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R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)
Rabbi Music Collection 2 (1995-01-01)(Medium)
Radio Napalm (1995)(Reflex)
Radio Napalm 100% (1995)(Reflex)
Radioactive (1989)(Act 501)
Rage (1991)(The Digital Underground)
Rage (1998)(Onslaught)
Rage (1998)(Onslaught)[a]
Rain Forest (1995)(Vermes)
Ram It Down (1988)(Megastyle)[h Silicon Limited]
Rambo Sound & Music (1986-07-03)(Finland Cracking Service)
Ramos Samples #4 (19xx)(Samar)(Side A)
Ramos Samples #4 (19xx)(Samar)(Side B)
Rampage Demo (19xx)(The Terrible Two)
Random (1989)(Bones+Triangle 3532+Upfront)
Random (1989-06-26)(Bones+Triangle 3532+Upfront)
Rape Me (1995-07-05)(Miracles)
Rapid Application Product 1 (1988)(Byterapers)
Raptor (2003)(JSL)
Rare Rankz (1988-10)(World Wide Expressive)
Rascal (1987)(Judges)
Rasputin (19xx)(1001 Crew)
Rasputin (19xx)(1001 Crew)[h]
Rastafari in 4k (2004-04-11)(Padua)
Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad)
Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad)[a]
Rastercrime (1999)(NoName)
Rastercrime (1999)(NoName)[a]
Ratbeef with Tapesalad and a Cool Coke (19xx)(The Black Lords)
Rated XXX (19xx)(Mayhem)
Rated XXX (19xx)(Mayhem)[a]
Ratio 80, Digital Dynamit (1989)(X-Rated)
Rave Da Scene (1992)(Silicon Limited)[a]
Ravebeat 1 (1992)(The Ancient Temple)
Ravebeat 1 (1992)(The Ancient Temple)[h Warriors of the Wasteland]
Ravebeat 2 (1993)(The Ancient Temple)
RAW Holiday (19xx)(Genesis Project)
Raw Power (19xx)(Empire)
Razor Point (1990)(Cheyens)
Razor Point (1990)(Cheyens)[a]
Re Struction (2004-05-29)(Fairlight)
Rea-M 50% (1999-12-29)(Smash Designs+Scala Productions)[b]