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F1 (19xx)(Knightcoder & Fuse)[cr BOB][t +6 BOB]
F1 Tornado (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[cr SCS][t +2 SCS]
FA Cup Football (1986)(Virgin Games)[cr RAD]
Fairlight - A Prelude (1986)(The Edge Software)[cr XCG]
Falcon Patrol (1983)(Virgin Games)[cr REM][t +5 REM][Docs]
Fantastic Soccer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)[cr I+T]
Fast (1992)(Future Publishing)[cr Unity]
Fast Future (1989)(Paul Black)[cr AVT+Laser][t +6 AVT+Laser]
Fastball Final Sales (1985)(Loadstar)[cr SCS+TRC][t +2 SCS+TRC]
Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom (1986)(Americana Software)
Ferris's Christmas Caper (1998)(Commodore Zone)[cr LXT][t +2 LXT]
Fetris (19xx)(Audial Designs)[cr DMX&SCS]
Feud (1987)(Bulldog Software)[cr CHR][t +1 CHR]
Fields of Hades (1996)(Magna Media)[cr CHR][t +3 CHR]
Fifteens (1997)(Loadstar)[cr TBT]
Fifth Quadrant (1987)(Bubble Bus)[cr HTL][h IMPORTED Triad]
Fifth Quadrant, The (1987)(Bubble Bus Software)[cr Triad+HTL]
Fight Racer (1993)(Markt & Technik)[cr TBT][t TBT]
Fighter of Marsh (19xx)(-)[cr CHR][t +1 CHR]
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)[cr ABC]
Final Blow (1991)(Storm)[cr F4CG]
Final Blow (1991)(Storm)[cr Hysteric]
Find the Pair - Prreview (19xx)(-)[cr ONS][b]
Fire Eagle (19xx)(-)[cr Laser][t +4 Laser]
Fire One (1983)(Epyx)[cr CPX]
Fire One (1983)(Epyx)[cr CPX][a]
Fire Trap (1987)(Electric Dreams)[cr TLF][t +1 TLF]
Fire-Galaxy (1987)(Kingsoft)[cr NO][t +1 NO]
Firelord (1986)(Hewson)[cr DD]
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr CHR][t +1 CHR]
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr Hysteric][t +1 Hysteric]
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr SCS][t +1 SCS]
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr TAT][t +1 TAT]
Firepit (1991)(Double Density)[cr PAR+ATC]
Firequest - The Further Adventures of UGH (1984)(The Edge Software)[cr S8]
First Samurai - Picture (1992)(Vivid Image)
First Strike (1989)(Elite)[cr PGT][t +1 PGT]
Fist Fighter (1993)(Zeppelin Games)[cr AFL][t +1 AFL]
Fist Fighter (1993)(Zeppelin Games)[cr Armageddon][t +1 ILS]
Five a Row (1992)(Magic Disk)[cr RSI&V]
Five a Side (19xx)(Anirog Software)[cr ACE]
Flag Fight (1990)(CP Verlag)[cr Laser]