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OBED91 by Twilighte (UK) (1991)
Obelix (F) (1984) (Atmos)
Objective Elysee (F) (1984)
Objet (F) (19xx)
Objets Ok Ici Am-1_2 (F) (1986)
Obstacle Course (UK) (19xx) (PD)
Oil-Leak (F) (19xx)
Oil-Leak (F) (19xx) [a1]
Oirc Raid (F) (1996) (PD)
Old-Timer (F) (19xx)
Omelette by Alan Downs (PD)
Operation Gremlin (UK) (1983) (File 1 of 4)
Operation Gremlin (UK) (1983) (File 2 of 4)
Operation Gremlin (UK) (1983) (File 3 of 4)
Operation Gremlin (UK) (1983) (File 4 of 4)
Ordbehandling (No) (19xx) (PD)
Orible (F) (1984)
Oric 48K Reverse (UK) (1983)
Oric Abilities Demo (PD)
Oric Animations (F) (1996)
Oric Animations (F) (1996) [a1]
Oric Atmos (F) (1984)
Oric Atmos Demonstration Program (UK) (1984)
Oric Bandit (UK) (1983)
Oric Bandit (UK) (1983) [a1]
Oric Base File Managment System (F) (1983)
Oric Basic Plus 1 (UK) (1984)
Oric Bingo (UK) (19xx)
Oric Chess (UK) (1983)
Oric Delight by Twilighte (PD)
Oric Demo 1 for Volcanic 4 Party Loader (UK) (1998) (PD)
Oric DOS V0.6
Oric DOS V1.13 (F) (1988)
Oric DOS V1.13 (UK) (1988)
Oric Driver (UK) (1983)
Oric Flight (UK) (1983)
Oric Forth V2 (F) (19xx)
Oric Invaders (UK) (1983)
Oric Invaders (UK) (1983) (Atmos)
Oric Invaders (UK) (1983) (Oric-1)
Oric Lander (UK) (19xx) (Disk Version)
Oric Mega Demo (1997) (PD)
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