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R-Type (1988)(Irem)
R.A.M. (1990)(Topo Soft)(es)
R.A.M. (1990)(Topo Soft)(es)[a]
Race City (1988)(Iber Soft)(es)
Race City (1988)(Iber Soft)(es)[h CEZ]
Race in the Wilds (19xx)(Grivesoft)(fr)
Radar (1985)(Advance)(es)
Raid on Bungeling Bay (1985)(Sony)
Railway (1983)(Hudson Soft)
Rally-X (1984)(Namcot)
Rally-X (1984)(Namcot)[a]
Rambo (1985)(Pack In Video)
Rambo - First Blood Part II (1986)(Davide & Guide Favaro)
Rambo - First Blood Part II (1986)(Davide & Guide Favaro)[a]
Rambo III (1988)(Ocean Software)
Rambo III (1988)(Ocean Software)[a]
Rampart, The (1988)(Iber Soft)
Rampart, The (1988)(Iber Soft)[h CEZ]
Rasterscan (1987)(Mastertronic)
Rath-Tha (1989)(Positive)(es)
Rath-Tha (1989)(Positive)(es)[a]
Red Zone (1985)(Ascii)
Reflex (1987)(Players Software)
Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)[cr Pau D'Aci][t]
Rescate Atlantida (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)
Rescate Atlantida (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)[a]
Retour du Jedi, Le (19xx)(Parisy)(fr)
Reversi Challenger (1986)(-)(fr)
Rex Hard (1987)(Mister Chip)(es)
Rex Hard (1987)(Mister Chip)(es)[a]
Rise Out from Dungeons (1983)(Ascii)
Rise Out from Dungeons (1983)(Ascii)[a]
Risky Holding (1986)(DIMensionNEW)(es)
River Raid (1984)(Activision)
Road Fighter (1985)(Konami)
Road Wars (1988)(Melbourne House)
Robocop (1988)(Ocean Software)[needs 128k]
Robofrog (1985)(Ascii)
Robot Wars (1986)(Eaglesoft)
Roboy (1987)(Methodic Solutions)
Rock 'n Bolt (1985)(Activision)
Rock 'n Roller (1988)(Topo Soft)(es)