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! (2002)(Booze Design+Oneway)
(B)arty (1988)(Z-Circle)
(T)Con(W)tex(G) (19xx)(Contex+The Wanderer Group)
+H2K (2000)(Plush)(Side A)
+H2K (2000)(Plush)(Side B)
-S-addamski's KILLER (19xx)(20th Century Composers)
1 Hour (1987)(Triad)
1 Year - Megademo (1990)(Zone45)
1 Year - Megademo (1990)(Zone45)[h Rough]
1 Year 20CC (1989-6-17)(20th Century Composers)
1 Year Incernia (1991)(Incernia)
1 Year Radius (1991)(Radius)
1 Year Totally Stoned (1992)(Booze Design)
1 Year Totally Stoned (1992)(Booze Design)[a]
1 Year Totally Stoned (1992-09)(Booze Design)
1 Year Triangle (1988)(Triangle 3532)
1 Year Triangle (1988)(Triangle 3532)[b]
1-52 AM (1987)(The Supply Team+The Softeaters)
1.5 Years Faces (1991)(Faces)
1.67 Years TOM (1994)(The Obsessed Maniacs)
10 Years Gone (1992)(The Force)
10 Years Gone (1992)(The Force)[a]
10 Years ROLE (1999)(Raiders of the Lost Empire)
10 Years ROLE (1999-04)(ROLE)
10.000 Years of Glory (2002)(Triad)[h Triad]
10000 Years of Glory (2002-07-30)(Triad)
10000 Years of Glory (2002-07-30)(Triad)[a]
101- A Tribute to Depeche Mode (1998)(Nostalgia)
12th (2001)(Raiders of the Lost Empire)
133! (1996)(Acsore)
13th (2001)(Raiders of the Lost Empire)
13th (2001)(ROLE)
14th (2001)(Raiders of the Lost Empire)
15th (2001)(Raiders of the Lost Empire)
16 Colors Production (1995)(Samar)
16 Colors Production (1995)(Samar)[h DMAgic]
160 Splits (19xx)(Gloom)
18 and Life (1990)(Noice)
18 Years Now - Goldrush's Birthday Demo (1988)(Crest)
19.41H Picture (1988-01)(World Wide Expressive)
1978 Modules Mix (1996)(Fatum)
1990 (1990)(Alcoholics)