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I Love Ascii 1 (19xx)(Dragon Software+Fatum)[h Valsary of Elysium]
I Love Ascii 2 (19xx)(Fatum)
I'm Da Timerlord (1989-03-19)(Contex)
I-Alien (1987)(Ikari)
Il Demo Gigante (19xx)(Ice-T)
Im Ruling (19xx)(2000 AD)
Important Message (19xx)(Flash)
Important Note (19xx)(Flash)
In Action (19xx)(Action Force+Byterapers)
In Action (19xx)(Science 451)
In Border We Trust (19xx)(1001 Crew)
In Full Gear (1988-09-03)(Ikari)
In Kuwait (19xx)(Chromance+Vision)
In No Sense (19xx-)(X-Ample)
In The Border We Trust (1986)(1001 Crew)
Incest 1 (1989)(Byterapers)
Incest 2 - The Sodomy (19xx)(Byterapers+Browbeat)
Incredible (19xx)(Channel Four)
Indicator (1988)(Abnormal)[a]
Indicator (1988-10-09)(Abnormal)
Infinite Dreams (1990)(Genesis Power)
Info Display (19xx)(Beastie Boys)
Init Demo (1988)(The Wanderer Group)
Initialize 2 (19xx)(Deuter)(pl)
Insanity (19xx)(Beyond Force)
Inside (1997)(Arise)
Inside (1997)(Arise)[a]
Insider Issue 6 - Coming Soon (19xx)(Reflex)
Insomnia (1988)(Pulsar)
Insomnia (19xx)(Carcass)
Internal Address (1998)(Warriors of the Wasteland)
Intro '92 (1992)(Byterapers)
Intro (1988)(Nukebusters)
Intro (1988-06-27)(Quartet)
Intro for Falcon (1989-11)(Drive)
Intro for Fantasy (1989)(Excell of Ikari)
Intro for Ikari (1987)(The Great Human)
Intro for Ikari+Talent (19xx)(Kwon of Bonzai)
Intro for Verdict (19xx)(The Ruling Company)
Intro Preview (19xx)(Rape)
Intro v1.0 (19xx)(Flash)
Invitation Easter-Party 92 (1992)(Light)