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 Angrylion RDP Plus v1.6 
Lundi 04/01/21 à 14:25 par Firebrand
Ce plug-in video pour émulateurs Nintendo 64 a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added new interpolation mode, which is less blocky than nearest-neighbor and less blurry than bilinear
- Added integer scaling option
- Merged Angrylion r113
- Fast compatibility mode is now the default for new configs
- Screenshots are saved in their native N64 resolution again (#98)
- Improved VI performance by fixing a false sharing issue
- Using major.minor version scheme from now on
Télécharger Angrylion RDP Plus v1.6
Site Officiel de Angrylion RDP Plus
 OpenEmu v2.3.1 
Lundi 04/01/21 à 14:16 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis dans une même interface pour MacOS a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- Fixed shader configurations not persisting.
- Fixed fullscreen mode "Fill Screen" scale option only resizing to a maximum integer scale when integer scaling is enabled. Instead, it now fills the entire screen as expected.
- Fixed a hang that can occur when loading a game if the app is affected by App Translocation / Gatekeeper Path Randomization.
- Improved UX to mitigate game launch issues related to Gatekeeper. — Now prompts with requirement to move to your Applications folder on app launch.
- Improved UX for fullscreen popout window. — Now fills the entire screen by default, if no previous scale was set. Seperate scale settings between windowed and fullscreen modes are also remembered.
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.3.1 (stable)
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.3.1 (experimental)
Site Officiel de OpenEmu
 Ootake v2.99 
Lundi 04/01/21 à 14:11 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur PC-Engine a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- The screen display processing has been sped up. The number of models that can operate comfortably even on low-power PCs has increased.
*By the way, one note about the video card settings of the PC. If you set the G-SYNC function and FreeSync(Adaptive-Sync) function to "Enable in even Window mode" on a PC equipped with NVIDIA or AMD video chip, the operation of Ootake etc. may be slow down depending on the PC environment. (The default settings are fine)
*If G-SYNC and FreeSync are set to "Enable even in Window mode", many games(such as games with fixed 60fps) will not work comfortably. Therefore, set "G-SYNC / FreeSync is disabled in Window mode (default is disabled)". I strongly recommend it.
- The volume balance of the CD sound source (CD-DA), ADPCM sound source, and wave memory sound source has been finely adjusted to bring it closer to the feeling of an actual machine.
- Fixed a bug that noise might appear on the CD sound source depending on the setting environment of "Audio->Adjust CD-DA(for Sync)".
- The default audio settings has been changed from "DirectSound (a vocalization method that has existed since the Windows 95 era)" to "XAudio2 (currently the mainstream vocalization method)". Depending on your PC environment and taste, "DirectSound" may be better, so please choose the one you like. In addition, XAudio2 can play the sound at a timing closer to the actual machine. (In "Audio" menu)
- The operation speed and timing have been brought closer to the operation of the actual machine. The problem that the screen was shaking when going up the stairs when clearing the stage of "Prince of Persia" (occurred in recent versions) has been solved.
- Fixed the sprite display processing part. Solved the problem that unnecessary sprites were sometimes displayed at the bottom of the screen when the 1st page boss of "Tiki Tiki Boys" appeared. Also, when your character overlaps the water areas on the 1st and 4-1 stages, the problem that your character did not hide has been resolved.
- When playing "Tiki Tiki Boys", the bottom two lines of the screen are automatically masked with a black belt. (As with the actual machine, the reason is that noise may be displayed.) * If you play in the mode to display the overscan area, this process will not be performed and the display will be the same as the actual machine (the bottom edge may be disturbed).
- In "Turrican", the problem that it is canceled in a few seconds when you pause during the game has been solved.
- When starting "The Addams Family", the screen display is shifted to the right by half a character. By doing this, the disturbance of the screen display on the right end (which also occurs on the actual machine) has been reduced. * Also, if you press the [F11] key and play in the display range of the old TV, the disturbance will disappear at all. * If you turn on the "Perform SpriteLimit" setting or play in the mode that displays the overscan area, this correction will not be performed and the display will be the same as the actual machine (with distortion at the right end).
- Due to certain settings (combination of "Audio Buffer Size" and "CD-DA Delay Frame", which will change the timing of access to the CD-ROM slightly), the "Snatcher" may freeze at the start. The problem that was there has been solved.
- Fixed a bug that the "CPU-> Swap STRIKE & BALL (for Baseball Games)" menu (baseball game count display replacement function) did not work in v2.98.
- In "Tokimeki Memorial", if you turn on the sprite missing display setting (CPU-> Perform SpriteLimit) or display the overscan area ([F12] key), dust that is sometimes displayed on the left and right edges of the screen on the actual machine (probably used as a data area) is displayed.
- When used on Windows 10/8/7/Vista, it is displayed in a new type file dialog (when opening a ROM image, etc.). This solves the problem that when the audio setting was set to "XAudio2", noise (remaining sound from the previous game play) might be heard when reopening the ROM image file.
- When moving the Ootake window, if the lower part of the game screen hangs on the taskbar area, the position is automatically corrected so that the lower part is just right and there is no gap.
- Since the official homepage site has been changed to SSL (HTTPS), the URL of each document has been changed from "http" to "https".
- When using XAudio2(Audio menu) on Windows XP, the problem (occurring from v2.82) that the operation when opening a file may become unusually heavy depending on the environment has been fixed.
- Other minor details have been fixed and improved.
Télécharger Ootake v2.99
Site Officiel de Ootake
 WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 FR 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 14:13 par Firebrand
Tradu-France a traduit très rapidement la dernière beta de WinUAE en français.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 14:10 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta pour cet émulateur Amiga a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- Fixed possible out of bounds array access when virtual mouse driver is installed.
- Added more strict coordinate/size validation to uaegfx blitter functions.
- JIT shift instruction fix rewrite, they still didn't work fully correctly and my tester didn't catch them because JIT uses registers differently in different use cases etc.. But it did break most Cirrus Logic based chipset Picasso96 drivers. Corrupt icons and text, at least with some Picasso96 versions. (Still need more optimal fix later)
- Improved PCem RTG mode scanline based display update timing.
- CyberVision64 (S3Trio64) vsync interrupt fix, could have caused stuck interrupt when monitor driver was started.
- Hardware emulated RTG boards interlace modes fixed (again).
- Gaps between on screen leds are now smaller.
- FAS246 SCSI chip apparently has Features Enable always set (or bit does not exist anymore). DKB RapidFire tests if transfer count high register works (write something, read it back) and assumes it is enabled without modifying Configuration 2 Register. Rapidfire worked when it first implemented because transfer count high was not originally correctly conditionally emulated. Datasheet seems to be MIA.
- Fixed 32-bit Chip RAM size string array out of bounds access if 768M or 1G was selected. (b11)
- Voodoo 3 byteswapped modes Mediator PCI sound card DMA hack fix.
- Yet another 2D/3D registers-only Voodoo 3 byteswap mode emulated. Some W3D drivers use it. (Without it nothing was rendered and log was mostly filled with "triangle_setup wrong order" messages)
- Blitter line mode was partially broken in non-cycle exact modes and CE mode wasn't fully accurate (b12). Still some edge cases to fix.
- DMA debugger blitter slots are now marked as BLT-x (normal), BLF-x (fill) or BLL-x (line). x = channel. RFS, DSK, AUD, SPR and BPL slots include channel numbers. (Easier to remember than xxxDAT register address numbers)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.5.0 Beta 14 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 DSP v0.18b3 (02/01/2020) (32-bit) 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 14:07 par Firebrand
Encore une nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-systèmes. Deux jeux supplémentaires sont supportés:
Blood Bros HW
- Blood Bros.: Added driver with sound
- Sky Smasher: Added driver with sound
Télécharger DSP v0.18b3 (02/01/2020) (32-bit)
Site Officiel de DSP
 FCEUX v2.3.0 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 14:05 par Firebrand
Cet excellent émulateur NES n'avait pas donné signe de vie depuis 4 ans et il revient aujourd'hui avec une nouvelle version. Le 64-bit est désormais supporté, mais seule une version 32-bit a été publiée. Dommage. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- 64 bit build support

- Added Mapper 111 cheapocabra
- Added Mapper 190
- Added RAM Init Options: default (00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF as always), all FF, all 00, random
- New UNIF mappers
- Mapper 30 4-screen support
- Mapper 5 MMC5 large WRAM support
- VRC7 patch set finalized with correct values dumped by Nuke.YKT
- Fixed rendering and debugging of mirrored palette entries

- Various improvements and bug fixes to pre-existing functions
- Fix parsing of lua colors over 0x80000000 on 32bits systems
- Extra colors available to lua overlays
- Lua write callbacks: adding optional third parameter to retrieve the value written
- Added Sprites.lua script to visualize sprites
- Zapper control

New Lua functions
- emu.exit()
- rom.getfilename()
- zapper.set(table input)

- Various GUI improvements and bug fixes
- Fixed font rescaling issue
- Relative position mouse support for better fullscreen mouse capture
- Left and right mouse buttons no longer conflict with each other
- Virtual boy controller
- Fixed silly quit message randomizer
- Fixed NTSC filter null pointer crash when closing, NTSC filter now supports emphasis
- Sound output is now 48000 Hz by default
- Improve error message for invalid ROM file

- Added memory read/write conditional breakpoint capability
- Added illegal opcode support for breakpoints
- Support for 'S' register in conditional debugger breakpoints
- Syntax highlight of disassembly
- Fixed corruption of PPU reset while debugging
- Attribute mode for nametable viewer
- Greyscale palettes for PPU and nametable viewers
- Fixed transparent sprite palette display in PPU viewer
- Fixed accidental filtering of special symbols

Trace Logger
- Added bank number log option

- Fix Fixed VRAM data logging glitch

Hex Editor
- Added OAM view feature
- Added Home/End key response
- Bookmark fixes for all view region types
- Fixed Find dialog to be able to find the first or last byte of the memory region
- Prevent middle mouse button from attempting to "FreezeRam" when not in RAM mode
- Added Load from file feature

iNES Header Editor
- A new tool which can edit the iNES header of ROM files

TAS Editor
- Fixed dialog height that kept increasing

- GUI completely rewritten using Qt5. Replaces old GTK GUI
- New Qt GUI now contains most of the debug tools that previously only existed in windows version
- Build setup migrated to cmake. Replaces scons build setup
Télécharger FCEUX v2.3.0
Site Officiel de FCEUX
 Versions 32-bit des builds de MAME v0.227 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 14:00 par Firebrand
RetroDanuart/StHiryu a compilé les versions 32 builds des différents builds de MAME. Ceux ci ne sont plus compatibles avec Windows XP, mais il y a aurait visiblement une solution pour y remédier dans une prochaine compilation...
Télécharger MAME v0.227 (32-bit)
Télécharger MAMEUI32 v0.227
Télécharger ARCADE v0.227 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.227 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.227 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESS v0.227 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESSUI v0.227 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 SDLMAME v0.227 
Dimanche 03/01/21 à 13:50 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour MacOS a été mis à jour vers MAME v0.227.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.227
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
 Mameinfo.dat v0.227 
Samedi 02/01/21 à 15:24 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME contient désormais les informations relatives à la v0.227:
- Updated to MAME 0.227 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes. Newest Bugs (31st Dec).
- Updated Artwork.ini. Added Visual PinMAME v3.3 infos.
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.227
Site Officiel de Mameinfo.dat
 ClrMAME Pro v4.040 
Samedi 02/01/21 à 15:22 par Firebrand
Un bug a été corrigé pour ce gestionnaire des ROMs qu'on ne présente plus. Voici de quoi il s'agit:
- fixed: falsely hiding some missing information (split merged sets with nodump chds)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.040 (32-bit)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.040 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ClrMAME Pro
 Steem SSE v4.0.2 R27 
Samedi 02/01/21 à 15:19 par Firebrand
Cet nouvelle version de SteemSSE corrige essentiellement des bugs:
- Debugger fixes only
- Patches for Monkey Island, Chrono Quest, Formula One Grand Prix (I saw the bugs while doing the patches!)
Télécharger Steem SSE v4.0.2 R27 (32-bit)
Télécharger Steem SSE v4.0.2 R27 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de Steem SSE
 kindred v1.12 Preview Build 3 
Samedi 02/01/21 à 15:12 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été publiée. Voici les nouveautés:
- [IBM] Fixed Sound Blaster 2.0 DSP DMA issue
- [ALL] Added more IDE data files
- [ALL] Updated Scheduler
Télécharger kindred v1.12 Preview Build 3
Site Officiel de kindred
 NegaMAME v0.227-1 
Samedi 02/01/21 à 15:09 par Firebrand
Cet build de MAME prévu pour être utilisé avec le frontend Negatron a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.227.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.227-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.227-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.227-1 (Linux)
Site Officiel de NegaMAME
 RomCenter v4.1.1 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:54 par Firebrand
Cette nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs corrige principalement des bugs. Voici la liste des changements:
This is a bug fix release. It also includes a command line version of romcenter.
Here are the main changes:
- Fix error when backup path is not defined.
- Fix region order not saved
- Fix temp folder not found
- Fix tosec filter
- Add command line version (rc.exe). Support db creation, update, adding rom paths and fixing.
- Improve data Grid grouping
- Improve tosec parser log
- Improve tosec year/region parser
- Upgrade data grid component
Télécharger RomCenter v4.1.1
Site Officiel de RomCenter
 DSP v0.18b3 (30/12/2020) (32-bit) 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:52 par Firebrand
Encore une nouvelle mise à jour pour cet émulateur multi-systèmes qui semble avoir retrouvé de sa vigueur:
*M68000: Fixed sign in opcode pea.w
*Video: Added a function to change video resolution on execution time

3x3 Puzzle HW
- 3x3 Puzzle: Added driver with sound
- Casanova: Added driver with sound

1945k III HW
- 1945k III: Added driver with sound
- 96 Flag Rally: Added driver with sound
Télécharger DSP v0.18b3 (30/12/2020) (32-bit)
Site Officiel de DSP
 History.dat v2.27 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:49 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME a été enrichi avec des données sur les nouveaux jeux de MAME v0.227.
Télécharger History.dat v2.27
Site Officiel de History.dat
 MESS et MESSUI v0.227 (64-bit) 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:46 par Firebrand
Ces versions de MAME dépourvu des machines arcade comportent désormais les améliorations de MAME v0.227 mais aussi leur nouveautés propres partagées avec MAMEUI:
Changes (all)
- Fixed bug where invalid slots could get into the ini file.

Changes (MESSUI and MAMEUI)
- Added splash screen
- Can specify multiple icon directories
- Main audit results window is larger
- After doing F5, can sort on Roms or Samples column
- In the Game Properties, enabled all controls, even when they are not relevant
- Removed Debug tab and controls
- Removed verbose.log
- If game started with debugger enabled, it is turned off
- Fixed a bug with setting up software paths
- On Display tab, added Integer scaling options
- On Screen tab, fixed size/refresh options on the default screen
- On Sound tab, added Port Audio Latency
- Added new OpenGL/BGFX tab, and various associated settings
- Added new OpenGL Shaders tab and up to 4 shaders of each kind. Shaders are to be saved in the HLSL folder.
- Added new Snap/Input/Output tab and associated settings
- Added new LUA tab, with various settings and plugin controls
- On Miscellaneous tab, replaced old artwork controls with new ones. Added 6 various extra settings.
- On Controller Mapping tab, added 6 provider dropdowns
- In the Tree, you can right-click on Horizontal, Vertical, Computer, Console, Raster or Vector, select Properties and modify the settings.
- Removed Reset buttons. Once you hit Apply or OK settings are saved.
- Fixed bios selection that could corrupt ini files
- On messui, fixed splitter that caused software area to become narrower over time.
- Interface options - restored Snapshot Pattern option, added Skip Game Warnings setting.
Télécharger MESS v0.227 (64-bit)
Télécharger MESSUI v0.227 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MESS
 WolfMAME v0.227 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:40 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME utilisé dans les compétitions de high scores se joint à la fête des mises à jour vers MAME 0.227.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.227
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
 HBMAME et HBMAMEUI v0.227 (64-bit) 
Jeudi 31/12/20 à 12:37 par Firebrand
Ces builds de MAME spécialisés dans les ROM hacks et les homebrews a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
New Games
- [bonusstage] Bonus Stage
- [frombelow] Vs. From Below (beta 0.8.0 2020-12-21)
- [headonch] Head On Channel
- [kof98ult] Kof'98 (Ultimate Match)
- [lhbb] Last Hope (Blue Bullets)
- [mslug6h09] Metal Slug 6 (Enemies Resetting Version 2019-09-30)
- [nblktiger] Neo Black Tiger (incomplete)
- [nsmb] New! Super Mario Bros.
- [pzlcrz] Puzzle Crazy
- [samsh5pf] Samurai Shodown V Perfect
- [sf2cemix97] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.97)
- [sf2cemix98] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98)
- [sf2cemix98a] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98a)
- [sf2cemix98b] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98b)
- [sf2cemix98c] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98c)
- [teotd] The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, demo)
- [theglobpb] The Glob (English translation of German sprglbpg)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.227 (64-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.227 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de HBMAME
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