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A Bad Habit (19xx)(Chromance)
A Bad Joke (19xx)(Byterapers)
A Bit Of Equinox (19xx)(Bogg)
A Goofy Demo (1987)(TAG)
A New -B- Intro (19xx)(Byterapers)
A New Decade (1990)(Fantasy)
A New Demo (19xx)(Acid)
A New Intro - Elco (19xx)(Acid)
A New Intro - Midas (19xx)(Acid)
A New Life (19xx)(Blues Muz)
A New Life (2001-06)(Shape)
A New Split Record (1990-08-27)(Abstract)
A Piece of Cake! (19xx)(Beavers)
A SA-Demo (1989)(Blackmail)
A Simple One (1989)(Crest)
Aachen's Demo (199x)(Genesis Project+Fire Eagle+Fantastic Four Cracking Group+Contex)
Aachen's Demo (19xx)(GP+FE & CTX & F4CG)
Abashment (19xx-)(Yankees)
ABC is Back (19xx)(ABC)
Abduction 97 (19xx)(Abomination)
Abdula Abdash (1989)(Ancient 3)
Abelread (19xx)(Chromance)
Abnormal (19xx)(Vikings)
Abysmal (19xx)(Ikari)
Abysmal (19xx)(Ikari)[a]
Ace 2 Music (1987)(Ikari)
Aceplotter (19xx)(2000 AD)
Acid (19xx)(CFA)
Acid Death (1990)(Panoramic Designs)
Acid Rain (1997)(Alliance)
Ad4 (19xx)(The Ancient Temple)
Aefro (1991)(Noice)[f NTSCPAL]
Aetsch (19xx)(Smash Designs)
AFBS against HCS (19xx)(AFBS)
Affro Stuff (1995)(Alter)
After Death (1988)(Antiriad)
Aftershock (1988)(Various Artists)
Again A Boring Letter (19xx)(Pure-Byte)[SYS 2080]
Agemixer Compotune (19xx)(Astral)
Airdance 0 (1988)(The Ancient Temple)
Aktuellt (19xx)(Flash)
Alcoholic Hangover (19xx)(Crest & Pioneers & The Guardian Angels)