HiSoft Devpac, HiSoft Devpac (alt), HiSoft Pascal 4, Hide and Seek, High Steel (Spa), Hob's Hoard, Hopping Mad, Hostages, Hostages (Spa), Hotshot, The House, The House on the Tor, Human Killing Machine (alt 2), I Need Speed, Ice-Breaker, Identify Europe, Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors (alt), Impact, Impossamole, Impossamole (Spa), Indiana Jones y la Ultima Cruzada, Infiltrado 2 - Return To Reactor, Los Inhumanos, Ingrid's Back, Ingrid's Back (alt), Ingrid's Back (alt 2), Instant Recall, The Inter City, International 5 A Side Football (tape master disk), International Karate, International Tennis (master disk), Into the Eagle's Nest, Los Intocables, Iron Lord (alt), Isotopia Construction Set, Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (alt), Italia 1990, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (alt), Jabato, The Jade Stone, The Jade Stone (alt), Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash, Janosik, Javier Herrera Games Collection 01, Javier Herrera Games Collection 02, Javier Herrera Games Collection 03, Javier Herrera Games Collection 04, Javier Herrera Games Collection 05, Javier Herrera Games Collection 06, Javier Herrera Games Collection 09, Javier Herrera Games Collection 10, Jenny's Big Disk Vol 1, Jenny's Big Disk Vol 2, Jenny's Next Big Disk Vol 1, Jenny's Next Big Disk Vol 2, Jester Quest, Jesus Tejero Software Collection 01, Jesus Tejero Software Collection 02, Jesus Tejero Software Collection 03, Jesus Tejero Software Collection 04, Jesus Tejero Software Collection 05, Jesus Tejero Tools Collection 01, Jesus Tejero Tools Collection 02, Jet Bike Simulator, Jet Set Willy 128K, Jewels of Darkness, Jinxter, Jinxter (alt), Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts (tape master disk), Jungle Maths, Jungle Warrior, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (alt), The Khangrin Plans, Kick Off (alt), Kick Off 2, Kick-Box Vigilante (master disk), Kidnapped, Kidnapped + For Pete's Sake, Klax, Knight Life, Knight Orc v2, Kobyashi Ag'Kwo - A Return to Naru, Kobyashi Naru, Konami's Arcade Collection, The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper, Krazy Kartoonist Kaper + The Grue-Knapped, Krom El Guerrero, Krunel, Krunel (alt), Labour Pains, The Labours of Hercules, Lancelot, Las Aventuras de Pepe Trueno, Laskar's Return, Last Duel, The Last Mohican (alt), Last of the Big Disks, The Last Word, Lazer Tag, Leader Board Par 3, LED Storm Rally 2011, A Legacy for Alaric - The Magic Isle, Licence to Kill, Licence to Kill (alt), Lifeguard, The Light Corridor (alt), The Light Corridor (alt 2), The Light Corridor (alt 3), The Light Corridor (Spa), The Light Corridor (Spa) (alt), Lightmare, Little Wandering Guru, Live Ammo, Live Ammo - Green Beret + Top Gun + Rambo (alt), Live and Let Die - The Computer Game, The Lost Twilight, Loads of Laurence Vol. 1, Loads of Laurence Vol. 2, Loads of Midnight (alt), Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (alt), Loose Ends, Lords of Chaos, Lords of Chaos (alt), Lost in Time, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (alt), Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Spa), Mad Mix 2 - en el Castillo de los Fantasmas, Mad Mix Game, Magic Fields, Magic Johnson's Basketball, Magic Knight Trilogy (alt), Magnetic Moon, The Magnificent Seven, Man About the House, Manchester United (Spa), Manchester United - The Official Computer Game, The Mapper, Mask III - Venom Strikes Back (alt), Masterfile +3, Masters of the Universe - The Movie (alt), Mastertronic +3 Compilation Disk 4, Match Day II, Match Day II (alt), Match of the Day (tape master disk), Mega 4, Mega Box, Mega Phoenix, Mega Twins, MegaApocalypse (alt), Lo Mejor de Dinamic, Meltdown, Mercenary - Escape from Targ, Metal Action, Metropolis, Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game (alt), MicroByte - Serie Clasicos Spectrum 01, MicroByte - Serie Clasicos Spectrum 02, MicroProse Soccer, MicroProse Soccer (large case release), MicroProse Soccer (small case release), MicroProse Soccer (Spa), Microfair Madness Plus, Microvalue 6 Pack, Midnight Resistance (Spa), Midnight Resistance (alt 2), Midnight Resistance (alt), A Midsummer Days Dream, Mike Gunner, Mind-Stretchers, The Mines of Lithiad, The Miser, Monty Designs 2014, Monty Python's Flying Circus (alt), Moonwalker, Mortadelo y Filemon II - Safari Callejero, Mot, Motorbike Madness, Mountain Bike Racer, Mountain Bike Racer (tape master disk), Mountain Bike Racer (tape master disk backup), Mr. Heli, Multi Sports, The Mummy's Crypt v2.1, The Muncher Eats Chewits, Mundial de Futbol, Mundial de Futbol Italia '90, Mundial de Futbol Italia '90 (alt), Mundial de Futbol Italia '90 (alt 2), Murder - He Said, Murder Hunt, Murder Hunt II, Music Maestro, Mutiny, Mystical, NARC, NARC (Spa), Narco Police, Navy Moves, Navy Moves (Spa), Navy Moves (Spa) (alt), Navy SEALs, Neighbours, Neighbours (cheat version) (master disk), Neighbours (master disk), Neighbours (tape master disk), The New Zealand Story, The New Zealand Story (Spa), Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, Night Breed - The Action Game, Night Hunter, Night Raider, The Ninja Warriors (Spa), The Ninja Warriors (Spa) (alt), Nope Here's Another One, Norman's Lament, North & South, North & South (alt), North & South (alt 2), North & South (alt 3), North Star (alt), North Star (alt 2), Not Another Big Disk, Obliterator (Spa), The OCP Art Studio, The OCP Art Studio (alt), The OCP Art Studio (alt 2), Oh Sh1t Another Big Disk, One More Big Disk, One of our Wombats is Missing, Opera Storys 1, Opera Super Sports, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Thunderbolt (Spa), Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf (alt), Operation Wolf (alt 2), Operation Wolf (Spa), The Oppressed Land, Oriental Games, Oriental Games (Spa), Out Run, Out of the Limelight, Outlet issue 023, Outlet issue 024, Outlet issue 025, Outlet issue 026, Outlet issue 027, Outlet issue 028, Outlet issue 029, Outlet issue 030, Outlet issue 031, Outlet issue 032, Outlet issue 033, Outlet issue 034, Outlet issue 035, Outlet issue 036, Outlet issue 037, Outlet issue 038, Outlet issue 039, Outlet issue 040, Outlet issue 041, Outlet issue 042, Outlet issue 043, Outlet issue 044, Outlet issue 045, Outlet issue 046, Outlet issue 047, Outlet issue 048, Outlet issue 049, Outlet issue 050, Outlet issue 051, Outlet issue 052, Outlet issue 053, Outlet issue 054, Outlet issue 055, Outlet issue 056, Outlet issue 057, Outlet issue 059, Outlet issue 060, Outlet issue 061, Outlet issue 062, Outlet issue 066, Outlet issue 067, Outlet issue 068, Outlet issue 069, Outlet issue 070, Outlet issue 071, Outlet issue 072, Outlet issue 074, Outlet issue 077, Outlet issue 080, Outlet issue 081, Outlet issue 082, Outlet issue 083, Outlet issue 084, Outlet issue 086, Outlet issue 087, Outlet issue 088, Outlet issue 089, Outlet issue 090, Outlet issue 091, Outlet issue 092, Outlet issue 093, Outlet issue 094, Outlet issue 095, Outlet issue 096, Outlet issue 097, Outlet issue 098, Outlet issue 099, Outlet issue 100, Outlet issue 102, Outlet issue 104, Outlet issue 106, Outlet issue 107, Outlet issue 108, Outlet issue 109, Outlet issue 110, Outlet issue 111, Outlet issue 112, Outlet issue 113, Outlet issue 114, Outlet issue 115, Outlet issue 116, Outlet issue 118, Outlet issue 119, Outlet issue 120, Outlet issue 121, Overlander, Overlander (Spa), P-47 Thunderbolt (alt), P.H.M. Pegasus (alt), Pac-Land (alt), Pack Ferpecto, Pack Regalo Sinclair +3, Pack Regalo Sinclair +3 (alt), Pang (alt), Pang (Spa), Paperboy 2, Paris-Dakar, Passing Shot (alt), Passing Shot (Spa), Paul Woakes' Mercenary 1 Compendium, The Pawn v2.4 (alt), The Pawn v2.4 (alt 2), Pawns of War - The Infiltrator, PAWS for Thought Vol 1, PAWS for Thought Vol 2, PAWS for Thought Vol 3, PD Tape 02 - +3 Utilities, The Pendant of Logryn, Pepe Carvalho en los Pajaros de Bangkok, Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo, Perseus, Personal Computer Whirled, Phantomas Saga - Infinity, Phoenix, Pick 'n' Pile, Pick'n'Mix, Pictionary - El juego en el que todos pintan, Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw, Pipe Mania (alt), Pirate 3 +3 (alt), Pit-Fighter, Platoon (alt), Plus 3 Adventures, Plus 3 Arcade, Plus 3 Biker, Plus 3 Diary & Filing System, Plus 3 Hits, Plus 3 Pack, Plus 3 Pack (Dinamic), Plus 3 Sports, Plus 3 Sports (alt), Power Magic, Powersports, The Prayer Of The Warrior, The Prayer of the Warrior (alt), Predator 2 (alt), Preliminary Monty, The Prisoner, Pro Tennis Tour (alt), Pro Tennis Tour (Spa), Probably the Last Big Disk, Professional Adventure Writer, Professional Adventure Writer (Spa), Prohibition, Project Nova, Project Nova + Beginning of the End, Project Stealth Fighter, Purple Saturn Day, Q10 Tank Buster (master disk), Quest for the Holy Something, A Question of Scruples - The Computer Edition (alt), A Question of Sport (alt), R.A.M., R.B.I. 2 Baseball (alt), Radiomania, Raiders of the Lost Tomb, Rainbow Islands (alt), Rainbow Islands (Spa), Read-Right-Away: Reading Pack 2, Red Heat, Red Heat (Spa), Regreso al Futuro - Parte III, Regreso al Futuro - Parte III (alt), Renegade (alt), Renegade (alt 2), Repton Mania, Rescate Atlantida, Rescate Atlantida (alt), Rescate Atlantida (alt 2), Rescate Atlantida (alt 3), Revelados, Rex (alt), Rhyme Cryme, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Ring Wars (Spa), Riptoff, Road Blasters (alt), Road Blasters (Spa), Robocop, Robocop (alt), Robocop 2 (alt), Robocop 2 (alt 2), Robocop 2 (Spa), Rock 'n Roll, Rolling Thunder (alt), Round the Bend, Round the Bend (master disk backup), Round the Bend (master disk), Run the Gauntlet (alt), Run, Bronwynn, Run, Run, Bronwynn, Run + The Spectre of Castle Coris, The Running Man, S.T.U.N. Runner, Saboteur II - Avenging Angel, Saint & Greavsie (alt), Salamander, Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure + The Hospital, Samurai Warrior - The Battles of... Usagi Yojimbo, Santa's Xmas Caper (tape master disk), Satan, Scapeghost, Scapeghost (alt), Scrabble Deluxe (alt), Scramble Spirits, SE Basic v0.80a, Seaside Sorcery, Senda Salvaje, The Sentinel, A Serpentine Tale, Seto Taisho vs Yokai (English, Italian), Seto Taisho vs Yokai (French, Portuguese), Seto Taisho vs Yokai (German, Spanish), Shackled, Shadow Dancer, Shadow Warriors, Shadow of the Beast, Shadow of the Beast (Spa), Shard of Inovar, Sharkey's Moll (tape master disk), Sherlock Holmes - The Lamberley Mystery, Shinobi, Shinobi (Spa), Shootacular Disk 2 (alt), Side Arms, Silicon Dreams, Silkworm, Silkworm (Spa), Silkworm (Spa) (alt), Silkworm (Spa) (alt 2), Silverwolf, Sim City (alt), The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Simulation Hits (Spa), Sinclair Action Pack - Lightgun Games, Sinclair Action Pack - Lightgun Games (re-release), Sinclair Game Compilation, Sinclair Plus 3, Sir Fred, Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix, Skateball (alt), Skull & Crossbones (alt), The Slaughter Caves, Sleepwalker (tape master disk), Slowglass, A Small Collection of Hamster Droppings, Smash TV, Snoopy (alt), Soccer Mania, Sokoban, Sokoban (Spa), Sol Negro, Soldier of Fortune, Soldier of Light (alt), Soldier of Light (Spa), Solid Gold, The Song of Taliesin, Sootland (Gunstick), Soviet, SP4 Tape to +3 Disc Utility, SP5, SP5 Tape to +3 Disc Utility, SP6 Tape to +3 Disc Utility, SP7 Tape to +3 Disc Utility, Space Crusade (alt), Space Harrier II, Spanish Gold, The Spectre of Castle Coris v2, Spectrum CP-M Plus + Mallard BASIC, Spherical, Spitting Image (Spa), Spitting Image - The Computer Game, Sportacular Disk 1 (alt), Sporting Triangles, Sporting Triangles (alt), The Spy Who Loved Me (alt), SQ-Tracker +3, SRS Games Disc, St. Dragon, Stack Up (tape master disk), The Staff of Power, Stalingrad (alt), Stalker, Star Control, Star Raiders II, Star Wars (alt), Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (alt), Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (Spa), Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (Spa) (alt), Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back, Starbyte, Starglider (alt), Starglider 2 - The Egrons Strike Back, Starring Charlie Chaplin (alt), Starship Quest, Still Another Big Disk, Still One More Big Disk, Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo, Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo (Spa), Stormlord, Stranded, Street Fighter, Stuff Me Another Big Disk, Subbuteo - The Computer Game (alt), Summer Games II, The Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 1 (alt), Super Cars (alt), Super Cycle (alt), Super Scramble Simulator, Super Scramble Simulator (Spa), Super Space Invaders (alt), Super Space Invaders (alt 2), Super Space Invaders (alt 3), Super Space Invaders (alt 4), Superchess 3 v3.5, Superman - The Man of Steel, Supersports - The Alternative Olympics, Supreme Challenge, Supreme Challenge: Soccer Spectacular, The Sword of IANNA, The Sword of IANNA (alt), Sword of the Samurai (master disk), T'Was a Time of Dread, Tai Chi Tortoise (tape master disk), Tai-Pan (alt), Take 3 Sports, Take Five, The Tales of Mathematica, Tank Attack, Tapedisc, Target Plus, Target: Renegade, Tarot Master, Tas-Sign, Tas-Spell Plus Three, Tascalc, Tasprint Plus Three, Tasprint Plus Three (alt), Taswide, Tasword 2 to Tasword +3 Text File Converter, Tasword Plus Three, Tasword Plus Three (Spa), Tasword Two - The Word Processor, Tax Bills, Tax Returns, The Taxman Cometh, The Tears of the Moon, Techno-Cop, Teenage Emergency, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (alt), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (alt 2), Los Templos Sagrados, Ten Green Bottles, Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (alt), Terrorpods, Tetris, Tetris (alt 2), Tetris (alt), Theme Park U.K., Theme Park U.S.A., There's a Bomb Under Parliament, The Thirty-Nine Steps, The Time Crystal, Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun With Words, Thunder Blade (alt), Thunder Blade (alt 2), Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds (alt), Thunderbirds (Spa), Thundercats (alt), Tiburon, Time Scanner, Time Scanner (Spa), Time and Magik, Time and Magik (alt), Tintin en la Luna, Tintin on the Moon, Titanic Blinky (tape master disk), TNT, TNT (Spa), Toddler Trouble, Toi Acid Game, Tomahawk, Toobin', Toobin' (alt), Toobin' (Spa), Toobin' (Spa) (alt), Top 10 Collection, Top By Topo, Tortugas Ninja, Tortugas Ninja (unprotected), Total, Total Eclipse, Total Recall (alt), Tour de Force, The Train: Escape to Normandy (Spa), Transfer +3, Transfer +3 (alt), Traveller's Tales, Treasure Island, Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory (alt), Trigger, Trigger (Gun Stick), Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning, Trouble with Trolls, Tuareg, Turbo Girl, Turbo Out Run, Turbo Out Run (Spa), Turbo Skate Fighter (tape master disk), Turrican, Turrican (Spa), Turrican II - The Final Fight, Turrican II - The Final Fight (alt), The Twelve Days of Christmas, Twilight: Krajina Tienov, Twin World, Typhoon, Typhoon (alt), Typhoon (alt 2), UDG Generator, UK Main Lotto Random Number Generator, The Unborn One, The Untouchables, The Untouchables (alt), The Untouchables (alt 2), The Untouchables (alt 3), Urban, Venom, The Very Big Cave Adventure, Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, Videomaster, Videomaster (alt), Videomaster (alt 2), Vigilante (alt), Vigilante (alt 2), Vigilante (alt 3), Vigilante (Spa), The Vindicator, The Vindicator (alt), The Vindicator (alt 2), The Violator of Voodoo, Virus, Vitaminas, Vixen (alt), Wanderer, Wanderer 3D, War in Middle Earth (alt), War in Middle Earth (Spa), We Are the Champions, WEC Le Mans, WEC Le Mans (alt), WEC Le Mans (Spa), The Well of Zol, Welltris (alt), Welltris (Spa), Wheels of Fire, Where Time Stood Still, The White Feather Cloak, Whoops Another Big Disk, The Winning Team, Winter Olympiad '88, The Wizard of Oz, Wizard Quest, Word Power, Word-Master, Words and Pictures, World Championship Boxing Manager (alt), World Class Rugby, World Cricket (tape master disk), World Cup Year 90 Compilation, World Rugby (tape master disk), World Soccer (tape master disk), Wrestling Superstars, Wrestling Superstars (alt), Wrestling Superstars (alt 2), WWF WrestleMania, X-Out (Spa), X-Out (alt), Xenon (alt), Xenophobe, Xenophobe (alt), Xybots (Spa), Xybots (alt), Yet Another Big Disk, Yippee One More Big Disk, Zap-Pak, Zen Quest, Zipi y Zape, Zipi y Zape (alt), ZX CP-M 2.2, Zzzz [TOSEC, ICEknight]
- spectrum_flop_opus: 007 Multispy, Astrum+ v1.0, Astrum+ v1.1, Blast v3.7, Daton Software Card Games, The Derek Brewster Collection, Disc Manager, Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth/Monty On The Run, Masterfile v09, Omnicalc 2, QuickDOS, Sales/Purchase Ledger Invoicing, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 01, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 02, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 03, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 04, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 05, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 06, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 07, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 08, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 09, Spectrum Discovery Club Library Disc 10, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 01-03, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 04, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 05, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 06, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 07, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 08, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 09, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 10, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 11, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 12, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 13, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 14, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 15, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 16, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 17, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 18, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 19, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 20, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 21, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 22, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 23, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 24, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 25, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 26, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 27, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 28, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 29, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 30, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 31, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 32, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 33, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 34, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 35, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 36, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 37, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 38, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 39, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 40, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 41, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter 42, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter Xmas Bonus December 1989, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter Xmas Bonus December 1990, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter Xmas Bonus December 1991, Spectrum Discovery Club Newsletter Xmas Bonus December 1992, Tascopy, Tasprint, Tasword Three, Trans-Express 85.2, Transdata, UDG Generator, The Writer [World of Spectrum]
- vsmile_cart: Aventuras en el Parque Alfabeto (Spa), Barrio Sesamo - El Mundo Fantastico de Epi y Blas (Spa), Conduccion Divertida (Spa), Disney Aladdin - El Maravilloso Mundo de Aladdin (Spa), Disney El Rey Leon - La Gran Aventura de Simba (Spa), Disney La Casa de Mickey Mouse (Spa), Disney La Sirenita - El Viaje Fantastico de Ariel (Spa), Disney Mickey - La Aventura Magica de Mickey (Spa), Disney Winnie the Pooh - En Busca de la Miel (Spa), Disney Winnie the Pooh - En Busca de la Miel (Spa, Rev. 122), Disney/Pixar Buscando a Nemo - Los Descubrimientos de Nemo (Spa), Disney/Pixar Ratatouille - Las recetas del Remy (Spa), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2 - El Rescate De Woody (Spa), Disney/Pixar Wall-E (Spa), DreamWorks Monstruos contra Alienigenas (Spa), Mundo Elmo - Grandes descubrimientos de Elmo (Spa), Nick Jr. Dora La Exploradora - La Aventura arregla-todo de Dora (Spa, Rev. 222), Nickelodeon Bob Esponja - Un dia en la vida de una esponja (Spa), Osos Amorosos - Una Leccion de Amor (Spa), Spider-Man y Amigos - La Aventura Del Doctor Octopus (Spa), Spider-Man y Amigos - Misiones Secretas (Spa), Walt Disney La Cenicienta - Los suenos magicos de Cenicienta (Spa, Rev. 222), Zayzoo - Mi Amiga del Espacio (Spa) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]

Software list items promoted to working
- pc98: C.G. Gallery Master_98, CG Tsukuuru 3D, CRW 2, Cal III - Kanketsuhen, Cal Piss Water - Ayashii CG Shuu, Can Can Bunny 2 - Superior, Can Can Bunny 4 - Premiere, Can Can Bunny 5 - Extra, Can Can Bunny 5 1/2 - Limited, Canaan - Yakusoku no Chi, Challenge the Touch-Type 2, Charade, Charade Magic, Check Six (Demo), Cherry Moderate, Cherry Moderate (Demo), Chuushaki - Hirasawa Nurse School, Clone Doll - Kagai Juugyou, Coin, Coming Heart, Computer Aided Economics, Computer Music Vol. 20, CrEastar - Planets in Legend, Custom Mate 2, Custom Mate 3, Cyber Illusion, Level II COBOL V2.1, SoftBank C Magazine 1991-11, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-01, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-02, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-03, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-04, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-05, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-06, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-07, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-09, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-10, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-11, SoftBank C Magazine 1992-12, SoftBank C Magazine 1993-01, SoftBank C Magazine 1994-04, SoftBank C Magazine 1994-05, SoftBank C Magazine 1994-06 [Carl, r09]
- psx: 1-on-1 - Single Basketball (Jpn), 19-ji 03-pun Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha (Jpn), Advan Racing (Jpn), Captain Commando (Jpn), First Kiss Monogatari (Jpn), Ikuzawa Touru Kanshuu - Meisha Retsuden - Greatest 70's (Jpn), Running High (Jpn), S.Q. - Sound Qube (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Vol.104 - The Pink Panther - Pinkadelic Pursuit (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.88 - The Gal Mahjong - Love Songs - Idol wa High Rate (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.90 - The Sensha (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.97 - The Squash (Jpn), Space Invaders X (Jpn), Squaresoft Memory Card Data CD (Jpn), Super Live Stadium (Jpn), TFX - Tactical Fighter Experiment (Jpn), Ungra Walker (Jpn), Victory Spike (Jpn), Zig Zag Ball (Jpn), Zipangujima - Unmei wa Saikoro ga Kimeru! (Jpn) [Angelo Salese]
- saturn: AI Shougi (Jpn), Cat the Ripper - 13-ninme no Tanteishi (Jpn), Dezaemon 2 (Jpn) [Angelo Salese]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
- 32x: Pinocchio (Euro, Prototype 19951206) [Radar, FakeShemp]
- bbc_rom: SatPic 3.0 (Cirkit) [Nigel Barnes]
- cd32: Mean Arenas [FakeShemp]
- icanguit: American Idol - Guitar Greats (K9907), Hot Wheels - Road Tunes (K9902), Nashville Hits (K9905), SpongeBob SquarePants - Surf's Up (K9903) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- leapfrog_leappad_cart:
*5th Grade Math (UK), ABC-Abenteuer (Germany), Englisch Kurs - Let's go 3 (Germany), Englisch Kurs - Let's go 4 (Germany), FUN-damentals Series - 4th Grade Math (UK), FUN-damentals Series - Smart Guide to 3rd Grade (UK), FUN-damentals Series - Smart Guide to 5th Grade (UK), Hop on Pop - Based on the Book by Dr. Seuss (UK), Leap 2 - Math - The Great Dune Buggy Race (UK), Leap and the lost Dinosaur (UK), LeapFrog Schoolhouse - Level 3 - Helping Others (UK), LeapPad Interactive Book (UK), Music - Hit it, Maestro! (UK), Phonics Program - Lesson 10 - Compound Words - A Fisherman's Tale (UK), Pre Reading - Leap's Friends From A to Z (UK), Reading - Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo (UK), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 1 - Getting Started (Spain), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 2 - A New Job (Spain), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 3 - Daily Activities (Spain), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 4 - Health and Safety (Spain), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 5 - Community Interactions (Spain), Sed de Saber - English as a Second Language Edition - Book 6 - How do you say... (Spain), What will you be? (UK) [TeamEurope]
*Disney Princesas - Cuentos de las Princesas (Spain), Fiesta in the House! - Party en la Casa! (Spain), LeapPad - Libro Interactivo (Spain), El Rey Leon (Spain), Yo aprendo ingles! - Mis Primeras 500 Palabras en Ingles (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
- leapfrog_mfleappad_cart: Disney Princesas - Las Princesas Disney (Spa), El gran dia de Croki (Spa), Mi Primer Dia de Escuela (Spa) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
- pc98:
*Centurion - Defender of Rome, Centurion - Defender of Rome (Alt), Chikyuu Bouei Shoujo Iko-chan - UFO Daisakusen, Computer Technica FMC-98 Sound Card Driver Utility, Contec Super EMS, Cranston Manor [Neo Kobe Collection]
*Shin'ou Densetsu Crystania - Powerup Kit, Shin'ou Densetsu Crystania DX (cracked) [r09]
- vsmile_cart: Scooby-Doo - Misterio en el Parque (Spa) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
- vsmile_cd:
*The Amazing Spider-Man - Countdown to Doom (USA, Rev. 2), Disney/Pixar Cars - In the Fast Lane (USA, Rev. 1), Disney/Pixar Cars - In the Fast Lane (USA, Rev. 3), Nick SpongeBob Schwammkopf: Ein Schwamm voller Ideen (Ger), Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants - Idea Sponge (USA, Rev. 1), Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants - Idea Sponge (USA, Rev. 2), Shrek the Third - The Search for Arthur (UK), Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island (UK), Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island (USA, Rev. 2) [, ClawGrip]
*Bratz - El Misterio del Collar (Spa), Carrera Loca en la Isla de las Vainas Fritas (Spa), Cars - El Carril Rapido (Spa), Disney Princess - El Castillo de las Princesas (Spa), Nickelodeon Bob Esponja - Mision Esponja (Spa), Scooby-Doo: Viaje al Pasado (Spa), Shrek Tercero - Donde Esta Arturo? (Spa) [Diego Bartolome,, ClawGrip]
- vsmileb_cart: Un Dia en la Granja (Spa) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]

Source Changes
- dec0.cpp: Converted to use uPD4701A device for trackball input. [AJR]
- tms9900, tms9980a, tms9995: Made CRU read addressing consistent with write addressing. [AJR]
- Added skeleton CPU device and disassembler for National Semiconductor High Performance microController (HPC) architecture. [AJR]
- i186: Added interrupt controller registers to debugger state [AJR]
- Exclude scheduled devices that don't expose a base program counter from numerical indexing for debugger commands. [AJR]
- Add AHA-1542A, AHA-1542B, and BIOS v1.02 of AHA-1542C ROMs from Adaptec. [AJR]
- cdc721: Reduced character height to make all rows fit. [AJR]
- freekick.cpp: Documented connector pinouts. [AJR]
- mcs51: Updated old hack to break out of JB INT0/INT1 loops when interrupt is triggered. [AJR]
- tmp68301: Merged on- chip peripheral emulation with CPU device. [AJR]
- Added skeleton Adaptec AHA- 1740 and AHA- 1742A ISA devices. [AJR]
- Added ROMs for BusLogic BT- 542B ISA SCSI controller. [AJR]
- odyssey2.cpp: Fixed videopac machine. [AmatCoder]
- mc6845.cpp updates: [AmatCoder]
*Don't reset line counter when screen parameters are changed.
*Check vertical sync condition when frame is reset if vertical sync width is supported.
- upd765.cpp: Made Read ID return command if execution phase is reached but ID is not found. [AmatCoder]
- dsk_dsk.cpp: Report error if image has more heads and/or tracks than the drive supports. [AmatCoder]
- spectrum.cpp: Fixed bit 6 value returned from port 0xFE (fixes MT06439). [AmatCoder]
- divideo.h: Eliminated MCFG_VIDEO_SET_SCREEN macro. [cam900]
- 74157.cpp, terminal.cpp, tms34061.cpp, itech8.cpp: Removed unnecessary arguments in handlers. [cam900]
- segaybd.cpp: Removed an unused state class member. [cam900]
- witch.cpp: Fixed foreground tilemap and bank switching behavior. [cam900]
- itech32.cpp: Corrected sound CPU type. [cam900]
- stadhero.cpp, vrc6.cpp: Updated comments. [cam900]
- cninja.cpp: Fixed tilemap color mask behavior. [cam900]
- twincobr.cpp, wardner.cpp: Simplified handlers, eliminated register_postload, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- bus/nes/konami.cpp: Fixed sound clock and VRC7 volume. [cam900]
- ym2413.cpp: Added VRC7 instrument table with notes. [cam900]
- toaplan_scu.cpp: Simplified and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- toaplan1.cpp: Separated demonwld and samesame state classes, reduced runtime tag map lookups, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- gaelco2.cpp: Fixed save states for snowboar, mark tilemaps dirty when RAM bas is changed, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- namcos1.cpp: Reduced runtime tag map lookups, reduced redundancy, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- dec0.cpp: Removed a duplicate #include directive. [cam900]
- esd16.cpp: Mark 8x8 tilemap dirty on video RAM writes, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- silvmil.cpp: Moved alternate graphics layout into graphics decoding description, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- gamemachine.cpp: Added netlist audio. [Couriersud]
- netlist: Added output first-order approximation of NE555 output driver impedance. [Couriersud]
- netlist: Added unijunction transistor example for 2N6027. [Couriersud]
- netlist: Added base-emitter and base-collector capacitance to Ebers- Moll bipolar junction transistor model. [Couriersud]
*Improves performance on switching by dramatically reducing required Newton- Raphson iterations.
- spg2xx.cpp: Moved audio emulation to a separate device so it can be shared with the SPG110. [David Haywood]
- vii.cpp: Added inputs to icanpian and icanguit. [David Haywood]
- xavix.cpp: Fixed controls in popira2 and epo_guru, and mapped some missing inputs in ttv_mx. [David Haywood]
- vii.cpp: Added basic inputs to dreamlif. [David Haywood]
- svi3x8: Hooked up controllers to the Coleco Game Adapter, and replaced generic cartridge slot with Coleco cartridge slot. [Dirk Best]
- sg1000m3: Added support for keyboard cable link used by F-16 Fighting Falcon for two-player mode. [Enik Land]
- Fixed mapping between mouse coordinates and character positions in Qt debugger views. [Golden Child]
- apollo.cpp updates and resurrection: [Hans Ostermeyer]
*Fix typo'd constant in m68kmmu that prevented trapping user accesses to kernel space.
*Removed need for intrusive m68k modifications, fixed crash in 3c505 networking, and fixed Domain/OS booting in Normal mode.
- Made X11 XInput lightgun button numbering consistent with Windows (GitHub #4695). [Kiall Mac Innes]
- upd765.cpp: Changed ND flag behaviour to fix Speedlock copy protection regression. [Michael Zapf]
- tms9995.cpp: Fixed interrupt condition error that caused geneve GPL mode lock- up. [Michael Zapf]
- tms9900.cpp, tms9995.cpp: Fixed handling of C and OV status bits for INV and SLA instructions. [Michael Zapf]
- bsmt2000.cpp: Fixed sample ROM alignment/padding (fixes 4-bit ADPCM sample playback). [moralrecordings]
- spectrum updates: [Nigel Barnes]
*Improved expansion interface to allow devices to act on opcode fetches.
*Added Multiface One/128/3, and MultiPrint devices.
*Added the Technology Research Beta 128 Disk Interface.
*Added the Cheetah SpecDrum device.
*Added the Opus Discovery disc system, and OPD floppy format.
- bbc_cciword: Added missing ROM switching zones for Inter-Word. [Nigel Barnes]
- mtx: Added expansion bus with SDX floppy controller. [Nigel Barnes]
*80 column card with SDX in CP/M mode.
*Fixed ROM/RAM banking for CP/M, and fixed MTX500 detection.
*Added support for Type 03 and Type 07 .mfloppy images.
*Added alternate MTX2 ROM set (German).
*Keyboard ROM now selected in Configuration.
*Quickload .RUN files.
- spec128: Improved compatibility with ROM-swapping expansion devices in 128 mode (not yet 100%). [Nigel Barnes]
- ns32000: Added skeleton CPU device and disassembler for NS32000 family. [Nigel Barnes]
- bbc: Added preliminary Acorn 32016 2nd Processor (CPU emulation is incomplete). [Nigel Barnes]
- xavix.cpp: Changed palette format to HCY and improved colors. [O. Galibert]
- i2cmem: Fixed page write logic. [O. Galibert]
- ymmu100.cpp: Hooked up inputs and made battery test pass for vl70. [O. Galibert]
- ymmu100.cpp: Started adding the MEG. [O. Galibert]
- mips1 updates: [Patrick Mackinlay]
* Implemented FPU instructions and exceptions.
* Corrected swl/swr implementation.
* Optimized TLB MRU lookup.
* Added debugger hooks for interrupts and privilege level changes.
- apple2p: Made language card RAM initially write- enabled. [Peter Ferrie]
- apple2: Slow down TransWarp CPU during joystick accesses. [R. Belmont]
- apple2gs: Added annotations to disassembly, including Toolbox calls, system globals, and new I/O. [R. Belmont]
- apple2: Added support for Focus Drive IDE interface. [R. Belmont, anonymous]
- apple3: Added Focus Drive as a slot option and turned off unnecessary logging. [R. Belmont]
- apple2: Added Focus IDE for IIe, and added Vulcan/Vulcan Gold IDE for IIe and IIgs. [R. Belmont]
- spg2xx audio improvements: [Ryan Holtz]
* Fixed channel stop behaviour (fixes bad/missing audio in jak_sbfc, jak_mpac, jak_wof, jak_wwe and others).
* Increased internal sample rate to match synthesis frame rate for better synchronization.
* Moved envelope processing into sample-update loop.
* Reset envelope ramp- down bit when a channel stops (fixes missing channels in vii and others).
* Only process envelope ramp-down for active channels (fixes missing channels in icanpian and others).
* Reset ADPCM bit at sample loop point (fixes bad samples in jak_sith and others).
* Avoid treating end-of-sample marker as a playable sample (fixes sample popping).
* Fixed sample ordering for 8-bit PCM samples, improving audio quality.
* Scale SPU channel sum by a fixed 1/16 divider rather than by the active channel count (fixes volume 'wobble').
* Implemented VolSel register.
* Switch sample processing mode immediately on change (fixes additional instruments in icanpian).
- spg2xx.cpp: Fixed palette indexing on backgrounds in wallpaper mode (fixes backgrounds in jak_nick). [Ryan Holtz]
- astrohome: Added cassette support for the AstroBASIC cartridge. [Ryan Holtz, BallyAlley]
- astrohome updates: [Ryan Holtz]
*Removed inaccurate comment from astrocde.xml regarding the 2000 Baud tape interface.
*Converted astrohome controllers to slot devices.
*Added 300 Baud cassette tape slot device.
*Changed potentiometer callbacks from tagged I/O ports to devcb3.
*Added I/O access handling to expansion slot.
*Added INS8154 I/O functionality and cassette loading/saving to Blue RAM boards (RAM not yet hooked up).
*Added lightpen callback to controller slot device.
*Fixed spurious lightpen interrupts being triggered every scanline (fixes synchronization on 2000 Baud multi- part music tapes).
*Converted accessory port to slot device and added lightpen support.
- Added more granular emulation feature bits as well as a couple more catch- all categories. [Ryan Holtz, Vas Crabb]
- ins8154: Added internal 128-byte RAM and simplified handlers. [Ryan Holtz]
- model1.cpp: Hooked up raw drive board outputs. [SailorSat]
- pokey.cpp optimization: [schnitzeltony]
*Avoid unnecessary modulo operations.
*Avoid repeating expensive calculations when inputs haven't changed.
*Avoid unnecessary synchronization barriers in step_pot when nothing changes.
- video/opengl: Improved performance by lifting calculations/memory accesses out of loops in pixel copy/format conversion functions. [schnitzeltony]
- spectrum_uspeech: Use measured oscillator frequencies, and toggle ROM also on IORQ as used in Rockfall1/2. [Thomas Busse]
- m6809 disassembler fixes: [tomctomc]
*Fixed program counter increment for indexed addressing with single-byte offset.
*Changed indexed addressing to print absolute addresses based on current program counter rather than offsets.
*Added explicit EXT addressing annotation for small offsets.
*Renamed "indirect" to "indexed" in code.
- imgtool/filtbas.cpp: Automatically terminate strings on end-of-line. [tomctomc]
- romload: Made BIOS selection apply to fills. [Vas Crabb]
- mosaic.cpp: Verified and corrected clocks for Mosaic. [caius, The Dumping Union]
- vsmile_cd.xml: Replaced CHDs created from CloneCD images with new ones created from standard images. [ClawGrip]
* "Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants - Idea Sponge (USA)" is the last remaining CHD created from a CloneCD image.
- vtech_storio_cart.xml: Fixed year for scoobysp. [ClawGrip]
- gp32.cpp: Dumped X2C32 CPLD. [coolmod]
- meadows.cpp: Corrected ROM label and location for deadeye. [f205v]
- taito_f2.cpp: Dumped PALs for footchmp. [f205v]
- pirates.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for Genix Family. [f205v]
- expro02.cpp: Corrected a chip type and fixed a typo in the documentation. [f205v]
- gba.xml: Added cartridge documentation from No-Intro. [FakeShemp]
- Added Adaptec AHA-1542B BIOS v3.11. [Funet Archive]
- Add half of yet another Adaptec AHA-1542A BIOS/MCODE set. [Funet Archive]
- Added Adaptec AHA-1542CF BIOS v2.10 and expanded notes. [Guru]
- specpls3_flop.xml: Added DSK images from TOSEC. [ICEknight]
- cps1.cpp: Verified sf2ceblp dump and added ROM locations. [hammy, The Dumping Union]
- gauntlet.cpp: Dumped PROM at 4R and corrected size of ROM at 6P. [Joe Magiera, The Dumping Union]
- Added Adaptec AHA-1542CF v2.11 ROM. [Jolaes76, VOGONS Vintage Driver Library]
- gdrom: Documented security commands. [MetalliC]
- Added Adaptec AHA-1542C and AHA-1542CP ROMs. [modem7,]
- Added skeleton ISA device for Novell Disk Coprocessor Board. [modem7,]
- ym2413.cpp: Added VRC7 drum patches dumped using debug mode. [Nuke.YKT]
- segasp.cpp: Dumped Dinosaur King security PIC. [Porchy]
- pc98.xml, pc98_cd.xml: Updates: [r09]
*Added new software items from the Neo Kobe Collection.
*Re-tested software entries with current MAME.
*Re-labeled disks with their actual names, and fixed some spelling errors.
*Added usage notes for software that needs DOS.
*Removed user disks from games where they aren't included in the original box, and the user is expected to create them.
*Removed duplicate images where the only differences are in the saved game data.
*Split "Shin'ou Densetsu Crystania DX" into the original and cracked versions.
*Replaced "Chou-Baku" with a dump that's actually bootable.
*Re-ordered some disks so they are auto-mounted in a more logical way.
- Added pinouts for I Can Play Guitar and I Can Play Piano cartridges. [Sean Riddle]
- Harmonised software list file names with names in the software list and in the driver/device source. [Tafoid]
- m72.cpp: Dumped i8571 MCU for lohtb3. [TeamEurope, hammy, The Dumping Union]
Télécharger MAME v0.208 (32-bit)
Télécharger MAME v0.208 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 Virtual GameBoy v5.6 
Mardi 26/03/19 à 13:00 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Color a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- It fixes real time clock operation in the MBC3-based games, such as Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold, and others. The day-of-week field will no longer spin randomly.
Télécharger Virtual GameBoy v5.6 (Windows)
Télécharger Virtual GameBoy v5.6 (Linux)
Site Officiel de Virtual GameBoy
 Hoxs64 v1.0.19.0 
Lundi 25/03/19 à 13:14 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour Windows a été mis à jour. Une seule amélioration est à signaler:
- Fix track wrap around disk image corruption to the file produced with "Save as D64".
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.19.0 (32-bit)
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.19.0 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de Hoxs64
 WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 FR 
Dimanche 24/03/19 à 13:15 par Firebrand
La dernière beta de WinUAE est déjà disponible en français grâce à Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 
Dimanche 24/03/19 à 13:13 par Firebrand
Voici l'une des dernières beta de WinUAE avant la prochaine version stable qui devrait arriver début avril. En attendant, voici les changements apportés:
- On the fly switching to built-in AROS ROM with low memory config (like basic A500) crashed.
- Tape emulation: only support reads/writes if CDB fixed bit is set, emulated drive is not variable block size compatible and it was wrong anyway.
- Activate debugger if entering halted state and debugger is in use (for example breakpoint active)
- ATAPI tape: ATAPI identity response device type was CD-ROM, not Sequential access device.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.2.0 Beta 6 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
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