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 Snes9x v1.57 
Dimanche 11/11/18 à 13:28 par Firebrand
Ce vétéran de l'émulation Super Nintendo continue de progresser. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Snes9x 1.57 has been released. Changes include a big update to the libretro port, several accuracy fixes, a few new features, and some deprecations.
Support for xml HLSL shaders in the Windows port and xml GLSL shaders in the GTK+ port has been removed. We recommend downloading and using shaders from the libretro repository at instead.
For those packaging the GTK+ port, note that building with GTK+ 3 is now highly recommended over GTK+ 2 and should have no regressions. Also note that Wayland compatibility is implemented, which, if enabled, also requires GTK+ to have been compiled with Wayland support. The configuration file format for this port has changed to a simple .ini-style that can be edited by hand and is saved as snes9x.conf, keeping with the other ports' convention, in the user's config directory. This will cause any changes to settings made with previous versions to be reset to default. Frame-skipping options have also been simplified to remove never-used "fixed" rate settings and to simplify interaction with dynamic rate control and sound sync.


Snes9x 1.57:
- Various seta010 emulation fixes. (kps501)
- Pass blargg OAM tests with proper write behavior. (BearOso)
- Prevent interlacing in BG modes 1-4. (BearOso)
- Corrected IRQ and NMI emulation to allow more games to work properly. (BearOso, OV2)
- Use 1 instead of 0 for initial PPU left window coordinate, fixing garbage in left column of pixels in some games. (turhope)
- Added interpolation option hack for DSP. (kps501, mudlord, BearOso)
- Added sprite-tile limit disabling hack. (Tatsuya79)
- Added libretro's fast snapshot support. (OV2)
- Add overclocking hack that increases IPC (retrotalker)
- Fix controller initialization issues preventing some games from using multitap. (retrotalker)
- Proper write behavior for register $2122. (BearOso)
- Fix transparency issue with Star Fox asteroids. (redguy, BearOso)
- Increase SuperFX speed to more accurately represent hardware, and fix bugs with Stunt Race FX and Yoshi's Island. (BearOso)
- Resize viewport on state load. (retrotalker)
- Many fixes to variables not saved or saved incorrectly in save states. (Dwedit)
- Pass decimal tests in blargg's math test ROMs. (BearOso)
- Remove memory leak in loadzip.cpp. (bonimy)
- Fix screen size not reverting when overscan is turned on then off mid-frame. (BearOso)

- Include DirectDraw libraries and compile with DirectDraw support by default. (OV2)
- Add a link to DirectX installer in error message displayed
when the needed DirectX libraries can't be found. (OV2)
- Save window position when exiting via menu (OV2)
- Make custom ROM dialog resizable. (OV2)
- Fix various cheat dialog issues. (OV2)
- Remove d3d9x DLL dependency by using DirectXMath. (OV2)
- Remove rarely-used HLSL shader option. (OV2)
- Add InitialSnapshotFilename support. (BearOso)
- Disable BG toggle keys by default. (BearOso)
- Proper centering and cropping for overscanned and regular height modes. (OV2)
- Remove ability to disable the SNES's hires modes. (OV2)
- Added a Super Famicom-style icon resource to the EXE. (BearOso)

- Partial support for new cheats format. (OV2)
- Fix MacOS build. (marconett)
- Set default for new config options. (tmkk)
- Fix compilation on Mac OS Mojave (meepingsnesroms)

- Massive update of libretro code to latest downstream. (fr500, kps501, OV2, twinaphex, BearOso, hiddenasbestos, m4xw, kxyxz, claudiuslollarius)

- Use datarootdir instead of datadir on install. (orbea)
- Fix --with-system-zip configure flag. (BearOso)
- Draw interlaced fields when ready. (BearOso)
- Initial Wayland support. (remicalixte)
- Allow XV only in X11. (BearOso)
- Add Wayland support via EGL. (BearOso)
- Significant rewrite of OpenGL driver to support newer standards. This won't work on cards < OpenGL ~1.5. (BearOso)
- Changed frameskip option to speed throttling option with simpler, but more relevant methods of speed control. (BearOso)
- Add support for relative-style save slots. (ichigo-0, BearOso)
- Remove XML config file format in favor of one more like Win32. Make joystick bindings and more options human- readable and editable. (BearOso)
- Try more device nodes when initializing OSS. (BearOso)
Télécharger Snes9x v1.57 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Snes9x v1.57 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Snes9x v1.57 (MacOS)
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 VirtualC64 v3.1.1 
Jeudi 08/11/18 à 13:17 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour MacOS continue ses mises à jour régulières. Voici les nouveautés du jour:
- Screenshots can be taken again (was broken in 3.1).
- Scanline emulation has been slightly improved.
Télécharger VirtualC64 v3.1.1
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 Emu Loader v8.6.7 (version complète) 
Mercredi 07/11/18 à 13:10 par Firebrand
Ce fronted multi-système a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Maintenance update. Nothing much has been going on with EL latety.
Support for MAME .202 and .203, a couple cosmetic fixes in MAME Settings screen.
Support for Supermodel SVN 741 new Enable Quad Rendering setting and minor UI tweaks in Supermodel Settings screen.
It was brought to my attention that Emu Loader doesn't play arcade preview videos in a \videosnaps\ sub-folder. That's now supported.
One bad bug was finally reported in the frontend's audit system. It's been there for like a year, and nobody noticed it not even me. If a game set has a bios ROM with a different name then the ROM from the bios set, it wasn't correctly audited and set as missing. Many games were tagged as Missing ROMs.
NOTE: you must create MAME games list again to fix this bug in the audit system!

- Renamed "Namco Super System 22" to proper "Namco System Super 22"
- Fixes to MAME Settings screen
*"Select" button for "Path to BGFX Files" was doing nothing
*"Select" button for "BGFX Shadow Mask Texture" filename was assigned to a different TEdit control
- Audit fix: bios ROMs in game sets were not tagged as bios ROMs in case the ROM name in game set is different than ROM name in bios set, causing them to appear as missing ROMs

- Updated madExcept library to v4.0.20
*for some weird reason, error dialogs show Windows 8 as the OS instead of Windows 10

- Support for Supermodel SVN 741
*added new "Enable Quad Rendering" setting
*initial code for "NET" support; since this is preliminary emulator feature, not much can be done
- Support for MAME .202
*"Namco System 21" has been split into mulitple drivers, arcade filtering was not working anymore
- Support for MAME .203
*added "BGFX LUT Texture Name" setting
*added "HLSL Bloom LUT" settings
- Video previews for arcade games can be in an extra "\videosnaps\" sub-folder
*for arcade games only, MAME software lists and EmuCon systems are not supported
*you can select "d:\myvideos-mame-folder\" as your main vids folder; EL will automatically search videos in "d:\myvideos-mame-folder\videosnaps\")
*no support for multiple paths
Télécharger Emu Loader v8.6.7 (version complète)
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 Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 FR 
Mardi 06/11/18 à 12:46 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour Windows a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France.
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 (32-bit) FR
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 (64-bit) FR
 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 FR 
Lundi 05/11/18 à 12:28 par Firebrand
On ne traine pas chez Tradu-France: la dernière beta de WinUAE est déjà disponible en français!
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 
Lundi 05/11/18 à 12:26 par Firebrand
Les micro-ordinateurs sont décidément à l'honneur aujourd'hui avec cette nouvelle beta de WinUAE, dont le développement semble plus lent que d'habitude. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- UNPK and PACK instructions (very rarely used) had code like "v = read_from_address(x) + read_from_address(y)" which has undefined function call execution order in C.
- 68030 MMU MOVEM to memory access fault retry special case fixed (b8). Amix boots normally again.
- 68030 MMU unaligned data access retries always used aligned access. (b8)
- AGA 32/64-pixel FMODE BPLxDAT writes are also now emulated accurately. Behavior is same as sprites, FMODE=3: first 16 pixels are last bus data, remaining 48 pixels are duplicate of written data. FMODE=2: first 16 pixels bus data, last 16 pixels written data. FMODE=1: written data duplicated. (Last bus data is first word of copper MOVE to BPLxDAT if copper was used to write to BPLxDAT). Writing to BPLxDAT when FMODE=3 and then lowering FMODE disables last 32 pixels (like sprites do) but this is not yet emulated.
- Yet another undocumented AGA bitplane special case. When FMODE=1/2 and modulo is added, bit 1 carry is ignored, for example 0x102 + 0x12 = 0x110. FMODE=3: same except bit 2 carry is ignored. This can only happen if bitplane pointer and/or modulo is "unaligned", not integer divisible by fetch size. Quite useless feature because unaligned bitplane pointers will always result in corrupted display. But at least (corrupted) display is now 100% accurate.
- Debugger memwatch points detected also debugger read or write accesses.
- Multi Evolution v2.2 ROM added. Does not seem to be RDB compatible, probably only v3.0+ are RDB compatible.

68030 MMU is still reported as having problems in some Next OS versions (Previous emulator) but I can't duplicate any problems with my usual test images (not even Amix). Please test any existing Linux/NetBSD etc.. in 68030 mode and report any differences between this beta and last official version.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 9 (64-bit)
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 AppleWin v1.27.10.0 
Lundi 05/11/18 à 12:23 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple // a été publiée; Voici les changements apportés:
- [Change #590] Apple II original: default to 48K (so no LC installed in slot-0).
*Added new command line switch: -s0 ('lc' is an alias for 'languagecard')
*When LC is in slot-0, it now use the Apple II+'s F8 (auto-start) ROM
- [Change #408] Support Saturn 64K and 128K cards in slot-0.
- Added new command line switch: -s0 ('saturn' is an alias for 'saturn128')
- [Bug #591] Save-state wasn't preserving the 'key-waiting' flag.
- [Bug #587] Debugger: disassembly for branch targets < $1000 were missing the leading '0'.
Télécharger AppleWin v1.27.10.0
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 Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 
Lundi 05/11/18 à 12:21 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour Windows a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
1) SID envelope timing fixes to accommodate VICE test programs in testprogs\SID\env_test\ . Also improved is the timing of gate attack during release and gate release during attack as measured by own test programs.
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 (32-bit)
Télécharger Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0 (64-bit)
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 Messinfo.dat v0.203 (11.16) 
Dimanche 04/11/18 à 13:49 par Firebrand
Les données des nouvelles machines non arcade de MAME v0.203 ont été ajoutées à ce fichier informatif qui termine traditionnellement la vague mensuelle de fichiers additionnels d'AntoPISA.
- 11.16 02/11/2018: Aligned files to 0.203 version.
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v0.203 (11.16)
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 VirtualC64 v3.1 
Dimanche 04/11/18 à 13:46 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour MacOS a été publiée. Voici les changements apportés:
- A modified version of the crt-pi shader (CRT for Raspberry Pi) is utilized for CRT monitor emulation. The shader parameters can be adjusted in the newly designed emulator preferences window in real-time.
- Added support for cartridges of type KCS and EasyFlash.
- Fixed VICE test fldscroll.prg which was broken since V3.0.
- Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to read wrong memory results from unmapped Ram in Ultimax mode.
Télécharger VirtualC64 v3.1
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 SameBoy v0.11.2 
Dimanche 04/11/18 à 13:45 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur GameBoy/GameBoy Color avant tout pensé pour OSX mais possédant également une version Windows très fonctionnelle a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
New/Improved Features
- Each debug console in Cocoa now displays the ROM file name in its titlebar
- SameBoy can now load RTC information from battery saves from different emulators including BGB, VisualBoyAdvance, and VisualBoyAdvance-M and vice versa. Older battery saves will automatically be converted

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
- More accurate emulation of DAC charging and discharging. Fixes the buzzing sound heard in several games
- Fixed a bug where the left and right audio channel were swapped
- More accurate GDMA and HDMA timings
- Fixed several bugs, one of which is a regression, where channels 1 and 2 could play without a delay. Fixes missing audio in Gensan 2
- Correct emulation of enabling and disabling the volume envelope
- Correct emulation of a glitch where the volume envelope ticks when it usually wouldn’t
- Compensate for CPU prefetch in DIV’s initial value
- Correct emulation of turning the DACs on and off. Fixes missing audio in several games

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bugs in the debugger UI in Cocoa that made it unresponsive
- Fixed a bug where the libretro core didn’t save and load the RTC properly
Télécharger SameBoy v0.11.2 (MacOS)
Télécharger SameBoy v0.11.2 (Windows)
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 Le sondage de nvembre 2018: il est de retour! Pour vous jouer un mauvais tour... 
Samedi 03/11/18 à 14:58 par Firebrand
- *tape sur l'épaule* Dis-moi, tu n'aurais pas oublié un truc?
- Quoi donc?
- Je ne sais pas... genre l'été est passé depuis une plombe?
- Nani?
- Ah si! Y'aurait peut-être un p'tit détail que tu devrais mettre à jour...
- Tu me perds...
- Dur l'Alzheimer. Tu ne t'occupes pas d'une certaine section sur le site?
- Euh............ oh mince!

Ouais bon, OK... les vacances d'été ne sont plus qu'un lointain souvenir... mais y'a pas de saison pour l'apéro.... non?
Entre oubli, manque d'inspiration et flemme, j'aurais possiblement oublié de mettre fin au sondage de l'été. Mieux vaut tard que jamais après tout! Comment ça, je ne suis pas crédible?

Vite, passons aux résultats:

Le bourre-pif, c'est votre truc. L'art de la mandale n'a plus de secret pour vous, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de faire bouffer du bitume aux punks qui ravagent le quartier.
Les sports fun gardent une bonne place dans votre cœur mais pour le reste, les avis sont assez partagés. A noter la contre-performance des Bomberman et compagnie pourtant réputés pour leur côté convivial (bon, je n'aime pas non plus mais c'est une autre histoire).

Pour Novembre, on va rester dans le thème de la castagne vu que vous aimez ça. On va voir parmi une sélection de beat'em all arcade lequel est votre préféré. La liste est forcément incomplète, le genre étant mine de rien très représenté, fatalement partiale, et votre petit préféré ne s'y trouvera peut-être pas. Mais tous les titres proposés sont bons, si vous ne les connaissez pas, je ne peux vous conseiller qu'aller les essayer dans notre section MAME!

Artwork pour Final Fight, un grand classique.

Vous pouvez venir défendre votre "poing de vue" sur notre forum!
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.203, 2èmer partie 
Samedi 03/11/18 à 13:18 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle fournée de fichiers additionnels pour MAME est arrivée. Voici les changements connus:
Languages.ini v0.203 (0.92):
- 2018/11/02 0.92: Added 0.203 sets. Fixed 12 Spanish entries.
- 2018/09/30 0.91: Fixed an error in the language of game (paradar) (thanks to the report of a motoschifo).

Series.ini v0.203:
- Items RENAMED (1): (armchmp2) to (armchmp2o2).
- Series UPDATED (9): Ace Driver, Arm Champs, Pac-Man, Pang, Phoenix, Player's Edge, Pocket Gal, Street Fighter and Tetris.
Télécharger CHD-info v0.203
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.203 (0.92)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.203
 NPlayers.ini et NPlayers32.ini v0.203 
Vendredi 02/11/18 à 13:15 par Firebrand
Arrivés cette fois rapidement après la sortie de la dernière version de MAME en date, ces fichiers permettant de trier les jeux MAME par nombre de joueurs ont été mis à jour avec les données de MAME v0.203.
Télécharger NPlayers.ini v0.203
Télécharger NPlayers32.ini v0.203
Site Officiel de NPlayers.ini
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.203 
Vendredi 02/11/18 à 13:12 par Firebrand
C'est au tour des premiers fichiers additionnels d'AntoPISA d'être mis à jour avec des données de MAME v0.203.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.203
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.203
Télécharger Version.ini v0.203
 History.dat v2.03 
Vendredi 02/11/18 à 13:08 par Firebrand
Une version enrichie de ce fichier contenant des anectodes sur les jeux émulés par MAME a été publiée à l'occasion de la sortie de MAME v0.203.
Télécharger History.dat v2.03
Site Officiel de History.dat
 MESSUI v0.203 
Jeudi 01/11/18 à 14:36 par Firebrand
Cette version de MESS ne devait a priori plus être mis à jour, l'utilisateur devant faire quelques adaptations à MAMEUI pour avoir le même résultat. Mais son auteur a voulu malgré tout sortir une nouvelle version "une dernière fois" à l'occasion d'Halloween. Profitez-en.
Télécharger MESSUI v0.203 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESSUI v0.203 (64-bit)
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 Mameinfo.dat v0.203 
Jeudi 01/11/18 à 14:33 par Firebrand
Ce traditionnel fichier informatif pour MAME a été mis à jour avec les données de MAME v0.203:
- Updated to MAME 0.203 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes
-. Newest Bugs (31st Oct)
-. Added WinArcadia 24.91 emulator infos.
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.203
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 WolfMAME v0.203 
Jeudi 01/11/18 à 14:31 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME adapté aux compétitions de high-scores passe également à la v0.203.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.203
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
 SDLMAME v0.203 
Jeudi 01/11/18 à 14:30 par Firebrand
Les amateurs de MacOS peuvent également goûter aux nouveautés du dernier MAME en date.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.203
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
 MAME v0.203 
Jeudi 01/11/18 à 14:26 par Firebrand
La version mensuelle et officielle de MAME est enfin arrivée. Voici la liste de modifications:
With Hallowe’en basically over, the only thing you need to make October complete is MAME 0.203. Newly supported titles include not just one, but two Nintendo Game & Watch classics: Donkey Kong and Green House, and the HP 9825B desktop computer. We’ve added dozens of new versions of supported systems, including European bootlegs of Puck Man, Ms. Pac- Man, Phoenix, Pengo and Zero Time, more revisions of Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II, and a version of Soldier Girl Amazon made under license by Tecfri.
There are major improvements to plug- in TV games in this release, specifically systems based on the XaviX and SunPlus µ'nSP processors. The Vii is now playable with sound, and the V.Smile can boot games. Tiger emulation has come to the point where all but one of the games are playable. Some long- standing issues with Tandy CoCo cartridges have been fixed.
It isn’t just home systems that have received attention this month: Namco System 22 emulation has leapt forward. Yes, the hit box errors making it impossible to pass the helicopter (Time Crisis) and the tanks (Tokyo Wars) have finally been fixed. On top of that, video emulation improvements make just about everything on the system look better. In particular, rear view mirrors in the driving games now work properly. If that isn’t enough for you, the code has been optimised, so there’s a good chance you’ll get full speed emulation on a modern PC. There have been less dramatic improvements to video emulation in other Namco and Tecmo systems, and CPS- 3 row scroll effects have been implemented.
MAME 0.203 should build out- of- the- box on macOS “Mojave” with the latest Xcode tools (provided your SDL2 framework is up-to-date), a number of lingering debugger issues have been fixed, and it’s now possible to run SDL MAME on a system with no display. MAME’s internal file selection menus should behave better when you type the name of a file to select it.
MAME 0.203 is a huge update, touching all kinds of areas.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00430: [Graphics] (flkatck.cpp) mx5000: Game has priority problems. (Angelo Salese)
- 00777: [Gameplay] (namcos22.cpp) timecris, timecrisa: Incorrect hitbox for the helicopter in level 3. (hap)
- 06157: [Graphics] (cps3.cpp) jojo, jojoba and clones: Combo meter graphics missing for second player. (David Haywood)
- 06164: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) ridgerac: Title screen graphics are missing from second attract loop onwards. (hap)
- 06171: [Core] System-specific INI file settings are retained when starting a new emulation session. (Ryan Holtz)
- 06616: [Crash/Freeze] (coco3.cpp) coco3: Cartridges using 32k external ROM mode don't work. (Tim Lindner)
- 07088: [Crash/Freeze] (interpro.cpp) ip6000, ip6700, ip6800: 1 Hz clock causes assertion failure in scheduler. (Patrick Mackinlay)
- 07110: [DIP/Input] (snk.cpp) tdfever: The "Allow Continue" DIP switch is reversed. (Angelo Salese)
- 07111: [Graphics] (namcos22.cpp) dirtdash: Speedometer displayed incorrectly. (hap)
- 07115: [Sound] (cps2.cpp) spf2t (qsound): Sound effects are distorted, mainly on left channel. (superctr)
- 07123: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [dstrike]: Title is inaccurate. (Tafoid)
- 07124: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [rrash3]: Title is inaccurate. (Tafoid)
- 07126: [Color/Palette] (8080bw.cpp) yosakdon: Yosaku to donbei used an overlay for colour. (MASH)

New working machines
- Game & Watch: Donkey Kong [algestam]
- Game & Watch: Green House [algestam]
- HP 9825B [F.Ulivi]
- Nerae! Super Goal (J 981218 V1.000) [PascalP, Bill D., The Dumping Union]
- Sky Challenger (J 000406 V1.000) [ShouTime, Bill D., Charles MacDonald, Dane Biegert, Candy Wolff, Henrique Areias Pontes, Sean Sutton, Surgeville, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

New working clones
- Ace Driver: Victory Lap (Rev. ADV1, Japan) [ShouTime, Henrique Areias Pontes, Evan Korzon, Dane Biegert, mrgoodwraith, Michael O'Malley, Alexander Monin, Sean Sutton, Sung Eugene, Russell Howard, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Arm Champs II (ver 2.7) [Siftware]
- Crazy Rally (Recreativos Franco license) []
- Crock-Man (Marti Colls bootleg of Rene Pierre Crock-Man) [A.R.P.A.,]
- Fenix (Niemer bootleg of Phoenix) [, Arcade Vintage]
- Heated Barrel (World version ?) [Jorge Silva]
- Koutetsu Yousai Strahl (World) [VectorGlow]
- Land Maker (Ver 2.02O 1998/06/02) [SEGV]
- Ms. Pac- Man ('Made in Greece' bootleg, set 2) [Michael Moffitt, The Dumping Union]
- Ms. Pac- Man (Marti Colls bootleg) [A.R.P.A.,]
- Pac Man (FAMARE S.A. bootleg of Puck Man) [Marcos75,]
- Phoenix (G. Universal Video bootleg) [VectorGlow]
- Pengo (Marti Colls bootleg on Pac- Man hardware, set 1) [A.R.P.A.,]
- Pengo (Marti Colls bootleg on Pac- Man hardware, set 2) [A.R.P.A.,]
- Player's Edge Plus (SET033) Set Chip [Brian Troha]
- Pocket Gal Deluxe (Asia v3.00) [Jorge Silva]
- PuLiRuLa (World, earlier?) [Jorge Silva]
- Rapid Hero (NMK) [pacman70]
- Rim Rockin' Basketball (V1.2, bootleg) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Soldier Girl Amazon (Tecfri license) [Fredric Sjoholm]
- Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910204) [Erik Preston]
- Super Street Fighter II: The Tournament Battle (USA 930911) [Steve Gordon]
- Tazz- Mania - El Trompa (U.R.V. BBCPE bootleg) [Ricky2001,]
- Tetris (bootleg set 4, with UM3482) [Asayuki, ClawGrip]
- The Killing Blade / Ao Jian Kuang Dao (ver. 106) [Brad Hicks]
- Twins [David Torres, ClawGrip,]
- Twins (Mega Twins bootleg) [Barry Harris, ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- World Cup '90 (european hack, different title) [Roberto Fresca, Martin Mejia Britez]
- Zero Time (Marti Colls) [A.R.P.A.,]

Machines promoted to working
- Jungle Soft Vii [Ryan Holtz]
- Tokyo Wars (Rev. TW2 Ver.A, World) [hap]
- Video 21 [hap]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
- Bowling Road (Ver 1.5) [f205v]
- BwB Tetris v 1.0? (MPU4 Video) [James Wallace]
- Decision Data IS-482 Workstation [Al Kossow]
- Falco 5220 [Al Kossow]
- Gynotai (Japan) [Dane Biegert, Evan Korzon, Candy Wolff, Henrique Areias Pontes, Sean Sutton, ShouTime, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- HP 700/70 Windowing Terminal [Bitsavers]
- ITT 1700 [Al Kossow]
- Labyrinth (Ver 1.5) [f205v]
- MCS-51 System Design Kit [Glen Slick]
- MIPS RC2030 [Patrick Mackinlay]
- MIPS RS2030 [Patrick Mackinlay]
- MVS- TEMP 'SubSystem Ver1.4' (Nazca development board) [Brian Hargrove]
- Pin Ups (Ver 1.0 Rev A) [f205v]
- Prize Space Invaders (v1.4D?) (MPU4 Video) [James Wallace]
- Prize Space Invaders (v2.0D?) (MPU4 Video) [James Wallace]
- Prize Space Invaders (v2.14?) (MPU4 Video) [James Wallace]
- Rushing Beat (SNES bootleg) [Jorge Silva]
- S-Plus SET005 Set chip [Brian Troha]
- S-Plus SET015 Set chip [Brian Troha]
- S-Plus SET026 Set chip [Brian Troha]
- Scientific Instruments Model 5500 Temperature Controller [ClawGrip]
- Super Derby (satellite board) [Chris Buehler]
- UFO Robot (Ver 1.0 Rev A) [f205v]
- World Cup (Ver 1.5) [f205v]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
- Altered Beast (bootleg) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Break Thru (Tecfri license) [jordigahan,]
- Bowling Road (Ver 1.4) [f205v]
- Bowling Road (Ver 1.4, ND2001 hardware) [f205v]
- Congo (1.1, DCS sound 1.0) [PinMAME]
- Diner (PA-0 prototype) [PinMAME]
- Emergency Call Ambulance (Japan) [ShouTime, Henrique Areias Pontes, Evan Korzon, Dane Biegert, mrgoodwraith, Michael O'Malley, Alexander Monin, Sean Sutton, Sung Eugene, Russell Howard, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Excalibur (Mdm) (MPU4, V1.4) [James Wallace]
- Heavy Metal Meltdown (German) [PinMAME]
- HP9000/360 [Sven Schnelle]
- Jack*Bot (0.4A prototype) [PinMAME]
- Mushiking The King Of Beetle (MUSHIUSA '04 1ST, Prototype) [Jorge Valero, rtw]
- Showdown (version 4.0) [Mark Jenison]
- Super Pang (World 900914, bootleg, set 2) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- World Cup (Ver 1.4) [f205v]
- Zorton Brothers v1.00 (Los Justicieros) [Arcade Vintage,]

New working software list additions
- bbc_rom: Accelerator 1.00, Accelerator 1.02, Accelerator 1.05 Accelerator 1.06, BeebCalc 1.2B, BeebCalc 1.2C, BeebCalc 1.2D, BeebCalc 1.2E, Caretaker 1.00, Caretaker 1.01, Caretaker 1.02, Caretaker 1.03, Communicator 0.90, Communicator 1.04a, Communicator A2.1, Debug, Disc Doctor 1.05, Disc Doctor 1.06, Disc Doctor 1.07, Disc Doctor 1.09, Disc Doctor 1.0A, Disc Doctor 1.0B, Graphics Extension 1.02, Graphics Extension 1.03, Graphics Extension 2.09, Gremlin 1.20, Gremlin 1.21, Inter-Chart 1.01, Inter-Chart 1.02, Inter- Chart 1.03a, Inter- Sheet 0.47, Inter-Sheet 1.00, Inter-Sheet 1.02, Inter-Sheet 1.03, Inter-Sheet 1.06, Inter-Sheet 1.06c, Inter-Sheet 1.06s, Printmaster (Canon) 1.08, Printmaster (Epson) 1.00, Printmaster (Epson) 1.01, Printmaster (Epson) 1.02, Printmaster (Epson) 1.08, Printmaster (Epson) 1.10, Printmaster (Star) 1.10, Speech, Termi 2.07, Termi 2.05, Termi 2.06, Termi 2.10, Termi II A1.5, Text To Speech, WordWise 1.17, WordWise 1.17 (Beebug), Wordwise 1.00, Wordwise 1.10, Wordwise 1.20, Wordwise Plus 1.48, Wordwise Plus 1.49, Wordwise Plus 1.4A, Wordwise Plus 1.4B, Wordwise Plus 1.4C, Wordwise Plus 1.4E, Wordwise Plus 1.4F [Nigel Barnes]
- hp9k3xx_flop: Pascal 3.25 [Sven Schnelle]
- ibm5150: Rampart (Hit Squad release) [ArcadeShadow]
- ibm5170: ADSP-21xx EZ-KIT Lite, Auto Convert, Central Point Anti-Virus for Windows, Compaq ProLinea 486-based PC's - Microsoft Windows 3.0 Support Diskette, Compaq ProLinea 486-based PC's - Microsoft Windows 3.1 Support Diskette, DIVA T/A ISDN Modem Setup Wizard for Windows 3.x, Diagnostics - Test, Setup, and MDMI Utilities for Products with 640K of RAM Installed, Direct Access Windows, Drafix Windows CAD (Demo), Enhanced 5250 Emulation Program, HiJaak, HiJaak Pro, Integration i Microsoft Office 97: Step by Step (Swe), Internet in a Box - Single-User Version, Jack Nicklaus Screen Savers, MS- DOS FASTART/SYSTEM - The Compaq Personal Computer FASTART/SYSTEM Diskette, MS- DOS Operating - The Compaq Personal Computer Operating Diskette, MS- DOS Support - User Programs, Mastering Borland C++ 3.1, Micro-Cap III, Microsoft Windows Support - User Programs, Mitsumi Mouse Driver (v6.0), Mouse/Trackball, NexNIC ND010 PCI Adapter (Ethernet/Fast Ethernet), Norton CrashGuard for Windows 95, Nova 9 (International Version, 5.25"), NuSound PnP Install Disk, Postnummerkatalogen 1996 (Swe), Scroll 3D Mouse Setup Disk for PS/2 and Serial, SoundWave 32 Series, TMS320C5x DSK - Applications Guide/Application Software, Tango Printed Circuit Design Evaluation, Tango Schematic Capture Evaluation, The Greatest Little PIC Book, Thunderhawk AH-73M, WordFinder Lexikon pa PC (Swe), Write On! for Windows [FakeShemp]
- pc98: Ballade3, Bible Master - Crash of the Blleot Rutz, Bible Master - Crash of the Blleot Rutz (Alt), Bind - Kinbaku Jinmon Densetsu, Black Bird - Tori- tachi no Tooboe, Blackthorne - Jigoku no Fukushuu (16- color version), Blackthorne - Jigoku no Fukushuu (256-color version), Blandia 98, Blind Games, Blue Ruins - Harukanaru Bibanon no Hihou, Bounty Hunter Ludy, Branmarker 2, Bretonne Lays Scenario Shuu 1, Briganty - The Roots of Darkness, Bunny Hunter Zero [Neo Kobe Collection]
- pico: Oryouri Daisuki! Kitchen Pico (Jpn) [TeamEurope]
- sorcerer_cart: Exidy Standard Basic v1.1 [exidyboy, Robbbert]
- sorcerer_cass: Head-on Collision, Lander Arcade [exidyboy]
- uzebox: 2048, 65536-in-1, Block Boy, Buddha, Solitaire, Space Age, Uzekickers, Vector Game, Video Poker, XOR [ArcadeShadow]
- vgmplay: Air Duel (Irem M72), Burning Fight (SNK Neo Geo), Chimera Beast (Jaleco Mega System 1), Chip's Challenge (IBM PC AT), Cycle Mahbou (Arcade), D.A.S.S. (MSX2), Dark Seal (Arcade), Denjin Makai (Arcade), Direct- X Release.2 (Sharp X68000), LHX Attack Chopper (IBM PC AT), Major Stryker (IBM PC AT), Mega Man IV (Nintendo Game Boy), Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake (MSX2), Second Earth Gratia (Jaleco Mega System 32), Sky Destroyer (Arcade), Slimyer (Sharp X68000), Tintin in Tibet (Game Boy), Uncharted Waters (Sharp X68000), Vinyl Goddess from Mars (IBM PC AT), Wizard Fire (Arcade) [Tafoid]
x68k_flop: Abunai Bunkasai Zenya [Wayder]
Software list items promoted to working
- gamecom: Batman & Robin, Centipede, Duke Nukem 3D, Fighters Megamix, Frogger, Henry - Match the Sounds Memory Game, Indy 500, Jeopardy!, Monopoly, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Quiz Wiz - Cyber Trivia, Resident Evil 2, Scrabble, Sonic Jam, Tiger Casino, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fortune 2, Williams Arcade Classics [Robbbert]
pc98: Batsu, Battle Queen - Saikyou Fighters Retsuden, Be Girl (Alt Format), Bio 100% Free Games Collection (Alt Format), Bishoujo Shashinkan Bangaihen - Outside Story, Bokosuka Wars, Brandish VT, The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown, The Best Play Baseball (Demo) [Carl, r09]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
- 32x: Clay Fighter 2 (Jpn, USA, Euro Prototype) [VampierMSX, Porchy]
- bbc_rom: ConQuest, Instant Mini Office II, Inter-Word 1.02, Quest Paint 1.04, Quest Paint 1.10, SpellMaster 1.66, SpellMaster 1.69, The Wapping Editor [Nigel Barnes]
- mac_hdflop: ClarisWorks (Swedish) [FakeShemp]
- pc98: Brandish Renewal [r09]
- princ: Bad Badtz-Maru, Hello Kitty, Kazoku de Nengajou, Pochacco [TeamEurope]

Source Changes
- Emulated National DP8350 CRT controller family. [AJR]
- mcs48: Set lower 4 bits of P2 to input during (and after) MOVD A,Pp. [AJR]
- i8243: Release P2 output after completion of read operation. [AJR]
- sbrain.cpp: Driver overhaul: [AJR]
*Added cursor and scrolling through CRT controller registers.
*Corrected number of interrupts per frame.
*Actually show the "insert diskette" message.
*Added options for RAM size and two or more floppy drives.
*Added RS232 ports and DIP switches for Baud clock selection.
- tms9900: Internalized TMS9980A clock divider, and corrected endianness for TMS9980 and TMS9995 in unidasm. [AJR]
- xavix: Allow debugger to step over CALLF instruction. [AJR]
- crt9007: Added frame timer. [AJR]
- flipjack.cpp: Driver overhaul: [AJR]
*Reimplemented video using CRT controller row update method.
*Fixed cocktail mode and changed rotation from 90 degrees to 270 degrees.
*Modernized interrupts and cleaned up code.
- Invalidate memory access caches when removing watchpoints (prevents crashes on subsequent accesses to the same areas). [AJR]
- mcs96 updates: [AJR]
*Replaced I/O space with callbacks, and added internal address space for non-executable register file and SFR area.
*Made SFRs more accessible to the debugger, and made disassembler show names for directly-addressed SFRs.
*Corrected disassembler output for some forms of ADDCB, SUBCB, MULB, ANDB, JBC and JBS.
- unidasm: Added st62xx support. [AJR]
- flkatck.cpp: Fixed sprite-sprite priorities, and removed driver hack from k007121.cpp. [Angelo Salese, dink]
- combatsc.cpp: Added video and scroll memory to save states. [Angelo Salese]
- contra.cpp: Fix sprite RAM mapping. [Angelo Salese]
- Added shaders for performing color transforms and three-dimensional lookup tables. [anikom15]
*Allows arbitrary color space manipulation within the sRGB space.
- rainbow.cpp: Connected WD2010 write fault input, and changed default serial port device to Microsoft 2-button mouse. [Bavarese]
- r9751 updates - Disktool is now fully functional: [Brandon Munger, Stephen Stair]
*i86: Allow '188 to advance DMA immediately if DRQ is held high when source synchronous DMA is started.
*Connected SMIOC DMA to 68k CPU and fixed communication.
*Emulated SCC2698B octal UART and connected to SMIOC.
*Improved logging.
- iremga20.cpp: Fixed playback rate algorithm. [cam900]
- itech8.cpp: Updates and cleanup: [cam900]
*Converted sound latch to generic_latch_8_device.
*Converted to use derived memory maps and unit masks.
*Reduced runtime tag map lookups, and cleaned up redundant and duplicated code.
- glass.cpp: Simplified code, removed duplication, and improved region names. [cam900]
- segas24.cpp: Added save state support, split address maps by ROM board type, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- crystal.cpp: Cleanup and updates: [cam900]
*Made class members private where appropriate, cleaned up code, reduced duplication, and added notes.
*Converted to use derived address maps and configured banking.
*Added CRT controller register details.
*Improved device names and removed MCFG macros.
- targeth.cpp: Reduced runtime tag map lookups, and reduced code duplication. [cam900]
- ramdac.cpp: Removed MCFG macros. [cam900, AJR]
- blitz68k.cpp: Reduced code duplication and made state class members private as appropriate. [cam900]
- tecmo_mix.cpp: Added mixing for text layer bitmap, made background pen blendable, and removed MCFG macros. [cam900]
- gaiden.cpp, tecmo16.cpp: Corrected sprite lag, cleaned up graphics decode and ROM loading, and added notes. [cam900]
- namcofl.cpp: Implemented screen clipping and shadows, fixed sprite banking, and confirmed crystal values. [cam900]
- namconb1.cpp: Corrected sprite lag, added raw screen parameters, reduced code duplication, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- namcos1.cpp: Reduced code duplication and replaced a naked pointer with a required region pointer. [cam900]
- namcos2.cpp: Removed unnecessary memory banks, added raw screen parameters, improved region names, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- namcos21.cpp, namcos21_c67.cpp, namcos21_de.cpp: Improved member names and tags, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- namco_c116.cpp: Implemented device_palette_interface for internal palette. [cam900]
- namco_c123tmap.cpp: Internalized graphics decoding, implemented tilemap disable bit, and simplified configuration. [cam900]
- namco_c169roz.cpp, namcos2_roz.cpp: Internalized graphics decoding and simplified configuration. [cam900]
- namco_c355spr.cpp: Added support for double-buffered sprites, simplified configuration, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- namcos2_sprite.cpp: Get palette from graphics decode, avoiding redundant configuration. [cam900]
- onetwo.cpp: Use a palette decoder member function for palette decoding. [cam900]
- qx10kbd: Dumped and emulated keyboard microcontroller. [Carl, Frank Hughes]
- mwarr.cpp, stlforce.cpp: Converted video code to a device. [David Haywood]
- cps3.cpp: Implemented score layer row scroll effects, and cleaned up code. [David Haywood]
*Fixes combo meters in jojoba (MT06157, GitHub #4033).
- wecleman.cpp: Marked weclemanb as a hack. [David Haywood]
- XaviX updates: [David Haywood]
*Renamed members based on strings in code, moved audio stubs to a separate file, and updated notes.
*Hooked up sprite addressing mode control register, improved sprite RAM hookup, and hooked up "text array" pattern generator.
*Fixed multiplier unit use in rad_madf.
*Added inputs for rad_bass, rad_crdn, taitons1 and taitons2.
*Improved palette mode used by taitons2, improved sprite positioning, implemented sprite flipping, and improved priorities.
*Added support for RAM- based tiles used in rad_bb2 test mode, and 24- bit tile addressing used by epo_efdx.
*Improved CALLF, RETF and BRK, allowing namcons2 to boot and rad_ping to get past the first screen.
*Mapped BIOS into second external bus space for e- kara sets, and implemented DMA register read- back.
*Improved transparency handling, and implemented "arena control" clipping effect.
*Re-implemented Super XaviX opcodes based on observed usage.
*Allow some opcodes to bypass zero page, as required by namcons1.
*Hooked up I2C memory.
*Implemented per-line rendering and raster interrupts (improves backgrounds in rad_snow and xavtenni).
- Don't set the SDL_WINDOW_OPENGL extra flag if -video none is set. [dslegend]
*Allows a true headless run when the environment variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy is set.
- hphybrid: Added support for the 09825-67907 variant, and updated the hk64k and hp9845 drivers as necessary. [F.Ulivi]
- Emulated HP 9825B desktop computer, including DC100 tape drive, internal printer, and matrix display. [F.Ulivi]
- namcos22: Added view matrix reflection. [hap, Ryan Holtz]
*Fixes alpinr2b character selection screen, raveracw/ridgera2 rear- view mirrors, and secret mirror track in raveracw.
- namcos22 updates: [hap]
*Added save state support and improved performance.
*Corrected pixel clock and DSP clocks.
*Fixed coin 2 not working.
*Implemented rendering from point RAM (used on Alpine Racer 2 and Ridge Racer 2 title screens).
*Improved System 22 fader and background color (fixes Victory Lap attract mode).
*Improved Super System 22 fog and spot (improves graphics in Aqua Jet, Dirt Dash and Time Crisis).
*Fixed polygon layer sometimes rendering when it shouldn't
*Added preliminary POSIRQ implementation (partial updates are not enabled yet).
*Fixed window clipping on Ace Driver rear view mirrors and Alpine Racer 2 character selection screen.
*Fixed hitboxes for helicopter in Time Crisis and tanks in Tokyo Wars (error in 68020 CHK2).
*Added Super System 22 lamp and motor outputs.
- pokey: Return most recent m_ALLPOT value and freeze POT counters during SK_RESET. [Juergen Buchmueller]
- Allow undefined GL symbols for WebAssembly target (GitHub #4187). [Justin Kerk]
- Fixed compilation with X11 XInput enabled (NO_USE_XINPUT=0). [Kiall Mac Innes]
- mpatrol: Fixed graphical issues including sprite priority, background positioning, and screen flipping. [kunikuni]
- liblrabl, toypop: Improved cocktail mode emulation, and corrected DIP switch settings. [kunikuni]
- warpwarp.cpp: Corrected player 2 shot/ball offset in cocktail mode. [kunikuni]
- pacland: Corrected "Bonus Life" DIP switch values. [kunikuni]
- ti99: Added guards against selecting non- existent drives. [Michael Zapf]
- bbc_tube_6502/65c102: Added ReCo6502 Tube 1.21 ROM. [Nigel Barnes]
- bbc.cpp updates: [Nigel Barnes]
*Reimplemented the addressable latch using the 'LS259 device.
*Added 32K ROM slots in B+ and Master variants.
*Use bankdev to switch IO/ROM in Master.
*Use ram_device instead of ROM_REGION for RAM.
*Added I2CMEM device for PCD8572 in Master Compact.
*Corrected sound device from SN76489 to SN76489A.
- bbcb: Added ReCo6502 co- processor. [Nigel Barnes]
- bbcmc: Added expansion port and Mertec Companion expansion device. [Nigel Barnes]
- phoenix: Don't configure_entries and set_base on the same bank. [O. Galibert]
- Added a skeleton driver for MIPS Computer Systems ROSC/os machines, with initial focus on the RC2030 headless workstation. [Patrick Mackinlay]
- GENie: Changed minimum target macOS version to 10.6 to allow building on macOS 10.14 "Mojave" with latest Xcode tools. [R. Belmont]
- Fixed compilation with SDL 2.0.8 and later on macOS. [R. Belmont]
- hapyfish: Replaced driver with clone of mini2440, allowing it to boot from NAND Flash. [R. Belmont]
*Boot loader now comes up and fails because it can't find both Flash chips.
- gamecom.cpp: Made all games besides lostwrld playable, and updated notes. [Robbbert]
- sorcerer.cpp: Added DDMON 1.3 and ADSMON BIOS options. [Robbbert]
*ADSMON requires an 80 column card that is not emulated.
- sm8500: Improved logging of unknown opcodes. [Robbbert]
- sun4c updates: [Ryan Holtz]
*Changed FDC to and fixed mapping.
*Added save state support.
*Added machine configuration for SPARCstation SLC (4/20), IPX (4/50), 1+ (4/65) and 2 (4/75).
*Added RAM size options and fixed mirroring in 4 MB configurations.
*Improved MMU/cache behaviour, and added support for full-width memory mask on segment map writes.
*Re-wrote timers to tick at 1 MHz (allows NetBSD to progress further).
- sbus: Added font register and fixed drawing endianness for cgsix card. [Ryan Holtz]
- debugcpu: Fixed watchpoints for CPUs that use word addressing. [Ryan Holtz]
- generic_slot: Allow file name extensions to be omitted from constructor call. [Ryan Holtz]
- vii.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
*Fixed titles and publishers.
*Ported current u'nSP 1.0 CPU core and serial EEPROM emulation from Unununium.
*Made u'nSP instructions that use post-increment/decrement addressing modes update segment register on rollover.
*Fixed road layer in several Zone 60 games.
*Added an optional visual debugger for audio (may be enabled with a preprocessor macro).
*Converted SPG24x and SPG28x SoCs to devices, added saturation and fade offset control, and implemented sound output.
*Added SPG24x/SPG28x chip select callbacks and rudimentary analog inputs.
*Hooked up walle NVRAM.
*Added preliminary V.Smile support - runs BIOS and boots games.
- osdwindows: Fixed BGFX not rendering in multiple windows (internal UI is still glitchy). [Ryan Holtz]
- ibm5150.cpp: Hooked up cassette data output (GitHub #4076). [Ryan Holtz, BigAlUK]
- Fixed compilation with libjpeg for environments where TRUE and FALSE aren't preprocessor macros. [Ryan Schmidt]
- vt100, ec1841, mc1502, poisk1, km035 and ms7004: Made keyboards Lua-friendly and updated mappings. [shattered]
- PlayStation GPU: Copy the textures' STP bit (improves Silent Hill). [smf]
- PlayStation GTE: Use helper functions to count leading zero/one bits rather than implementing locally. [smf]
- vgmplay.cpp: Added support for multiple instances of the same chip with different clock frequencies. [smf]
- qsoundhle.cpp: Saturate voice and output accumulators (MT07115). [superctr]
- hp_dio updates: [Sven Schnelle]
*Allow cards to share interrupt and DMA request lines.
*Removed MCFG macros and moved classes into a namespace.
*Configure all DIO slots as non-fixed, as none of the devices are on- board or physically captive.
*Removed unused map() functions.
*Added HP98620 DMA controller and HP98625A SCSI controller card devices.
*Fixed plane masks in HP98543 video card.
- M68000 MMU updates: [Sven Schnelle]
*Add Special Status Word to exception frames.
*Raise MMU configuration exception if SRP/CRP is invalid.
*Factored out code to set bus error details, perform address translation cache lookup, match TT register, and walk tables.
*Added support for short indirect descriptors (used by HP-UX 9).
*Set MMU status flags when performing address translation cache lookup.
*Split PLOAD and PTEST code from m68881_ops into separate functions, and corrected the name to m68851_ops.
*Correctly disassemble more forms of PTEST and PFLUSH instructions.
- hp9k_3xx.cpp, mb87030.cpp, hp9122c.cpp: Converted to use delegate timers. [Sven Schnelle]
- hp9k_3xx.cpp updates: [Sven Schnelle]
*Moved sound, GPIB, keyboad and RTC to human interface DIO module.
*Cleaned up DIO configuration.
*Use 98543 DIO card for video output on HP9000/320 and HP9000/332, replacing driver code for the latter.
- tms9914: Latch EOI flag until next byte is sent. [Sven Schnelle]
- hp_hil updates: [Sven Schnelle]
*Added HP46060B mouse device.
*Converted logging to use logmacro.h and removed MCFG macros.
*Removed obsolete bus error handler and superfluous RAM regions.
- nscsi_bus.cpp, nscsi_cd.cpp, nscsi_hd.cpp: Disable logging by default. [Sven Schnelle]
- Emulated Fujitsu MB87030 SCSI controller. [Sven Schnelle]
- Fixed command line parsing for the long form of the first instance of a media option. [Tim Lindner]
- Fixed CoCo 16k cartridge banking, CoCo 3 32k external ROM mode, and Zumwalt banking through the CoCo Multi- Pak. [Tim Lindner]
*Addresses MT06616 and GitHub #2746.
- coco3.cpp: Added workaround to show only one screen by default. [Tim Lindner]
- pcjr.cpp: Added null_modem and terminal to serial port options for IBM PCjr family. [TSCHAK]
- iremga20: Stop sample playback on encountering a zero- valued sample, as this appears to be a sentinel value. [ValleyBell]
*Also reduced code duplication in sound stream update function.
- Improved search behaviour in file selection menus. [Vas Crabb]
- jazz.cpp: Added PS/2 keyboard/mouse controller emulation. [Vas Crabb]
- krz2000.cpp: Dumped the Kurzweil K2000 "ROM1 - Orchestral" and "ROM2 - Contemporary" add-on modules. [anonymous]
- namcops2.cpp: Re-dumped superdbz DVD and confirmed that gundzaft DVD dump is good. [Arcade- Projects]
- Dumped the IBM Model M PC/AT and PS/2 keyboard microcontroller. [Brandon Ermita]
- paradise.cpp: Updated information about Spinner Controls Daughtercard, and added DIP switch locations for Mad Ball. [Brian Troha]
- seta2.cpp: Added PCB layouts for Kosodate Quiz My Angel and TelePachi Fever Lion. [Brian Troha, Carl Graham]
- sega16a.cpp: Corrected labels and ROM locations for aliensyn2. [Brian Troha]
- atetris.cpp: Added PLDs to atetrisb2. [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- pofo: Dumped character generator ROM, and verified that BIOS is a good dump. [Curt Coder]
- twinkle.cpp: Updated documentation to match data gleaned from kits. [DragonMinded]
- itgamble.cpp: Updated notes and hardware info. [f205v]
- Barcrest MPU4: Removed Intel HEX copies of previously dumped ROMs. [James Wallace]
- nes.xml: Corrected Japanese titles for chestfld and touch. [killamegagiga]
- krz2000.cpp: Added notes. [Lord Nightmare]
- norautp.cpp: Marked drhla as a clone of drhl. [MASH]
- 3do.cpp: Corrected year and manufacturer for orbatak. [MASH]
- Added smartmedia to arcade build (now used by hapyfish). [MASH]
- Added color overlay to Yosaku to Donbei. [MASH, hap]
- pc98.xml updates: [r09]
*Marked Brandish Renewal entries as cracks.
*Re- labeled disks with their actual names, and changed order so they automatically mount in a logical way.
*Added usage notes for software that requires DOS.
*Removed images where only save game data differs, and removed user- created disks.
- tourvis.cpp: Dumped BIOS versions V4-42 and V4-51. [Ricky2001,]
- deco0.cpp: Dumped 68705 MCU for drgninjab2. [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip, The Dumping Union]
- taito_f3.cpp: Verified that ROMs from a Puchi Carat Asia cartridge ROMs match the overseas version. [SEGV]
- system1.cpp: Document that the parent Gardia set is Sega factory conversion. [ShouTime]
- Removed documentation for command- line options that are no longer supported, and added preliminary documentation for new options. [Tafoid]
- x68k_flop.xml: Added and corrected many entries. [Wayder]
- Addressed some consistency issues in documentation. [Wellington Uemura]
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