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Paid in Full (1989)(Ikari)
Pain (19xx)(Pure-Byte)
Pappa Bagder (1990-04)(Oneway)
Partman (19xx)(F4CG)
Party 91 (1991)(Byterapers)
Party Demo (1988)(2000 AD)
Party Demo 4 (1988)(Thundercats)
Party Info (19xx)(Abnormal)
Party Information (1988)(2000 AD)
Party Information (1989)(2000 AD)
Party Invitation (19xx)(Warriors of the Wasteland)
Party Of 88 (19xx)(-)(1988-12-17)
Party Report (19xx)(Censor Design)
Party Time (1990)(Actual Trading Generation)
Party-Demo (19xx)(2000 AD)
Party-Demo (19xx)(Amaze & Cryp)
Party-Report (19xx)(Abnormal)
Paul's Nightmare (19xx)(Quartet)
Payday (1998)(Smash Designs)
Peace (1989)(The Black Lords)
Pearls for Swine (1989)(Amok)
Perfection (1988)(Science 451)
Perpetum Mobile Rap (19xx)(Science 451)
Perplex (19xx)(Cosmos)
Pez in my Brain (19xx)(Panoramic Designs)
Pezed Bars, The (19xx)(Panoramic Designs)
Phantazy Intro (1988)(Dual Crew Shining)
Phenomena(l) (19xx)(Smash Designs)
Picture Play (19xx)(Beyond Force)
Piece Of (19xx)(Contex)(S)crap
Pimplesqueezer 1 (1988-02-15)(The Shadows)
Pimplesqueezer 2 (1988)(The Shadows)[u]
Pimplesqueezer 3 (1988-06-10)(The Shadows+RawHead)
Pimplesqueezer 5 (1988)(The Shadows+RawHead)[a]
Pimplesqueezer 6 (19xx)(The Shadows+RawHead)
Plague (19xx)(Abnormal)
Plastic Rules (1988)(2000 AD+The System 2010)
Pleasuredome, The (1988-6-26)(711)
Point Zero Intro (1992)(Silicon Limited)
Pole Position 2 (1987)(Ikari)
Policy Of Thruth (19xx)(Fairlight+Wrath Designs)
Posh Demo (19xx)(Quartet)