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 MAMEUI64 v0.219 
Jeudi 27/02/20 à 13:54 par Firebrand
La version 64-bit de MAMEUI est aussi publiée en avance.
Télécharger MAMEUI64 v0.219
Site Officiel de MAMEUI64
 ARCADE v0.219 (64-bit) 
Jeudi 27/02/20 à 13:53 par Firebrand
MAME v0.219 n'est pas encore sorti même Robbert publie ses builds en avance comme à son habitude. Aucun changement spécifique à signaler pour cette version de ARCADE.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.219 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 byuu v1.1 
Mercredi 26/02/20 à 14:27 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes a eu 3 mises à jour consécutives dans une même journée passant d'une version beta à une version stable. Voici les notes de publication:
Update: I posted v1.1 to address some rendering issues affecting key Super Nintendo games. Apologies, it will be a touch rocky at the start while I iron out all the kinks in the new renderers. Things should stabilize in the coming months as they did with the bsnes relaunch. Thank you!

I'm excited to release the first official version of my magnum opus software project, byuu version 1.0!

byuu is a multi-system emulator that aims to combine the accuracy of higan with the simplicity and performance of bsnes. Essentially, what bsnes did for higan's SNES emulation, I want byuu to do for all 25 of higan's emulated systems.

byuu currently emulates the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, SG-1000, Master System + Game Gear, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 + SuperGrafx, MSX + MSX2, Game Boy + Color, Game Boy Advance, WonderSwan + Color, Pocket Challenge V2, and Neo Geo Pocket + Color.

I poured my soul into this, and even for a first release, there has been substantial development. As compared to higan v107, byuu v1 features a brand-new, easy-to-use user interface in the general style of bsnes, that loads traditional game ROM images directly, supports native file dialogs, more than doubles the performance of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis emulation, quadruples the performance of TurboGrafx-16 emulation, and provides a 20% boost to Game Boy Advance emulation. A Ryzen 5 2600 CPU should be able to run any supported system at 150fps or more. As with my other emulators, features like adaptive sync and dynamic rate control come standard.

Future plans for byuu v2+ are ambitious: I hope to add support for rewind, run-ahead, a save state manager, a cheat code editor, frame advance, screenshot capture, and much more. Possibly even a hybrid desktop + couch-mode user interface! I also want to expose my Famicom Disk System, Sega CD, and future PC Engine CD emulation to byuu. Furthermore, I hope to expand byuu beyond my own collection of emulators: specifically, I would like to offer Nintendo DS, Nintendo N64, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Saturn emulation in future releases by relying on other leading emulation projects; although I may need help in achieving those goals.

And now a heartfelt plea: I'm putting everything I have into this project, and my future in the emulation scene depends upon this project's success. Essentially, I'm getting older, and I have too many emulation cores to maintain as just one person. bsnes brought a revival to higan's SNES emulation, and I am hoping that byuu can do the same for higan's other cores.

I am looking for other developers to join on as equal contributors to this project. If this proves highly successful, I'll stick around to guide the project forward. But if not, then I will be looking for a new lead to take over the project. In that case, I would continue to periodically submit patches, time permitting, but would hope for someone else to guide byuu, higan, and bsnes forward. If neither of these two things happen by the end of this year, then my current intention is to regrettably step down from the projects, although I haven't decided on an exact date of when yet. Effectively, I've gone about as far as I could as a sole developer.

Essentially, I am hoping for this project to be what I'm remembered by after I'm gone one day, and so I want it to be as much of a success as possible. I also want these emulation cores to live on beyond me, and not just be tied to me as a person. Already bsnes and higan benefited massively thanks to 15+ years of contributions from well over a hundred volunteers. These emulators are so much more than just me. I hope to accelerate that trend, so that one day I can pass on the torch.

I hate to ask this, but anything you all can do to help promote this project would be greatly appreciated! Getting the word out about it, creating user guides and video tutorials, writing an article about it, posting about it on a forum, adding it to an existing emulation website, ... anything would help. I am hoping that in naming the project eponymously, that I can short-step some of the time-consuming struggle of establishing a new emulator project, but word of mouth is still vital for people to know that this project exists.

Thank you all so much! I hope you'll enjoy this new software as much as I've enjoyed making it.

The v1 development phase is basically completed. I'm posting a final beta to catch any last-minute critical issues. Please give it a small test run and report any serious issues that would harm the reputation if they shipped in a v1 release. Thank you!
No need to post news about this elsewhere, if all goes well, v1 will be released very soon.
The big news in this WIP is that I've spent time greatly increasing performance of the most demanding cores in byuu:
- Super Nintendo: 100fps -> 200fps
- Sega Genesis: 85fps -> 210fps
- PC Engine: 68fps -> 240fps
- Game Boy Advance: 123fps -> 154fps
Every system should run at 150+ fps on a $100 desktop CPU now, although of course your mileage may vary.
There are other niceties such as a native file open dialog, auto-saving of memory, support for save games in the Neo Geo Pocket core, a fix for PAL region detection in the Super Nintendo core, and more.
Télécharger byuu v1.1
Site Officiel de byuu
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.26 
Lundi 17/02/20 à 15:15 par Firebrand
De nouvelles versions de ces frontends multi-systèmes ont été publiés, mais aucune information sur les modifications n'a été donnée (comme d'habitude...).
Télécharger GameEx v16.26
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.26
Site Officiel de GameEx
 byuu v0.10 (beta) 
Lundi 17/02/20 à 15:12 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- update driver settings when changing audio and input drivers
- correct sound output when not outputting at 48KHz
- correct sound output when changing frequency after game is loaded
- show program icon when game is not loaded
- move from native status bar to higan/bsnes-style status bar
- fix a bug with WonderSwan internal EEPROM data
- fix hotkey polling in fullscreen mode
- added joypad support
- fixed initial bindings for gamepad axes and hats
- allow multi-selection clear on input mappings
- added path searching to higan::Node::find()
- added higan::Node::scan() to locate relative tree nodes
- exposed settings for color bleed/emulation, interframe blending, overscan
- default to Path::desktop() instead of Path::user() for loading games

Known issues with v0.10:
- region detection is not working (PAL games are running at NTSC speeds)
Télécharger byuu v0.10 (beta)
Site Officiel de byuu
 mGBA v0.8.1 
Lundi 17/02/20 à 15:08 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Advance a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
A new release of mGBA, version 0.8.1, is available. This version is a bugfix release, which contains many stability and accuracy fixes. Notably, many Qt frontend bugs have been fixed, and the SDL version was updated. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.

Emulation fixes:
- GB Serialize: Fix timing bug loading channel 4 timing
- GBA: Fix multiboot entry point while skipping BIOS
- GBA BIOS: Fix undefined instruction HLE behavior
- GBA DMA: Fix invalid audio DMA parameters
- GBA Memory: Misaligned SRAM writes are ignored
- GBA Serialize: Fix serializing DMA transfer register
- GBA Serialize: Fix audio DMA timing deserialization
- GBA Video: Fix OAM not invalidating after reset (fixes #1630)
- GBA Video: Fix backdrop blending on lines without sprites (fixes #1647)
- GBA Video: Fix OpenGL sprite flag priority

Other fixes:
- Core: Fix race condition initializing thread proxy
- Core: Fix integer overflow in ELF loading
- FFmpeg: Fix crash when -strict -2 is needed for vcodec or container
- FFmpeg: Disallow recording video with no audio nor video
- GBA: Automatically skip BIOS for multiboot ROMs
- Qt: Only dynamically reset video scale if a game is running
- Qt: Fix race condition with proxied video events
- Qt: Fix color selection in asset view (fixes #1648)
- Qt: Fix missing OSD messages
- Qt: Fix crash unloading shaders
- Qt: Fix toggled actions on gamepads (fixes #1650)
- Qt: Fix extraneous dialog (fixes #1654)
- Qt: Fix window title not updating after shutting down game
- Qt: Fix GIF view not allowing manual filename entry
- Qt: Fix non-GB build (fixes #1664)
- Qt: Fix pausing Qt Multimedia audio (fixes #1643)
- Qt: Fix invalid names for modifier keys (fixes #525)
- SDL: Refresh stale pointers after adding a joystick (fixes #1622)
- Util: Fix crash reading invalid ELFs
- VFS: Fix handle leak when double-mapping (fixes #1659)

- FFmpeg: Add more presets
- Qt: Fix non-SDL build (fixes #1656)
- SDL: Use DirectSound audio driver by default on Windows
- Switch: Make OpenGL scale adjustable while running
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (MacOS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (Linux)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger mGBA v0.8.1 (PS Vita)
Site Officiel de mGBA
 Denise v1.0.7 FR et anniversaire de Tradu-France 
Vendredi 14/02/20 à 15:13 par Firebrand
Tradu-France qui publie des versions traduites en français de nombreux émulateurs fête aujourd'hui ses 18 ans. Nous remercions Benjamin Siskoo et son équipe pour la qualité de son travail depuis tant d'années.
A l'occasion de cette journée, Tradu-France publie la traduction de la dernière version de Denise, un émulateur Commodore 64 focalisé sur la précision de l'émulation qui vient de rejoindre nos colonnes.
Télécharger Denise v1.0.7 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger Denise v1.0.7 FR (64-bit)
 AppleWin v1.29.10.0 
Vendredi 14/02/20 à 15:09 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // au développement très actif a été mis à jour. Voici la liste des améliorations:
- [PR #756] Write support for WOZ1/WOZ2 images.
*Fixes titles that need write support (see: #686, #704, #705).
*Allow creation of a blank (WOZ2) image (see AppleWin.chm: 'Creating Disk Images').
*multi-file zip support extended to scan for the first valid image. useful for most woz-a-day multi-file zips which have at least 2 entries and previously needed unzipping.
- NB. files in multi-file zips are still write-protected (same for all image types, not just woz).
Télécharger AppleWin v1.29.10.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 MedGui Reborn Stable v1.110.1 
Mercredi 12/02/20 à 15:21 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour Mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- The Medclient service now send input configuration to prevent config mismatch
- Added another ddns for medclient and mednafen server
- Fixed any bad translated string
- Fixed a small bug with refresh of rom grid in text menu mode
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v1.110.1
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
 byuu v0.8 (beta) 
Mercredi 12/02/20 à 15:18 par Firebrand
byuu est un nouvel émulateur multi-système de Near (anciennement byuu) qui se veut être un compromis entre l'exigence de précision de higan et la facilité d'utilisation de bsnes. La vision de higan est d'être absolument exhaustif dans la précision d'émulation en prenant en compte les cas les plus rares, byuu est moins intransigeant et couvre 99% des besoins de précision au prix de la perte de quelques fonctionnalités.
I'm releasing the first official beta for the new byuu emulator today.

This is a new multi-system emulator, which shares emulation cores with higan.

Like higan, byuu is focused on accuracy foremost. Unlike higan, byuu aims to be much more user friendly. Think of byuu as easy mode, and higan as advanced mode, but they are fundamentally the same emulator under the hood. One is not a superset of the other; they are sibling projects.

The goal of byuu is to carry forward the breakout success of bsnes for all of higan's emulation cores, and not just for the SNES alone. bsnes, by being much easier to use, led to a resurgence in support that resulted in several new features, speed optimizations, bug reports, and emulator accuracy improvements. I hope to rekindle the same interest in all 25 of my supported emulation cores with this new emulator.

And frankly, higan's future depends on this project being a success. I am aiming to retire around the end of this year (though it's not set in stone), and I am looking for a new lead developer willing to take over,, and its emulation projects. I would still contribute to the projects on GitHub for as long as I were able to.

I am changing my personal name to Near, and calling my new emulator byuu, for many reasons. You can read the complete rationale here: But essentially, these emulators are not only mine: they are the work of dozens of volunteers spanning 15+ years of development. It is perhaps too late, but I wish to separate my personal identity from these projects. I want these emulators to become group projects with multiple developers, and I want them to outlast me if at all possible. With 15+ years and 230,000+ backlinks to, I could not see a way to move these emulators to a new domain. And based on it taking 2+ years for higan to become even partially known to the general public, I did not see a viable method of establishing this new emulator in less than a year without using an established name, and the only such name I have at my disposal is byuu. Ideally, I would have kept my emulators on a separate website from day one, but I cannot change the past to correct for this mistake. I mulled over this decision for the past few weeks, and this is the best choice I could come up with. I hope you'll understand. I will also understand if folks continue to call me personally by byuu. I understand it's not easy to change names after 22+ years, and that this will invariably cause some level of confusion. But it can't be helped.

The byuu_san Twitter account, as well as most social media accounts using the name byuu, will be used only for official software development news and updates going forward. Some accounts will be harder than others to migrate, and will take more time and planning.

I have spun off my personal Twitter account to near_nyan, and my personal website to for the time being, until I can find a better domain for it. Over the coming months, I will be migrating personal content from and elsewhere over to my personal website.

I make no secret of the mistakes I've made in the past as byuu (nor will the internet ever let us forget them), and that I'll likely continue to make more mistakes as Near. But for the past two years, I have been doing my best to change and improve myself. I am who I am however, and though I am to be more friendly and cooperative, I won't hide my identity nor unwavering support for my friends. But game preservation transcends politics and ideologies, and I've now separated my work from my personality, so at this point, it is up to you if you want to follow me as Near or not. It's no longer directly tied to byuu.

In any case, byuu is still brand-new, and it is missing several major features including gamepad support, multi-player support, cheat codes, and more. These features will be added in due-time. Sans enhancements like HD mode 7, I am for feature-parity with bsnes, including run-ahead support and much more. The speed is rather limited as well, but I hope to implement scanline renderers and roughly double the performance of each emulator core in the coming year. I am releasing this now for feedback and to try to gauge interest in this new idea of mine.

I hope it will be a success! Thank you everyone!

Planned roadmap:

v1: support for gamepad mapping and the save state manager
v2: support for other controller types (mice, light guns) and multiple-players
v3: support for Famicom Disk System, Super Game Boy, and Sega CD emulation
v?: support for per-system input mapping, cheat codes, movie recording, and run-ahead functionality
v?+X: optional scanline renderers for each core to boost performance substantially
v?+Y: additional emulation cores from outside of higan (PS1, Saturn, N64 would be most promising!)
Télécharger byuu v0.8 (beta)
Site Officiel de byuu
 NPlayers.ini v0.218 
Lundi 10/02/20 à 15:56 par Firebrand
Ce fichier permettant de classer les jeux MAME par nombres de joueurs contient désormais les jeux de MAME v0.218. Un petit mot pour les utilisateur d'Emu Loader:
- Reminder: users of EmuLoader v8.3 or newer must place nplayers.ini in "\arcade\filters\" subdirectory.
Télécharger NPlayers.ini v0.218
Site Officiel de NPlayers.ini
 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.218 
Lundi 10/02/20 à 15:52 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour Linux Ubuntu a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.218.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.218 (32-bit)
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.218 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de SDLMAME4Ubuntu
 Messinfo.dat v0.218 (11.39) 
Dimanche 09/02/20 à 13:53 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME est généralement le dernier mis à jour par AntoPISA pour la version en cours.
- 11.39 08/02/2020: Aligned files to 0.218 version.
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v0.218 (11.39)
Site Officiel de Messinfo.dat
 SDLMAME v0.218 
Samedi 08/02/20 à 14:15 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour MacOS a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.218.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.218
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.218 (2ème partie) 
Vendredi 07/02/20 à 13:58 par Firebrand
Voici une nouvelle fournée de fichiers additionnels pour MAME:
Languages.ini v0.218 (1.09):
- 2020/01/31 1.09: Added 0.218 sets.
- 2020/01/27 1.08: Corrected the languages of topbladv, powyakex, semibase, killbldp and doncdoon, thanks to an another anonymous user.
- 2020/01/09 1.07: Corrected the languages of bestri, bishi, dendego, dendego2, dendego23k, dendegox, driftout and rpatrol thanks to an anonymous user.

Series.ini v0.218:
- Items RENAMED (4): (sbagman) to (sbagman2), (denjinmk) to (denjinmka), (lsrquiz2) to (lsrquiz2i) and (popnstage) to (popnstex).
- Series ADDED (1): Odeon Twister.
- Series UPDATED (8): Bagman, Dance Dance Revolution, Denjin Makai, Laser Quiz, Mario Bros, New Cherry '96, Pop'n Stage and Quizard.
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.218 (1.09)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.218
 Ootake v2.95 
Vendredi 07/02/20 à 13:54 par Firebrand
Ce très bon émulateur PC-Engine a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- "Windows Pad Order" has been added to the pad setting screen. When connecting two or more Windows Gamepads, you can set which pad is assigned with the highest priority. Use this when the second and subsequent pads are connected, and the priority of the pad that was originally changed is lowered and the setting is shifted.
- "Overscan TV Mode" has been added to the "Screen" menu. Since v2.92, the aspect ratio is displayed more accurately, but black belts are displayed on the left and right in the 256 dot horizontal mode. When this menu is selected, the black belt display part can be eliminated and the left and right full window display (similar to Ootake before v2.91) can be made. However, 6 dots at the bottom of the screen are hidden to maintain the aspect ratio. Originally, "6 dots at the bottom of the PC Engine screen" is rarely used for important displays, and most games can be displayed without any problems. I think that many old CRT televisions for home use had a display in this range. Use it when you want to play in that atmosphere or when you want to capture with the left and right filled when capturing the screen. You can also switch this by pressing the [F11] key.
- "Adjust TV Top-Position" has been added to the "Screen" menu. In "Overscan TV Mode", you can adjust the vertical display start position. It can also be adjusted by pressing the [Ctrl]+[F11] keys multiple times.
- The shortcut key of the overscan area display was changed from [F11] key to [F12] key. [Ctrl]+[F12] key can also be used to display the overscan area of top only.
*[F11] key switches overscan TV mode.
*If you want to switch to full screen, press [Alt]+[Enter] key. Also, when displaying the overscan area, only the top and bottom areas are displayed by default.
- When pressing [F12] key while pressing [Ctrl] key, only the top part is displayed in the overscan area.
- "Start Overscan TV Mode" has been added to "Setting->Screen" menu. Use this mode when you want to switch to overscan TV mode (the viewing range is as narrow as an old home TV) from startup.
- Cleaned up the "Capture" menu. Also, screenshot size and drawing method are displayed in the menu.
- "Overscan display state" is not restored during normal state loading. It restores only when loading resume(Turn on the "File->Set Resume" menu).
- When switching overscan area display ([F11] key) in window mode, if the window is below the center of the desktop screen, the window position after switching is adjusted to the bottom side.
- In the audio graph display ([9],[0] keys), in some games, the yellow graph remained even when the DDA sampling sound was muted. This problem has been corrected.
- Fixed the problem that the pad was not reflected when changing the gamepad while Ootake was running when setting the gamepad.
- "1366x768" was added to the FullScreen resolution setting menu field.
- "FullScreen 640x480 60Hz" in the "Screen" menu (for switching to full screen mode with any PC environment) has been changed to "FullScreen 800x600 60Hz". Also, at the time of execution, the drawing method is returned to the default(Direct3D).
- When switching to full screen ([Alt]+[Enter] key), the screen is switched stably even in a PC environment where the available memory is low.
- Fixed a bug (from v2.92) that it display was shifted in a game that can play with 4-split display.
- The speed and timing have been made closer to those of the real machine. In "Chibi Maruko Chan", solved the problem that the display of the raster interrupt part was distorted when clearing the stage.
- Fixed a bug that recording of the play record function ("Capture->Play Record" menu) was not performed correctly at some games.
- Other minor details have been fixed and improved.
Télécharger Ootake v2.95
Site Officiel de Ootake
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.218 
Jeudi 06/02/20 à 14:14 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle vague de fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.218 a fait son apparition:
Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.218:
- 2020/02/05: Aligned files to MAME 0.218.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.218
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.218
Télécharger Version.ini v0.218
Site Officiel de Category.ini
 GameEx Arcade Edition v16.22 
Jeudi 06/02/20 à 14:09 par Firebrand
Ce frontend est maintenant au même niveau que son grand frère, GameEx. Pas plus de précisions à apporter.
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.22
Site Officiel de GameEx Arcade Edition
 Versions 32-bit des builds de MAME v0.218 
Mercredi 05/02/20 à 14:25 par Firebrand
Grâce à ProgettoSNPAS, 2 builds de MAME sont disponibles en versions 32-bit: MAMEUI et ARCADE.
Télécharger MAMEUI32 v0.218
Télécharger ARCADE v0.218 (32-bit)
 GameEx v16.22 et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.21 
Mardi 04/02/20 à 14:37 par Firebrand
Encore de nombreuses nouvelles versions pour ces frontends qui, c'est rare, ne sont pas alignés sur le même numéro de version. Ce qui l'est moins, c'est l'absence d'information sur les nouveautés...
Télécharger GameEx v16.22
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.21
Site Officiel de GameEx
 CHD-info v0.218 
Lundi 03/02/20 à 13:43 par Firebrand
Ce pack contenant des fichiers utiles à la gestion des CHDs de MAME contient désormais les informations relatives à la v0.218 de MAME.
Télécharger CHD-info v0.218
Site Officiel de CHD-info
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