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 WolfMAME v0.218 
Dimanche 02/02/20 à 16:03 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME adaptée aux compétitions de high-scores a été mise à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.218.
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 MAME v0.218 (64-bit) 
Dimanche 02/02/20 à 16:01 par Firebrand
La version de MAME mensuelle est arrivée. Pour rappel, la version 32-bit n'est officiellement plus distribuée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
It’s time for MAME 0.218, the first MAME release of 2020! We’ve added a couple of very interesting alternate versions of systems this month. One is a location test version of NMK’s GunNail, with different stage order, wider player shot patterns, a larger player hitbox, and lots of other differences from the final release. The other is The Last Apostle Puppetshow, an incredibly rare export version of Home Data’s Reikai Doushi. Also significant is a newer version Valadon Automation’s Super Bagman. There’s been enough progress made on Konami’s medal games for a number of them to be considered working, including Buttobi Striker, Dam Dam Boy, Korokoro Pensuke, Shuriken Boy and Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay though — they’re essentially gambling games for children.
There are several major computer emulation advances in this release, in completely different areas. Possibly most exciting is the ability to install and run Windows NT on the MIPS Magnum R4000 “Jazz” workstation, with working networking. With the assistance of Ash Wolf, MAME now emulates the Psion Series 5mx PDA. Psion’s EPOC32 operating system is the direct ancestor of the Symbian operating system, that powered a generation of smartphones. IDE and SCSI hard disk support for Acorn 8-bit systems has been added, the latter being one of the components of the BBC Domesday Project system. In PC emulation, Windows 3.1 is now usable with S3 ViRGE accelerated 2D video drivers. F.Ulivi has contributed microcode-level emulation of the iSBC-202 floppy controller for the Intel Intellec MDS-II system, adding 8" floppy disk support.
Of course there are plenty of other improvements and additions, including re-dumps of all the incorrectly dumped GameKing cartridges, disassemblers for PACE, WE32100 and “RipFire” 88000, better Geneve 9640 emulation, and plenty of working software list additions.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed
- 04300: [DIP/Input] (cliffhgr.cpp) cliffhgr, cliffhnga: DIP switch values are reversed for "Short Scenes". (italiandoh)
- 06897: [Graphics] (stfight.cpp) empcity: Red screen during scene transitions. (sasuke)
- 07336: [Sound] (intv.cpp) intv, intvoice [b17bomb]: No speech in Mattel Intellivision games. [iwilliamson]
- 07516: [Crash/Freeze] (twins.cpp) twins, twinsed2: Games lock up or reset after level 1-5. (Angelo Salese)
- 07530: [Crash/Freeze] (apollo.cpp) dn3000, dn3500, dn5500: Resetting via typing RE crashes the emulator. (Ivan Vangelista)
- 07531: [Crash/Freeze] (pong.cpp) breakout: MAME crashes with exception with -video bgfx. (Couriersud)
- 07533: [Graphics] (bnstars.cpp) bnstars1: Broken sprites and missing graphics. (cam900)
- 07534: [Timing] (apple2e.cpp) apple2ee: Time advances too quickly when using Thunderclock. (R. Belmont)
- 07554: [Graphics] (m68705prg.cpp) All machines in m68705prg.cpp no longer show LED values (default 000) when booting. (hap)

New working machines
- The Apprentice (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Big Bonus Slots (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sead Riddle, David Haywood]
- Conny PDC100 - Pocket Dream Console [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Cosmo Girl (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Dance Dance Revolution Kids (GQAN4 JAA) [iMp, MetalliC]
- Excite Sports Wireless Interactive TV Game - 48-in-1 (set 1, NTSC) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory (Table Top) [algestam]
- Jungle's Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd Zone 100 [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Lexibook / Sit Up Limited Seal 50-in-1 [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Mario Roulette [ShouTime, MetalliC, R. Belmont]
- MiWi2 7-in-1 Sports [David Shah]
- Muscle Ranking Kinniku Banzuke Spray Hitter [Darksoft, MetalliC, rtw]
- The Perfect Mate (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Psion Series 5mx [Ash Wolf, Ryan Holtz]
- Pop'n Stage EX (ver JB-A) [Jennifer Taylor]
- Sega Genesis Nomad (USA Genesis handheld) [cam900]
- Senario Deluxe TV Poker - Texas Hold'em, Blackjack & Video Poker (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Trump Grand PowerJoy (PJ001, NES based plug & play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Senario, Plug and Play, US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Zone 7-in-1 Sports (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]

New working clones
- Denjin Makai (set 1) [caius, The Dumping Union]
- Enduro Racer (YM2151, FD1089B 317-0013A) [Brian Troha, Phil Bennett, The Dumping Union]
- Excite Sports Wireless Interactive TV Game - 48-in-1 (set 2, PAL) [TeamEurope]
- Fidelity Electronics Excel 68000 Mach IV 68020 Master 2325 [hap, Berger]
- GunNail (location test) [cpsystem3, trap15]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Lyon 68030 [hap, anonymous]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 68030 [hap, anonymous]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Berlin (prototype) [hap, anonymous]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Lyon [hap, anonymous]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto TM Vancouver [hap, anonymous]
- Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Vancouver 68030 [hap, anonymous]
- The Last Apostle Puppetshow [Smitdogg, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
- Match'em Up (German) [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
- Minky Monkey (Japan) [ShouTime]
- New Cherry '96 (v3.1, B PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- New Cherry '96 (v3.1C, G PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- New Cherry '96 Special Edition (v3.55, C1 PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- New Fruit Bonus '96 (v3.1, A PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- PC with V20 CPU [rfka01]
- Pop'n Music 1 (ver JA-A, HDD 1.00) [Jennifer Taylor]
- Pop'n Music 1 (ver KA-A, HDD 1.01) [Jennifer Taylor]
- Saitek Mephisto London 68030 [hap, anonymous]
- Saitek Mephisto TM London [hap, anonymous]
- Sega Mega Jet (Japan Mega Drive handheld) [cam900]
- Super Bagman (version 5) [Michel BLANCO]
- V.Smile Baby (Spain, with Aventuras en el Bosque de los Cien Acres) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]

Machines promoted to working
- Buttobi Striker [MetalliC, TeamEurope]
- Dam Dam Boy (on dedicated PCB) [MetalliC]
- Digital Equipment Corporation VT52 Video Display Terminal (M4) [AJR]
- Fuusen Pentai [MetalliC]
- Kattobase Power Pro Kun [MetalliC]
- Korokoro Pensuke [MetalliC]
- Lucky Girl (Wing) [Ivan Vangelista]
- MIPS Magnum R4000 (le) [Patrick Mackinlay]
- Pittanko Zaurus [MetalliC]
- Rushing Beat Shura (SNES bootleg) [dox]
- Shuriken Boy [MetalliC]
- Tsukande Toru Chicchi [MetalliC]
- Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule [MetalliC]

Clones promoted to working
- Dam Dam Boy (on Tsukande Toru Chicchi PCB) [MetalliC]
- Senario / Play Vision Vs Maxx Texas Hold'em TV Poker - 6 Player Edition (UK) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Senario Vs Maxx Texas Hold'em TV Poker - 6 Player Edition (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Toki (Modular System) [Angelo Salese]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
- Advance Bright Ltd 4 Player System - 10 in 1 [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Advance Bright Ltd / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. Wireless Tennis (WT2000, ABL TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- AT&T 3B2/300 [Bitsavers]
- AT&T 3B2/600 [Seth Morabito]
- AT&T 610 Business Communication Terminal [Bitsavers]
- AT&T 730X [Bitsavers]
- Bandai Design Master Denshi Mangajuku [SSJ, TeamEurope]
- Bandai Karaoke Ranking Party (Japan) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- Challenge Girl (Falcon bootleg) [ShouTime]
- Diana Elite [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
- Digital Equipment Corporation VT62 DECscope [balrog, Lord Nightmare]
- Dinoking Battle [SpinalFeyd, Porchy]
- Dinoking Kids [SpinalFeyd, Porchy]
- Dragon Dance (V1.02J) [ShouTime]
- Eldorado (4.2) [English Amiga Board]
- Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Bowling (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen]
- Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Stadium DX (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime]
- Excalibur Electronics Inc Carl Edwards' Chase For Glory [Sean Riddle,]
- Flashman [PinMAME]
- Generations (Retro-Bit) [Porchy]
- Hamy System WiWi 18-in-1 Sports Game [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Intec InterAct Complete Video Game - 111 Games & 42 Songs (G5410) [TeamEurope]
- JAKKS Pacific Inc / Toymax Telestory [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- JAKKS Pacific Inc DC Super Heroes The Watchtower Hero Portal [Sean Riddle]
- Jungle Soft / Ultimate Products (HK) Ltd Zone 32-bit Gaming Console System (Family Sport 41-in-1) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Knock Down 2001 (Japan, KD11 Ver. B) [Porchy, SpinalFeyd]
- Laser Quiz Greece [English Amiga Board]
- LeapFrog Little Touch LeapPad [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- Lear Siegler ADM 12 Video Display Terminal [Bitsavers]
- Let's Play! Game Machine 240 in 1 [TeamEurope]
- Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - 250-in-1 (JL2375) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Frozen [TeamEurope]
- Majesco Golden Nugget Casino [Sean Riddle,]
- Marcel van Kervinck Gigatron TTL Microcomputer [Sterophonick, AJR]
- Mirage World (satellite) [WX JF]
- Mostek AID-80F Development System [Maggi9295]
- My Wico Deluxe (Family Sport 85-in-1) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- National Semiconductor unknown INS8900 Multibus card (980305652) [Bitsavers]
- Network Computing Devices NCD19c [Don Maslin Archive]
- Novag Supremo [hap, Berger]
- Odeon Twister (v1.4) [English Amiga Board]
- Plug and Play Sudoku (VT based?) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Publications International Ltd Story Reader [ClawGrip]
- Publications International Ltd Story Reader 2.0 [ClawGrip]
- Retro FC Plus 168 in 1 Handheld [PeterVanSilie]
- Scorpion (Jun 15, 1999) [ClawGrip, Rampa]
- Senario / All in 1 Products Ltd Ultimate Sudoku TV Edition 3-in-1 [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- Simba / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. TV Sports 10-in-1 / Decathlon Atlhetic Sport Games [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Smart Planet Sudoku Plug & Play TV Game '6 Intelligent Games' [Sean Riddle,]
- SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom 500 (JAKKS Pacific TV Motion Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- TaiKee Mini Arcade Games Console (Family Sport 220-in-1) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- Takara / SSD Company LTD Jara-Ja Land (Japan, home version) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime]
- TeleVideo Systems TeleVideo 924 Video Display Terminal [Bitsavers]
- Texas Reels (Ver. 2.00) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- Tomy / SSD Company LTD Tomica Carnavi Drive (Japan) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- TV Virtual Fighter / Free Fight Kung Fu (Conny / Big Ben) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- unknown Namco System 10 medal game (MTL1 SPR0B) [SpinalFeyd TeamEurope]
- War III Cherry Best [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- Wow Wireless Gaming [TeamEurope, David Haywood]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
- 286 motherboards with 6-chip SUNTAC chipset [rfka01]
- 3SIUD-1.1 [rfka01]
- 486 motherboards using the SiS 85C496/85C497 chipset [rfka01]
- 486 motherboards using the UNI4800 chipset [rfka01]
- 486IG-B-2-1 [rfka01]
- A-Trend ATC-1415 [rfka01]
- A-Trend ATC-1425A [rfka01]
- Abit AB-PM4 [rfka01]
- Abit AB-PV4 [rfka01]
- AMI EISA Enterprise-III [rfka01]
- AMI EISA Enterprise-II [rfka01]
- AMI EISA Enterprise-IV [rfka01]
- AMI Super Voyager PCI-II [rfka01]
- AMI Super Voyager VLB [rfka01]
- AMI Super Voyager VLB-II [rfka01]
- AMI Super Voyager VLB-III [rfka01]
- Aopen AP43 [rfka01]
- Aopen VI15G [rfka01]
- AT&T 3B2/310 [Bitsavers]
- AT&T 3B2/400 [Bitsavers]
- Atari ABC-286/30 [rfka01]
- Atari PC4 [rfka01]
- Atari PC5 [rfka01]
- Biostar MB-1433UIV [rfka01]
- Chaintech 486SPM [rfka01]
- Chicony CH-486-33C [rfka01]
- Datavan Book-Size LAN station [rfka01]
- Driving Force (Galaxian conversion, Seatongrove UK, E-0237) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
- Edom 486VL3H [rfka01]
- Edom MV035F [rfka01]
- EFA 486 APIO [rfka01]
- EFA 4DMS HL3G-L4-VI [rfka01]
- EFA 4DMU HL3S [rfka01]
- Epoch / SSD Company LTD / Sonokong Real Ping Pong (Korea) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- ExpertChip EXP4044 [rfka01]
- Fantasy Story (set 2) [ShouTime]
- Fighting Fantasy (Modular System) [ArcadeHacker,, ClawGrip]
- Highscreen Colani Blue Note [rfka01]
- Klax (version 5, bootleg set 3) [f205v]
- The Lord Of The Rings (3.00) [PinMAME]
- Mintek BAY-1000C V1.01 [rfka01]
- MSI MS-4134 [rfka01]
- MSI MS-4145 [rfka01]
- Multitech Microprofessor II [Marc CAPDEVILLE]
- New Fruit Machine (Ming-Yang Electronic, vFB02-01A) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- Octek Jaguar II [rfka01]
- Profex PC 33 [rfka01]
- Quizard 3 (v3.4, German, i8751 DE 132 A1) [TeamEurope]
- Quizard 4 Rainbow (v4.2, Czech, i8751 TS142 CZ1) [Caps0ff, TeamEurope]
- Scorpion (Oct 01, 1997) [ClawGrip, Rampa]
- Seibu Cup Soccer :Selection: (bootleg, set 4) [f205v]
- Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-3Nsl Notebook Computer [rfka01]
- SOYO 025R2 [rfka01]
- SOYO 30H [rfka01]
- Takara / SSD Company LTD / newgent e-kara (Spain, includes 3 songs) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- TD-4IP-UMC-AIO [rfka01]
- VS Computer Mahjong [ShouTime]
- Wild Cat 3 (CMV4 hardware) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
- ZIDA 4DVS [rfka01]

New working software list additions
- apple2_flop_clcracked:
*Air Navigation Trainer (cleanly cracked), Barron's Computer SAT Study Program (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), The Boy Jesus (cleanly cracked), Diascriptive Reading I (cleanly cracked), Green Globs and Graphing Equations (cleanly cracked), In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (First Revision) (cleanly cracked), Instant Recall (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Magic Mailer (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), MicroChess (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Mind Over Minors (cleanly cracked), The Spy's Adventures in North America (Version 1987-10-31) (cleanly cracked), Temple of Apshai (cleanly cracked), What's My Logic? (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Wiziprint (Version 2.01) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
*Adventure Creator (cleanly cracked), Construct-A-Word II (cleanly cracked), Life Science (cleanly cracked), MIDI/4 (Revision 5) (cleanly cracked), The Quarter Mile (Version 4.0) (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked) [4am, san, Firehawke]
- apple2_flop_orig: The Abyssal Zone, Adventure, Adventure Construction Set, Alien Typhoon, The Alpine Encounter, Amazon, Amnesia, The Ancient Art of War, Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur, The Bard's Tale, Borg, The Breckenridge Caper of 1798, Chess (Odesta) (Version 7.0), Crown of Arthain, Cuban Fantasy, The Dark Heart of Uukrul, Dave Winfield's Batter Up!, Diamond Mine, Dinosaur Days Plus!, Drug Alert!, Dunjonquest: Hellfire Warrior (Version 1), Dunjonquest: Hellfire Warrior (Version 2), Dunjonquest: Hellfire Warrior (Version 3), Dunjonquest: The Temple of Apshai (Revision 1), Dunjonquest: The Temple of Apshai (Revision 2), Dunjonquest: The Temple of Apshai (Revision 3), Dunjonquest: The Temple of Apshai (Revision 4), Earth Orbit Stations, Ecology Simulations II, Galactic Attack, Gears, Gold Rush! (Version 1.0M), Green Globs and Graphing Equations, Horizon V, The Hunt for Red October, In Search of the Most Amazing Thing, Interpreting Graphs, Into The Eagle's Nest, Journey (version 16), King's Bounty, Koronis Rift, Lords of Karma, Neuromancer, New World, Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (Release 19 / 870722), Now You See It, Now You Don't - Was it there? Was it missing?, Portal, Quest for the Scarlet Letter, Questprobe featuring The Hulk (Version 2.3/127), Rambo: First Blood Part II, Shogun, Southern Command, Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, SwordThrust, Tangled Tales, Thrilogy, Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds (Version PV3S2V1/10-MAR-82), Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (Version 2.1), Wiziprint (Version 2.1), Xyphus, Zork Zero [4am, Firehawke]
- bbc_rom: Acorn ADFS 1.33 (IDE), Acorn ADFS 1.53 (IDE), Acorn ADFS 1.57 (MMC), Harston ADFS 6.00, Harston ADFS 6.10, RetroClinic RamFS 1.00, RetroClinic RamFS 1.04 [Nigel Barnes]
- bbcb_flop: AMX Stop Press, BBC-Z88 Transfer Link, Beeb OPL: AdLib Christmas Carols, Beeb OPL: AdLib Classical Favourites #1, Beeb OPL: AdLib Jukebox, Beeb OPL: AdLib Jukebox Bonus Disc, Beeb OPL: AdLib Pop/Rock Grooves, Beeb OPL: Brix, Beeb OPL: Droplay, Beeb OPL: DynaBlaster, Beeb OPL: Jill of the Jungle, Beeb OPL: KiloBlaster, Beeb OPL: Solar Winds, Beeb OPL: Wacky Wheels, Beeb OPL: Xargon, Beeb OPL: Zone 66, BeebSID 19 - Classical, Chauffeur, Christmas Crackers, Enigma, EV1 Camera Interface, Harston ADFS System Disk 6.10, Icon Art Master, The Krystal Connection, MagScan - The Beebug Bibliography Disc v1.31, MEDL Tracker Ball Utilities, Mountain Panic, MR4200 32K RAM Board, Paranoid, UTILRAM: The Utility RAM, Video Camera Interface, VideoNuLA Support Disc, The Wapping Editor Utilities 1.21, The Wapping Editor Utilities 1.30, White Light, Zap! [Nigel Barnes]
- c64_cass:
*BMX Racers (set 4, Visiload loaders), The CF Power Pack Tape 5, Hero of the Golden Talisman, Match Point (set 2), Mermaid Madness, On Court Tennis, On Field Football, Outlaws, Rad Ramp Racer, Run the Gauntlet, Short Circuit, Skate Rock Simulator, Space Hunter, Spellbound, Sweep, Talladega, Yogi's Great Escape (set 2) [FakeShemp]
*Hole In One [FakeShemp,]
- fmtowns_cd:
*Emit Vol. 3 - Watashi ni Sayonara o, The New Zealand Story (HMA-213) [, r09]
*Shooting Towns [rockleevk, r09]
- gameking: 4 in 1 - SeaGuard + Whirlybird + Spectask + Captain (set 2), 4 in 1 - Three Battles + Light Sword + Risker + Metal Deform (1MB cartridge), 4 in 1 Vol. 10 - Soldier + Seatercel + General + Seafight (1MB cartridge), [TeamEurope, SSJ]
- gmaster: Finite Zone [SSJ, Maxime Cohin, PeT]
- ibm5150:
*UCSD p-System [Davide Cavalca]
*Apogee Software Bonus Disk (Jumpman Lives!, Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons) [Justin Kerk]
- ibm5170: Goal!, Street Fighter II [ArcadeShadow]
- jupace_cass: Forth Surround, Superchess II [Robbbert]
- jupace_snap: Casse Briques, Champs De Mines, Millipede, Pacman, Valkyr [Robbbert]
- megadriv: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (World, prototype 19920821), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (World, prototype 19920914) [drx, FakeShemp]
- n64: 007 - The World Is Not Enough (prototype, version 21) [Paulweeze71, FakeShemp]
- snes:
*Missile Command (prototype 19970210) [Baker64, FakeShemp]
*Earthworm Jim (USA, prototype 19940819) [Radar, FakeShemp]
*Arcana (USA, prototype), Super Nova (prototype) [Togemet2, FakeShemp]
- svision: Cross High (Euro, USA) [anonymous]

Software list items promoted to working
- gameking: 4 in 1 - AirWar + DeadShot + Challenge + Speedboat, 4 in 1 - CS-I + Soldier + Sea War + Thunderbird, 4 in 1 - Elfin + Chariot + Searcher + Peace Havass, 4 in 1 - Farer + Sortie + PhantomFighter + SeaBed War, 4 in 1 - Manhunt + Bobby + Tantivy + Racing Car, 4 in 1 - Nagual + Revenger + Terminator + Black Jack, 4 in 1 - Nobody + Bad Boy + Air Wrestle + MotherLove, 4 in 1 - TrojanLegend (Trojan) + HappyBall + Supermotor (Motor) + Lanneret (Hawk), 4 in 1 - Warrior + Cleverhawk + Valiant + MetalDeform (1MB cartridge), 4 in 1 Vol. 9 - Duckman + Ares + HappyKiller + Cycloneact [TeamEurope, SSJ]
- jupace_cass: 3D Maze, Ace Avoider, Ace Invaders (Forth Dimension), Ace Invaders (Hi-Tech Microsoft), Ace Manual Code Examples - Chapter 11 (mice), Ace Mines, Ace Star, Acevaders, Adventure A - Planet of Death, Alien Defender, Amazing Maze, Astrian Descent (Prototype), Atic Raid, Black Island Adventure, Bomber, Breakout, Callisto, Cavern Attack, Centipede, Chase, Chess, Dodge the Munch (Prototype), Duckshoot, Firebird, Frogger (Boldfield Computing), Fungle Monsters (Prototype), Gobbledegook, Green X Frog, Guessing Game, Krazy Kong (Prototype), Light Racer (Prototype), Memory Stars, Meteor, Meteor Racer, Meteors (Prototype), Micro Maze, Minefield, Othello, Owler, Quick-Draw (Prototype), Quick-Draw Practice (Prototype), Robohench (Prototype), Robohunt (Prototype), Sallors' Hornpipe, Sam and the Time Bombs (Prototype), SokoACE, SokoACE Map Editor, Space Battle, Star Trek, Sudoku, Tank Battle (Prototype), Tetris, Towers of Hanoi, Turbo (Prototype), Zapem, Zombies and Potholes [Robbbert]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
- a800_cass: Serpentine, Zaxxon (set 1), Zaxxon (set 2) [AtariMania, FakeShemp]
- bbc_rom: Advanced Ram Operating System 1.00, Digistore Streamer 0.05, Digistore Streamer 0.07, Digistore Streamer 0.09, EPROM 1.03, RAMagic! 2.0B, RAMagic! 2.1M, Smart SPI, Turbo MMC 0.A3, UPURS 3.0R, UPURS 3.1R, UPURS 3.2R, UPURS 3.3R, UPURS 4.0R, UPURS 4.1R, UPURS 5.0R, UPURS 5.1R [Nigel Barnes]
- bdesignm_design_cart: Dragon Ball Z (design), Super Street Fighter 2 (design) [SSJ, TeamEurope]
- bdesignm_game_cart: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SS Illustration Club (game), Dragon Ball Z Taisen-gata Search Battle (game) [SSJ, TeamEurope]
- bkrankp_cart: J-Pop Rose, Vocaloid [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- casloopy: Little Romance, Video Seal Wordprocessor [SSJ, TeamEurope]
- gmaster: Space Warrior [SSJ, Maxime Cohin, PeT]
- iqunlim_cart: Englisch fuer Anfaenger [TeamEurope]
- pi_storyreader_cart: Toy Story 2 [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- pi_storyreader_v2_cart: Toy Story 2 [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- sega_beena_cart: Kazoku Minna no Nouryoku Trainer, Meet Bub-Bub to Eigo Tanken, Oshare Majo Love and Berry-Cute ni Oshare, Oshare ni Henshin HeartCatch PreCure!, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Chinou Ikusei Pokemon Daiundoukai [TeamEurope]
- telestory_cart: La Cenicienta - Bellezas en Flor / Cinderella - Beauties in Bloom (Spain), El Rey Leon II - El orgullo de Simba / The Lion King II - Simba's Pride (Spain), Winnie the Pooh - Salta, Tigger, Salta / Winnie the Pooh - Bounce, Tigger, Bounce (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
- vbaby_cart: El Jardin de los Suenos... (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]

Source Changes
- bus/ss50/dc5.cpp: Added configuration option to force ready when motor is enabled. [68bit]
*Allows SWTBUG to boot without patching the ROM to ignore the ready status.
- formats/ap2_dsk.cpp: Don't use symbolic names in the options specification, as the values are used as preprocessor tokens. [68bit]
- cpu/t11: Changed disassembler and register display to use octal number format, and fixed disassembly of SOB instruction. [AJR]
- cpu/v60: Sign- extend displacements for various addressing modes and DB/TB instructions. [AJR, Tahg]
- Added disassembler and preliminary emulation for National Semiconductor PACE CPU architecture. [AJR]
- Added disassembler AT&T WE32100 CPU architecture. [AJR]
- render/bgfx: Fixed incorrect swapping of red and blue components of screen tint. [AJR]
- machine/mc68901.cpp: Re-wrote USART emulation. [AJR]
*Added support for 16x clock pre-scaler and data transition synchronization.
*Implemented break generation and detection, internal loop-back, and synchronous mode.
*Adjusted clocks in harriet.cpp and machine/x68k_kbd.cpp to to match MFP-generated Baud rates.
*Serial terminal for tti (tti.cpp) actually works now.
- indiana.cpp: Replaced ASCII keyboard with AT-style keyboard (doesn't completely work). [AJR]
*Also documented some clocks and interrupts.
- vt100.cpp: Merged video emulation with DEC Rainbow, implementing AVO attributes. [AJR]
- cpu/rx01: Added disassembler and preliminary CPU device for DEC RX01 custom firmware architecture. [AJR]
- cpu/vt50: Implemented character drawing, and added notes about processor architecture. [AJR]
- input_sdl.cpp: Process control characters so the natural keyboard can see them (SDL normally strips these out). [AJR]
- natkeyboard.cpp: Don't strip linefeed characters (Ctrl-J) from natural keyboard input except when pasting strings. [AJR]
- tv912.cpp.cpp input updates: [AJR]
*Improved natural keyboard bindings for backspace and forward delete on tv912b.
*Made Ctrl-K and Ctrl-L work with natural keyboard on tv912b tv912c.
- Add preliminary DEC VT61/VT62 microcode disassembler and skeleton CPU device. [AJR]
- s2650: Changed to big-endian. [AJR]
- gigatron.cpp: Hooked up ROM and skeleton CPU device. [AJR]
- cpu/gigatron: Added disassembler. [AJR]
- unidasm: Handle word endianness for address-shifted architectures correctly and safely. [AJR]
- Added disassemblers for Motorola MC88100 and MC88110 RISC CPUs. [AJR]
- alpha68k.cpp: Improved dash event timings for Gold Medalist, relaxing gameplay qualification requirements. [Angelo Salese]
- toki_ms.cpp: Added some meat, confirming it's similar to tokib. [Angelo Salese]
- twins.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
*Refactored driver code and split into multiple state classes.
*Added default non-volatile RAM contents for all games.
*Worked around crash after stages 1-5 in twins and twinsed2.
- psion5.cpp: Added Psion Series 5mx personal digital assistant driver. [Ash Wolf, Ryan Holtz]
*Added logging for system-on-a-chip peripheral accesses based on WindEmu.
*Added support for timers, keyboard, touch screen and buzzer/ticker.
*Implemented HALT register, improving performance.
- bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: Started implementing bit-blit operations, making Windows 3.1 usable with ViRGE drivers. [Barry Rodewald]
- pgm.cpp: Corrected ROM region widths, corrected sprite pixel extraction algorithm, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- taitogn.cpp: Reduced redundant code by refactoring to share base class with Capcom ZN2. [cam900]
- c6280.cpp: Updated to more closely emulate behavior described in manual, cleaned up code, and updated notes. [cam900]
- machine/vrender0.cpp: Improved sound emulation, updated notes, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
*Fixed sample start position, partially implemented envelopes and interrupts, and made wave memory access use an address map.
*Improved sample rate calculation and support for dynamic sample rate changes.
- fmtowns.cpp: Updated notes on sound chips used. [cam900]
- model2.cpp: Changed manufacturer for Dead or Alive to the developer Tecmo. [cam900]
- system1.cpp: Fixed Sega System 1 color handling, improved ROM region names, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
*Converted PROM-based palette handling to use indirect entries, fixed bitmap clear behavior, and reduced runtime tag map lookups.
- sound/2612intf.cpp: Added YMF276 variant, and fixed output resolution. [cam900]
- sound/fm2612.cpp: Added support for different output resolutions. [cam900]
- megadriv.cpp: Added handheld variants, and added machine configuration for variants with YM3438 integrated in ASIC. [cam900]
- kaneko_spr.cpp: Fixed priorities when sprite persistence is enabled, and split sprite drawing from mixing. [cam900]
- kaneko16.cpp: Fixed sprite delay, corrected explbrkr sound ROM banking, and updated notes. [cam900]
- sound/huc6230.cpp: Fixed ADPCM playback rate, reduced ADPCM volume, cleaned up code, and updated notes. [cam900]
- sound/huc6272.cpp: Fixed ADPCM playback rate and updated notes. [cam900]
- Netlist library updates: [Couriersud]
*Added netlist library version number to code, and used it to invalidate save states if library version changes.
*Ensure diodes step by enough to alter the matrix.
*Increased time resolution to 100 picoseconds and improved synchronization with MAME icount.
*Added CD4006, CD4070 and TL084 devices.
*Added proxy support for clock.
- video/fixfreq.cpp: Added adjusters to aid in development and debugging. [Couriersud]
- netlist: Worked around MSVC bug in expansion of variadic macro arguments. [Couriersud, Firewave]
- atarittl.cpp: Hooked up fixed- frequency monitor for stuntcyc. [Couriersud]
- galaxian.cpp: Converted Konami audio filters to use netlist. [Couriersud]
- segas16b.cpp: Added analog audio filters to systems with YM2151 and uPD7759. [Couriersud]
- sunplus_gcm394.cpp updates: [David Haywood]
*Show startup screens and respond to inputs in jak_gtg and jak_car2.
*Fixed jak_car2 bitmap test display in service mode.
- xavix.cpp: Converted to direct RGB video output to allow support mid-screen palette changes. [David Haywood]
- pockchalw.xml: Changed chukkesr to use correct dump (previously used a duplicate from a different set). [David Haywood]
- vii.cpp: Added hacks to zon32bit and mywicodx to select correct banks for all games. [David Haywood]
- Split up the unwieldy vii.cpp into multiple source files. [David Haywood]
- plugins/hiscore: Made read_config function more robust. [eadmaster]
- imds2.cpp: Added Multibus slot and implemented iSBC-202 floppy controller card. [F.Ulivi]
- luaengine: Added read_range function to addr_space, allowing scripts to directly read blocks of data. [feos]
- Fixed crash when using -aviwrite or -mngwrite with system that lack screens [Firewave, hap]
- atarisy1.cpp: Don't generate interrupt 3 on systems that don't support it. [GadgetFreak]
- mephisto_modular.cpp: Added Bavaria piece recognition chessboard. [hap]
- video/psx.cpp: Changed NTSC refresh rates to 59.82Hz for 240- line mode and 59.94Hz for 480-line mode. [hoholee12]
*Works around synchronization issues in beatmania IIDX games.
- gaelco2.cpp: Restored perfect quantum device configuration that was omitted from some machines after refactoring. [mc68k]
- machine/s3520cf.cpp: Improved emulation, and added RTC-4553 variant. [MetalliC]
- cpu/sh: Implemented SH-3 INTEVT register. [MetalliC]
- konmedal.cpp updates: [MetalliC]
*Added hopper, non-volatile RAM and timing/interrupt controller.
*Decoded graphics tiles for GX- based games and added per-game palette offsets.
*Added uPD7759 sound output.
*Added hack to fix mariourou scrolling, and documented observed row/column scroll issues for K052109 tilemaps.
- geneve.cpp: Implemented lower- level emulation of the Geneve architecture (Gate Array, PAL and Genmod daughterboard). [Michael Zapf]
*Also added RESET line to I/O port and peripheral box, and made Genmod card modifications a configuration option.
- ti99_2.cpp, ti99_8.cpp: Improved Hexbus handling, and fixed instability when loading from/saving to Hexbus floppies. [Michael Zapf]
- ti99: Block invalid accesses to VDP like writing on read address - fixes Ambulance game. [Michael Zapf]
- render/d3d: Allow -attach_window to work with non-root windows. [Nathan Woods]
- formats/acorn_dsk.cpp: Added support for HADFS floppy images. [Nigel Barnes]
- bus/bbc/1mhzbus updates: [Nigel Barnes]
*Added BeebOPL FM Synthesiser.
*Added Sprow BeebIDE 16-bit and RetroClinic BBC 8-bit IDE interfaces.
*Added Acorn Winchester Disc.
- bbc.cpp: Added bbcm FinMOS 3.29 BIOS option (pre- release of MOS 3.50). [Nigel Barnes]
- bbc.cpp: Added bbcmaiv internal modem port, with Acorn AIV SCSI Host Adaptor card device. [Nigel Barnes]
- video/ims_cvc.cpp: Implemented cursor, simplified handlers, and reduced logging noise. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- cpu/mips/r4000.cpp: Fixed bad virtual address for [ls][dw][lr] exceptions, and fixed CP0 status on soft reset. [Patrick Mackinlay]
*Also improved logging and cleaned up code.
- machine/dp83932c.cpp: Implemented networking. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- jazz.cpp: Implemented soft reset, and hooked up sonic DMA. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- machine/mct_adr.cpp: Added crude sonic DMA bus master support, and fixed reset handling. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- cpu/v60: Fixed XOR instruction to not alter the carry flag, and improved debugger flags display. [R. Belmont, Tahg]
- konmedal.cpp: Improved colors for shuriboy, fuusenpn and mariorou. [R. Belmont]
- konendev.cpp: Hooked up correct real-time clock, and hooked up DPRAM. [R. Belmont, Heihachi_73]
- machine/spg2xx.cpp: Fixed a subtle interrupt bug that prevented clikstrt from booting. [Ryan Holtz]
- cpu/v60: Fixed carry flag handling for AND, OR and NEG instructions. [Ryan Holtz]
- cpu/arm7: Added ARM710T variant. [Ryan Holtz]
- plugins/cheat: Ignore leading colon on tags, as all tags must be absolute in cheats (GitHub #6114). [Ryan Holtz, DjDiabolik]
- romload: Increased width of total ROM size members to 64 bits (fixes loading percentage display for hapyfsh2). [Ryan Holtz]
- cpu/arm7/arm7.cpp, machine/s3c2400.cpp, machine/s3c2410.cpp, machine/s3c2440.cpp: Converted logging to use logmacro.h. [Ryan Holtz]
- hapyfish.cpp: Added preliminary FS8806 I2C hookup, and expanded notes. [Ryan Holtz]
- cpu/arm7: Added support for printing hapyfsh2 diagnostic messages. [Ryan Holtz]
- ut88.cpp, v6809.cpp: Removed use of deprecated machine configuration macros. [Ryan Holtz]
- naomi.cpp: Added preliminary 315-6154 system manager chip device used in DIMM board. [Samuele Zannoli]
- hapyfish.cpp: Added preliminary inputs. [Tahg, Ryan Holtz]
- apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Replaced Music Construction Set (cleanly cracked) dump to fix damaged sector. [4am, Firehawke]
- apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Corrected several titles. [Anoid]
- mephisto_modena.cpp: Added an older version of modena as a BIOS option. [Berger]
- mephisto_montec.cpp: Added another megaiv version as a BIOS option. [Berger]
- vsmile.cpp: Removed regional V.Smile variants and turned alternate ROMs into BIOS options with version numbers. [bmx]
- igs011.cpp: Added DIP switch locations to the Virtua Bowling sets. [Brian Troha]
- splash.cpp: Added DIP switch locations to Funny Strip. [Brian Troha]
- cdi.cpp: Decapped and dumped an i8751 microcontroller for German-language Quizard 2 sets. [Caps0ff, TeamEurope]
- Added MicroTouch touch screen controller ROM dumps (not hooked up). [ClawGrip, Kevin Eshbach, ArcadeHacker]
- ninjakd2.cpp: Red- dumped the ROMs for jt104 and corrected labels. [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
- snes.xml: Re- dumped Mr Tuff. [drx, FakeShemp]
- snes.xml: Documented Earthworm Jim - GamesMaster Special Edition PCB. [FakeShemp]
- megadriv.cpp Added Mega-CD Japan BIOS version 1.11. [Fredrik Nyqvist]
- namcona1.cpp: Updated chip types and ROM locations. [hammy]
- ddragon.cpp: Updated notes. [Jose Tejada]
- gunsmoke.cpp: Removed watchdog that isn't present in hardware, corrected frequencies, and updated notes. [Jose Tejada]
- cpu/rx01: Dumped firmware PROMs. [Lord Nightmare]
- fmtowns_cd.xml: Changed aburner, aburner3 and lastsurv to used dumps with proper track indexes and offset correction. [, r09]
- at.cpp: Updated notes and added BIOS options. [rfka01]
*atturbo: Added cl286 BIOS option.
*epsax: Added 3vim002 and zz1343 BIOS options.
*ecs38632: Added 092588 BIOS option.
*op386wb: Added d41107 BIOS option.
*386sc2c: Added s1b BIOS option.
*at486: Added 486upio, acer48622, 4alo001, 4alp001, zz1130, optimus, umc486a, a9c11f1f and 109k BIOS options.
*a486sp3: Added v301, v10101, v10102, v205 and v305 BIOS options.
*so4saw2: Added iob1, 0730, wa53, wa3, 0911 and 0911b BIOS options.
*ls486e: Added ls486eb BIOS option.
*pkm0038s: Added p20302 and p2020 BIOS options.
*um8498f: Added v14 and um849801 BIOS options.
*mb8433uud: Added 8881d and 08a BIOS options.
*mb1433ucv: Added ucvg BIOS option.
- genpc.cpp: Added arc123 and pac BIOS options to PC, and updated notes. [rfka01]
- xavix.cpp: Dumped internal ROM for Gachinko Contest! Slot machine TV (Japan). [Sean Riddle]
- atetris.cpp: Added UM3482 internal ROM data to atetb3482. [Sean Riddle]
- o2.cpp: Add added ip32prom_4_3 BIOS option to o2 (IP32 PROM V4.3). [Sean Riddle, Rampa, ClawGrip]
- fmtowns_cd.xml: Added the missing floppy disk dump for Fujitsu Habitat V2.1L10 [StuBlad, r09]
- vgmplay.xml: Updated seven items to match the latest vgmrips release. [Tafoid]
*Updated chelnov, fortzone_gb, fray_msx2, illcity_msxr, raiden, spirou_gb and sml2_gb.
- konmedal.cpp: Dumped color PROMs for buttobi. [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
- gameking.xml: Re- dumped all bad dumps (mc_4v01, mc_4v04, mc_4v07, mc_4v09, mc_4v14, mc_4v15, mc_4v16, mc_4v17, mc_4v18, mc_4v19a). [TeamEurope, SSJ]
- ms32.cpp: Confirmed ROM labels for p47aces. [trap15]
- segasp.cpp: Added network firmware version 1.21. [WX JF]
Télécharger MAME v0.218 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 ARCADE v0.218 (64-bit) 
Mercredi 29/01/20 à 15:06 par Firebrand
Pour les mêmes raisons que MAMEUI, les changements n'ont pas été répertoriés.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.218 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 MAMEUI64 v0.218 
Mercredi 29/01/20 à 15:03 par Firebrand
La version officielle de MAME n'est pas encore publiée que voici le MAMEUI mensuel. Les release notes sont incomplètes, Robbert ayant visiblement autre chose à faire au milieu des feux de forêt australiens:
- There were some changes but I've forgotten what they were - I've had rather a lot on my mind with the wildfires and the terrible heat and humidity.
- I've had to disable the creation of CPU.ini - it seems that one of the 6 new CPUs created this month in Mame is faulty. This issue caused MameUI to crash at start.
Télécharger MAMEUI64 v0.218
Site Officiel de MAMEUI64
 AppleWin v1.29.9.0 
Lundi 27/01/20 à 13:40 par Firebrand
Encore une nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Apple //. Le temps entre les 2 sorties ayant été très court, la longueur des notes de version l'est tout autant:
- [Bug #752] Fixed double-clicking a registered file-type issue (regression introduced at
- [Bug #750] Fixed Ctrl+Alt+Break wasn't emulating CTRL+OA+RESET (regression introduced at
Télécharger AppleWin v1.29.9.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 OpenEmu v2.2.1 
Dimanche 26/01/20 à 14:02 par Firebrand
Cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis sous une même interface pour MacOS a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added BSNES, an accurate SNES emulator with "Display Mode" screen options for HD mode 7 graphics, as the new secondary SNES core plugin. Higan core plugin is now deprecated and will be removed in 6 months.
- Added support for GameCube hybrid analog/digital triggers. — Requires gamepad with true analog triggers, such as the PS4 DualShock 4 or Xbox One S.
- Added automap support for Xbox One S Wireless Controller.
- Added automap support for Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis/Sega Saturn Bluetooth Controller 8-Button Arcade Pad.
- Added missing GameCube system icon and controller Retina graphics.
- Fixed analog-related input regression introduced in OpenEmu 2.2 where one may be unable to map certain controls or directions may get stuck or not respond in-game.
- Fixed PS4 DualShock 4 delayed inputs and high CPU usage on macOS 10.15 Catalina. — This work arounds a performance issue in IOHIDElementGetParent.
- Fixed column width when resizing and row highlight system color in List View.
- Fixed rare crash at startup when dealing with unsupported plugins.
- Updated localizations.
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.2.1 (stable)
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.2.1 (experimental)
Site Officiel de OpenEmu
 RomVault v3.0.49 
Samedi 25/01/20 à 14:53 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- RomVault 3.0.49, bug fix Release. Biggest change is 7z extract caching is now always on, and a cache bug was fixed in that code.
- Fixed a reporting directory name bug, in unzipped files with directories in the filename. (was just a UI thing.)
- Fix DAT's now do not add a description if there was no description in the original DAT.
- And you can now make a Fix DAT from any level in the tree by right clicking on the Tree.
Télécharger RomVault v3.0.49
Site Officiel de RomVault
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.13 
Samedi 25/01/20 à 14:52 par Firebrand
Ces 2 frontends multi-systèmes ont une nouvelle fois été mis à jour sans qu'on sache ce qui a été modifié. Probablement des corrections de bugs.
Télécharger GameEx v16.13
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.13
Site Officiel de GameEx
 mGBA v0.8.0 
Mercredi 22/01/20 à 13:53 par Firebrand
Cet excellent émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Advance a été mis à jour. L'auteur a écrit un article détaillé et illustré sur plusieurs nouvelles fonctions de l'émulateur sur son site officiel que je vous invite à consulter. Les améliorations générale sont les suivantes:
A little late (okay, a lot late), mGBA 0.8.0 is finally available as a stable release. This is a major feature release and includes some highly anticipated features. Notably, the high-resolution OpenGL renderer for GBA games, BattleChip Gate support, interframe blending, and much more. Additionally, it includes over 50 bug fixes and hundreds of other changes. A preview of the features follows after the cut, along with a full list of changes.

Changes from 0.7.3

- Improved logging configuration
- One-Player BattleChip/Progress/Beast Link Gate support
- Add Game Boy Color palettes for original Game Boy games
- Debugger: Add unary operators and memory dereferencing
- GB: Expose platform information to CLI debugger
- Support Discord Rich Presence
- Debugger: Add tracing to file
- Enhanced map viewer, supporting bitmapped GBA modes and more displayed info
- OpenGL renderer with high-resolution upscaling support
- Experimental high level “XQ” audio for most GBA games
- Interframe blending for games that use flicker effects
- Frame inspector for dissecting and debugging rendering
- Switch: Option to use built-in brightness sensor for Boktai
- Ports: Ability to enable or disable all SGB features (closes #1205)
- Ports: Ability to crop SGB borders off screen (closes #1204)
- Cheats: Add support for loading Libretro-style cht files
- GBA Cheats: Add support for loading EZ Flash-style cht files
- Support for unlicensed Wisdom Tree Game Boy mapper
- Qt: Add export button for tile view (closes #1507)
- Qt: Add recent game list clearing (closes #1380)
- GB: Yanking gamepak now supported
- Qt: Memory range dumping (closes #1298)

Emulation fixes
- GB: Fix using boot ROM with MMM01 games
- GB Audio: Only reset channel 3 sample in DMG mode
- GB Audio: Sample inactive channels (fixes #1455,
- GB Audio: Fix channel 4 volume (fixes #1529)
- GB I/O: Filter IE top bits properly (fixes #1329)
- GB Memory: Better emulate 0xFEA0 region on DMG, MGB and AGB
- GB Video: Delay LYC STAT check (fixes #1331)
- GB Video: Fix window being enabled mid-scanline (fixes #1328)
- GB Video: Fix mode 0 window edge case (fixes #1519)
- GB Video: Fix color scaling in AGB mode
- GBA: All IRQs have 7 cycle delay (fixes #539,
- GBA: Reset now reloads multiboot ROMs
- GBA BIOS: Fix multiboot entry point (fixes Magic Floor)

Other fixes
- Core: Improved lockstep driver reliability (Le Hoang Quyen)
- FFmpeg: Drain recording buffers
- GB: Fix reading ROM immediately after unmapping BIOS
- GB SIO: Fix lockstep failing games aren’t reloaded
- GBA Cheats: Fix value incrementing in CB slide codes (fixes #1501)
- Libretro: Fix crash changing allowing opposing directions (hhromic)
- Qt: Fix some Qt display driver race conditions
- Qt: Fix menu bar staying hidden in full screen (fixes #317)
- Qt: Only show emulator restart warning once per settings saving
- Qt: Fix LibraryController initialization (fixes #1324)
- Shaders: Fix gba-color shader resolution (fixes #1435)
- Switch: Fix audio when video rate desyncs (fixes #1532)

- CMake: Don’t use libzip on embedded platforms (fixes #1527)
- Core: Add keysRead callback
- Core: Create game-related paths if they don’t exist (fixes #1446)
- Core: Add more memory search ops (closes #1510)
- Debugger: Make tracing compatible with breakpoints/watchpoints
- Debugger: Print breakpoint/watchpoint number when inserting
- Feature: Switch from ImageMagick to FFmpeg for GIF generation
- FFmpeg: Support audio-only recording
- GB Memory: Support running from blocked memory
- GBA BIOS: Add timings for HLE BIOS math functions (fixes #1396)
- GBA BIOS: Fix clobbered registers in CpuSet (fixes #1531)
- GBA Savedata: EEPROM performance fixes
- GBA Savedata: Automatically map 1Mbit Flash files as 1Mbit Flash
- Debugger: Add breakpoint and watchpoint listing
- mGUI: Remember name and position of last loaded game
- OpenGL: Only resize textures when needed
- Qt: Don’t unload ROM immediately if it crashes
- Qt: Support switching webcams
- Qt: Cap window size on start to monitor size
- Qt: Open a message box for Qt frontend errors
- Qt: Increase maximum magnifications and scaling
- Qt: Add native FPS button to settings view
- Qt: Improve sync code
- Qt: Add option to pause on minimizing window (closes #1379)
- Qt: Scale pixel color values to full range (fixes #1511)
- Qt: Remove What’s This icon from dialogs
- Qt: Printer quality of life improvements (fixes #1540)
- Qt: Add copy and QoL improvements to graphic views (closes #1541)
- Qt: Show list of all sprites in sprite view
- Qt: Add option for disabling OSD messages
- Qt, OpenGL: Disable integer scaling for dimensions that don’t fit
- SM83: Support PC-relative opcode decoding
- Switch: Dynamic display resizing
- Switch: Support file associations
- Vita: L2/R2 and L3/R3 can now be mapped on PSTV (fixes #1292)

Changes from 0.8 beta 1

Emulation fixes
- ARM: Fix STR writeback pipeline stage
- ARM: Partially fix LDM/STM writeback with empty register list
- ARM: Fix stepping when events are pending
- GBA DMA: Fix case where DMAs could get misaligned (fixes #1092)
- GBA Memory: Fix open bus from IWRAM (fixes #1575)
- GBA Timers: Improve timer startup emulation
- GBA Video: Fix OpenGL renderer 512x512 backgrounds (fixes #1572)
- GBA Video: Fix BLDY for semitransparent sprite on non-target-2 backgrounds
- GBA Video: Fix effects blending improperly in some non-last windows
- GBA Video: Copy higher priority target 1 flag

Other fixes
- 3DS: Fix screen darkening (fixes #1562)
- Core: Fix uninitialized memory issues with graphics caches
- Core: Return null for out of bounds cached tile VRAM querying
- GBA Video: Fix OpenGL fragment data binding
- GBA Video: Fix mosaic in modes 1-5 in OpenGL (fixes #1620)
- Debugger: Fix tracing skipping instructions (fixes #1614)
- OpenGL: Only invalidate texture if dimensions change (fixes #1612)
- Qt: Fix fast forward mute being reset (fixes #1574)
- Qt: Fix scrollbar arrows in memory view (fixes #1558)
- Qt: Fix several cases where shader selections don’t get saved
- Qt: Fix division by zero error in invalid TilePainter state
- Qt: Fix “restart needed” dialog after first config (fixes #1601)
- Qt: Fix undesired screen filtering when paused (fixes #1602)
- Qt: Fix sprite view using wrong base address (fixes #1603)
- Qt: Fix inability to clear default keybindings
- Qt: Release held actions if they get rebound
- Qt: Fix crash double-clicking menus in shortcut settings (fixes #1627)
- Qt: Fix record A/V window not updating resolution (fixes #1626)
- Vita: Fix analog controls (fixes #1554)
- Wii: Fix game fast-forwarding after slowing down
- Wii: Improve audio buffering (fixes #1617)

- GB Memory: Support manual SRAM editing (fixes #1580)
- GBA: Trim non-movie ROMs to 32 MiB if applicable
- GBA Audio: Redo channel 4 batching for GBA only
- GBA I/O: Stop logging several harmless invalid register reads
- GBA Video: Changing OpenGL scaling no longer requires restart
- Debugger: Separate aliases from main commands
- Debugger: Print break-/watchpoint ID when breaking in CLI
- Debugger: Minor interface cleanup
- SDL: Use controller GUID instead of name
- SM83: Rename LR35902 to SM83
- Tools: Allow using threaded renderer in
- Tools: Clean up unused argument in mgba-perf
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (MacOS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (Linux)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.0 (PS Vita)
Site Officiel de mGBA
 AppleWin v1.29.8.0 
Lundi 20/01/20 à 14:11 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- [Bug #749] Hotkeys to change emulation speed using Ctrl+n: now ignored if ALT is pressed.
- [Bug #748] DiskII: data latch returns a rand() value when no disk is in drive.
- [Bug #746] Debugger: correctly repaint Apple II screen when showing it from debugger.
- [Bug #745] WOZ: Support for large tracks.
- [Bug #743] Added new command line switches:
*-left-alt-control-buttons : left-ctrl=button0, left-alt=button1
*-right-alt-control-buttons : right-alt=button0, right-ctrl=button1
*-swap-buttons : for swapping buttons 0 & 1
- [Bug #733] Alternate fix for WOZ 'Wasteland'.
- [PR #723] Fixed way to clear a std::string.
- Configuration->Input: Added 'Swap 0/1' toggle for swapping buttons 0 & 1.
- WOZ support: Removed version check on INFO section.
- Display MessageBox with all unsupported commands that were passed in (can choose to continue or exit).
- Debugger: Added new 'cycles ' command to show cycles as absolute or relative.
Télécharger AppleWin v1.29.8.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 RetroArch v1.8.4 
Vendredi 17/01/20 à 14:18 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de RetroArch a été publiée. Comme d'habitude, je vous invite à lire l'article richement illustré sur le site officiel pour en avoir tous les détails. En attendant, voici les changements généraux:
- ANDROID/BUGFIX: Prevent crash when Android device is minimized and you go back to the app
- CAMERA/BUGFIX: Fix crash when a core requires the camera driver and the platform only has a null driver. This would crash mgba on Wii for example
- DISK CONTROL: Cycle Disk Tray now becomes Eject Disk or Insert Disk depending upon current drive state
- DISK CONTROL: Current Disk Index is only shown when the current disk has been ejected
- DISK CONTROL: The old Insert Disk entry has been changed to Load New Disk, and is only shown when a disk is currently inserted (this is because loading a new disk from the filesystem – i.e. bypassing the m3u playlist disk index interface – automatically ejects and inserts disks, and so cannot be done while the virtual drive is empty)
- DISK CONTROL: The Current Disk Index may now be set more easily via a drop-down list
- DISK CONTROL: Selecting Eject Disk automatically moves the menu selection to the Current Disk Index entry
- DISK CONTROL: Selecting an index via the Current Disk Index drop-down list automatically moves the menu selection back to Insert Disk
- DISK CONTROL: The Disk Control entry sublabels have been changed for greater clarity
- DISK CONTROL: All of the horrendous notification spam has been removed. Notifications are now only shown in the event of an error, or when the menu itself does not provide sufficient visual feedback (note that using hotkeys to swap disks still produces the old style notifications, since this is typically only done while content is running – i.e. no menu). The duration of disk-related info notifications has also been reduced to a more sane level
- DISK CONTROL: A new Resume content after changing disks option has been added under Settings > User Interface. When enabled (default setting), content is resumed automatically after selecting either Insert Disk or Load New Disk (when disabled, the menu remains open, obviously…)
- DISK CONTROL/BUGFIX: The Disk Control menu now has the correct title
- DISK CONTROL/BUGFIX: Selecting a disk via the Load New Disk file browser no longer flushes the user back to the top level menu (it now correctly returns to the Disk Control menu)
- LIBNX/SWITCH: Updated libnx integration to v3.0.0. This also cherry-picks libnx commit 583d6bb92dcbb33b6bb4a0fa1a9df6e3725d6ef6, which should fix the requirement having to turn rumble off and on in the system settings once per reboot
- PLAYLISTS: Add ‘Clean Playlist’ option
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Windows XP/Vista 64-bit (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Windows XP/Vista 32-bit (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Metal2) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Nintendo GC)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Nintendo WiiU)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (.3dsx) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (.cia) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (PlayStation 2)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (PS Vita)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (CEX) (PlayStation 3)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.4 (Xbox One)
Site Officiel de RetroArch
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.11 
Mercredi 15/01/20 à 14:25 par Firebrand
Ces 2 frontends multi-systèmes ont été mis à jour. Aucune information n'a été donnée sur les changements.
Télécharger GameEx v16.11
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.11
Site Officiel de GameEx
 RetroArch v1.8.3 
Samedi 11/01/20 à 14:41 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis sous une même interface a été publiée. Plusieurs builds manquent encore à l'appel comme les versions Windows. Comme d'habitude, nous nous limitons aux changements généraux, vous avez un article très détaillé sur les nouveautés sur le site officiel.
Edit: les versions Windows et PS3 sont maintenant disponibles.
- ANDROID/BUGFIX: Fix ‘Install or Restore Core’ regression
- BUGFIX: Ensure core info is always initialised when calling ‘drivers_init()’. This bug could prevent cores from doing content runtime logging
- BUGFIX/MENU: History size can only be set to 1 at a minimum
- BUGFIX/MENU: (XMB/OZONE) Fix ‘quick menu’ detection. XMB would not display savestate thumbnails in the quick menu if it was accessed via the main menu
- BUGFIX/CRASH/CORE UPDATER: Fix potential double free error
- BUGFIX/CRASH/OPENGL/WINDOWS: Fix regression in 1.8.2 that would cause GL-based cores to fail because it would try to erroneously load libGLESv2.dll instead of OpenGL32.dll (cores affected: VitaQuake 2/3/Dhewm3, possibly more)
- BUGFIX/MENU/DESKTOP UI: Show desktop menu on startup does not launch Qt UI on Linux
- CHEEVOS: Don’t disable achievement when AddAddress generates an out-of-range address
- CHEEVOS: Don’t reset triggers/leaderboards that failed to load
- CHEEVOS: Don’t count unsupported achievements as unlocked
- CORE UPDATER: Display number of cores updated when updating installed cores
- DINGUX: Initial port
- D3D11: Block FL9_3 devices from D3D11 driver because they don’t work anyway (current D3D11 driver uses SM4.0 which requires FL10_0 and up)
- D3D11: Fallback to GL driver when D3D11 fails
- EMSCRIPTEN: Fix assets
- HISTORY/FAVORITES: Bump up default to 200 entries from 100
- FFMPEG CORE: Implement packet buffer, fixes MP4 video playback for many files
- LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation
- MENU: Added ‘Hosting’ menu under Netplay menu
- MENU: Added ‘Subsystems’ menu
- MENU/FILEBROWSER: Fix file selection issues when starting from (or navigating to) the top level directory
- MENU/WIDGETS: Prevent looping of task title text
- RASPBERRY PI: Fix BGRA8888 color inversion issues in the menu and elsewhere with VideoCore GL drivers
- NETPLAY/RELAY: Add Sao Paulo (Brazil) relay server
- NETPLAY/RELAY: Fix the “spectator” bug when using the relay server – When a player switches into the spectator mode (pressing “i”) while using the relay server, all players will disconnect.
- NETPLAY/RELAY: Overall stability has improved. Fixed a memory leak that would cause the relay server to become unresponsive after some time
- NETPLAY/RELAY: Fixed critical bug that would cause all players to be disconnected from the relay server if one player was leaving the game. That bug had been open for one year and we were finally able to fix it
- SWITCH/LIBNX/BUGFIX: Fix onscreen keyboard input regression
- UWP: Add ANGLE support
- UWP: Wire up get_metrics to the fake context of D3D9/10/11/12 driver, enabling proper scaling and mouse/touch gestures
- VITA: Re-add Online Updater
- VULKAN: Fix font driver ‘vulkan_get_message_width()’ function
- VIDEO FILTERS: Only use threads when the number exceeds 1. Fixes race conditions with some CPU filters on Vita
- WINDOWS: Add ANGLE support for x64, separate binary (for now?)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Windows XP 32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Windows XP 64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Metal2) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Nintendo GC)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Nintendo WiiU)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (.3dsx) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (.cia) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (PlayStation 2)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (PS Vita)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (CEX) (PlayStation 3)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.8.3 (Xbox One)
Site Officiel de RetroArch
 bsnes v114 
Mercredi 08/01/20 à 16:03 par Firebrand
Ce qui est probablement le meilleur émulateur Super Nintendo a été mis à jour. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
In celebration of Max completing his testing of the entire SNES library in both bsnes' fast and accurate PPU rendering modes, and all bugs reported now corrected, today I'm releasing bsnes v114.

- fixed an issue with manually created save states that appeared in v113 (corrected as of v113.1)
- added run-ahead support to the libretro target [realnc]
- macOS: fixed an issue with OpenGL shaders [Sintendo]
- added CPU joypad polling override for Taikyoku Igo - Goliath
- added PPU overrides for Marvelous, Super SWIV, Winter Olympics, and World Cup Striker
- added hotfix for Nichibutsu Arcade Classics (even on real hardware, the attract sequence would sometimes hang)
- fixed region heuristics for the Scandanavian release of Tintin in Tibet
- added a heuristic override for Yuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (the game's title overwrites the mapping mode identifier)
- properly clear overscan region when overscan is disabled (SNES Electronics Test with PAL video mode)
- updated bsnes to use the latest SNES preservation project database (a few dozen more games added)
- reverted gamepak (folder) firmware naming to use architecture name rather than identifier name
- renamed lr35902.boot.rom to sm83.boot.rom for gamepaks
- fixed typo in the GUI regarding the HD mode 7 +/- hotkeys
Télécharger bsnes v114 (Windows)
Télécharger bsnes v114 (MacOS)
Télécharger bsnes v114 (Linux)
Site Officiel de bsnes
 QuickPlay v4.7.4 
Mercredi 08/01/20 à 13:47 par Firebrand
Ce frontend multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Update retroarch efind to retroarch 1.81
- new 3ds ico
Télécharger QuickPlay v4.7.4
Site Officiel de QuickPlay
 Le sondage de janvier 2020 
Mardi 07/01/20 à 14:22 par Firebrand
La dinde aux marrons et le vieux barbu ne sont déjà plus que des souvenirs, on attaque plein d’entrain (ou pas...) cette nouvelle décennie. Mais plutôt que faire un bilan de l'année écoulée, on va plutôt s'intéresser au précédent sondage!

Peu de votants cette fois, mais une majorité claire en faveur de la présence de matériel rétro au pied du sapin. Ce n'est pas spécialement étonnant de la part des visiteurs d'un site réservé aux oldies!

On va oublier les sujets festifs et zapper celui des bonnes résolutions (qu'on a de toute façon déjà oubliées) pour s'intéresser à votre façon de "consommer" les ROMs. Préférez-vous les avoir toutes au sein d'un fullset pour faire des découvertes au hasard de votre navigation dans votre collection (ou pour avoir la plus grosse, c'est vous qui voyez), ou ne téléchargez-vous que celles dont vous avez besoin dans l'immédiat?

Avez-vous une âme de collectionneur ou non?

Vous pouvez venir défendre votre avis sur notre forum!
 RomVault v3.0.48 
Lundi 06/01/20 à 13:36 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed some new UI Issues, with reporting un-need stats in the ToSort Dirs.
- Also have done some internal work on the DAT readers so that this version will produce Compatible MAME DAT sets for the -listXML output from a Mame.exe
Télécharger RomVault v3.0.48
Site Officiel de RomVault
 RomVault v3.0.47 
Vendredi 03/01/20 à 13:49 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été mis à jour. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- Fixed some UI Issues.
- Fixed the 'Don't Add Multi DAT DIRs' as I added the button but never added the code to use it. Woops.
- Also Re-structued some 7zip code, ready for some future development.
Télécharger RomVault v3.0.47
Site Officiel de RomVault
 SameBoy v0.12.3 
Jeudi 02/01/20 à 14:21 par Firebrand
Cet excellent émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Color d'abord pensé pour MacOS a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
New/Improved Features
- Super Game Boy color correction is now available in the libretro port
- It is now possible to hide the Super Game Boy border in the libretro port
- The SDL port will now hide the mouse while a ROM is running

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
- Changing the frequency of channels 1 and 2 is now more accurate
- Audio rendering should now be accurate when emulating Game Boy Advance

Bug Fixes
- Fixed garbled graphics while emulting Super Game Boy in the SDL port when OpenGL 3.2 is not available
- The Cocoa build is now linked against the correct SDK version, restoring compatbility with older macOS versions that was mistakenly dropped in the previous release
- Fixed fullscreen related issues in the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where the SDL port did not save the battery in some cases
- Bug fixes to libretro achievement support
- Restored Game Boy Camera support on newer macOS versions
- Fixed High-DPI support on Windows 10

Misc Internal Changes
- Improvements to the audio and ICD2 APIs
- Allow compiling SameBoy for platforms with a non-standard bool size
- Improved build portability, will now use pkg-config if available
Télécharger SameBoy v0.12.3 (Windows)
Télécharger SameBoy v0.12.3 (MacOS)
Site Officiel de SameBoy
 Atari800 v4.2.0 
Jeudi 02/01/20 à 14:18 par Firebrand
La version Windows de cet émulateur est désormais disponible.
Télécharger Atari800 v4.2.0
Site Officiel de Atari800
 MedGui Reborn Stable v1.09 
Mercredi 01/01/20 à 15:03 par Firebrand
La première news de cette nouvelle décennie portera sur la mise à jour de ce frontend pour Mednafen. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Aligned options to Mednafen 1.24.0-UNSTABLE
- Added on "Advance menu" a option to change colors of frontend
- Skipped redundant control on rom info
- (Optional) Removed skull boxart logo
- Fixed background grid color
- Finally fixed a problem with random disappear of tooltips on advanced mednafen setting
- Fixed the behaviour of advanced menu position in any circumstances
- Improved MedClient detection and download of file on the server
- Fixed a wrong detection of bin file contained in multiple archive compressed
- Improved Scan and compared detection of bin file with genesis/megadrive dat
- Improved emu4crt fork detection
- Fixed a bug for snap and title viewer for multiple compressed archive
- Better explanation of errors in stdoutput log
- Fixed detection of old exotic dinput joypad (control GUI by PAD)
- Deactivate joypad input when the GUI is not active
- Fixed a bug with the real path passed on Mednafen with nested compressed file (this bug also interested the real file name - passed on MedPad for the creation of per-config input file)
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v1.09
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
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