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 AppleWin v1.26.2.3 
Mardi 25/04/17 à 12:20 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- [Bug #405] Screen flicker in full-speed mode
- [Bug #403] PrintScreen from Color TV or B&W TV video modes is missing top line
- [Bug #217] Debugger G(o) command should use normal speed
*When stepping, ESC no longer exits back to debugger (use F7, Pause keys or Debugger button instead).
*Persist F2 (reset machine state) across debug & stepping states
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 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.077 
Lundi 24/04/17 à 13:09 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce frontend pour mednafen a été publié. Voici la liste des améliorations:
- Added specific Shortcut for fast and faust module
- Added options from Mednafen
- Fixed random crash on shortcut creator
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 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 7 FR 
Dimanche 23/04/17 à 12:54 par Firebrand
L'équipe de Tradu-France a été au taquet pour traduire en français la dernière beta de WinUAE.
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 7 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 7 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 7 
Dimanche 23/04/17 à 12:48 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta de cet émulateur Amiga pour Windows a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Accessing accelerator board SCSI IO region without any added SCSI device caused crash.
- winlaunch.lib native code use attempts are now internally "emulated". Library is not used or needed anymore.
- Old style 0xf00000 boot rom is automatically mapped (if memory is not already in use and "new" rom mode) if it looks like program is directly jumping to boot rom trap space instead of using uae.resource.
- AGA FMODE>0 unaligned bitplane and sprite pointer behavior should be now accurately emulated. (It is not simple masking). Sprites not tested (too boring) but both should use same DMA hardware. [I saw some comments somewhere, I'd recommend contacting me for faster response ]
- Added A590 v4.6 boot ROM to ROM scanner.
- Fixed A590 XT mode request sense handling (for example if out of bounds read).
- 68040/060 without FPU or 68060 with FPU disabled exception had wrong PC OF FAULTED INSTRUCTION field in exception stack frame.
- Comspec SA-1000 controller emulation remaining features implemented.
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Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 7 (64-bit)
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 Mednafen v0.9.44.1 
Samedi 22/04/17 à 12:26 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes pour Windows a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- MD: Added a missing MDFN_FASTCALL, the absence of which broke 32-bit x86 builds(either at link time or run time).
- PSX: Restructured the GPU emulation code and data a bit to get a minor performance boost.
- VB, PCE, WonderSwan, MD, GBA: Use fastcall calling convention(on 32-bit x86) in a few (more) places where it makes sense.
- SNES-Faust: Added setting "snes_faust.correct_aspect", default value of "1".
- SNES-Faust: Added PAL support.
- SNES-Faust: Made minor optimizations to the BG rendering code.
- Added command-line option "-which_medium", to specify which CD to start with when using multi-CD M3U sets.
- SNES: Fixed emulator hang when saving state in "Panic Bomber W".
- Added some simple scripts to cross-compile and package Mednafen for Windows.
- Added Windows cross-compiler toolchain setup notes.
- 32-bit Windows builds are now compiled with -march=i686 instead of -march=i586(shouldn't affect compatibility for official builds, since the toolchain and libraries were already effectively being compiled with -march=i686, which was not intended, but since nobody apparently complained... ;p).
- VB: Added support for custom palettes.
- VB: Reworked how LED on-state duration is translated into RGB values and added setting "vb.ledonscale"; the default value of "vb.ledonscale" is- set such that the overall brightness will be lower than in previous versions of Mednafen, to reduce white crush, but the user can set it to a value of "1.9921875" to approximate the old brightness level.
- SNES: Made a couple of SDD1 registers readable; fixes "Tractor Beam" spell graphical glitches in "Star Ocean"(thanks to orbea).
- SS: Added support for a 16MiB RAM cart mapped into the A-bus CS1 area(for "Heart of Darkness" and homebrew).
- WonderSwan: Removed setting "wswan.rotateinput", and added a new device("gamepadraa") that can be selected on virtual input port 1 to automatically rotate inputs when the display is rotated.
- Reworked text drawing to not use an excessive number of potentially-large VLAs.
- Moved statements with important side effects outside of assert()s in settings.cpp.
- Replaced ancient Unicode conversion code with newly-developed code.
- SS: Prioritize SMPC command execution over VBlank handler execution, per (limited) tests on a SS. Fixes broken input in "Primal Rage"(a 0.9.43 regression).
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Télécharger Mednafen v0.9.44.1 (64-bit)
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 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 FR 
Jeudi 20/04/17 à 13:53 par Firebrand
La dernière version de WinUAE a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 
Mardi 18/04/17 à 12:55 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta a été publiée pour cet émulateur Amiga pour Windows. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Comspec SA-1000 SCSI HD controller emulation. (Partially implemented only, don't have working install disk)
- California Access Malibu SCSI HD controller emulation.
- Stop immediately with halt code 11 if initial PC does not point to any valid address or is odd when CPU emulator starts.
- Manually configured but disabled (size zero) Z2/Z3 banks were added to system.
- Apollo 1240/1260 memory address space fixed. Memory disable jumper option added.
- 68000 address error stacked PC was not correct in some read-modify-write instructions.
- If Custom board order was enabled, expansion devices custom config setting(s) was not saved correctly.
- Emulate rare 68040/060 FPU (with unimplemented instructions not emulated) fpsp (68040/060.library) software emulation case correctly when both operands are denormals.
- Show [Paused] in windowed mode title bar when in pause mode.
- Transcendental functions added to softfloat emulation (Andreas Grabher). Not 100% identical results compared to 6888x but almost. Softfloat mode is now complete.
- Removed Arithmetic exceptions option, it is now always enabled in softfloat mode. (It was only temporary option until arithmetic exceptions are fully implemented)
- Visual DMA debugger can be switched off, "vo".
- Added visual DMA debugger -5 and -6 modes (-5 = larger overlay with "transparency" and -6 = no "transparency)
- Added separate colors for visual DMA debugger copper wait and special cases (strobe extra cycle, 0xe0 cycle)
- Added visual DMA debugger configuration: DMA channels can be disabled and colors can be changed. "vm" = show status
*"vm < channel > < sub index >" = enable/disable toggle. (sub index is not used but must be included)
*"vm < channel > < sub index > < hex rgb >" = change color of channel. If sub index is zero: all sub index colors are changed.

Comspec SA-1000:
- Autobooting A1000 HD controller that also supports loading KS disk from HD!
- Not RDB compatible.
- WD33C93 based, PIO, handshake in hardware but still needs status register polling.
- "ComspecHD.device 34.805 (17 Oct 1988)" added to ROM scanner.

California Access Malibu:
- 5380 SCSI, fake DMA (Long word)
- "Malibu.device 1.0 (1 Jan 1991)" added to ROM scanner.
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 6 (64-bit)
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 ROMs FB Alpha v0.2.97.40 
Lundi 17/04/17 à 20:01 par Reeko
Final Burn Alpha est l'un des meilleurs émulateurs multi-arcade et il est disponible sur une multitude de supports. La rubrique dédiée sur le site vient d'être mise à jour avec toutes les ROMs arcade reconnues.
ROMs FB Alpha
 Ootake v2.80 
Lundi 17/04/17 à 12:28 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce très bon émulateur PC-Engine a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- The operation part of the joypad is brought close to the operation of the actual machine. In "Magicoal", the problem that two people play could not be played was solved.
- The timing of the operation is brought close to the operation of the actual machine. In "The Legendary Axe II", the problem that the screen was dark one frame at the start demo was solved.
- "HES BigAudioBuffer (Frame Skip)" was added to the Audio menu. When this is checked, if the HES file (program for PCE's built-in sound, extension is ".hes") is opened, it is started with BigAudioBuffer mode(sound is delayed but stable processing with a large buffer and omitting the drawing).
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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 AppleWin v1.26.2.2 
Lundi 17/04/17 à 12:25 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple // a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- [Bug #392] Fixes for a2audit.dsk
*Resulting in regressions in LC support for Gemstone Warriors (#395), Quark Catalyst V3 and BeagleWrite (#400).
- [Bug #389] Disk's write-protect detection mis-reporting when motor off
- [Bug #387] Support for 40-track .nib files
- [Bug #386] SSC:
*Experimental support for 6551's DTR, DCD and DSR bits via -modem switch ie. -modem is shorthand for passing -dtr -dcd -dsr
*Experimental support for 6551's control bit: DTR via -dtr switch
*Experimental support for 6551's status bits: DCD and DSR via -dcd and -dsr switches
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 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.40 
Lundi 17/04/17 à 12:22 par Firebrand
Ca faisait un petit moment que cet émulateur arcade pour Windows n'avait pas connu de mise à jour. Son auteur n'était cependant pas inactif ce qui nous donne une impressionnante liste de nouveautés:
Fixes and new features
- Added Favorites feature: mark games as favorite from the Game Info window, or right-click in the list. Toggle favorites mode in the "Filters" section [dink]
- Added right-click context menu (Play game, View in Progetto Emma, Game Info and Mark as Favorite) [Barry]
- Added a gear-shifter display for Chequered Flag, Contental Circus, Super Chase, Chase HQ, SCI, Double Axle, Racing Beat, Top Speed, KonamiGT / RF2, OutRun / Turbo Outrun and Power Drift. Can be enabled/disabled in Misc -> Options. [dink]
- Hooked up newly dumped sound-MCU's in Fire Shark, Vimana and Teki Paki, giving these games sound! Thank you CapsOff!! [dink]
- Added bSkipStartupCheck - hidden .ini option for developers or those who never scan their romsets [dink]
- Fixed odd-word/long reads and writes in the m68000 cpu interface which in turn fixes the nasty 68x020 bug that has been plaguing us for ages. This fixes freeze-ups in Asura Buster and other 68ec020-based games. [iq_132/dink]
- Fixed in Asura Buster / Blade: Sprite & tile glitches, music synchronization [dink]
- Fixed several issues which caused FBAlpha to crash when loading romsets with missing roms [dink]
- Fixed Tail 2 Nose missing backgrounds [dink]
- Added TMS32010 cpu core for the Flying Shark/Twin Cobra/Wardner drivers [dink]
- Fixed Demon World sprite and tile offsets, also hooked up TMS32010 cpu and removed the no-TMS32010 hack [iq_132 / dink]
- Fixed Flicky on SG-1000 hw [dink]
- Fixed default eeprom settings for Charlie Ninja [dink]
- Fixed sound in regulusu [dink]
- Fixed Head Panic default settings, game is now playable [dink]
- Fixed broken graphics/corruption in Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally [dink]
- Increased the Icon limit [dink]
- Fixed P2 Start in Asterix [dink]
- Added 1-bit dac/key clicker, map joy to cursor keys, Swap tape side A/B and lots of games to the MSX driver [dink]
- Improved savestate stability/reliability with the MSX driver [dink]
- Improved the MSM5205 interface w/MSM5205NewFrame() and MSM5205UpdateScanline(), for games that need a 256 interleave. [dink]
- Fixed diagonal movements in Toaplan/Taito's GetStar / Guardian [dink]
- Fixed a crash-scenario w/DonPachi on ARM and 64-bit systems [dink]
- Fixed sound in Speed Spin [iq_132]
- Added encrypted DataEast cpus to the M6502 core [iq_132]
- Fixed service mode, sprite offsets and corrupt tilemaps in G.I.Joe [dink]
- Fixed audio issues, movement issues, slowdowns in Captain Silver [dink]
- Mega-update to the ES5506 core: dynamic resampling, volume functions [iq_132], 5505-interface fix, clipping issues and savestate support [dink]
- Add NEC-V60 CPU Core [iq_132 / Romhack]
- Add UPD-7725 DSP Core [iq_132]
- Fixed sound, video issues and crash issues in Welltris [dink]
- Fixed sound and hooked up proper analogue inputs for Taito's Super Chase [dink]
- Fixed DAC speech and reboot issues in Baraduke / Alien Sector [dink]
- Fixed missing sounds in Pac-Land and Sky Kid [dink]
- Fixed a bug in the M6502 core where it wouldn't save the subtype and instruction handler [dink]
- Added rotation code for Caliber 50 and DownTown [dink]
- Fixed video layer offsets in namcos86 driver, improving video for Rolling Thunder, Hopping Mappy and SkyKid DX [dink]
- Fixed Taito/Toaplan's RallyBike titlescreen [dink]
- Added M6502ReleaseSlice() the the M6502 cpu core interface [dink]
- Add UPD-7810 CPU Core [iq_132]
- Fixed Thunder Cross 2 Japan and Asian versions [dink]
- Fixed dim palette in Lightning Fighters [dink]
- Enhanced the glass effect in Surprise Attack [dink]
- Fixed grapics issues in Konami's Xexex: Sprite masking effect in intro, flashes between scene changes, offset issue in the highscore table, missing effect in Japanese version continue screen [dink]
- Added new tilemap system with all the bells & whistles [iq_132]
- Fixed dips in Dam Busters [dink]
- Fixed gameover animation in Vapor Trail [rb6502]
- Fixed titlescreen raster effect in R-Type Leo [dink]
- Fixed sprite glitching in Shogun Warriors [dink]
- Fixed strangely flipped tiles in Cosmic Cop [dink]
- Ported latest i8051 core with DS5002FP support [dink]
- Added support for 6821 PIA devices [dink]
- Added apan callback support to the K054539 soundchip [dink]
- Fixed service mode in Xexex. Bucky O`Hare and Moo Mesa [dink]
- Fixed tile priority issue in Shackled [dink]
- Re-wrote driver for Shadow Force and added raster effects [iq_132]
- Re-wrote driver for Exed Exes [iq_132]
- Fixed screen priority & graphics issues in Chase HQ, SCI and Night Striker [dink]
- Fixed DIPs for Mars by Artic [dink]
- Added proper MCU emulation on Heavy Barrel with the new i8051 core [dink]
- Fixed Speed Coin - freezes up when the coin breaks if audio set to 48khz [dink]
- timer.cpp: added ability to attach a timer to a NULL cpu for for instances where the main cpu cycles possibly vary [dink]
- Added BDF_GAME_NOT_WORKING flag to burn.h [dink]
- Fixed 8-way movements in Jump Shot [dink]
- System 16 Updates [Barry]
*Added support for the Sega 315 5195 Memory Mapper chip
.Hooked up in Sega System 16B driver
.Hooked up in Sega OutRun driver
.Hooked up in Sega System 18 driver
.Added Moonwalker and clones to the Sega System 18 driver now they can be supported
*Properly emulate the shadow/hilight palettes in Sega System 16 and associated drivers
*Emulate priority buffer for Y-Board driver when mixing in System 16B sprites
*Added Lock On (Philko) to the Sega System 16B driver
*Fixed tile banking in some Altered Beast sets
*Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Altered Beast
*Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Golden Axe
*Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Body Slam
*Emulated the I8751 MCU in the clone Quartet 2 (8751 317-0010)
*Added 5 bootlegs of SDI to the Sega System 16B driver
*Fixed game ini saving for SDI & clones
*Implemented full controls in Ace Attacker in the Sega System 16B driver
*Fix outrundxj
*Hooked up PPI8255 reads in Major League
*Fix life counter in Space Harrier
*Added support for screen flipping in Sega System 16A/16B drivers - fixes some levels of SDI which rely on it
- Added a module for Resister Networks (Palette Generation) [Barry]
- Update lzma sdk to 16.04 [Barry]
- Update libpng to 1.6.28 [Barry]
- Update zlib to 1.2.11 [Barry]
- Synchronize romsets with the latest MAME [Barry]
- Fixed sprite priority issues in Task Force Harrier [dink]
- Fixed alignment issues in Swat Police and Head Panic, x-scroll issues, and added missing flashing sprite effect on ESD16 Hardware [dink]
- Synthesized a proper color palette for Time Limit [dink]
- Improvements/Fixes for Super Kaneko Nova System: [dink]*New cpu-based speedhack for most games - dip option
*Fixed Music and SFX in Gals Panic S
*Fixed attract-mode music cut short in VS Block Breaker/Saru Kani
*Fixed garbage on screen when the game starts in VS Block Breaker/Saru Kani

- Updated KonamiBlendCopy() to be faster/more efficient [iq_132]
- Fixed a crash in Donkey Kong 3 Japanese version [dink]
- Fixed Z80's ZetRunEnd(); *revisited*. This fixes slowdown issues with Strikers 1945 Plus [dink]
- Added newer-style VezMapMemory() function to the NEC V20-35 cpu interfaces. [dink]
- Fixed a masking issue in NEC V20-35's read port interface [dink]
- Fixed a blitter issue in Kangaroo, fixed savestates: video banking and lost music [dink]
- Fixed nasty crackling/popping noises in Darius 2 [dink]
- Hooked up shot and explosion samples to Seibu Stinger and Scion[c] [dink]
- Fixed sprite flickering and freeze-ups in Xain'd Sleena [dink]
- Front-End fix: when starting a game from the commandline, only init the blitter once. also don't get stuck in fullscreen when loading fails due to a bad romset [dink]
- Fix some structure alignment issues so drivers can benefit from vectorization/SIMD optimizations present in latest gcc w/ -O3 and other recent compilers [dink, barbudreadmon]
- Fix dipswitch issues in several games thanks to info from the libretro/fba guys [barbudreadmon, dink]
- Fixed Dac and scrolling issues in Konami's Finalizer [dink]
- Fixed a crash issue in Super-X (NTC) when up + down was pressed [dink]
- Default Full Screen depth to 32bpp [dink]
- Fixed DAC DC Offset on some System16 games: Shinobi, Quartet 1 and 2, eliminating pops and clicks [dink]
- Added proper inputs for Wall Crash [dink]
- Add default gun calibrations and fix sprite:tile priority issues in Operation Wolf 3 [dink]
- Reduce the time duration "state loaded/saved" is displayed on the screen [dink]
- Fixed mosaic tile effect on scene transitions in FixEight [dink]
- Fixed sound synchronization issues in Batrider [dink]
- Improvements and Fixes to the Input (re)Recording/Playback feature: [dink]
*Add Record from Power On option to replay/input recording
*Shift+Backspace to disable/enable the frame counter while recording or playing back recordings
*Fix a nasty bug that caused desynchs in some recordings
- Add original author(s) credit to each driver and core [iq_132]
- Add trackball support to Capcom Bowling and Krazy Bowl [dink]
- Fix crash with Force 16bit Emulation and Megadrive [dink]
- Fix Gun & Frontier sprite lag issue [dink]
- Fix Zero Point 1 and 2 Sprite priorities and sound effects in Zero Point 2 [dink]
- Slight speedup with the search function [tumu]
- Fix Demon World savestates [dink]
- Fix timing issue in D-Con [dink]
- Fix sprite alignment in oisipuzl [dink]
- Fix savestate compatibility between 32bit/64bit systems [barbudreadmon & libretro guys, dink]
- Fix Ghost 'n Goblins savestate banking issue, improve timing [dink]
- Fix timing issue in Toki that occasionally caused tiles in the map-screen to jitter [dink]
- Fix Hit the Ice inputs and graphics issues [dink]
- Fix timing issues in 4 En Raya [dink]
- Fix missing button #3 and video issues in Strategy X [dink]
- Hook up trackball and fix palette issues - U.S. Classic now playable [dink]
- Fix music and banking issues in Funny Bubble [dink]
- Fix soundfx and timing in Tripool [dink]
- Fixed soundcpu communications in Gauntlet, hooked up the Pokey sound generator and savestates [dink]
- Improved M6502 core by properly handling indexed read/writes, fixed pulsing the nmi line with CPU_IRQSTATUS_AUTO [dink]

New drivers
- Konami's The Main Event and Cosmo Police Galivan / Ninja Emaki / UFO Robo Dangar were accidentally left out of the last release, sorry!
- Added driver for Twin Cobra, Flying Shark / Sky Shark / Gulf War II [iq_132]
- Added driver for Wardner [iq_132]
- Added driver for Taito System-L (Fighting Hawk, Raimais, Champion Wrestler, Puzznic, Kuri Kinton, Evil Stone, etc) [iq_132]
- Added driver for Dacholer / KickBoy and Itazura Tenshi [iq_132]
- Add driver for games on SSV hardware: Twin Eagle 2, Vasara I and II, Change Air Blade, Dyna Gear, Survival Arts, Drift Out '94, Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting, Ultra-X-Weapons, Storm Blade and more [iq_132]
- Added driver for FireTrap by WoodPlace [iq_132]
- Added driver for games on Metro hardware: Blazing Tornado, Gun Master, Pang Poms, Sky Alert, Puzzli, Mouse Shooter GoGo/Bang Bang Ball/Battle Bubble, Bal Cube, Dharma Doujou [iq_132]
- Added driver for Bogey Manor by Technos on modified Data East hardware [iq_132]
- Added driver for Cloak and Dagger [iq_132 w/dink]
- Added driver for B-Wings and Zaviga [iq_132]
- Added driver for Sigma's Submarine [iq_132]
- Added driver for Macross Plus [iq_132]
- Added driver for Atari's Canyon Bomber [iq_132]
- Added driver for Gaelco's World Rally [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Dream World, Cute Fighter, Baryon Future Assault, Rolling Crush, Gaia on SemiCom DreamWorld Hardware [iq_132]
- Added driver for Puzzle Bobble 2, 3 & 4, Gunlock/Rayforce, Bubble Bobble 2 & 3, Gekirindan, Grid Seeker, Twin Cobra II, Recalhorn, Land Maker and a whole bunch more on Taito F3 hardware [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Shadow Land, Dragon Spirit, Pac-Mania, Galaga '88, Splatter House and others on Namco System 1 Hardware [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Fantasy Land, Galaxy Gunner and Wheels Runner [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Susume! / Go Go! Mile Smile and Gyakuten! Puzzle Bancho on Fuuki 16-bit Hardware [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Karate Champ by Data East [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Shot Rider, Zippy Race / Traverse USA [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Konami's Hyper Sports and Road Fighter [iq_132]
- Added driver for Konami's Juno First [iq_132]
- Added driver for Battle Cross and DodgeMan [iq_132]
- Added driver for Shoot Out by Data East [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Acrobatic Dog Fight [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Tetris, Hang-On Jr. and Transformer on Sega System E hardware [vbt]
- Added drivers for Big Striker bootlegs [iq_132]
- Added driver for Kusayakyuu (Baseball) [iq_132]
- Added driver for Paddle Mania and The Next Space on Alpha 68k I hardware [iq_132]

New additions to existing drivers
- Added Mini Planets (REV02) to the Megadrive driver [dink]
- Added Miss World 2002 [NeoGeo de Ahuizotla, Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added Eeekk!! on pacman hardware [iq_132]
- Added Sky Robo and Tatakae! Big Fighter to the armedf driver. Thanks to CapsOff for dumping the impossible protection MCU! [dink]
- Added Hangzo! to the DataEast Rohga driver [iq_132]
- Added Gals Panic S2 (Europe), now its the parent [rtw, JacKc]
- Added Samurai Shodown II (Spacial 2017) [GSC2007, JacKc, iq_132]
- Finished emulation of early Seta games: Caliber 50, ThunderCade, Twin Eagle, DownTown, Meta Fox and Arbalester [dink]
- Added Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter II (Japan 940418, Ver 1.00) [Barry]

Clones and updated romsets in existing drivers
- Update kof98cb to 20170108 version [JacKc]
- Replaced Mutant Night (mnight) with World version, Kawakus license now mnightj [JacKc]
- Added clone of Burning Fight (prototype, ver 23.3, 910326) [Collin Foust, JacKc]
- Added clone of WWF WrestleFest (World) [Hammy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Mustache Boy (Italy) [ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added clone of ORIENTAL SOFT 1945k III OPCX1 2000 Version (Korea) [ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added clone of Forgotten Worlds (USA, B-Board 88618B-2, Rev. E) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Vendetta (World, 2 Players, ver. *) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Sol Divide - The Sword Of Darkness (Korea) [Nomax, The Dumping Union, JacKc, dink]
- Added clone of Raiden (Korea, bootleg) [Tirino73, JacKc]
- Added clone of Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Korean release) [Brian Hargrove, JacKc]
- Added clone of Flicky (128k Version, 315-5051, larger roms) [system11, JacKc]
- Added clone of Momoko 120% (English text) [Paul Hogger, JacKc]
- Added clone of The NewZealand Story (World, old version) (older PCB) [Porchy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Fighting Fantasy (Japan revision *) [Hammy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (older) [NeoSD, JacKc]
- Added clone of Three Wonders (3wondersha) [Barry]
- Added clone of The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (Korean release) [Brian Hargrove, JacKc]
- Added clone of Deroon DeroDero (alt set) [arcademodbios, JacKc]
- Added clone of Puzznic (US) [Coolmod, JacKc]
- Added clone of Head Panic (ver. 0702, 02/07/1999) [hammy, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Red Hawk (Greece) [Abelardator2, JacKc, iq_132]
- Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Japan 960223) [ShouTime, Steven Fairbrother, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Raiden II (Germany) [Caius, JacKc]
- Update Samurai Shodown II Special to v1.0.0311 [GSC2007, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910129) [Janniz, JacKc]
- Added clone of Radical Radial (Japan) [ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added clone of Flashgal (set 1, Kyugo logo) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Martial Masters / Xing Yi (V103, 102, 102, China) [kuze, JacKc]
- Added clone of Rastan (World, Earlier code base) [System11, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (911210 Japan, rev L) [Bonky0013, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Sonic Blast Man (US) [coolmod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (UPL bootleg) [Shoutime, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World, bootleg) [The Iron Goat, JacKc]
- Added clone of Knights of Valour - Sangoku Senki (V100, Hong Kong) [Pasky Junk, JacKc]
- Added clone of Sangokushi II: Sheng Jian Sanguo (Chinese bootleg set 4, 921005 Asia) [Unknown, Barry]
- Sync. PGM romsets with MAME 0.184 [JacKc]
- Added clone of Bionic Commandos (bootleg, set 2) [The Dumping Union, JacKc]
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.40 (Unicode)
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.40 (64-bit)
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.40 (XP)
Site Officiel de Final Burn Alpha
 My Nes v6.3.10 (32-bit) 
Samedi 15/04/17 à 12:18 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added: new handler for BlipBuffer, blipbuffer updated to the latest version. My Nes now sounds even better.
- Improved: emulation speed control.
Télécharger My Nes v6.3.10 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de My Nes
 Snes9x v1.11 
Jeudi 13/04/17 à 13:11 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce port de Snes9x pour Nintendo 3DS a été publié. Une seule amélmioration est à signaler:
- Fixed crashing bug when loading CHX cheat files.
Télécharger Snes9x v1.11
Site Officiel de Snes9x
 GameInit.dat v0.184 (0.26) 
Dimanche 09/04/17 à 13:53 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce fichier contenant des informations pour aider les utilisateurs de MAME a démarrer certains jeux dont l'initialisation est complexe a été publiée. Voici les données ajoutées:
- 0.26 0.184 08/04/2017: 92 new entries added.
Télécharger GameInit.dat v0.184 (0.26)
Site Officiel de GameInit.dat
 Pasofami v2.32 
Dimanche 09/04/17 à 13:50 par Firebrand
Ce vénérable émulateur de consoles Nintendo 8/16-bit a été mis à jour. Comme toujours, son changelog étant en japonais, j'ignore ce qui a été modifié.
Télécharger Pasofami v2.32
Site Officiel de Pasofami
 VirtuaNES v0.91 
Dimanche 09/04/17 à 13:46 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur NES pour Nintendo 3DS a été publiée. Voii la liste des changements:
- Enabled support of FDS ROMS without the standard FDS headers.
- Added feature to allow players to switch disks for FDS games.
- Fixed faint vertical lines appearing at the left/right edges of the screen.
- Enabled APU frame counter IRQ (fixes Qix, and probably many others)
- Used 64-bit integer for total cycle counter. This should fix sound problems after running a game for too long.
-Improved sound synchronization - minimizes occurrence of songs going out of tune or just behaving oddly.
- Improved digital sample playback synchronisation. Fixes Skate of Die 2’s intro song.
- Allow mapping of 3DS buttons to the NES Start/Select buttons.
- Added cropped 4:3 Fit and cropped fullscreen modes.
- Fixed some issues with MMC5 mappers when powering up.
- Fixed issues handling of CHR-RAM.
- Updated MMC5 mapper to handle register $5130 correctly.
- Updated MMC5 mapper to write to XRAM so that it can be executed from CPU.
- Updated MMC5 mapper to save /load state of the updated internal registers.
- Fixes Zelda - Legend of Link and Rockman 4 Minus Infinity MMC5 build.
- Minor optimizations by removing checks for clock tests.
- Fixed Smash TV D-pad problem
- Fixed bug with the saving of the auto-fire rate.
- Fixed bug where the game-specific settings never seemed to get saved.
- Fixed bug where the emulator freezes when you select a ROM after selecting one that fails to load.
- Fixed problem of a full black screen for right-eye when using a New 3DS.
- Fixed bug that causes crashing on certain 3DSes.
Télécharger VirtuaNES v0.91
Site Officiel de VirtuaNES
 FS-UAE v2.9.5 dev 
Dimanche 09/04/17 à 13:43 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Amiga a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Changes in FS-UAE 2.9.5dev:
- Added some game controller configs.
- Restructuring to allow for (future) multiple video/audio/input drivers.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.5dev:
- Added support for WHDLoad 18.3.
- New quick settings panel (initial version) with toggle button.
- Tweaked Fusion Adwaita theme colors to better match recent GNOME theme.
- Controller configs for 8Bitdo SFC30 and Zero gamepads.
- Controller config for DualShock 3 in bluetooth mode on Linux.
- Make configurations list wider when window width is quite large.
- Remember last selected game list on startup.
- Lots of changes for non-Amiga/CDTV/CD32 game support.
- New GUI setting to enable use of additional game platforms.
- Disable config controls when loading a non-Amiga platform game.
- Fix check for startup-sequence when determining if an archive is WHDLoad.
Télécharger FS-UAE v2.9.5 dev (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger FS-UAE v2.9.5 dev (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger FS-UAE v2.9.5 dev (32-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger FS-UAE v2.9.5 dev (64-bit) (MacOS)
Site Officiel de FS-UAE
 Messinfo.dat v10.27 (MAME/MESS v0.184) 
Samedi 08/04/17 à 09:40 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour les machines domestiques de MAME a été mis à jour. Voici les données modifiées:
- 10.27 06/04/2017: Aligned files to 0.184 version. Updated: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt' and 'alltimesMESS.txt'.
- 10.26 15/03/2017: Added versions were are added the device (from version 0.146u1 to 0.148).
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v10.27 (MAME/MESS v0.184)
Site Officiel de Messinfo.dat
 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 FR 
Jeudi 06/04/17 à 12:03 par Firebrand
La dernière beta de WinUAE a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 FR (64-bit)
 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.076a 
Mercredi 05/04/17 à 14:44 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour Mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Now "right double click mouse button" on a game on list, open a menu to select the operation to perform (to open Advanced emu options, select the voice from this menu)
- Added a function to create a desktop shortcut of selected game.
If a boxart exist, MedguiR take the respective image, convert it in icon format and assign it to the shortcut
- Changed the position of form at rom list refresh (it will not be centered at the desktop screen)
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v0.076a
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
 WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 
Mardi 04/04/17 à 13:17 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta pour ces émulateur Amiga a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added Actionware dual light gun adapter emulation. Second gun config entries added to Input panel.
- More accurate lightpen emulation, if lightpen is enabled (bplcon0 bit 3), VPOSR is always stopped from beginning of last line to end of vblank (last line really is special!). Beam detection is now cycle exact.
- Light guns apparently have pull up resistor in trigger line, at least Capone requires it.
- Added lightpen offset config entry ("lightpen_offset=x,y"). Offset is in Amiga hardware resolution, lores and non-laced.
- Automatically de-interleave unknown (not in ROM scanner) but valid looking 1M interleaved CD32 ROM images.
- Automatically byteswap unknown 256k, 512k and 1M KS ROM byteswapped images. ROM must have valid checksum, header and size fields.
- Implemented previously completely unimplemented bsdsocket.library emulation sendmsg() and recvmsg().
- Switching middle button = untrap on the fly didn't change windowed mode title bar text.
- GVP SCSI emulation now supports boot roms that do not copy code to RAM first, without need for more compatible option. Only if not banked. (not guru rom).
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v3.4.1 Beta 5 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
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