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Warring Worms (Beta 1) (2002) (Billy Eno)
Warring Worms (Beta 2) (2002) (Billy Eno)
Warring Worms (Beta 3) (2002) (Billy Eno)
Warring Worms (Midwest Classic Edition) (08-06-2002) (Billy Eno)
Warring Worms (MiniGame Compo Edition) (Billy Eno)
Warring Worms (Tim Strauss Edition) (20-12-2002) (Billy Eno)
Water War (Asteroids Hack)
Wav2TIA (PD)
Wavy Line Test (PD)
Wavy Line Test 2 (PD)
Weapons of Past Distractions (Thom Uliasz)
Wee Hack Gorf Arcade 1.0, A (Gorf Hack)
Weltraum Tunnel (1983) (BitCorp) (PAL) [!]
Weltraum Tunnel (1983) (Starsoft) (PAL) [!]
Wes Morrison_1 (Combat Hack)
Weston D Hilton_1 (Combat Hack)
Weston D Hilton_2 (Combat Hack)
Weston D Hilton_3 (Combat Hack)
Weston D Hilton_4 (Combat Hack)
Westward Ho (1982) (Playground) (PAL)
Westworld A by neotokeo2001 & Out of Gas (Bezerk Hack)
Westworld Berzerk E (Berzerk Hack)
Westworld C by neotokeo2001 & Out of Gas (Bezerk Hack)
Whale (Sub Scan Hack)
White Thong Pic (2003) (Snailsoft)
Who Wants to Rule the World (Domination Map Editor) (PD)
Wing War (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [!]
Wing War (1983) (Imagic) (PAL) [a1][!]
Wing War (1983) (Imagic) [f1] (NTSC by TJ)
Wings (10-01-1983) (CBS Electronics) (Prototype) (PAL)
Wings (6-3-1983) (CBS Electronics) (Prototype)
Wings of Death (Seaquest Hack)
Winter Games (1987) (Epyx) (PAL) [!]
Winter Games (1987) (Epyx) [!]
Wizard (Atari) (Prototype)
Wizard (Atari) (Prototype) [a1]
Wizard of Wor (1982) (CBS Electronics)
Wizard of Wor (1982) (CBS Electronics) (PAL) [!]
Wizard of Wor (SuperCharger) (Nukey Shay)
Wizards & Warriors Theme 20060925a (Bob Montgomery)
Wolfenstein (Venture Hack)
Wolfenstein - Title (Venture Hack)