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 Emu Loader v8.7.8 (version complète) 
Mardi 25/06/19 à 11:59 par Firebrand
Ce frontend multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
This project is filled with painting bugs, mostly caused by recent changes to my Delphi components...
Aside from bugs, the night mode settings feature has been moved away from preferences screen into its own private screen. The interface was also updated with dark colors.

- Event "OnChange()" was not executed in "TFontDialog" component after frontend recent changes
- Black frame painted in tool bar filters background when gradient setting is disabled
- Severe painting problems in my TPanelEx since last component update... damn you BitBlt()!

- Icons of disabled menu items are now drawn with 50% blending effect instead of a grayscale icon, which looked terrible
*Delphi's TImageList component messes up with the icon's alpha channel
*source files "ImgList.pas" and "CommCtrl.pas" updated with new constants and functions for better support on Windows 7 and newer
- Replaced TToolBar + TToolButton controls by my custom TSpeedButtonEx so the buttons can have white font in night mode ("Favorites Manager" screen)
- More tweaks to popup menus draw routine
- Modified "TRangeBar" / "TGaugeBar" components from "Graphics32" library to add a custom color for the arrow, it was using the same color as the border color
- Night mode updates
*moved all settings from preferences screen to its own window and updated its interface with dark colors; you'll find it on main menu "Customize Night Mode Colors"
*added new settings so you can have different ones from the light mode
.games list splitter colors
.images splitter colors
.game docs colors and splitters
.image background color and image
*new layout showing all settings without pages; high resolution only: 1280x1024 and higher
*added a new "Show Preview" button, showing a new floating window so you can see you customizations in real time
."Games List Selection Bar"
."Panels Colors"
."Image Hint Box"

- Game Docs status bar (preferences screen, "Game Docs" page)
*for those who go berzerk on the fact that the bottom of the game docs panel is not aligned with the games list panel
*there's no useful info displayed there yet
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 RomCenter v4.0.0 
Lundi 24/06/19 à 14:03 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a l'interface agréable a été mis à jour. L'arrivée de cette version stable aura nécessité 7 ans de développement. Voici les changements apportés:
At last, after seven years of development, romcenter 4.0.0 is ready.
Romcenter 4 is a complete rewrite of romcenter 3.7 in c# language using microsoft visual studio.
Compared to previous 3.7 version, it provides same features with a new interface and an updated engine.
Requirement : .net framework 4, windows xp to windows 10

What's new from - Add 27 systems datafiles generated from mame 208
- Add more precise log messages
- Extend text filter search to more games and files columns
- Faster operations when a lot of items are selected
- Add backup strategy selection on startup
- Improve container remove method to reliably handle on-success db operation.
- Rewrite version comparison
- Update some components
- Faster dat import
- Clean and fix games selection
- Clean files/fileroms view selection
- Handle operations exceptions. Display only one dialog and cancel.
- Disable 'remove zip comment' by default
- Fix deleted items not sent to recycle bin
- Fix refresh database deadlock
- Fix settings when backup path not selected
- Fix filters not working with grey disks
- Fix some views not translated
- Fix crash when opening a db from a non existent folder
- Fix error when temp folder deleted
- Fix a bug causing an index error
- Fix crash when 'backspace' typed in view
- Fix detail view not updated when master is empty
- Fix loading error with some utf-8 dat
- Fix invalid cast when updating view data
- Fix loading libretro mame2003 dat (double )
- Fix no detail item selected after operations
- Fix wrong files identification when fixing from a rom selection
- Fix plugin not always detected when dat is filtered
- Fix ribbon staying active after trying to open a missing db
- Fix unzipped files not renamed
- Fix wrong file status for single files
- Fix db name not changed when updating dat.
- Fix detail view not cleared when filtering the selection.
- Fix empty backup folder settings blocking save in options.
- Fix items selection identification when rom selected
- Disable for now usage of extension calculated by plugin (use datafile rom extension instead).
- Bug #10: Issues When Archive Folder Runs Out of Space
- Bug #111: RC3 trying to rename files that have correct name
- Bug #124: Writing gamename in FILTER box is not working for many games.
- Bug #128: MAME 2003 PLUS libretro core xml error
- Bug #129: Crash opening "settings" dialog when a non-existent database is selected.
- Bug #136: Cancel running operation, buttons (yes/not) are inverted
- Bug #137: Selected file when playing with filters
- Bug #140: NES plugin not working/triggering when selecting only USA region
- Bug #142: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
- Bug #143: Splash screen "BACKUPED" should be "BACKED UP"
- Bug #144: Fix process extremely slow on large collections
- Bug #145: Romcenter doesn't recognize Roms it should
- Bug #148: InvalidOperationException: Added item does not appear at given index '0'.
- Bug #151: Directory not found - RomCenter will now close
- Bug #153: Problems with paths longer than 260 characters
- Bug #154: Cannot create database from latest TOSEC dat
- Bug #156: Adding the same folder twice leads to a buggy state
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 FS-UAE v3.0.0 (64-bit) 
Lundi 24/06/19 à 13:57 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version stable de cet émulateur Amiga a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Changes in FS-UAE 3.0 (compared to 2.8):
- Fixed JIT direct access on modern Linux distributions.
- FS-UAE default is now to show a 692×540 image, not stretched to fill screen.
- Built-in configurations for many more game controllers.
- New option whdload_quit_key to gracefully quit slaves.
- Added more shaders (compiled/ported/written by guest.r and rsn8887).
- Updated emulation core from WinUAE 3300b2.
- Several new configuration options (see Changelog for details).
- Many more smaller fixes and updates (see Changelog for details).

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 3.0 (compared to 2.8):
- Plugins can provide files for offline use (WHDLoad, JST, SKick, etc).
- Added support for .gz/.adz/.roz/.xz-compressed files.
- Support WHDLoad versions 18.4 and 18.5 (game database).
- Revert fullscreen_mode to default when upgrading from older versions.
- Use https for all more and communication.
- Support hd_requirements = xpkmaster.library.
- Fixed problem on Windows where devices were sometimes not detected.
- Make configurations list wider when window width is quite large.
- Try to use config from game database when launching with a WHDLoad archive.
- Extract WHDLoad arguments from .info file when loading a WHDLoad archive.
- Sync “unpublished” games from the online game database, option to show.
- Many bugfixes and smaller improvements (see Changelog for details).

- Only x86-64 (64-bit) official builds for Windows and macOS and Linux.
- Building for x86 (32-bit) still works on all platforms.
- 32-bit packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE are still available.
- Builds for macOS require 10.9+. The source can be built for older versions.
(Bottom line, no support is removed from the source code. I just want to maintain less build environments).

Road ahead:
- I’ve already started the work on next development series. The biggest change is updated emulation core from WinUAE 4.2.1, which brings with it new features. But I will be looking at other improvements as well. If the stable series is to boring for you, stay tuned for v3.1.0dev
Télécharger FS-UAE v3.0.0 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger FS-UAE v3.0.0 stable (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger FS-UAE v3.0.0 stable (64-bit) (Linux)
Site Officiel de FS-UAE
 SameBoy v0.12.1 
Dimanche 23/06/19 à 13:48 par Firebrand
Deux nouvelles versions de cet excellent émulateur GameBoy avant tout pour MacOS mais ayant un port Windows (amputé de certaines fonctions) ont été publiée. Voici la liste des améliorations:
Version 0.12.1
This version is a minor bug-fixing version that only affects the SDL version. The macOS version is identical, except for the version number.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the CGB and AGB boot ROMs being corrupt on the Windows version
- Improved audio quality on the SDL ports on systems using a large audio buffer

Version 0.12
This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x.

New/Improved Features
- An experimental support for emulating CGB-CPU C is now available in the Cocoa port. This is still experimental and does not accurately represent all differences between CGB-CPU E and CGB-CPU C yet
- The Libretro port no longer restarts the core after changes to the high-pass filter or color correction
- The SDL port can now start in fullscreen mode via a command line argument
- High level emulation of Super Game Boy: ◦Supports game colorization
*Supports borders, including correct emulation of the fade animations and borders that obscure parts of the Game Boy display window
*Up to 4-player multiplayer (Currently only in the Cocoa and Libretro ports)
*Can choose between Super Game Boy (NTSC), Super Game Boy (PAL) and Super Game Boy 2, with correct CPU speed emulation
*All models include open source boot ROMs, just like previously supported models
*Includes a default border for games without SGB support
*Includes a boot animation
*Accurate emulation of cases where the internal frame buffer loses sync with the SNES/SFC side
- New CRT display filter
- New preference panel in the Cocoa port
- Minor visual improvements to the icon
- Many performance all around the core
- The debugger now includes jump-to breakpoints
- New APU debugger commands
- The SDL port now has mouse support
- The SDL port now has an “Open ROM” dialog window, in addition to the previously available drag and drop support
- The Cocoa and SDL ports now have better support for sub-frame input accuracy
- The VRAM display window in the Cocoa port can now display SCX and SCY on the tilemap
- Redesigned audio API that should improve audio quality in all ports

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
- WRAM, VRAM, and other types of memory are now realistically initialized to random values. The randomization patterns vary across emulated models and revisions. This fixes several games that rely on non-zero values on boot
- Slightly more accurate emulation of the undocumented $FF4C register, which controls DMG mode on CGBs
- Fixed an APU regression where the noise channel’s volume envelope ran too fast
- More accurate emulation of analog APU characteristics
- Fixed a CGB boot ROM bug that made some games boot with incorrect palettes
- Fixed incorrect emulation of echo RAM
- Fixed a very rare edge case when an interrupt occurs while the stack points to $FF11
- Correct emulation of the time required to switch the CPU speed
- Correct emulation of CGB palette accessibility in different PPU timings, fixes Lego Racers
- Other accuracy improvements to OAM and VRAM accessibility
- The serial registers now behave realistically by working with bits instead of bytes
- More accurate initial RAM and VRAM values when using the built in CGB boot ROM
- Accurate emulation of AGB audio mixing, which is different from older models
- Fixed the behavior of the wave channel’s first sample playback, fixes buzzing sounds on LSDJ and several games
- Most aspects of STOP mode are now accurately emulated
- Fixed a bug where initial register values were incorrect when selecting a palette for a DMG game in the built in CGB boot ROM
- Fixed incorrect emulation of the Background and Window enable bit in LCDC

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the SDL port would not recognize joypads if started directly to a ROM
- Fixed a bug where the Quick Look previewer would show glitched thumbnails for DMG games
- Fixed a regression that made the Cocoa port unable to display anything on Macs not supporting Metal
- Fixed a bug where modifying RTC data could corrupt MBC RAM data
- Fixed a bug where CGB save states were significantly larger than they should have been, older save states are converted
- Fixed several bugs in expression parsing in the debugger
- Work around a bug where some Windows 10 machines using Intel HD Graphics had unresponsive UI in the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where the D-Pad did not work on several gamepads in the Cocoa port
- Fixed a bug where the gamepad D-Pad had unexpected behaviors in the menus of the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where underclocking slowed down the core to ~40% of its speed instead of an exact 50%

Misc Internal Changes
- Rename all Z80 instances to SM83, which is most likely the name of the CPU core used in the Game Boy
- Size optimization in the CGB boot ROM
Télécharger SameBoy v0.12.1 (MacOS)
Télécharger SameBoy v0.12.1 (Windows)
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 OpenEmu v2.0.9.1 
Dimanche 23/06/19 à 13:41 par Firebrand
Encore une nouvelle version pour cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs pour MacOS. On ne sait toujours pas ce qui a été modifié, mais vue la rapidité de publication, il doit certainement s'agir de corrections de bugs apparus en v2.0.9.
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.0.9.1 (stable)
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.0.9.1 (experimental)
Site Officiel de OpenEmu
 OpenEmu v2.0.9 
Samedi 22/06/19 à 12:55 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateur réunit dans une même interface pour MacOS a été publiée. Les modifications apportées ne sont pas publiées à ce jour.
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.0.9 (stable)
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.0.9 (experimental)
Site Officiel de OpenEmu
 AppleWin v1.28.7.0 
Dimanche 16/06/19 à 13:33 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple // a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- [Bug #654] Fix for Sather's "Little Text Window" not rendering correctly.
- [Bug #652] Fix for 6522 TIMER1's period to be N+2 cycles.
Télécharger AppleWin v1.28.7.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 My Nes v7.5.71 (32-bit) 
Jeudi 13/06/19 à 13:03 par Firebrand
Cet émulatuer NES pour Windows a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added: enable filters in Audio option.
- Improved: sound playback quality (both renderers) by configuring buffer size and latency (buffer options are removed).
- Fixed: Square sound channels sequencers (wrong counting through the look-up table).
- Fixed: sound aliasing by implementing proper low-pass filter for down-sampling.
- Improved: sound quality by adding the proper filters as described in nes wiki.

- It is recommended to switch into SlimDX renderers, for both video and sound for this version (unless there are quality issues).
- My Nes emulation engine outputs sound at ~1.79 MHz, in real nes (as described here ) there are 3 filters:
. A first-order high-pass filter at 90 Hz
. Another first-order high-pass filter at 440 Hz
. A first-order low-pass filter at 14 kHz
Now My Nes implement all these filters after output in 1.79 MHz. All filters (low-pass and high-pass) are implemented as described in the wiki, in other words, they work using the actual physical equations.
After that, for down-sampling into the playback sound frequency, a low-pass filter is implemented at playback frequency as well.
- So, in My Nes, the audio process works like this:
EMU OUTPUT at ~1.79 MHz => high-pass filter at 90 Hz => high-pass filter at 440 Hz => low-pass filter at 14 kHz => low-pass filter at playback freq (i.e. 44100 Hz for default) => write samples into playback buffer (i.e. play sound).
- If you notice performance issues in this version or simply you don't like the sound quality, you can still disable this filters in the main menu: Audio>Enable Filters.
When this option is disabled, the filters order will be like this:
EMU OUTPUT at ~1.79 MHz => low-pass filter at playback freq (i.e. 44100 Hz for default) => write samples into playback buffer (i.e. play sound).
This may cause some sound issues like aliasing, corrupted square melodies ...etc
- Sound buffer size is now fixed for each renderer: 16 KB for SlimDX Direct sound and 5KB for SDL2Sound. These buffer sizes found best for quality and performance.
Télécharger My Nes v7.5.71 (32-bit)
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 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.210 
Lundi 10/06/19 à 13:28 par Firebrand
Ces versions de MAME pour Linux Ubuntu ont été mises à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.210.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.210 (32-bit)
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.210 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de SDLMAME4Ubuntu
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.210 (2ème partie) 
Dimanche 09/06/19 à 13:58 par Firebrand
Deux nouveaux support files ont été mis à jour pour MAME v0.210:
Languages.ini v0.210 (0.99):
- 2019/06/09 0.99: Added 0.210 sets; fixed all "Touchmaster" sets.

Series.ini v0.210:
- Items RENAMED (2): (pepp0550a) to (pepp0550b) and (sfex2) to (sfex2u).
- Series RENAMED (3): (Dolphin Treasure) to (Dolphin Treasure * Slot), (Megatouch) to (MegaTouch) and (Paitoride) to (Last Fortress).
- Series UPDATED (16): Bubble Bobble, Dolphin Treasure, Gradius, Gunlock, Jack Potten's Poker, MegaTouch, Moon Cresta, Pac-Man, Percussion Freaks, Player's Edge, Point Blank, Reelin-n-Rockin, Star Horse, Street Fighter EX, Tetris and Touchmaster.
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.210 (0.99)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.210
 Emu Loader v8.7.7 (version complète) 
Samedi 08/06/19 à 13:43 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce frontend multi-systèmes a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
More bugs fixed
I forgot to remove a debug code from the Delete/copy/move game files feature, making it completely useless.
Improvements to the popup menu library TBcBarPopup (BcMenus.pas) to allow custom menu border drawing (might be buggy on Windows 10). You can customize the frame color in preferences screen, Night Mode 2 page.
Further tweaks and fixes to my TBitBtnEx / TSpeedButtonEx components. There was a painting bug, showing garbage in the outskirts of the control.

- Popup menus can now display Unicode texts, but this implementation is far from perfect
- Copy/move/delete game ROMs was not working due to an "Exit" command I forgot to remove, preventing further code from executing
- Removed some beeps playing while creating games lists
- Fixed bad Windows theme painting in my TPanelEx component, affecting all components in it... highly noticeable in light mode
- Hint text of separator lines were missing in popup menus

- Improvements to my TBitBtnEx component
*font color is forced to black if button is not in "custom mode" and Windows theme is enabled
*BitBlt() function used to paint bitmap buffer into button canvas instead of Canvas.Draw() function
*replaced "Glyph" property by "Images" (TImageList container), for 32-bit+alpha channel icons (.ico)
- Improvements to my TSpeedButtonEx component
*font color is not changed when clicked (only applies if button style is set to "flat")
*font color is forced to black if button is not in "custom mode" and Windows theme is enabled
*BitBlt() function used to paint bitmap buffer into button canvas instead of Canvas.Draw() function
*replaced "Glyph" property by "Images" (TImageList container), for 32-bit+alpha channel icons (.ico)

- Custom border for menu/popup menus
*night mode only
*you can customize the border color in preferences screen "Night Mode 2" page
*experimental feature, might be buggy on Windows 10
Télécharger Emu Loader v8.7.7 (version complète)
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 Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 FR 
Samedi 08/06/19 à 13:40 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur Commodore 64 a été traduite en français par Tradu-France.
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (32-bit) FR
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (64-bit) FR
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (Windows 98/2000) FR
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.210 
Vendredi 07/06/19 à 13:00 par Firebrand
La première bordée de fichiers additionnels d'AntoPISA pour MAME v0.210 vient d'être publiée.
Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.210:
- 2019/06/06: Aligned files to MAME 0.210.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.210
Télécharger CHD-info v0.210
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.210
Télécharger Version.ini v0.210
 Stella v6.0.1 
Vendredi 07/06/19 à 12:54 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Atari 2600 a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added support for CDFJ bankswitching type (Galaga, Wizard of War, etc).
- Allow the DPC+ scheme to not enable playfield 'jitter' effect for certain older DPC+ driver versions; this allows 'Epic Adventure' ROM to finally work in Stella.
Télécharger Stella v6.0.1
Site Officiel de Stella
 Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 
Lundi 03/06/19 à 13:30 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Commodore 64 a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
1) The debugger now displays and parses all numbers using the current selected radix (hex or dec) while permitting the use of "$" and "." as radix overrides.
2) Fixed broken loading of a cartridge with in a save state file.
3) Bug fix for randomly distributing keyboard and joystick input into the video frame.
4) Changed ANE to use 0xEF as the magic constant as recommended by Groepaz.
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (32-bit)
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (64-bit)
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.21.1 (Windows 98/2000)
Site Officiel de Hoxs64
 AppleWin v1.28.6.0 
Lundi 03/06/19 à 13:26 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // pour Windows a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- [Bug #651] Cycle-accurate interrupts:
*Interrupts sources are checked after every opcode (full-speed after every 40 opcodes).
*6522 TIMERs in free-running mode now accounts for the underflowed cycles when resetting the count.
Télécharger AppleWin v1.28.6.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 uCON64 v2.2.0 
Dimanche 02/06/19 à 14:29 par Firebrand
Cet utilitaire de gestion de backups de cartouches originales a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- added (GB) --gp2bmp convert Game Boy Printer data (produced by --xmccl) to BMP (by dbjh; based on version of gblnk (by Chris McCormick) improved by Difegue. Many thanks to Difegue for providing me with Game Boy Printer data. Thanks to Martin Eyre for documenting his findings about Game Boy Printer commands)
- added (SNES) --sminis=ID convert *.srm (SRAM) file to SNES/Super Famicom Classic Mini (hakchi2) format for game with identifier ID (by dbjh)
- added (SNES) --smini2srm convert SNES/Super Famicom Classic Mini (hakchi2) SRAM data to *.srm (SRAM) file (by dbjh)
- added support for NetBSD (by dbjh; thanks to Thomas Klausner for his help)
- updated support for OpenBSD (64-bit) (by dbjh)
- updated (all) made -o also work for --rrom, --r83 and --rjoliet, just like the other rename options (--rdat, --rl and --ru) (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) improved reliability of GDSF communication for PCs with a parallel port that supports ECP (built-in or PCIe parallel port card). At last. It is essential to correctly specify ecr_offset for this to work (by dbjh; many thanks to Mystic_Merlin for testing)
- updated (SNES) improved --ufosd by adding specific support for 10 and 12 Mbit HiROMs and implementing a generic way to set the SRAM mapping bytes (by dbjh; thanks to Revenant for the information and Trenton_net for testing)
- added (SNES) --xufosd send ROM to Super UFO Pro 8 SD. Be sure to use a tool like Zadig to add libusb-0.1 (libusb-win32) support (by dbjh; thanks to Revenant for the information and Trenton_net and Revenant for testing)
- updated (SNES) added NTSC/PAL fix for Soul Blazer F/G and Super Metroid E (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin)
- added (SNES) work-around for using the Game Doctor SF6 protocol for parallel ports that do not support reading from the Control register. It is good enough to at least allow dumping saver data and SRAM. To enable the new functionality assign a value other than 0 to the variable gd6_send_byte_delay. See the FAQ question 55 for details (by dbjh; many thanks to NorQue and Mystic_Merlin for testing)
- updated (SNES) made --gd3 specify a pass-through mapping for LoROM DSP games (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) added proper recognition of Pro Fighter headers of LoROM DSP games with 2, 8 or 32 kB SRAM (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) added interpretation of remaining part of GD3 header (DRAM and SRAM mapping) to --dbuh (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES & Genesis) fixed split file detection for formats other than (M)GD and MGH which I broke in 2.1.0 (by dbjh)
- added (all) --split=N split ROM in parts of N Bytes (including possible header). This is a generic file splitting option. Use -s, optionally in combination with --ssize=SIZE to split files for use with a specific console or backup unit (by dbjh)
- added (SNES) support for Super Magicom/SMC IC2 file format. This format is used by several ancient backup units, including the Twin Supercom, Future Supercom Pro.9 and UFO Super Drive PRO 6 HYPER VERSION in order to run HiROM games up to 16 Mbit. Use --ic2 to convert a file to Super Magicom/SMC IC2 format (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin for info and testing)
- updated (SNES) fixed bug in --ufo that caused it to produce incorrect headers for games that do not use SRAM (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin for feedback and testing)
- updated (SNES) fixed bug in -j for files in UFO format smaller than or equal to 8 Mbit (by dbjh)
Télécharger uCON64 v2.2.0 (Windows)
Télécharger uCON64 v2.2.0 (Dos)
Télécharger uCON64 v2.2.0 (Linux)
Site Officiel de uCON64
 NegaMAME v0.210-1 
Dimanche 02/06/19 à 14:16 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME à utiliser avec le frontend Negatron a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.210.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.210-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.210-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.210-1 (Linux)
Site Officiel de NegaMAME
 History.dat v2.10 
Vendredi 31/05/19 à 14:39 par Firebrand
A l'occasion de la sortie de MAME v0.210, une nouvelle version de ce fichier regroupant des anecdotes sur les jeux a été publiée.
Télécharger History.dat v2.10
Site Officiel de History.dat
 Mameinfo.dat v0.210 
Vendredi 31/05/19 à 14:36 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif contient les données relatives à MAME v0.210. Voici les changements apportés:
- Updated to MAME 0.210 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes. Newest Bugs (30th May).
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.210
Site Officiel de Mameinfo.dat
 WolfMAME v0.210 
Vendredi 31/05/19 à 14:34 par Firebrand
Les nouveaux jeux de MAME v0.210 sont désormais disponible dans cette version de MAME orientée compétition.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.210
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
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