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Fantastic (19xx-)(Yankees)
Fantastic Colors (1988)(X-Ample)
Farewell (1988)(Byterapers)
Farewell (1989-01-15)(Ikari)
Fast Demo (19xx-)(Xakk)
Fatal Error (1995)(Arise)
Feel the Power (1991)(Warriors of the Wasteland)
Fifth Dimension Intro, The (19xx)(The Fifth Dimension)[SYS 50176]
Fifth Dream About Happiness (1986)(Pure-Byte)
Fifth Dream Reprise (1986-06-27)(Pure-Byte)
Fight, The (19xx)(Cascade Games)
Fillie Bub (19xx)(Depredators)
Final Edge, The (19xx)(1001 Crew)
Fine Time (1990)(Contex)
Finishing Touch, The (19xx)(Activas Washing Corporation)
First Aid 100% (19xx)(The Supply Team)
First and Last Digit, The (1989-11)(Drive)
First Chapter, The (1987)(Alpha Flight 1970)
First Cooperation Demo (19xx)(X-Ample+Devils)
First Kiss (1988)(Byterapers)
First One (1988)(Ikari)
Firstro (2000)(Warriors of the Wasteland)
Fish 'n' Chips (1988)(Zoom)
Fist+ (1988)(Ikari)
Five Of Ten (19xx)(Light) & Logo Show (19xx)(Light)
Flammable (1990-12-31)(Arson)
Flammable (1990-12-31)(Arson)[a]
Flash Back Music (19xx)(The Fall Guys)
Flash Team (19xx)(Panoramic Designs)
Flatline (1989-07-30)(Anubis)
Flexible (19xx)(Beatnix)
Flight Society, The (1987)(Alpha Flight 1970)
Flowerguy's Pool Party (19xx)(Crest)
Follow the Sign 1 (1988)(Byterapers)
Follow the Sign 1 (1988)(Byterapers)[a]
For Sorting (2000)(Civitas)
Force Mix (19xx)(The Force)
Forever Rulez (19xx)(Anubis)
Forgotten Beats (19xx)(Antic)
Foris (19xx)(Chromance)
Fort 8 (19xx)(Atrix)
Freakout (19xx)(The Force)