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Wall, The (1987)(Erbe Software)
Wally Weevil vs the Pyramid of Doom! (19xx)(-)
War Chess (1986)(Idealogic)(es)
War Chess (1986)(Idealogic)(es)[h CEZ]
War Head (1985)(Pony Canyon)
War in Middle Earth (1989)(Dro Soft)(es)
Warp & Warp (1984)(Namcot)
Warroid (1985)(Ascii)
Water Falls. Ame (19xx)(-)(jp)
Way of the Tiger, The (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
WEC Le Mans (1988)(Imagine Software)
Wedding Bells (1984)(Nippon Columbia - Colpax - Universal)
Wells & Fargo (1988)(Topo Soft)(es)
Wells & Fargo (1988)(Topo Soft)(es)[a]
West (1985)(-)
West Bank (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)[cr Damian Roman]
Who Dares Wins II (1986)(Alligata Software)
Whopper Chase (1987)(Erbe Software)(es)
Whopper Chase (1987)(Erbe Software)(es)[a]
Winter Events (1987)(Anco Software)
Winter Games (1986)(US Gold)
Winter Olympics (1986)(Tynesoft)
Winterhawk (1988)(Eurosoft)
Winterhawk (1988)(Eurosoft)[a]
Wizard's Lair (1986)(Bubblebus Software)(M3)[h Jon Navarro][t]
Wood (1991)(Electromagic)(es)
Word Plus (1993)(Comtect Microinformatica)(pt)
World Games (1987)(US Gold)
World Games (1987)(US Gold)[a]
Wrangler (1985)(Indescomp)(es)
Wrangler (1985)(Indescomp)(es)[a]
Wreck, The (1984)(Electric Software)