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H MEC 2 (1993)(Stax) & Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts! (19xx)(Sally of Stax - Jon of Breakpoint)(STE - Falcon)
Hacker II (19xx)(-) & Mach 3 (1987)(Loriciels)[cr Boss]
Hanse (1986)(Ariolasoft)(De)[TOS 1.0] & Maxidisk (1987-05-16)(Max Boehm)(PD) & Hacker 2 (1986)(Actisource) & X-Tracks (19xx)(-)[cr The Executioner]
Helter Skelter (19xx)(ASL)[cr Bladerunners] & R-Type (1987)(Electric Dreams)[cr Ford Perfect]
Hero Quest Extension Pack - Court of the Witchlord (19xx)(Gremlin)(M5)[cr Alien] & Pentacle (1990)(Pressimage)(Fr) & Tult (19xx)(-)
Heroes of the Lance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Bladerunners][Disk A] & Stargoose (1988)(Logotron)[cr Bladerunners]
HMS Cobra - Convoi Pour Mourmansk (1987)(Cobra)(Fr) & Numero 10 (1989)(FIL)[cr Bladerunners][b]
Hollywood Poker (19xx)(Golden Games)[cr CSS] & Passagers du Vent I, Les (1987)(Infogrames)(Fr)
Hollywood Poker Pro (1989)(Reline)[cr Delight] & Mercenary 1 - Escape From Targ (1986)(Datasoft)
Hollywood Poker Pro (1989)(Reline)[cr Mikel and Nic] & Mission Elevator (1989)(Euro Gold Starline)[cr Deltaforce][t Chaos]
Hot-Rod (1990)(Activision)(Replicants) & Livingstone II (1990)(Opera Soft)[cr Big 4 - Replicants - ST Amigos][t]
Houston Software Disk 02 (19xx)(Houston)
Hunter (1991)(Activision) & Sim City (1989)(Maxis)
Hyperbowl (1988)(Mastertronic) & Minos (19xx)(JP Raumer)(Fr)
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