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 WolfMAME v0.188 
Mercredi 26/07/17 à 12:32 par Firebrand
Les compétitions de high-scores pourront aussi avoir lieu avec les derniers jeux de MAME v0.188 avec ce build spécialement prévu pour.
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 ARCADE v0.188 
Mercredi 26/07/17 à 12:30 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME a été mis à jour avec les dernières sources de MAME. Il embarque également des améliorations spécifiques:
- Big fixes to get around breakage from the core. Thanks to Mamesick for all his work on this.
- History display was completely rewritten. This adds marp.dat, giving 8 dats in total.
- Note that the text format in dat files is interpreted slightly differently - the text is displayed as is. No need for extra blank lines and so on.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.188 (32-bit)
Télécharger ARCADE v0.188 (64-bit)
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 MAMEUI32 v0.188 
Mercredi 26/07/17 à 12:26 par Firebrand
La version 32-bit non officielle est également passée à la v0.188.
Télécharger MAMEUI32 v0.188
Site Officiel de MAMEUI32
 MAMEUI64 v0.188 
Mercredi 26/07/17 à 12:25 par Firebrand
La version officielle de MAMEUI a été mise à jour avec les dernières sources de MAME.
Télécharger MAMEUI64 v0.188
Site Officiel de MAMEUI64
 MAME v0.188 
Mercredi 26/07/17 à 12:23 par Firebrand
Avec la régularité d'une horloge suisse, la nouvelle version de MAME est publiée tous les derniers mercredi du mois. Voici ce qu'elle nous réserve:
MAME 0.188 comes to you with tales of perseverance, blind luck, and the kind of insanity you’d get from no- one else. By sheer chance, a DECO Cassette system Brian Troha picked up cheap happened to come with a set of graphics ROMs for Explorer. While the Explorer program cassette was dumped sixteen long years ago, the graphics ROMs have proved elusive until now. We can finally all enjoy this Tempest- inspired title from the early ’80s.
After much effort and rendering several boards inoperable, Peter Wilhelmsen and Morten Shearman Kirkegaard successfully extracted the programs from the DS5002FP protection modules on Gaelco World Rally 2 and Touch & Go. Yet another seemingly impenetrable protection scheme has been been emulated. Persistence has paid off. This is also a boon for people wishing to repair Gaelco games that have ceased to function after the lithium cell in the protection module has failed. After extracting the program from a working board, it’s possible to reprogram other boards running the same game.
As for MAMEdev- brand insanity, we are (to the best of our knowledge) the world’s first and only emulator for the INTELLEC® 4. This system was used to develop software for Intel’s earliest microprocessor family, the 4004 and 4040. We’ve even put together a user manual of sorts if by chance you want to see what interactive debugging was like in the ’70s. It has lots of fun LEDs and switches!
Fans of handheld LCD games will be pleased to see the steady stream of improvements: 0.188 adds support for several Konami and Tiger handhelds, and vector backgrounds have been added for Mario Bros, Mickey & Donald, and Cement Factory.
On the arcade side, we’ve added support for Operation Wolf SC. This is a version of the military- themed shooter Operation Wolf with reduced difficulty intended for small cabinets located in shopping centres (hence the SC). Children could stay out of trouble storming concentration camps and powder magazines while their parents shopped in peace. Another very interesting addition from Taito’s history is a very rare prototype of Bubble Bobble on Tokio hardware. It has different graphics and music, and includes a functional stage editor. Of course we’ve added an assortment of clones as usual, including versions of Act- Fancer, Kageki, Logger, Solar Assault, Street Fighter II, Taisen Idol- Mahjong Final Romance 2, and Xevious 3D/G.
I’ll finish by mentioning that save states and scheduled exits should now work properly in Emscripten builds (thanks to James Baicoianu), colours are fixed for Time Limit and Omega (thanks to ShouTime dumping the PROMs), and ROM identification (- romident verb) is even faster (under ten seconds on my old notebook).

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05900: [Sound] (ddenlovr.cpp) funkyfig, funkyfiga: Missing music and partial sound FX (Ivan Vangelista)
- 06261: [Sound] (polepos.cpp) polepos2: Crowd Cheering sounds are messed up at the chequered flag (goal). (Robbbert)
- 06370: [Save/Restore] (vegas.cpp) sf2049se, sf2049te: Crashes on reload (-str 8) in a staggered -str 20 run (Ted Green)
- 06562: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in octopus.cpp, zorba.cpp: Fatal Error when using various terminal/printers in slots (Ivan Vangelista)
- 06564: [Crash/Freeze] (ti99_4x.cpp) All sets in ti99_4x.cpp, ti99_4p.cpp: SuperAMS memory expansion card (samsmem) Fatal Error
when mounted (Ivan Vangelista)
- 06581: [Interface] Various problems with software loading/unloading: Various problems with software loading (Nathan Woods)
- 06588: [Interface] Regression loading softlist items from the command line with changed slot options (Nathan Woods)
- 06592: [DIP/Input] (nbmj8891.cpp) chinmoku: DSW B should not exist. (Robbbert)
- 06613: [Crash/Freeze] (rohga.cpp) schmeisr: Exception on exit (David Haywood)
- 06620: [Crash/Freeze] (itech8.cpp) ninclown: During final boss Twisto the game can potentially crash (Phil Bennett)
- 06624: [Misc.] (mc10.cpp) Emulation of the right- shift and rotate instructions (ASR, LSR, ROR) do not correctly modify the overflow flag (V) (AJR)
- 06627: [Sound] (segas32.cpp) kokoroj2: Missing voice in game (Arzeno Fabrice)
- 06631: [Sound] (vgmplay.cpp) vgmplay: Attempting to play a .vgm/.vgz file containing 2 X POKEY does not play back correctly. (AJR)

New working machines
- A-One Arrange Ball/Tandy Zingo/LJN Computer Impulse [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Blades of Steel (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Bucky O'Hare (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Double Dragon (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle, Kaede]
- Gauntlet (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Go Go Cowboy (English, prize) [Brian Troha, Ryan Holtz, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, Luca Elia]
- INTELLEC 4/MOD 4 [Vas Crabb]
- INTELLEC 4/MOD 40 [Vas Crabb]
- Legend (SNES bootleg) [ShouTime, MetalliC]
- Milton Bradley Arcade Mania [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Sonic The Hedgehog (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
- Space Jam (Tiger handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]

New working clones
- Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon (World revision 3) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
- Bubble Bobble (prototype on Tokio hardware) [Arzeno Fabrice, brizzo, Phil Bennett, rtw, Alex Meijer, The Dumping Union]
- Cobra-Command (World/US revision 4) [Bryan McPhail]
- Deco Cassette System Multigame (ROM based) [David Haywood]
- Explorers of Space [hap, Igor]
- Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach III [CB- Emu]
- Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach II (rev. C+) [CB- Emu]
- Game & Watch: Egg [hap]
- Golden Poker Double Up (bootleg) [Arcade Vintage, Roberto Fresca]
- HP 85 [F.Ulivi]
- Kageki (World) [frsj8112, The Dumping Union]
- Logger (Rev.2) [Andrew Welburn, Craig Anstett, The Dumping Union]
- Nu, pogodi! [hap, Igor]
- Operation Wolf (Japan, SC) [ShouTime]
- Player's Edge Plus (PP0006) Standard Draw Poker [Brian Troha]
- Return of the Invaders (bootleg no MCU set 3) [f205v]
- Silk Worm (prototype?) [frsj8112]
- Solar Assault (ver JAA) [ShouTime, pablopelos, Dullaron, Paul Vining, Jason Wible, Surgeville, Sean Sutton, David Mercer, John Cunningham, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Solar Assault Revised (ver JAA) [ShouTime, pablopelos, Dulleron, Paul Vining, Jason Wible, Surgeville, Sean Sutton, David Mercer, John Cunningham, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Space Invaders (Nas Corp bootleg) [Guru]
- Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Japan 911210, CPS- B- 17) [ShouTime, Bonky, MetalliC]
- Super Triv (English questions) [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Taisen Idol- Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Japan, newer) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Tetris (v341R) [Arzeno Fabrice, MetalliC]
- The Ninja Warriors (World, earlier version) [Irongiant, The Dumping Union]
- Xevious 3D/G (World, XV32/VER.A) [rtw, invzim, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working
- Alphatronic PC [R. Belmont, Carl, rfka01]
- Black Touch '96 [Angelo Salese]
- Explorer (DECO Cassette) (US) [Brian Troha, David Haywood]
- Game & Watch: Mickey Mouse [hap]
- Mega Double Poker (conversion kit, version 2.3 MD) [Caps0ff, AJR]
- Ron II Mah-Jongg [Angelo Salese]
- The Roulette (Visco) [Team Europe, Luca Elia]
- Touch & Go (World) [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
- World Rally 2: Twin Racing [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]

Clones promoted to working
- Frogger (bootleg on Amigo? hardware) [Ivan Vangelista]
- Mega Double Poker (conversion kit, version 2.1 MD) [Caps0ff, AJR]
- Sega Ninja (315- 5113) [David Haywood]
- Touch & Go (Non North America) [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
- Touch & Go (earlier revision) [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
- Abnormal Check [R. Belmont, Guru]
- Ai-mode - Pet Shiiku [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Block Pong-Pong [Arzeno Fabrice, brizzo]
- Casino Strip [any]
- Casino Strip IX [any]
- Casino Strip VIII [any]
- Dam Dam Boy [R. Belmont, ShouTime, Sean Sutton, Surgeville, Ryan Holtz, Phil Bennett, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- MAC Jungle [PinMAME]
- Mahjong Gal-pri - World Gal-con Grandprix (Japan) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Mahjong Hanafuda Cosplay Tengoku 6 - Junai-hen (Japan) [sytem11, The Dumping Union]
- Mahjong Mogitate [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Need for Speed - 4 Cab Link (2 Discs) (v1.0.1 Rev B) [ShouTime]
- Need for Speed GT (Hard Drive+2 Discs) (v1.1.0 Rev C) [ShouTime]
- Nichibutsu DVD Select (Japan) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Percussion Freaks 4th Mix (G*A25 VER. AAA) [smf]
- PokoaPoka Onsen de CHU - Bijin 3 Shimai ni Kiotsukete! (Japan) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Renai Mahjong Idol Gakuen (Japan) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- Sharp FontWriter FW-700 (German) [R. Belmont, rfka01]
- Super Derby II [Phil Bennett, Hammy]
- Tsuugakuro no Yuuwaku (Japan) [system11, The Dumping Union]
- VG Pocket Mini (VG-1500) [BeckieRGB]
- VG Pocket (VG-2000) [BeckieRGB]
- Virtua Striker 4 (Export) (GDT-0014) [rtw]
- Virtua Striker 4 Ver.2006 (Japan) (Rev B) (GDT-0020B) [rtw]
- VT330 [Toshi]
- WaiWai Drive [Arzeno Fabrice, brizzo]
- War: The Final Assault (EPROM 1.91 Apr 13 1999, GUTS 1.3 Apr 7 1999, GAME Apr 7 1999) [rtw, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- World Kicks PCB (World, WKC2 Ver.A) [rtw, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Yamaha TG100 [vampirefrog, superctr, bmos, Valley Bell]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
- Beat the Clock (with flasher support) [noahpdavis]
- Commodore PC 10 [rfka01]
- Dirty Harry (LF-2) [PinMAME]
- Fighting Vipers (Revision B) [Phil Bennett, MooglyGuy, Tourniquet, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Motocross Go! (MG2 Ver. A, set 2) [ShouTime, Bill D, The Dumping Union]
- New Super Triv III [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Tazz-Mania (Rodmar bootleg) [Arcade Hacker, The Dumping Union]
- Triv Five Special Edition [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

New working software list additions
- abc80_flop: ABCDatastorm [Genesis Project]
- coco_flop: Pacman (z80 to 6809 Transcoded - v1.01) (512kb) [Glen Hewlett]
- gameboy: Sachen 4 in 1 (Euro, 4B- 003) [Tauwasser]
- ibm5150:
*Le Manoir de Mortevielle [breiztiger]
*Battle Chess, Blades of Steel, Castlevania, Double Dribble, Earl Weaver Baseball, Future Wars - Adventures in Time,
*Gamer's Edge Sampler - Catacomb and Dangerous Dave, Hardball 2, Heroes of the Lance, John Madden Football, King's Bounty,
*Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs, Links - Championship Course - Bountiful Golf Course, Links - The Challenge of Golf,
*Mean Streets, Monopoly v2.00 (Shareware), Monty Python's Flying Circus, Ninja Gaiden II, Nova 9, Over the Net, Pharaoh's Pursuit,
*Secret of the Silver Blades, Speedball II, Street Fighting Man, Super C, Superstar Ice Hockey, Superstar Indoor Soccer,
*Superstar Indoor Sports, Superstar Outdoor Soccer, The Cycles, Top 10 Solid Gold Volume II, Wings of Fury, Zool [Justin Kerk]
*B-17 Flying Fortress, Body Blows, Corncob Deluxe, DOS/V (multiple versions), Dune, Global Conquest, King's Quest V, Lightspeed,
*MS-DOS (Version 6.22, Brazilian Portuguese), Star Trek - 25th Anniversary [Justin Kerk]
*pce_tourvision: Doraemon - Nobita no Dorabian Night, Majin Eiyuu Den Wataru [system11, The Dumping Union]
*x68k_flop: Chourensha 68k (v1.00) [Justin Kerk]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
- ibm5150: Boulder Dash Construction Kit [Justin Kerk]
- ibm5170: IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version J5.00/V) (Japanese), PC- DOS (multiple sets using XDF disk format) [Justin Kerk]

Source Changes
- z8: Fixed disassembly of DECW RR opcode, added more control registers to state for debugger. [AJR]
- Added support for experimental overclocking of sound devices through UI sliders with - cheat enabled. [AJR]
- ym2151, ymf271, namco: Added support for dynamic changes to clock frequency. [AJR]
- Fixed scheduler overflow when a device executes for more cycles than there are in a second. [AJR]
- nibbler, levers: Changed joysticks to 4-way as documented in manuals. [AJR]
- megadpkr: Hooked up 68705P5 MCU, figured out banking, and added timekeeper RAM and inputs. [AJR]
- colt: Fixed colors. [AJR]
- vgmplay enhancements: [AJR]
*Added support for YMZ280B and YMF271.
*Fixed clock speed for dual POKEY.
*Produce error message when nonexistent file is specified.
- froggeram: Fixed PPI accesses allowing sound emulation to work. [AJR]
- listxml enhancements: [AJR]
*Match arguments against device names as well as driver names.
*Allowed DTD output for -listxml, -listsoftware and -getsoftlist to be suppressed with -nodtd option.
- gunfront: Corrected "Upright Controls" DIP switch - OFF is Single, and should not be the default. [AJR]
- mrdo: Load protection PAL data (not used at the moment). [AJR]
- mastboy: Changed parallel EEPROM type to "EAROM" (rather than generic NVRAM). [AJR]
- MC6800: Fixed LSR/ROR/ASR overflow flag generation (N XOR C). [AJR]
- funystrp: Added serial EEPROM for high score entries. [AJR]
- ygv608.cpp: Added CRTC function, turned IRQs into handler callbacks, added border color. [Angelo Salese]
- blackt96.cpp improvements: [Angelo Salese]
*Added flip screen and coin counter support.
*Reimplemented text layer as tilemap.
*Added notes, promoted game to MACHINE_IS_INCOMPLETE - bugs like the timer not decrementing are actually caused by sloppy coding.
- cvs.cpp: Kludged a protection check in Superbike that was resetting the machine under certain conditions. [Angelo Salese]
*Also demoted to MACHINE_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION since game can lock indefinitely under a particular condition.
- Wrote a new device container for Nichibutsu sound hardware, used by csplayh5.cpp and niyanpai.cpp. [Angelo Salese]
- Standardized button layout for PCE bootlegs. [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed screen misalignment regression in Bionic Commando. [Angelo Salese]
- Added sound samples to PT Reach Mahjong. [Lord Nightmare, Angelo Salese]
- socrates: Reimplemented keyboard MCU simulation as a separate timer- driven function. [Lord Nightmare]
*Fixes issues with super painter and a few other games not recognizing keyboard input.
*Also eliminated anonymous timers and keyboard tagmap lookups, and added savestate support.
- arkanoid.cpp: Added machine definition for Akranoid bootleg with 68705P3 and AY- 3-8910, matching real hardware. [Lord Nightmare]
*Also added notes about which sets bootlegs are derived from.
- dectalk.cpp: Removed unnecessary driver init and replaced with machine_start, eliminated anonymous timers, and added savestate
support. [Lord Nightmare]
- taitocchip.cpp: Hooked up the four 'ASIC RAM' shared bytes/semaphores/command registers between external CPU and the C-chip, got
rid of hack for megablast. [Lord Nightmare]
- Implemented DIP switches and tweaked inputs for Bubble Bobble prototype so that the stage editor works. [Lord Nightmare]
- missb2 updates: [Lord Nightmare]
*Fixed OKI read/write bitswap so what seem to be the correct sound effects are played.
*Replaced the corrupt OKI ROM dump with the bublpong OKI ROM - all non- corrupted areas are identical.
*Added watchdog.
- retofinv.cpp: Added original Taito 68705 MCU dump. [Corrado Tomaselli, Lord Nightmare, brizzo]
*Moved bootleg 68705 MCU to its own set, renamed sets to make it more obvious which are bootlegs.
*Verified XTAL, dividers, and SN76489A type from PCB pictures.
*Added missing original color PROMs and allowed video/retofinv.cpp to use either those or the single bootleg color PROM.
- Added correct palette weighting for all dec8 games. [Bryan McPhail]
- Made DECO RM-C3 into a device used by dec8 and karnov.cpp games. [Bryan McPhail]
- Fixed colours in Crude Buster (verified against real hardware); added documentation to cbuster.cpp. [Bryan McPhail]
- pc9801: Moved cbus to bus and added WIP mpu401 support. [Carl]
- plugins/cheat updates: [Carl]
*Poll for setting hotkeys.
*Link simple cheats.
- Added Motorola MC14411 Bit Rate Generator device. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
- fccpu1 updates: [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
*Updated LOG system and replaced CLOCK_SIGNAL_HANDLER with real MC14411 BRG device.
*Added machine configuration for baud rates for all three serial ports using MC14411 device.
*Added newer version of firmware Force Debugger v1.1.
- 68340: Added configuration macros and callbacks for 8-bit ports A and B, updated LOG system. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
- sda5708: Added layout support and state saving. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
- sda5708: Added layout with generated bezels and program snippet to redo it as a comment. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
- dbox: Added sda5708 matrix display layout (displays version number on start but hangs shortly thereafter). [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
- ti99: Changed Hexbus chaining; moved Hexbus up one level (from bus/ti99 to bus). [Michael Zapf]
- Overhauled MAME options handling. [Nathan Woods]
*The new options system is more dynamic and should detect errors earlier.
*The slot menu now shows updated options in response to selections made by the user.
- Added a menu listing existing state files displayed when choosing a position to save/load. [Nathan Woods]
*Any position may be selected with keyboard 0-9/A-Z or joystick buttons.
*Existing positions may be selected using UI navigation controls.
- Made the length parameter for debugger 'load' command optional (defaults to length of file), converted code from stdio to iostream. [Nathan Woods]
- MC6847: Fixed "Semigraphics 6" mode on CoCo/MC- 10 (issue reported by Jim Gerrie). [Nathan Woods]
*Displays "stripes" for video bytes $00- $7F because INT/EXT is asserted but A/S is not, and there is no external ROM.
- Cleaned up the MC-10 driver. [Nathan Woods]
- Fixed regression in ROM loading that resulted in not all actual hashes being printed on mismatch. [Nathan Woods]
- sdl: Added SDL_WINDOW_BORDERLESS for fullscreen, required by some Linux window managers. [O. Galibert]
- dvdisasm: Simplified by decoupling information creation and display rendering. [O. Galibert]
- debugcpu: Eliminated direct() from read_opcode. [O. Galibert]
- options: Set the value when setting the default as before. [O. Galibert]
- mameopts: Don't lose the system inipath when looking for hashpath. [O. Galibert]
- dimemory: Lifted cap on number of address spaces per device, renamed AS_DECRYPTED_OPCODES to AS_OPCODES. [O. Galibert]
- Fixed media option numbering with custom instance names (github issue 2468). [O. Galibert]
- cbuster.cpp: Added a x3 hack to the YM2203 clock frequency to fix incorrect pitch. [Phil Bennett]
- Improved -romident performance by dynamically allocating large arrays at device_start time. [Phil Bennett]
- m377xx: Added preliminary M37720 support. [R. Belmont]
- alphatro improvements: [R. Belmont]
*Added correct banking and partial floppy support.
*Corrected motor on and FDC reset.
*Corrected number of driver (real machine only has two), and fixed B: drive.
- output: Fleshed out network output provider to have the same capabilities as legacy Win32 provider: [R. Belmont]
*Messages are of form "verb = value\1"; "hello = 1" on successful connection, "mamerun = 0" on shutdown.
*Send "send_id = n" to query IDs where n=0 means machine shortname, and n=1- ? are output node names.
- Rewrote MCS-40 (4004/4040) emulation/disassembly: [Vas Crabb]
*Added support for all 4040 features besides interrupts.
*Split address/status, RAM/ROM ports, and program memory into separate address spaces.
*Emulated 8-clock instruction cycle, interruptible at any point, bus signals exposed.
*Converted inputs to input lines, added callbacks for chip select outputs and 4008/4009/4289 signals.
*Made disassembly output closer to what ASL accepts as input.
*Allowed 4-bit registers to be set independently through the debugger.
- Added INTELLEC 4 driver with support for MOD 4 and MOD 40 variants: [Vas Crabb]
*Supports TTY, PROM programmer, and all front- panel debugging features using clickable artwork.
*Supports PROM, program/data storage and high- speed paper tape reader cards.
- Updated flicker to use new MCS-40 core and improved emulation: [Vas Crabb]
*Re-implemented I/O based on how hardware actually works (wasn't possible with previous 4004 core).
*Corrected flicker RAM size, removed NVRAM, and connected playfield lamps and operator adjustments.
*Added save state support.
- Layout system improvements: [Vas Crabb]
*Made scripts do substantial validation of layouts at build time.
*Drop views that don't validate at runtime rather than entire layouts to help machines with terminals connected by default.
- Cleaned up serial, matrix keyboard and TI-8x link protocol interfaces: [Vas Crabb]
*Switched to delegate timers and moved state registration to post- start, making implementations a bit less error- prone.
- Made device_memory_interface own its address space objects. [Vas Crabb]
- Made parent/clone loops raise a fatal error rather than hanging in a loop appending to a string. [Vas Crabb]
- Made internal UI list missing/incorrect files when audit fails. [Vas Crabb]
- Cocoa debugger improvements: [Vas Crabb]
*Save/restore window positions/sizes/splits/scrolling/expressions/focus (excluding device info viewer).
*Fixed scroll jump on clicking a memory/disassembly view that's been scrolled while unfocused.
- Made XML file a specialisation of data node that can be easily managed with smart pointers, and added a method for copying a data node/subtree into a different tree. [Vas Crabb]
- Fixed fatal error on selecting a software part with internal UI, and made software parts menu sort by name. [Vas Crabb]
- Cleaned up Gaelco protection MCU interface device. [Vas Crabb]
- hh_sm510 artwork updates:
*Added background vector graphics to gnw_ml102. [ChoccyHobNob]
*Improved gnw_mw56 SVG screen and added background graphics. [hap, ChoccyHobNob, Tanukichi]
*Improved gnw_jr55 LCD segments. [hap, JonasP]
*Added background graphics to nupogodi.svg. [Igor, hap]
*Added background graphics to gnw_dm53.svg. [O. Galibert, hap]
- segas16b.cpp: Replaced goldnaxe2 317-0122 i8751 bad dump with working redump from undamaged chip and removed simulation code. [anonymous, digshadow]
- segas32.cpp: Redumped kokoroj2 sound data ROM. [Arzeno Fabrice]
- Improved WD2010 emulation: [Bavarese]
*Better feedback on cylinder positions, almost all checks pass except low level tests expecting manufacturer or diagnostic tracks.
- Added Commodore D9060 82S137 PROM dumps. [Bo Zimmerman, Andrew Welburn]
- r9751: Added preliminary SMIOC device with 8237 DMA controllers and RS- 232 ports. [Brandon Munger]
- Added an external panel for the Ensoniq VFX family of keyboards, with a websocket interface and an HTML/Javascript implementation that can be served over HTTP. [Christian Brunschen]
- Fixed QT 5.5.1 for Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" (allows Travis CI build to complete). [dankan1890]
- naomi.cpp: Dumped earlier Sega Gun Board firmware. [Darksoft]
- opwolf, opwolfa, opwolfj, opwolfjsc, opwolfu: Added C- chip dumps (game- specific EPROM still bad). [Caps0ff, David Haywood]
- Touch & Go, World Rally 2, TH Strikes Back: Dumped DS5002FP security modules, replaced simulation. [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
- Created Taito C-chip device and used in asuka.cpp, opwolf.cpp, rbisland.cpp, taito_f2.cpp, taito_x.cpp and volfied.cpp. [David Haywood]
- srdarwin: Replace MCU simulation with internal ROM dump: [Caps0ff, David Haywood]
*Using real dump for srdarwin, and hand- modified version to satisfy srdarwinj.
*Fixes incorrect behaviour for 6th boss (no longer skips first form).
- Split decocass state class up so that the dongle types aren't polluting base class. [David Haywood]
*Also added support for bootleg multigame and fixed regression caused by change in draw order.
- tehkanwc.cpp: Fixed DIP switches for tehkanwcd (different setup to other sets); added DIP switch locations for all sets in driver.
[David Haywood]
- Identified DIP switches for a number of DECO Cassette sets. [David Haywood]
- Irem M62 cleanups: [David Haywood]
*Split PROM regions up by function (legacy from when MAME only allowed a single PROM region per system).
*Made use of multiple palettes and gfxdecode structures.
- upd7810, upd7811: Added internal address maps. [David Haywood]
- gaelco/ds5002fp updates: [David Haywood]
*Made ds5002fp store battery-backed internal RAM and SFR registers as NVRAM.
*Made SFR defaults configurable in ROM loading like NVRAM defaults.
*Made external SRAM persistent as well (some games store scores etc. in it).
*Cleaned up Touch & Go dump and added preconfigured internal RAM.
*Created device for Gaelco protection module and removed remaining simulation code.
- Decrypted SEGA_315_5133 used by 'seganinja' set. [David Haywood]
*Shares identical code with other sets, just encryped with a different key.
- Add DIP switches to Tsukande Toru Chicchi. [einstein95]
- Initial HP series 80 emulation: [F.Ulivi]
*Working HP-85A with 16kB RAM, including Capricorn CPU, keyboard, CRT text/graphics modes, timers, and beeper.
*DC100 cassette, extension ROMs, I/O modules, and integrated printer are not supported.
- ITT3030: Corrected 70-track drive type, and added 35- track drive type and format definition. [helwie44, rfka01]
- Added Commodore PC10-III ROM dumps collected by German vintage computer forum users. [rfka01]
- Added original Commodore PC 10/PC 20/ PC 30 in two BIOS variants. [rfka01]
- Fixed default DIP switch settings for Parodius. [Jack Li]
- Enhanced Emscripten support: [James Baicoianu]
*Fixed save/load support and scheduled exit.
*Improved main loop, simplified integration points, and made JavaScript entry points static members of running_machine.
*Exposed soft_reset, hard_reset, exit load and save functions, allowing more control of emulation session from JavaScript.
- Fixed #include path with USE_LIBSDL on macOS. [Joshua Root]
- Hooked up ibm5150 softlist to compc and europc drivers; changed europc to use single built-in 3.5" drive. [Justin Kerk]
- snk.cpp: Added PAL dumps to victroad. [Kevin Eshbach, The Dumping Union]
- wolfpack: Fixed missing Torpedo trail. [MASH]
- z80scc: Added basic wait/DMA request support, renamed WRDY to WREQ to match datasheet. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- ncr5390 improvements: [Patrick Mackinlay]
*Improved initiator transfer information logic.
*Split transfer count/counter.
*Added rudimentary 53C90A/53C94 support.
*Reworked initiator transfer information state machine, should now support all SCSI phases
*Improved handling of DMA/non-DMA commands.
*Added an undocumented hack to make InterPro work.
*Implemented interrupt status flag in status register for 53C90A (critical for InterPro).
*Improved tcounter and DMA/DRQ handling.
*Corrected tcounter and transfer count zero handling (based on transfers to/from SCSI bus, not DMA).
*Prevent fifo over/underrun, requires restarting state machine from dma_r()/dma_w().
*Corrected bus/function complete with FIFO (interrupt only when it empties, but state detected based on SCSI bus).
*Clear status, istatus and sequence when reading istatus (not status) with active interrupt.
*Tweaked DRQ behaviour - only assert if there is insufficient data in FIFO.
- nscsi_hd: Corrected INQUIRY command handling when a non- zero LUN is requested. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- interpro: Got SCSI working and other improvements: [Patrick Mackinlay]
*Reworked DMA, added eth registers.
*Improved 5390 device, removed legacy 539x SCSI stuff.
*Passes all iogadiag tests if bus error hack is enabled.
*Implemented basic serial DMA.
*Switched to ncr53c94.
*Initial preparation for Ethernet implementation.
*Implemented timer-based DMA.
- Implemented i82586 Ethernet MAC, ~90% complete. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- Improved wheel board on Midway Seattle and Vegas, and added layout for sf2049. [Risugami]
- sun1: Replaced console hack with upd7201 device. [shattered]
- chihiro.cpp: Added Quest of D Firmware Update DVD dump. [ShouTime]
- freekick.cpp: Dumped color PROMs for Omega (Nihon System), correcting the colors. [ShouTime]
- Redumped Time Limit color PROMs. [ShouTime, TServo2049, pablopelos, The Dumping Union]
- shootaw2: Added dumped EEPROM image. [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Added skeleton driver for Yamaha TG100 MIDI module. [superctr]
*H8/520 CPU is not implemented, sound chip is Yamaha YMW258-F (likely to be identical to Sega MultiPCM).
- Game Boy/Super Game Boy improvements: [Tauwasser]
*Added Super Chinese Land 1.2.3' to MBC1 Collection check code.
*Fixed MMM01 zero- adjust logic for ROM bank.
*Fixed Super Game Boy VRAM transfers and removed border hack.
*Fixed various code style and comment issues.
- macpci: Added more Pippin ROM sets. [unknown]
- retofinv.cpp: Added DIP switch locations and documented edge connectors. [Brian Troha]
- wrally.cpp: Added World Rally PCB layout. [Brian Troha]
- targeth.cpp: Added PCB layout, defined CPU clocks in terms of OSC/resonator, corrected OKI clock, and corrected Target Hits v1.1 program ROM labels. [Brian Troha]
- stv.cpp: Corrected Taiwan BIOS label. [cpsystem3]
- sms.xml updates: [Enik Land]
*Fix The Terminator by adding their on-cart RAM.
*Added notes for games with SK- 1100 keyboard support.
*Corrected Great Baseball (Euro, USA, Bra) release year.
*Corrected Teddy Boy Blues (Jpn, Ep-MyCard, Prototype) and Ghost House (Sega Card, Prototype) interface types.
- kinst.cpp: Updated hardware info. [Guru]
- abcheck: Added default EEPROM so the game boots without going into service mode first. [Guru, R. Belmont]
- Updated compiling instructions for Fedora Linux. [inflatador]
- Updated hiscore.dat. [Leezer]
- Added -output option to documentation with description of available choices. [OzFalcon]
- megasys1.cpp: Added information regarding R&T (Rod-Land Prototype). [Ryou]
- SDL sound: Fill buffer with silence on underrun. [057a3dd61f99517a3afea0051a49cb27994f94d]
Télécharger MAME v0.188 (32-bit)
Télécharger MAME v0.188 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 Stella v5.0.1 
Mardi 25/07/17 à 12:54 par Firebrand
2 mises à jour ont été publiée pour cet émulateur Atari 2600, dont une majeure en juin passée sous le radar car le site officiel avait changé d'adresse. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed issues in keypad, Genesis and various other controllers that use INPTx registers; the emulation is now much more accurate in this area.
- Various 'Bumper Bash' and 'Decathlon' ROMs are marked as always having all 4 directions on a joystick enabled, since they can't be played properly otherwise.
- Added 'Hunchy II' from Chris Walton (cd-w) to ROM properties database.
- Codebase now uses C++14 features.

- Note: because of major TIA/6502/RIOT changes, the state file format has changed, and old state files will not work with this release.
- Stella has moved from Sourceforge to Github.
- Completely new TIA core is now available, ported from 6502ts by Christian Speckner (DirtyHairy). This new core is extremely accurate, and matches real hardware in almost every test we've performed. New features include:
*Meltdown emulates correct
*The lap number in Pole Positions displays correctly
*Artifacts in the mountains on Snoopy and the Red baron are gone
*Line artifacts in Title Match Pro Wrestling and Realsports Boxing are fixed
*The spurious line at the left border of Video Chess now displays correctly
*All 32 char text demos from AtariAge now work perfectly (Stella 4 shows artifacts on several of these)
*Stella is now the only emulator to display the "Mega Bitmap Demo" (atext.bin) from AtariAge correctly
*Improved starfield effect for missiles (still TODO for ball and players)
*RSYNC emulation has improved, all testcases now match real hardware
*Several other ROMs that have never worked in any emulator are now emulated correctly
*RDY behavior with respect to write cycles is accurate
*Optional YStart autodetect and more robust frame handling
*NUSIZ during player draw matches hardware
*RESMx during missile draw matches hardware
*Paddle emulation is slightly more accurate. As a consequence, the "paddle feel" may be slightly different from Stella 4
*Fixed debug colors can now be set for each graphical object, from a choice of 'red', 'orange', 'yellow', 'green', 'blue' and 'purple'. This is accessible through the new 'tia.dbgcolors' commandline argument and within the UI.
- Implemented new phosphor emulation mode, which is much closer to real TV output. Related to this, added ability to change the default phosphor blend level in the UI and through the new 'tv.phosblend' commandline argument. Special thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for the idea and implementation.
- TV phosphor effect can now be force-enabled for all ROMs, instead of manually setting ROM properties for each ROM. This is accessible in the UI and through the 'tv.phosphor' commandline argument, and defaults to being off (or enabled per-ROM).
- PAL color-loss and Blargg TV effects can now be enabled at the same time. Previously, when Blargg effects were enabled, - PAL color-loss couldn't be shown. Related to this, the Blargg effects now use much less memory and in some cases run faster than before.
- Much improved RIOT timer emulation never before seen in any emulator. Special thanks to Christian Speckner (DirtyHairy) for the implementation, and alex_79 for finding documentation that finally describes in more detail how the M6532 chip actually works.
- Added BUS (experimental) and CDF bankswitching schemes, and also ARM Timer 1 support; special thanks to SpiceWare for the code.
- Fixed bug with SaveKey and AtariVox not properly closing their memory files before starting another instance of the same ROM, when the ROM was opened in the ROM launcher.
- Various improvements to the debugger and command prompt:
*The 'cls' command now only clears the screen, not the history
*The 'help' command now accepts other commands, and gives extra information about the command (ie, 'help breakif' prints extended information about the breakif command)
*Added 'palette' command, which shows a color swatch of the currently active TIA palette
*Added 'debugcolors' command, which shows a legend for 'fixed debug colors' mode
*The previous trap'm' commands now work when setting TIA read addresses; previously they only worked for write addresses
*The previous trap'm' commands are now renamed 'trap', 'trapread' and 'trapwrite'
*The TIA tab now shows 'old' contents of player and ball registers
*Various UI items are crossed out when disabled, to more clearly indicate their current state
*Various UI items that previously required a double-click to toggle (pixel and bit widgets) now require only a single-click.
*Command completion now works with internal functions and pseudo-ops (basically, anything starting with the '_' character)
*System labels (aka, register names, etc) can now be typed in lower- case. Previously, these labels always had to be uppercase.
*In general, input error checking is much more strictly enforced
*Read-only UI items now have a different background color, to clearly indicate if an item can be modified.
*Debugger '.lst' and '.sym' files are now searched based on the name of the ROM file, and not on the internal properties name.
*Snapshots can now be saved by pressing the F12 key (the various other ways to save snapshots still exist).
- Mouse grabbing is now enabled in windowed mode only when the ROM is using a virtual analog controller (paddles, trakball, etc).
- Renamed various trakball-like controllers more accurately: AmigaMouse, AtariMouse (previously CX80) and Trakball (previously CX22). Related to this, reduced the resolution of the Trakball by half, to properly match real hardware.
- The stack pointer (SP) is now initialized to $FD instead of $FF, to match research done in other 6502 projects.
- Fixed bug in debugger tracing and displaying the partial TIA image; the first time entering the debugger and starting to trace, the image was blanked out (black) instead of being drawn in greyscale. Also, the image is now synchronized, instead of being two frames behind.
- Fixed crash with zipped ROMs that are less than 4K in size; so far this bug has only ever occurred in Windows XP, but it's been there since Stella 4.1.
- Fixed bug in 'Rom Audit' functionality; sometimes ROMs without a valid properties entry were being renamed as "Untitled.bin".
- For the entire UI, removed colons and generally made the UI items easier to read.
- When in 'ROM launcher mode', Stella now uses slightly less CPU time. More work is required in this area, though.
- Added ROM properties for D.K. VCS homebrew ROM, thanks to Andreas Dietrich.
- Added slight improvement for auto-detecting Superchip bankswitching; the new implementation now works for the NTSC 'Dig Dug' ROM. Special thanks for SpiceWare for the idea and modified implementation.
- Fixed long-standing bug in 3-voice music in DPC+ bankswitching scheme; the music now sounds much more like the real thing.
- For the Linux/UNIX port:
*The settings directory now uses the XDG Base Directory Specification. In most cases, this means that your files will now be stored in '~/.config/stella' instead of '~/.stella'. To keep your old settings, run the following commands from the terminal:
cd ~
mv .stella .config/stella
*You will probably need to edit '~/.config/stella/stellarc' and change some paths accordingly.
- For the OSX port:
*Always use the built-in png and zlib libraries instead of the system versions.
*The preferences file has changed from 'net.sourceforge.Stella.plist' to 'Stella-emu.plist'. To keep your old settings, run the following commands from the terminal:
cd ~/Library/Preferences
mv net.sourceforge.Stella.plist Stella-emu.plist
- Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 13 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area). Related to this, updated the snapshot collection.
- Updated included PNG and ZLIB libraries to latest stable version. Also, both libraries are now compiled into the app whenever one is selected. This fixes issues with a newer ZLIB not working with an older PNG, etc.
- Updated build scripts for Visual Studio 2017 (Windows) and MacOS Sierra (latest version of Xcode), and make these the minimum supported versions for building Stella.
- Updated UNIX configure script to work with the clang 5+ and gcc 7+ compiler versions, and fixed compile issues on AArch64 and ppc64le architectures.
Télécharger Stella v5.0.1
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 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.084 
Dimanche 23/07/17 à 13:03 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour Mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed inverted control device in bsnes and faust module
- Now autodetect CD image function is a optional by user, in this way you can open a cd image with Mednafen player to listen the music
- Added Import/Remove IPS Rom Patch on Advanced Menu
- Added a function to backup .mcr save state when you play online

MetroMed Beta 04
- Added 3 profiles (balanced, performance and quality) for cover animation
- Added auto-recognize of virtual image file
- Fixed resize of split panel
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v0.084
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
 BGB v1.5.4 FR 
Vendredi 21/07/17 à 12:15 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Color est désormais disponible en français grâce à Tradu-France.
Télécharger BGB v1.5.4 FR
 BGB v1.5.4 
Mercredi 19/07/17 à 12:32 par Firebrand
L'un des meilleurs émulateurs GameBoy/GameBoy Color a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed regression: pokemon yellow broken in SGB mode. Fixed a number of bugs.
Télécharger BGB v1.5.4
Site Officiel de BGB
 MAMu_'s MAME Icons v0.187 Extended Pack 
Lundi 17/07/17 à 12:38 par Firebrand
Ce jeu d’icônes pour les frontends de MAME a été mis à jour pour la v0.187. N'ouvliez pas que si vous voulez la totalité des icônes, il vous faudra aussi le pack original de MaMu_ ainsi que l'Actualized Pack que vous retrouverez dans notre section MAME.
Télécharger MAMu_'s MAME Icons v0.187 Extended Pack
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 mGBA v0.6.0 
Lundi 17/07/17 à 12:33 par Firebrand
Cet excellent émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Color a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Qt: Italian translation (by theheroGAC)
- Qt: Updated German translation

- Core: Fix rewinding getting out of sync (fixes #791)
- GB Audio: Fix incorrect channel 4 iteration
- GB Audio: Fix zombie mode bit masking
- GB Serialize: Fix timer serialization
- GB Video: Fix LYC regression
- GBA SIO: Improve SIO Normal dummy driver (fixes #520)
- GBA Timer: Fix count-up timing overflowing timer 3
- PSP2: Use custom localtime_r since newlib version is broken (fixes #560)
- Qt: Fix memory search close button (fixes #769)
- Qt: Fix window icon being stretched
- Qt: Fix initial window size (fixes #766)
- Qt: Fix data directory path
- Qt: Fix controls not saving on non-SDL builds
- Qt: Fix translation initialization (fixes #776)
- Qt: Fix patch loading while a game is running
- Qt: Fix shader selector on Ubuntu (fixes #767)
- Qt: Fix GL-less build
- Qt: Fix Software renderer not handling alpha bits properly
- Qt: Fix screen background improperly stretching
- SDL: Fix cheats not loading

- GB Serialize: Add MBC state serialization
- GBA Memory: Call crash callbacks regardless of if hard crash is enabled
- GBA Timer: Improve accuracy of timers
- PSP2: Update toolchain to use vita.cmake
- Qt: Add language selector
- Qt: Minor text fixes
- Qt: Move shader settings into main settings window
- Qt: Dismiss game crashing/failing dialogs when a new game loads
- Qt: Properly ship Qt translations
- SDL: Remove writing back obtained samples (fixes #768)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (Windows)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (MacOS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (Linux)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger mGBA v0.6.0 (PS Vita)
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 DCMOTO v2017.07.14 
Dimanche 16/07/17 à 12:44 par Firebrand
On n'avait pas vu de mise à jour de cet émulateurs Thomson 8-bit depuis un bon moment. Voici les améliorations, et en français s'il vous plait:
- Correction d'une erreur de lecture cassette avec les TO9, TO8, TO8D et TO9+.
- Dans l'outil de mise au point, affichage de la trace des 2000 valeurs précédentes des registres 6809 et 6309.
- Dans l'outil de mise au point, désassemblage et affichage des trois instructions avant l'instruction en cours.
- Dans l'outil de mise au point, correction d'un mauvais fonctionnement des points d'arrêt en lecture et en ecriture.
- Dans l'outil de mise au point, possibilité de définir trois adresses de points d'arrêt.
- Dans l'outil de mise au point, affichage du détail des bits du registre CC (condition register).
- L'outil de mise au point est décomposé en deux boîtes de dialogue distinctes, pour éviter de dépasser la taille de l'écran.
- Simulation et désassembleur expérimentaux pour le processeur Hitachi HD63C09.
- La sauvegarde de l'état actuel du MO5 et du TO7/70 génère des fichiers .sd permettant de restaurer l'état sur la machine réelle.
- Retour de $CC en cas de lecture du registre 'SYSTEME 2' ($A7DD/$E7DD) des ordinateurs de dernière génération.
- Correction d'une erreur de contrôle de la luminosité. L'écran de réglage du crayon optique TO7 et TO7/70 fonctionne.
- Ajout de l'émulation du MO5 N (prédécesseur du MO6 découvert en 2017).
- Correction d'une anomalie d'émulation du clic de souris pour les MO5NR, MO6 et PC128.
- Ajout d'une option pour simuler un moniteur monochrome blanc, vert ou ambre.
- Correction d'une erreur de sélection de la banque mémoire par le PIA système des TO. Le Pascal UCSD fonctionne.
- Ajout d'une option pour imposer les proportions 4/3 à l'écran affiché.
- Ajout d'une option pour simuler l'effet de balayage des écrans à tube cathodique.
- Suppression de la remise à zéro du numéro de banque de la cartouche en cas d'initialisation programme.
- Correction d'une anomalie dans le traitement des touches majuscule et Basic des claviers graphiques MO.
- Ajout de l'ordinateur TO9+ avec la ROM OS-9.
- Programmation de l'instruction CWAI dans l'émulateur 6809 et le désassembleur.
- Ajout de la simulation d'accès aux cassettes et aux disquettes à la vitesse réelle.
- Correction d'une anomalie empêchant de décharger un support amovible dont le fichier image est vide.
- Le nom du fichier .sd chargé remplace le libellé fixe "" dans le répertoire de la carte SD simulée.
- Correction d'une anomalie (introduite en version 2015.05) lors de l'appui simultané sur les touches SHIFT et BASIC.
- Emulation du contrôleur de carte SD CS91-282 interne au MO5.
- Correction d'une anomalie d'affichage de la LED Shift-Lock du MO6 et du PC128 dans l'outil Clavier.
- Avec l'option Arduino, pour les fichiers d'extension .wav, chaque octet est converti en échantillon sur 6 bits.
- Ajout de l'option Arduino dans le fichier .mrx pour permettre les démonstrations de streaming.
- Rétablissement d'un curseur en forme de flèche pour redimensionner la fenêtre de l'émulateur.
- Le clavier du PC n'émule plus les manettes si la case correspondante n'est pas cochée dans les options.
- Les instructions non-documentées $41 et $42 ne sont plus utilisées pour la déprotection des cassettes MO5/MO6.
- Correction d'un conflit entre l'émulation de l'interface Arduino et l'émulation des manettes.
Télécharger DCMOTO v2017.07.14
Site Officiel de DCMOTO
 Altirra v2.90 
Dimanche 16/07/17 à 12:40 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur de micro-ordinateurs Atari 8-bit a été mis à jour. Voici la copieuse liste des nouveautés:
- Display: Direct3D 9 bicubic filtered display support has been removed for pixel shader 1.x video cards.
- Display: Default color presets have been updated.
- Firmware: The HLE kernel has been removed, as it was out of date and did not have enough advantages. The 800 LLE kernel is now loaded for any profiles that used the HLE kernel.
- HDevice: The escape character for reserved device name conflicts is now !. $ is still accepted on read.

[features added]
- Cartridge: Added /nocartchecksum command line switch for loading .CAR files without an initialized checksum field for development.
- Cassette: Motor restarts and individual sample timings are now randomized when the randomize option is enabled.
- Cassette: Automatic rewind on cold reset can now be disabled.
- CPU: 65C816 CPU speed can now be changed on the fly without a restart.
- Debugger: History window now shows preview of next instruction.
- Debugger: Added directive and debugger script support for cartridge images.
- Debugger: Added 'ir' command to read from input ports that have side effects on read.
- Debugger: Added .tracesio command.
- Debugger: Added .crc command.
- Debugger: db (dump bytes) now takes a -w (width) argument.
- Debugger: st (static trace) now has a -m option to add a symbol for the starting address.
- Debugger: Added .logopen and .logclose commands.
- Devices: Improved usability of Devices dialog.
- Devices: BlackBox and MIO now support multiple devices on the SCSI bus.
- Disk: Disk drives dialog now supports drag-and-drop.
- Disk: Disk drives dialog is now resizable (horizontally).
- Disk: Initial Happy 810 support (memory read/write commands only).
- Disk: Added support for full disk drive emulation of 810, Happy 810, 810 Archiver, 1050, 1050 Duplicator, US Doubler, Speedy 1050, Happy 1050, Super Archiver, TOMS 1050, Tiger 1050, 1050 Turbo, Indus GT, XF551, ATR8000, and PERCOM RFD-40S1 drives.
- Disk: Virtual DOS 2 disk image handler now supports preallocation of blocks to work with track buffering.
- Disk Explorer: Compressed disk images can now be loaded from the Disk Explorer.
- Disk Explorer: Read/write access is now allowed to SDFS filesystems that have less serious VTOC/bitmap errors (inaccessible sectors only).
- Display: Added borderless windowed / windowed fullscreen mode (enabled in Options).
- Display: Added 16-bit surface option for low-end graphics devices.
- Display: Sharp bilinear filter mode avoids sharpening horizontally if high artifacting is enabled.
- Display: Reduced luma bleed-through in NTSC artifacting algorithm and added support for modifying the color conversion matrix.
- Firmware: Added option to export the internal ROM set.
- GTIA: Added CTIA emulation mode.
- HLE: Fast boot now accelerates OS startup when Ultimate1MB is active.
- IDE: KMK/JZ IDE now has a setting to change the PBI device ID.
- Input: "Hold keys" now allows console button and key combinations to be held down on the next Reset that might be difficult or impossible to hold down normally.
- Input: Added a keyboard option to allow host keys to be shared between by the keyboard and input maps.
- POKEY: Improved SIO transfer logging.
- Profiler: Tabular data can now be copied to the clipboard via right-click option.
- Simulator: Added power-on delay setting to simulate turning on the computer later than peripherals.
- Simulator: Added some optional confirmations before automatic resets.
- UI: Copy/Save Frame now works for XEP-80 display.
- UI: Added variant of Copy/Save Frame which uses the true pixel aspect ratio with filtering.
- VBXE: Implemented config latch.

[bugs fixed]
- Additions: Colormap now restores palette properly on exit.
- Additions: Fixed an uninitialized variable in SX212.COM that could cause speed-switching issues on init.
- AltirraOS: Modified values of PALNTS for better compatibility with XL/XE OS.
- AltirraOS: Fix short block flag not being handled by direct SIO calls for the cassette device.
- AltirraOS: Suppress type 3 poll to disk boot only (fixes Pole Position and Missile Command cartridge audio).
- ANTIC: Fixed bogus abnormal playfield DMA condition on playfield clock speed switch with blank line in between.
- ATBasic: Fixed READ line not getting reset after NEW.
- ATBasic: PMBASE is no longer altered if PMGRAPHICS has not been executed.
- Cassette: Improved stability of modified bit decoding algorithm.
- Cassette: Fixed sporadic crash when re-recording in the middle of an existing tape.
- Cassette: Fixed "randomize" setting not saving properly.
- Cassette: Acceleration patch now updates the POKEY SERIN register after reading a block.
- CPU: Fixed broken STZ zp,X instruction in 65C02 mode only.
- Debugger: Fixed breakpoints not being disabled on detach if simulator was running.
- Debugger: Blocked rich text paste into command line.
- Debugger: Disk write from .diskwritesec was not always auto-flushed to disk.
- Debugger: Static trace (st) and dump disassembly (.dumpdsm) commands now work with coprocessor targets.
- Debugger: Watches now work with coprocessor targets.
- Debugger: Heat-map based uninitialized effective address trap is now filtered properly.
- Debugger: Fixed crash when examining I/O bus memory in the debugger in 800 mode.
- Devices: Fixed SX212 auto-speed switching issues in the emulated R: handler.
- Devices: SX212 now powers up in high speed.
- Disk: Improved timing of SIO burst transfers for more reliable operation at very high speeds.
- Disk: Added workaround to SDFS formatter and virtual disk handler for unusual disk format check in IDE+2 executable loader.
- Disk: Adjusted high speed C/E-to-data delay for 1050 Turbo emulation mode.
- Disk: Adjusted serial timing for Indus GT.
- Disk: Fixed double density and quad density .XFD disk images.
- Disk: Fixed disk position not being deterministic on a cold reset.
- Disk Explorer: Fixed failures when trying to drag a zero byte file from Explorer into a disk image.
- Display: Fixed saving of non-fullscreen window positioning after exiting in fullscreen mode.
- Display: Enhanced CIO display now sets cursor position properly on Delete Line.
- Display: XEP80 display no longer renders with point sampling when filter mode is set to bicubic.
- Display: Added workaround for display issues on Intel graphics in Direct3D 11 mode.
- Display: Fixed display not updating scaling properly after toggling VBXE.
- HDevice: Fixed crash when doing wildcard rename with filename that matches a reserved device name.
- HLE: Removed DSKINV acceleration hook to work around nonstandard DSCTLN handling in QMEG OS.
- HLE: Fixed incorrect handling of an accelerated SIO command interrupting a non-accelerated SIO command.
- HLE: Fixed AFP allowing exponent zero with FP acceleration enabled.
- PCLink: Fixed characters after ? in a wildcard pattern being ignored.
- POKEY: High-pass flip flop update was off by one cycle.
- POKEY: Three-cycle offset between low and high linked timers is now properly maintained in passive timer mode.
- Serial: Added delay between ATA/ATD and CONNECT to deal with programs that expect to be able to close and reopen R: in between.
- Simulator: Corrected machine clock rate for SECAM machines.
- UI: Main window now autoselects a new active pane when the current active pane is undocked.
- UI: Audio monitor now shows correct frequencies for PAL.
- VBXE: The xcolor bit now also gates bit 0 of colors in attribute map cells.
- XEP80: Tab stops are now set properly on soft reset.
Télécharger Altirra v2.90
Site Officiel de Altirra
 SameBoy v0.91 
Vendredi 14/07/17 à 12:48 par Firebrand
On profite de la mise à jour de cet émulateur GameBoy pour MacOS pour l'ajouter à notre site. Il est focalisé sur la précision de l'émulation et possède de nombreuses fonctions (voir le détail sur la fiche de l'émulateur). A essayé pour les utilisateurs de la pomme. Voici les changements de cette version:
Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where SameBoy froze for various amounts of time after using turbo mode.
Télécharger SameBoy v0.91
Site Officiel de SameBoy
 DSP v0.18 WIP 13/06/17 (32-bit) 
Vendredi 14/07/17 à 12:36 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été publiée. Voici les changements apportés:
Game and Watch
- Added 'Mario Bros.', missing graphics
- Better sound emulation

Amstrad CPC
- Better CPC Z80 timings
- Added configuration for tape motor, you can select if it is used in the emulation of the virtual tape or not
- Improved video (registers, vsync, hsync, etc.)
- Improved memory management, 512Kb expansion it's working properly
- Improved interruptions

Super Darwin
- Added MCU, simulated protection removed
- Corrected palette and VBLANK
- Added 2nd player controls, dip switches and screen flip
Télécharger DSP v0.18 WIP 13/06/17 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de DSP
 RockNES v5.52 (i686) 
Vendredi 14/07/17 à 12:33 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed mapper 19 (Rolling Thunder (J) works).
- Internal cleanups and minor tweaks.
- Documentation updated.
Télécharger RockNES v5.52 (i686)
Site Officiel de RockNES
 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.42 (Unicode) FR 
Jeudi 13/07/17 à 12:42 par Firebrand
Un petit bug s'était glissé dans la dernière traduction en français de cet émulateur. Ceci a été corrigé et vous pouvez ré-télécharger la bonne version.
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.42 (Unicode) FR
 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.42 (Unicode) FR 
Mercredi 12/07/17 à 11:17 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France.
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.42 (Unicode) FR
 Cheat.dat v0.187 
Lundi 10/07/17 à 11:55 par Firebrand
Cette collection de codes de triche a été mise à jour pour MAME v0.187.
Télécharger Cheat.dat v0.187
Site Officiel de Cheat.dat
 NPlayers.ini et NPlayers32.ini v0.187 
Lundi 10/07/17 à 11:54 par Firebrand
Ces fichiers permettant de trier les jeux MAME par nombre de joueurs a été mis à jour pour MAME 0.187.
Télécharger NPlayers.ini v0.187
Télécharger NPlayers32.ini v0.187
Site Officiel de NPlayers.ini
 Highscore.dat (unofficial) v05/07/2017 
Lundi 10/07/17 à 11:49 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce fichier permettant d'enregistrer vos high-scores avec MAME a été publiée à l'occasion de la sortie de MAME v0.187.
Télécharger Highscore.dat (unofficial) v05/07/2017
Site Officiel de Highscore.dat (unofficial)
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