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Half a Birthday (1989)(Action)
Halley Mission, The (19xx)(Byterapers)
Happy 1989 (1989)(The Ancient Temple)
Happy 1989 (1989)(The Ancient Temple)[a]
Happy 2K2 (2002)(Civitas)
Happy Birthday (19xx)(Abnormal)
Happy Birthday (19xx)(Paramount)
Happy Birthday Curse (19xx)(The Ruling Company)
Happy Birthday Curse (19xx)(The Ruling Company)[a]
Happy Birthday Deff (1992)(Crest)
Happy Birthday Dub 1 (1991)(Paradize Software)
Happy Birthday Excell (1989)(Doc & Fletch)
Happy Birthday Excell (1989-01-14)(Ikari)
Happy Birthday Fanatic (19xx)(Crest)
Happy Birthday Fanatic (19xx)(Crest)[a]
Happy Birthday Syndrom (199x)(Padua)
Happy Bug (19xx)(Quartet)
Happy New Year (1987)(-)
Hard In Time (19xx)(Xades Society)
Hard'n Heavy Rip (19xx)(Flash)
Hardcore (1988)(Abyss Connection)
Have Fun (19xx)(Channel Four)
Hawkeye Demo, The (19xx)(Breakpoint Hacking Technique)
Hawkeye the Rip (19xx)(Abnormal)
Head, The (19xx)(Mayhem)
Headache (1994)(Albion Crew)
Headache (1994)(Albion Crew)[a]
Heavy Mat (19xx)(1001 Crew)
Heavy Mat (19xx)(1001 Crew)[a]
Here and There (19xx)(Ikari)
Hero (19xx)(1001 Crew)
Hidden Science (1988-04-02)(Science 451+The Hidden Forces)[h Rough]
High-Tec(h) (1989-03-10)(Asia)
Highlights (19xx)(Paramount)
Hindu Present (1991)(Bonzai)
Hippie Hour (1986-07-31)(Razor 1911)
Hoeyspenning (1989-02)(Hoaxers)
Holidays (19xx)(Space Crackers)
Holland Is O.K. (19xx)(Doctor G. & Bambam)
Horror Business (1989)(Alpha Flight 1970)
Hot News (1988)(Ikari)
Hot Rod Rip (19xx)(Ikari+Talent)