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Cartoons Mega Great Disk (19xx)(Cartoons)
Casino Craps (1986)(Avila Associates) & Monkey Business (19xx)(The other Valley Software)[cr Was Not Was]
Catch 23 (1987)(Martec Games)[cr BOSS] & Rampage (1986)(Activision)
Championship Wrestling (1986)(Epyx) & Star Raiders (1986)(Atari)
Charge of the Light Brigade (19xx)(Impressions)(M6)[cr A.C.S.] & Moonfall (1991)(21 Century Entertainment)[cr A.C.S.]
Chicago 30 (1988)(Topo Soft) & Maniax (19xx)(Kingsoft)
Chimeric Desires 1 (19xx)(Chimeric)
Chimmy's Menudisk 01 for PaCifiST (19xx)(Chimmy)[b]
Chopper-X (19xx)(-) & Spy vs Spy (1987)(First Star Software)
Chrono Quest (1988)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr SCC] & Game Over II (1988)(Dinamic)
Climatics Disk 190 (19xx)(Climatics)[m EMT]
Climatics Disk 497 (19xx)(Climatics)[b]
Climatics Disk 607 (19xx)(Climatics)
Climatics Disk 616 (19xx)(Climatics)
Climatics Disk 673 (19xx)(Climatics)[b]
Climatics Disk 699 (19xx)(Climatics)[b]
Climatics Disk 700 (19xx)(Climatics)
Climatics Disk 701 (19xx)(Climatics)
Climatics Disk 702 (19xx)(Climatics)
Clockwork Orange Menu Disk (19xx)(Clockwork Orange)
Cobra Compil 1 (19xx)(Cobra)
Cobra Compil 6 (19xx)(Cobra)
Cockney Rejects Brother in Law Menu Disk 1 (19xx)(Cockney Rejects Brother in Law)
Cockney Rejects Brother in Law Menu Disk 3 (19xx)(Cockney Rejects Brother in Law)
Codemasters Cartoon Collection Disk 2 (19xx)(Cynix)
Collapse v1.1 (19xx)(D Henry) & TetriSide (19xx)(Minds of SafeHold)
Commando (1989)(Elite)[cr Replicants][t] & Toobin (1990)(Domark)[cr Replicants][t]-[m EMT]
Compacted Games Disk 1 (19xx)(LSD)
Compacted Games Disk 1 (19xx)(LSD)[a]
Compil 01 (19xx)(-)
Compil 02 (19xx)(-)
Compil 03 (19xx)(-)
Compil 04 (19xx)(-)
Compil 05 (19xx)(-)
Compil 06 (19xx)(-)
Compil 07 (19xx)(-)
Compil 08 (19xx)(-)
Compil 09 (19xx)(-)
Compil 10 (19xx)(-)
Compil 11 (19xx)(-)
Compil 12 (19xx)(-)
Compil 13 (19xx)(-)
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