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 Messinfo.dat v0.251 (11.40) 
Vendredi 13/01/23 à 14:28 par Firebrand
Le dernier fichier additionnel de ProgettoSNAPS pour ce cycle de MAME a été publié:
- 11.40 01/12/2023: Aligned files to 0.251 version.
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 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.251 (2ème partie) 
Vendredi 06/01/23 à 15:07 par Firebrand
Deux nouveaux fichiers additionnels de ProgettoSNAPS ont été mis à jour pour MAME v0.251.
Series.ini v0.251:
- Series NEW (1): Racing Jam.
- Series UPDATED (0): Final Fight, Pocket Gal, Power Instinct and Thrill Drive.
- Items RENAMED (4): (pwrinst2) to (pwrinst2a),(thrilld) to (thrilldja), (thrilldb) to (thrilldbja) and (thrilldbu) to (thrilldgeu).
Télécharger CHD-info v0.251
Télécharger Series.ini v0.251
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.251 
Jeudi 05/01/23 à 13:44 par Firebrand
Une première bordée fr gichiers additionnels pour MAME ont été publiée. Voici la liste des changements:
Category.ini v0.251:
- 2022/01/04: Aligned files to MAME 0.251.

Catlist/Catver v0.251:
- 2023/01/04: Aligned files to MAME 0.251.

Languages.ini v0.251 (1.43):
- 2023/01/04 1.43: Added 0.251 sets.

Version.ini v0.251:
- 2022/01/04: Aligned files to MAME 0.251.
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Télécharger Catlist/Catver v0.251
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.251 (1.43)
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 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.251 (64-bit) 
Lundi 02/01/23 à 13:47 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME pour Linux Ubuntu a été mis à jour avec les source de MAME v0.251.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.251 (64-bit)
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 Messinfo.dat v0.250 (11.39) 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:59 par Firebrand
Il arrive un peu en retard, mais ce fichier additionnel a été mis à jour pour l'avant dernière version de MAME.
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v0.250 (11.39)
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 History.xml v2.51 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:57 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce fichier additionnel a été publiée. La version .dat n'a pas encore été mise à jour.
Télécharger History.xml v2.51
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 Mameinfo.dat v0.251 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:55 par Firebrand
Les données de MAME v0.251 ont été intégrées à ce fichier informatif:
- Updated to MAME 0.251 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes. Newest Bugs (31st Dec).
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
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 SDLMAME v0.251 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:51 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME pour MacOS a été mis à jour vers MAME v0.251.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.251 (Intel)
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.251 (M1)
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 WolfMAME v0.251 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:47 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce build de MAME adapté aux compétitions a été publiée. Elle contient les nouveautés de MAME v0.251.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.251
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 NegaMAME v0.251-1 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:45 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME prévu pour être utilisé avec le frontend Negatron a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.251.
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.251-1 (Windows)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.251-1 (MacOS)
Télécharger NegaMAME v0.251-1 (Linux)
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 MAME v0.251 (64-bit) 
Samedi 31/12/22 à 14:43 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de MAME a été publiée pour le dernier jour de 2022. Voici la liste des changements:
It looks like MAME 0.251 has made it out the door just in time for the end of 2022! December felt like a long month in MAME development, because so much happened! Nebula, an elusive DECO Cassette game, is now emulated. With working steering controls, Magical Pumpkin: Puroland de Daibouken is now playable. Two members of the HP 9825 family from the 1970s have been added, and issues with keyboard input on localised versions of the HP 86B have been fixed.
One of the most interesting systems added this month is the so-called Gerät 32620, make by the Institut für Kosmosforschung of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. This device was used to read coded messages to be broadcast via shortwave radio numbers stations for reception by undercover agents. If a human were to read the numbers, they could inadvertently disclose knowledge about the nature of the messages or the coding scheme in their speech patterns. This device gives a small glimpse into the shadowy world of espionage.
Konami fans have a lot to be excited about. Firstly, two more hand-held LCD games have been added: Skate or Die, and Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Racing. Secondly, Windy Fairy has been making steady progress on the PowerPC-based arcade systems, with gun controls now working in Teraburst. Finally, various refinements and fixes to the CPU core for Konami’s custom 6809 processor have fixed a subtle parallax scrolling effect in the classic Padodius DA!
Several systems have been fleshed out noticeably this month, including the NEC PC-8801mkII SR family of Japanese computers, the 3com Palm IIIc and Palm m100 PDAs, and the Yamaha DX100 synthesizer. Additionally, the NEC PC-88VA2 can now boot most software, and the work on the Palm systems has allowed the VTech IQ Unlimited to show signs of life.
Quite a few systems have had pluggable controller support added this month, and support for some additional controllers has been added, including:
- Pluggable controller support for consoles and computers from Sega, NEC and Sharp.
- Sega Mega Drive mouse and 4-player adaptor support.
- Support for an ATmega-based paddle controller that works with export versions of the Sega Master System.
- NEC PC Engine mouse support.
- Support for the Dempa Micom Soft XE-1AP, the first analog gamepad. Can be used with compatible software for the Sega Mega Drive, NEC PC Engine, Sharp X68000 and FM Towns families.
Of course, there are lots of other fixes and emulation improvements. The Apple IIgs has better ADB and real-time clock emulation. Sega’s Turbo and Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom have better controls, and the latter has had graphical priority issues fixed. The NES APU frame counter interrupt is now emulated, fixing issues with dozens of games. For developers, debugger command and expression history is now saved between sessions.

MAME Testers bugs fixed
- 00315: [DIP/Input] (konami/hornet.cpp) terabrst: Gun controls do not work. (Windy Fairy)
- 05996: [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [summer92]: Drum sounds plays incorrectly. (hap)
- 06186: [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [portopia]: No sound in Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken. (kmg)
- 07199: [Media Support] (nec/pc8801.cpp) pc8801 [dkong3dg]: Donkey Kong 3 - Dai Gyakushuu does not boot. (Carl)
- 07241: [Misc.] (konami/nwk-tr.cpp) thrilld and clones: LAN board tests fail. (Windy Fairy)
- 07625: [Crash/Freeze] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [dquest and doordoor]: Games stop responding due to unimplemented interrupts. (kmg)
- 07658: [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [ajyureir]: No sound is played. (kmg)
- 07974: [Crash/Freeze] (apple/apple2.cpp) apple2: Out-of-bounds memory accesses when playing floppy drive sound samples. (hap)
- 08292: [Misc.] (neogeo/neogeo.cpp) ALL: BIOS settings selected when launching systems persist between sessions. (AJR)
- 08416: [Misc.] (trs/coco12.cpp) coco1, coco2, coco2b, coco3: Real-time clock should be a slot option for FDC cards. (Tim Lindner)
- 08443: [Misc.] (nintendo/nes.cpp) famicom: Most software using “hvc_basic” cartridges fails to start. (AJR)
- 08466: [Graphics] (msx/msx.cpp) fsa1fx [spmanbow]: Background does not scroll smoothly. (Wilbert Pol)
- 08481: [Misc.] (vsystem/aerofgt.cpp) aerfboot: Out-of-bounds memory accesses when drawing sprites. (hap)
- 08488: [Misc.] (misc/highvdeo.cpp) cfever1k, ciclone, girotutt: Out-of-bounds memory accesses when updating screen. (hap)
- 08490: [Misc.] some exidy/* drivers: Out-of-bounds memory accesses in sound emulation. (hap)
- 08492: [Misc.] (konami/combatsc.cpp) combatscb: Out-of-bounds memory accesses when drawing sprites. (hap)
- 08500: [Misc.] (taito/taitopjc.cpp) optiger: Out-of-range DSP ROM accesses. (hap)
- 08513: [Graphics] (sega/turbo.cpp) buckrog and clones: Sprite priorities are incorrect. (hap)
- 08514: [Sound] (jaleco/ginganin.cpp) ginganin, ginganina: Music plays at twice the correct tempo. (hap)
- 08520: [Sound] (nintendo/dkong.cpp) dkong3, dkong3hs, dkong3j: Stanley death sound only plays partially. (hap)
- 08522: [Sound] (toaplan/toaplan1.cpp) samesame: Continue music won’t stop if a coin is inserted at the continue screen. (hap)
- 08530: [Graphics] (seta/seta.cpp) zombraid: Tile maps display incorrectly. (David Haywood)
- 08531: [Graphics] (konami/parodius.cpp) parodius and clones: Parallax effects on level 7 and 9 backgrounds are incorrect. (hap)
- 08535: [Crash/Freeze] All: Entering full-screen mode with multiple output windows can cause MAME to crash. (Ryan Holtz)

New working systems
- DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v17) [David Haywood]
- Hewlett-Packard HP 9825A [F.Ulivi]
- Hewlett-Packard HP 9831A [F.Ulivi]
- Institut für Kosmosforschung Gerät 32620 (Sprach/Morsegenerator) [Dirk Best, natarii, Crypto Museum]
- Konami (licensed from Electronic Arts) Skate or Die (Konami, handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle, Mr. Do]
- Konami Bill Elliott's NASCAR Racing (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle, Mr. Do]
- Multitech Micro-Professor I/88 [Nigel Barnes]
- Nebula (DECO Cassette) (UK) [Rene Balke, Darksoft, Senil Data Systems, David Haywood]

New working clones
- Bonze Adventure (World, prototype, older) [BL]
- DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v15) [David Haywood]
- DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v16) [David Haywood]
- Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition (World, hack) [Gregory Lewandowski]
- Gun.Smoke (USA and Canada, 1986-01-20) [Victor Fernandez (City Game), Jordi Beltrán]
- Power Instinct 2 (US, Ver. 94.04.08, set 2) [Sergio Galiano, Recreativos Piscis]
- Science of Cambridge MK-14 VDU [Nigel Barnes]
- Slots (Belgian Token, Game Card 95-750-452) [Gerald (COY)]
- Tee'd Off (World) [system11]

Systems promoted to working
- Magical Pumpkin: Puroland de Daibouken (Japan 960712) [dink]
- NEC PC-8801MA [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- NEC PC-8801MH [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- NEC PC-8801mkIISR [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer [Pietro Gagliardi]

Clones promoted to working
- 3com Palm IIIc [Ryan Holtz]
- 3com Palm m100 [Ryan Holtz]
- NEC PC-8801FA [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- NEC PC-8801MA2 [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- NEC PC-8801mkIIFR [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- NEC PC-8801mkIIMR [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- Tangerine Microtan 6809 System [Nigel Barnes]

New systems marked not working
- The Castle [caius]
- Dream Rail [Recreativos Piscis]
- Heat Up Hockey Image (Ver.1.003R) [Darksoft, MetalliC]
- Name Club Disney (J 980614 V1.000) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
- Sprow MiniB Computer [Nigel Barnes, Sprow]
- Super 555 (English version V1.5) [hammy]
- Takara / SSD Company LTD Gun Gun Adventure (Japan) [Sean Riddle]
- Transam Triton L7.2 [Ian Lockhart, Nigel Barnes]
- Yataimura Shateki (1-player, Japan, Ver 1.000) [Darksoft, MetalliC, rtw]

New clones marked not working
- Pocket Gal / unknown card game [caius, hammy]
- Racing Jam (GQ676AAC) [Windy Fairy]
- Racing Jam (GQ676EAC) [Windy Fairy]
- Racing Jam (GQ676JAC) [Windy Fairy]
- Racing Jam: Chapter 2 (GQ888AAA) [Windy Fairy]
- Racing Jam: Chapter 2 (GQ888UAA) [Windy Fairy]
- The Rock [caius]
- Tandy Radio Shack Deluxe Color Computer [Tim Lindner]
- Thrill Drive (ABB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ABE) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ACB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ACE) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (EDB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (EDE) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (JCB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (JCE) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (UDB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (UDE) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GE713JAB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GK713EAB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GK713EEB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GK713K*B) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GM713JAB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GN713JAB) [Windy Fairy]
- Thrill Drive (ver GP713JAB) [Windy Fairy]
- Transam Triton L4.1 [Ian Lockhart, Nigel Barnes]
- Transam Triton L5.1 [Ian Lockhart, Nigel Barnes]
- Transam Triton L5.2 [Ian Lockhart, Nigel Barnes]
- White Water (P-6) [Matt’s Basement Arcade, PinMAME]
- Yamaha PSS-780 [TwistedTom]

New working software list items
- apple2_flop_misc: Aleph Baiters, Borders, The Georgia Variations, Nosh Kosh [Josh Renaud, Sali Ariel, Keith Hacke]
- aquarius_cass: Doomsday Defender [Roy Templeman]
- bbc_rom: FBBS 3.0, Kevin's Rip-off ROM 1.00, Meta Assembler 3.45A, MMFS 1.52, MMFS Turbo 1.52, Palesar RAM Manager 1.04, Ripper V1, Ripper V1 (13 Commands), Ripper V1 (Disk Menu), Sci 1.34, Speech Synthesis 0.01, SSMP 2.00, View Trilogy, ViewFiler 0.2, VT Clock 1.16 [Nigel Barnes]
- bbcm_cart: Master SD R2 [Ramptop]
- coleco: Frogger II: Threedeep! (prototype, 19840615), Star Wars: The Arcade Game (prototype, 19840412) [Ed Semrad, Hidden Palace, VGHF]
- hp9825_rom: 9862 Plotter/Gen I/O ROM for 9825, General/extended I/O ROM for 9825, General/extended I/O/9862 plotter ROM for 9825, General/extended I/O/plotter ROM for 9825, Plotter/Gen I/O ROM for 9825, String/Advanced programming ROM for 9825 [F.Ulivi]
- hp9831_rom: Mass storage ROM for 9831 [F.Ulivi]
- ibm5150:
*Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Spain, 3.5"), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Spain, 5.25") [Abandon Socios]
*Arcade Hits, Bombuzal, Mega Man (3.5"), Pole Position, Street Fighting Man (alt), Zeliard (3.5"), Zeliard (5.25") [The Good Old Days]
*Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (5.25"), Zeliard (3.5", v2.0) [Old-Games.RU]
- ibm5170_cdrom: 5 Plus One: Pack 10 - The Blues Brothers, 5 Plus One: Pack 25 - TV Sports Football, The Bitmap Brothers Compilation, Delphine Classic Collection - Adventure, Hocus Pocus (Europe), Hocus Pocus (Germany), Hocus Pocus (Germany, shareware), Hocus Pocus (Spain), Hocus Pocus (USA), Hocus Pocus (USA, mail order release), Hocus Pocus (USA, rerelease), Hocus Pocus (USA, rerelease, alt), id Anthology, id Anthology (rev 1), Zool 2, Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension []
- mk14_quik: Falling Man, Invaders, Pong [Nigel Barnes]
- mpf1_rom: FORTH-I/88, VIP-I/88 [Nigel Barnes]
- msx1_bee_card: Jet Set Willy, Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima (Japan), Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima (Japan, alt), Yakyuu Kyou (Japan) [Wilbert Pol]
- msx_softcard: The Wreck (UK) [Wilbert Pol]
- nes:
*Nighttime Bastards [anonymous]
*Crazy Land (USA, prototype), Galaxy 5000 - Racing in the 51st Century (USA, prototype), Hoops (USA, prototype), Iron Tank - The Invasion of Normandy (USA, prototype), R.B.I. Baseball 2 (USA, prototype, 19900307), Rally Bike (USA, prototype, 19900226), RoadBlasters (USA, prototype), Shadow of the Ninja (USA, sample), Silkworm (USA, prototype) [Ed Semrad, Hidden Palace, VGHF]
*Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930528), Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930528, alt), Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930616), Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930630), Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930709) [ICEknight, steem69]
*2 in 1 - GEMiNIM & Siamond, Sudoku 2007 [NESBrew12]
- pc8801_flop:
*D' (cracked) [Neo Kobe Collection]
*Donkey Kong 3 - Dai Gyakushuu [The Game Preservation Society, Carl, Disk Blitz]
- sms: King's Quest - Quest for the Crown (USA, prototype, 19890203), Monopoly (USA, prototype, alt), Super Monaco GP (USA, prototype) [Ed Semrad, smspower, VGHF]
- snes: 16 Bit Xmas 2011 - Christmas Craze (USA), 16 Bit Xmas 2012 - Snowball Fight (USA) [retroUSB]
- sprachmg: English (Polish speaker), German, German (older), Spanish [Crypto Museum]
- spectrum_cass: ACE 2088 (MCM), Adidas Championship Football (Erbe), Adidas Championship Tie Break (Musical 1) []
- triton_rom: Fast VDU [Ian Lockhart]
- x68k_flop:
*SX-Window v3.1 (alt 2) [Brice Onken]
*Casablanca ni Ai o - Satsujin-sha wa Jikuu o Koete, Death Bringer, Dome, Emerald Dragon, The Hot File Express (1991-12-24), The Hot File Express (1993-10-28), Genocide 2 - Master of the Dark Communion, Signatory - Chouinsha, Tritorn Final, Warning Type 68 [krugman]

Software list items promoted to working
- ibm5150: ABC's Wide World of Sports Boxing, Ancient Land of Ys, Big Top (cracked), Crypto Cube, IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 1.10) (Master diskette, alt), Kobayashi Naru, PC Globe 4.0 [Angelo Salese]
- megadriv: Rockman Mega World (Japan, EEPROM) [einstein95]
- nes: Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha (Japan), Castelian (Europe), Door Door (FMG pirate), Door Door (Japan), Dragon Quest (Japan), Dragon Quest II - Akuryou no Kamigami (Japan), GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (FMG pirate), GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (Japan), GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (Japan, prototype), The Guardian Legend (Europe), The Guardian Legend (USA), Guardic Gaiden (Japan), Jesus - Kyoufu no Bio Monster (Japan), Mahjong Taikai (Japan), Mendel Palace (USA), The Mutant Virus (USA), Ninja Jajamaru - Ginga Daisakusen (Japan), Ninja Jajamaru - Ginga Daisakusen (Japan, prototype), Ninja Kid (USA), Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Japan), Qix (USA), Quinty (Japan), Squashed (USA, prototype), WWF WrestleMania (Europe), WWF WrestleMania (USA) [kmg]
- pc8801_flop: 3D Golf Simulation - Super Version, Abunai Tengu Densetsu, Abunai Tengu Densetsu (Ver.1.05 alt Disk A), Abunai Tengu Densetsu (alt 3), Abunai Tengu Densetsu (alt Disk A 2), Adult Inn '87-'88 Bangai-hen, Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary, Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary (alt 2), Advanced Fantasian - Quest for Lost Sanctuary (alt User Disk), Adventureland, Aino New Loaders 4, Aino New Loaders 4 (alt), Aino New Loaders Vol. 5, Akazukin-chan, Akujo Densetsu II - Sailor-fuku Rhapsody, Akujo Densetsu II - Sailor-fuku Rhapsody (alt Disk A), Akuryou no Machi, Alice Tachi no Gogo Vol. 1, Alice Tachi no Gogo Vol. 1 (alt), Alphos, Amazon Gakujutsu Tanken (alt), Ashura no To, Bastard Special, Bishoujo Shashinkan - Moving School, Bishoujo Shashinkan - Moving School (alt?), Bishoujo Shashinkan - Studio Cut, Bishoujo Shashinkan - Studio Cut (alt?), The Black Onyx, The Black Onyx (Version 4.1), The Byoin, Campaign-ban Daisenryaku 2, Can Can Bunny Superior, Can Can Bunny Superior (alt 2), Can Can Bunny Superior (alt?), Card Game Change Vol.1, Card Game Change Vol.1 (alt), Carmine, Carmine (alt?), Columns, Comsight, Corridor, The Dragon Princess, Expert88 (Ver 2.1), Fruit Panic, Hansen Simulator - Thousantis-go no Bouken, Hydlide 3 - The Space Memories, Key On, KyuRyuTou, KyuRyuTou (SR ver), Maildog Muku, Motoko-hime Adventure, Music with Obie - Animal Quartet, My Lolita, Operation L, The Paladin, Penguin-kun Wars, Penguin-kun Wars (alt), Rats & Star (V2.07), Romancia, SeeNa - Wide screen, Sekai Yaruhodo So Much, Shanghai SR, Shin Kugyokuden Demo, Snatcher Demo, Snatcher Demo (alt), Sorcerian (v1.0), Sorcerian (v1.1), Star Cruiser, Still Sword, Super Jack 88 (SB2 version), Ten to Chi to, Testament Expansion Map, Tetris (alt?), Tobira wo Hirakete, Tonky, Triton, Weird 2, WiBArM, Woody Poco, World Golf (alt), Xanadu, Xanadu (alt), Xanadu Scenario II - The Resurrection of Dragon (hack), Xylos, Yakyuu-dou, Yakyuu-dou (alt), ZETA-88 Vol. 2 [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]

New software list items marked not working
- ekara_japan_a: A-2 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch vol.2 (Japan) [WingedPikPik, TeamEurope]
- hp9831_rom: Matrix/plotter ROM for 9831 [F.Ulivi]
- pc8801_flop: D' (alt) [Neo Kobe Collection]
- stv: Name Club Disney (J 980614 V1.000) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
- x68k_flop: 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu, Soft de Hard na Monogatari II [krugman]

Merged pull requests
- 9278: yamaha/ymdx100.cpp: Implemented most of the Yamaha DX100 emulation. [Pietro Gagliardi]
- 9859: osd/modules/file: Don’t magically substitute environment variables when opening files. [Nathan Woods]
- 10419: ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Added sixteen working items. [, ArcadeShadow]
- 10509: msx1_cart.xml, msx1_cass.xml, msx1_flop.xml: Cleaned up descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10513: msx2_cart.xml, msx2_cass.xml, msx2_flop.xml, msx2p_flop.xml: Cleaned up descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10527: sega_beena_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10572: cpu/m6809: Improved emulation to TFR and EXG instructions. [Tim Lindner]
- 10575: trs/coco12.cpp, trs/coco3.cpp: Moved real-time clocks to slot cards where they belong (addresses MT08416). [Tim Lindner]
- 10595: hp/hp9825.cpp: Added support for the HP 9825A and HP 9831. [fulivi]
- 10604: apple2_flop_misc.xml: Added four working Israeli games. [Josh Renaud, Aali Ariel, Keith Hacke, telanus]
- 10605: Fixed some misspellings, mostly involving the word “occurrences”. [kmg]
- 10607: misc/cocoloco.cpp: Corrected misspelled DIP switch setting name for Coco Loco. [kmg]
- 10610: bus/msx: Added support for Hudson Soft Bee Cards and Electric Software Astron Softcards. [Wilbert Pol]
- 10611: snes.xml: Added two 16 Bit Xmas titles. [retroUSB, kmg]
- 10614: konami/hornet.cpp, konami/cobra.cpp, konami/nwk-tr.cpp: Refactored JVS host code. [Windy Fairy]
- 10615: machine/upd765.cpp: Don’t raise data interrupt on abnormal command termination. [Angelo Salese]
- 10617: konami/konami_gn676_lan.cpp: Rewrote GN676 LAN board emulation. [Windy Fairy]
- 10619: video/v9938.cpp: Implemented V9958 registers 26 and 27 for graphic23 and graphic4 modes (fixes MT08466). [Wilbert Pol]
- 10621: x68k_flop.xml: Added twelve new dumps from original disks (ten working). [krugman, r09]
- 10622: apple2_flop_orig.xml: Use title case for publisher names. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10623: rz1_cass.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10624: a800.xml: Use unabbreviated country names and lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10625: konami/konmedal.cpp: Corrected the K051649 clock frequency for a few titles (fixes sound pitch). [BoxCubed]
- 10627: konami/hornet.cpp: Improved Silent Scope and Teraburst I/O emulation. [Windy Fairy]
- 10629: msx/slot/cartridge.cpp: Don’t unnecessarily copy software memory region contents. [Wilbert Pol]
- 10630: dataeast/deco_mlc.cpp: Added subtitle to descriptions for Asian releases of Skull Fang games. [Michael Sanborn]
- 10633: barcrest/mpu4.cpp, barcrest/mpu4vid.cpp: Encapsulated sampled sound board as a device. [James Wallace]
- 10635: ibm5150.xml: Retested software marked as partially supported or unsupported. [Angelo Salese]
- 10636: megadriv.xml: Fixed cartridge type for rockman1. [einstein95]
- 10637: konami/hornet: Fixed regression causing Teraburst’s gun I/O to fail boot test. [Windy Fairy]
- 10639: pcecd.xml: Use unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10640: pc98.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10641: machine/mc68328.cpp, palm/palm.cpp: Improved LCD controller emulation and cleaned up code. [Ryan Holtz]
- 10642: dataeast/decocass.cpp: Added Nebula (UK). [Rene Balke, Darksoft, Senil Data Systems, David Haywood]
- 10643: spectrum_cass.xml: Added three working items, and removed a duplicate item. [, ArcadeShadow]
- 10644: sound/nes_apu.cpp: Only allow reading status register; nintendo/dkong.cpp: Fixed crashes in dkong3b. [kmg]
- 10645: misc/cave.cpp: Added PEEL18CV8 PLD dumps for Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends. [Sergio Galiano]
- 10647: bus/coco: Cleaned up code a little. [Tim Lindner]
- 10648: trs/coco12.cpp: Added unreleased Deluxe Color Computer machine configuration with a placeholder ROM. [Tim Lindner]
- 10649: atari/sprint8.cpp: Cleaned up input code. [kmg]
- 10651: tecmo/tehkanwc.cpp: Added world version of Tee'd Off. [system11, David Haywood]
- 10653: dataeast/decocass.cpp: Removed “clown car credits” from comments. [David Haywood]
- 10654: seta/x1_012.cpp, seta/seta_v.cpp: Moved video update trigger from device to drivers (works around MT08530). [David Haywood]
- 10656: nec/pc88va.cpp: Improved emulation, allowing most software to boot on the PC-88VA2. [Angelo Salese]
- 10658: misc/cave.cpp: Added a newly dumped US version of Power Instinct 2. [Sergio Galiano, Recreativos Piscis]
- 10659: apple1.xml: Use title case for publisher names. [einstein95]
- 10660: vtech/vsmile.cpp: Added machine configuration switches, allowing access to BIOS test mode. [KanedaFr]
- 10663: Added duty cycle effects to layouts for fruit machines using ROC10937 and clones, and improved emulation. [James Wallace]
- 10664: tiger/gamecom.cpp: Improved audio emulation (still very innacurate). [FateForWindows]
- 10665: namco/mappy.cpp: Put DIP switch settings in order from least generous to most generous. [einstein95]
- 10666: nintendo/vsnes.cpp: Aligned default DIP switch settings with factory defaults. [kmg]
- 10667: atari/starshp1.cpp: Set thrust control to slow when not pushing button. [kmg]
- 10668: hp/hp80.cpp: Fixed keyboard issues with hp86b_001 and hp86b_004 systems. [F.Ulivi]
- 10669: yamaha/ympsr16.cpp: Added skeleton driver for Yamaha PSS-780. [TwistedTom]
- 10670: nintendo/cham24.cpp: Added save state support and cleaned up code. [kmg]
- 10671: sms.xml: Added three working prototypes. [Ed Semrad, smspower, VGHF, kmg]
- 10672: coleco.xml: Added two working prototypes. [Ed Semradm Hidden Palace, VGHF, kmg]
- 10673: capcom/cps1.cpp: Created mapper by decoding the recently dumped SFZ63B PAL. [TwistedTom]
- 10674: nes.xml: Added twelve working items. [Ed Semrad, Hidden Palace, VGHF, NESBrew12, anonymous, kmg]
- 10677: sega/model3.cpp: Added drive board ROMs from Scud Race to Dirt Devils (uses the same PCB). [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
- 10678: video/ppu2c0x.cpp: Improved behavior of OAM writes during PPU rendering. [kmg]
- 10680: Added recently-added system driver source files to arcade and MESS filter files. [MASH]
- 10681: dataeast/decocass.cpp: Cleaned up BIOS macros, fixed bit error in cnebula tape image and added bootlegs. [DavidHaywood]
- 10682: sega/sms.cpp: Refactored Game Gear handling. [Vas Crabb]
- 10683: tvgames/xavix.cpp: Added Gun Gun Adventure (not working). [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- 10684: palm/palm.cpp: Improved Palm IIIc support; machine/mc68328.cpp: Added MC68EZ328 variant. [Ryan Holtz]
- 10685: nec/pc8801.cpp: Promoted PC-8801mkII SR machines to working. [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]
- 10686: bus/a7800/rom.cpp, nes.xml: Use proper bank order for Activision 128K cartridges. [kmg]
- 10687: bus/megadrive/jcart.cpp: Fixed typo in include guard macro. [kmg]
- 10689: vsmileb_cart.xml: Added regional titles for undumped Teletubbies game. [ClawGrip]
- 10690: capcom/gunsmoke.cpp: Added a new North American set of Gun.Smoke. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), Jordi Beltrán, ClawGrip]
- 10691: nintendo/playch10.cpp: Added separate gun trigger input. [kmg]
- 10692: osd/windows: Fixed a potential crash when toggling full-screen mode (MT08535). [Ryan Holtz]
- 10694: sega/sg1000.cpp: Made SG-1000 player 1 controller fixed, and fixed crash on starting Othello Multivision consoles. [kmg]
- 10695: bus/snes/snes_slot.cpp: Fixed reported ROM speed when logging cartridge header. [TwistedTom]
- 10696: palm/palm.cpp: Split Palm LCD controller into a separate device, promoted Palm m100 to working. [Ryan Holtz]
- 10697: skeleton: Renamed Vector 4 to Vector 3, and fixed some incorrect Vector 4 machine configuration. [Eric Anderson]
- 10698: ibm5150.xml: Added eleven working items. [The Good Old Days, Abandon Socios, Old-Games.RU, ArcadeShadow]
- 10699: ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Corrected misspelled game title in notes for 5plus1_25. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10700: sound/upd934g.cpp: Use device_rom_interface rather than a read callback for external memory. [Devin Acker]
- 10702: yamaha/ymdx9.cpp: Resolved issues with incoming MIDI. [Anthony]
- 10704: sega/turbo.cpp: Added missing pedal inputs. [kmg]
- 10705: kiwako/mrjong.cpp: Fixed horizontal sprite offset when screen is flipped. [Pierre Cornier]
- 10707: sega/turbo.cpp: Clarified lives DIP switch setting name for Turbo. [kmg]
- 10709: jpm/jmpsys5.cpp: Started working on inputs, and added reel interface. [James Wallace]
- 10712: sega/turbo_v.cpp: Simplified bit field extraction. [kmg]
- 10715: sound/nes_apu.cpp: Implemented frame counter interrupt (fixes MT06186, MT07625 and MT07658). [kmg]
- 10716: nintendo/dkong.cpp: Added more notes about dkong3 sound. [kmg]
- 10717: docs: Added preliminary guide for would-be contributors. [Ryan Holtz, Vas Crabb, O. Galibert]
- 10718: nes.xml: Added five builds of an unreleased prototype. [ICEknight, steem69, kmg]
- 10719: sharp/x68k_v.cpp: Cleaned up screen update function. [grantek]
- 10725: Reverted “sharp/x68k_v.cpp: Cleaned up screen update function” (PR #10719) – it breaks Super Hang-On. [Vas Crabb]
- 10728: midway/omegrace.cpp: Replaced input lookup table with encoder function. [kmg]
- 10731: msx1_flop.xml: Improved metadata and removed disk conversions. [Wilbert Pol]
- 10732: tvgogo.xml: Replaced country name abbreviations in descriptions with full names. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10733: x68k_flop.xml: Added an alternate version of SX-Window 3.1. [Brice Onken]
- 10734: einstein.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10735: spectrum_cart.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10736: cdi.xml: Replaced country name abbreviations in descriptions with full names. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10737: vtech_storio_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description. [ArcadeShadow]
- 10739: digiblast_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description. [ArcadeShadow]
Télécharger MAME v0.251 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 ARCADE v0.251.0 (64-bit) 
Jeudi 29/12/22 à 12:07 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME est passé à la v0.251 avant tout le monde, même la version officielle de MAME.
Edit: Voici la liste des changements spécifiques:
- Added protection against bad snapshots
- Tidied up some treeview code by removing hard-coded strings.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.251.0 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 RomVault v3.5.2 
Dimanche 25/12/22 à 15:17 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
New Features
- Add a way to purge old DATs
- Filter for MIA ROMs
- Create default directories for new setups (DatRoot, RomRoot, ToSort)
- Handle locked files better during scanning

Bug Fixes
- Empty directories and 0 byte files are deleted from locked branches and ToSorts
- DatVault can throw invalid JSON error
- Missing status for "In DAT merged, delete" in ROM details grid
- FixDATs are missing MIA flags
- CMP DATs are interpreted with incorrect character encoding
- Crash occurs if a RV temp archive cannot be deleted
- Crash occurs when generating Fix DATs for directories using Single Archive
- Cache can become unstable and trigger errors on every change
- Corrupt CHDs lose their corrupt status
- Some edge case statuses are missing images
- DATs with single archive directory settings are reprocessed on every DAT update
- Registration window uses default icon in task bar
- Elevated RAM usage after refreshing all DATs
- Files can be stuck in a "cyan" state until rescan
- Crash occurs when moving a file open by another process
- Readable corrupt zips that require fixes cause repeated errors
- DatVault can load with no Groups displayed, refresh causes crash
- Missing ROMs from "Single Archives" are included as orphaned ROMs in the wrong FixDAT
- The "In DAT merged, move to ToSort" scenario displays a broken image in ROM details grid
- Crash occurs if a RV temp archive is open by another process during a rename
- Crash occurs during Full DAT creation if DAT has missing rom names
- Crash can occur during a cache backup if not enough space
- ZipMove is sometimes not used if the archive to be moved contains a 0 byte file
- Fixes from 7z archives to Uncompressed sets do not use the 7z cache
- The Compress action is missing the filesize in the fixing status log
- The “_0” is inserted into the incorrect place to avoid naming conflicts if the set name contains periods
- Ampersand characters in the directory settings Dir Location are not displayed
- Recompressing to RV7Z shows a status of TrrntZipping in the status log
- An unaccounted for combination of ROM statuses can occur during a fix and throw an error
- A filesystem error occurs if RomVault tries to ZipMove an archive while it is open in another application
- Just a couple of bug fixes... LOL... Merry Christmas to all.
Télécharger RomVault v3.5.2
Site Officiel de RomVault
 ClrMAME Pro v4.047 
Mardi 20/12/22 à 14:02 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- updated ziparchive (4.6.9) and unrar (6.20.3)
- misc: show warning when trimming removed a whitespace rom names with subfolders
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.047 (32-bit)
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.047 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ClrMAME Pro
 RetroArch v1.14.0 
Mercredi 14/12/22 à 14:30 par Firebrand
Cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis sous une même interface a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- AUDIO/COREAUDIO/APPLE: Allow coreaudio3 driver to work with audio devices that have 2 or more output channels
- CHEEVOS: Fix construction of Cheevos badge path
- CLI: Fixed not getting any output when running –version or –features without –verbose
- CLI: Fixed crash when running empty – parameter (it proceeded to content loading)
- CLI: Reformatted –features to require less rows and to be more consistent
- CLI: Added -V shorthand for –version
- CLI: Tab removal + whitespace nits
- CONFIG/MIDI: Prevent MIDI startup error with old configurations
- D3D11: Fix when using shaders with TATE mode arcades etc
- D3D12: Fix when using shaders with TATE mode arcades etc
- D3D12: Added support for break on errors (development aid – define DEVICE_DEBUG to use)
- D3D12: Added support for DRED (device remove extended data) (development aid – define DEVICE_DEBUG to use)
- D3D12: Made D3D12 viewport and scissors to behave more like Vulkan drivers (or be more correct)
- D3D12: Fixed some shaders not appearing with the d3d12 driver – this reintroduces a validation error though but it seems to work as in not crash and is the old RA behaviour. Guess we need a different way of fixing the validation issue.
- D3D12: Fixed validation error on start up due to buffers not being setup correctly for one frame
- DATABASE/EXPLORE/VIEW: Bugfix – RGUI did not clear thumbnail on non-playlist items such as Save and Delete menu_explore_get_entry_playlist_index() returns -1 on invalid entries, but the variable where it was stored was unsigned
- DATABASE/EXPLORE/VIEW: Bugfix – XMB+Ozone cleared thumbnail in Quick Menu when navigating away from Run
- DRM/ODROID GO2: Implement get_video_size for DRM GL context driver
- FASTFORWARD: Restore framelimit on fastforward toggle. Fast-forward was broken after toggling vrr_runloop off, since it will force frame limit to 1.0 (even on every frame) and never restores it. So let’s make sure the wanted ratio is applied when toggling FF (Fastforward).
- FFMPEG CORE: Fix runtime error in FFmpeg core when build with FFmpeg n5.1.2 and OpenGL ES
- GFX/VIDEO FILTERS: (picoscale_256x_320x240) Added snn function to upscale Fuse (ZX Spectrum) core borderless output to 320×240. ZX Spectrum resolution of 256×192 was previously unsupported.
-HOTKEYS: Further reorder internal hotkey items for consistency and removed SEND_DEBUG_INFO, OVERLAY_NEXT and OSK from visible hotkey bind list. “Send Debug Info” stuff is removed as much as possible without breakage due to translation files.
- INPUT/AUTOCONFIG: Disable ‘pause on controller disconnect’ by default – was enabled by default on 1.13.0
- INPUT/MENU: Device Index menu refactor
- INPUT/OVERLAY: Fix analog drift blocking touch input (could occur on overlay_next if physical inputs shown on overlay)
- INPUT/OVERLAY: Fix overlay_next buttons lighting up in unison
-INPUT/OVERLAY: Skip meta keys in input_overlay_add_inputs (not supported by input_state_internal)
- INPUT/WINDOWS/WINRAW: Fix mouse position when using input overlay with mouse cursor
- INPUT/WINDOWS/WINRAW: Fixed mouse position to use the same method required for menu items and pointer when simulating input overlays with mouse, since it won’t work with multi mouse method
- INPUT/WINDOWS/WINRAW: Fixed passing mouse position to core also when using aforementioned method
- LEAPFROG: Add Leapfrog (LFx000) Target
- MENU: Cleanup of help texts
- MENU: Allow toggling info off with the same button
- MENU: Allow menu wallpaper/background reset. Let’s also remove the current wallpaper from the screen when pressing Start.
- MENU: Null driver shows with different color (Added for all menus the ability to show “disabled” items with a muted color)
- MENU/DRIVERS: Menu driver first, Audio Resampler removed because it is enough to exist under audio settings
- MENU/INPUT: Moved “Confirm Quit” to Input menu
- MENU/INPUT/HOTKEYS: Input hotkey menu completely overhauled to keep related entries together, and also adjusted some labels and sublabels
- MENU/OVERLAY: Fix overlays behind menu without core running. “Show Overlay Behind Menu” is currently broken with Ozone and XMB (with any other color theme than Plain) when running without a core.
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Fix home screen on first startup – no more stray entries
- MENU/OZONE: Allowed drawing sidebar and thumbnail bar background color also when core is running
- MENU/OZONE: Stopped using different padding and position for savestate thumbnails vs imageviewer
- MENU/OZONE: Removed gradient background effect when core is running, because some themes already have gradient background, which creates ugly rough steps
- MENU/OZONE: Fixed “Gray Light” theme from using the same background as “Gray Dark”, which makes selection cursor near impossible to see
- MENU/OZONE: Some whitespace corrections
- MENU/UX: Extend OFF menu value colors
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – Menu Visibility icons (Quick Menu + Settings)
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – Playlist Manager icons
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – Explore icon as database icon
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – View and filter icons as cursor icon (folder icon in GLUI)
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – View save + delete icons
- MENU/UX: Menu icon improvements – Moved Explore + Views below Standalone Cores
- MENU/UX/OZONE: Removed icons from menus where others items don’t have icons, and added icons to menus where the rest have icons
- MENU/UX/OZONE: Changed the way “no icon” is handled from kludgy way of not drawing SUBSETTING icon
- MENU/UX/XMB: Changed playlist entry index positioning to bottom right when thumbnails are in vertical mode, because big lists will overlap with arrow and current “breadcrumb” icons when the position is next to current selection
- MENU/UX/XMB: Added a rather nasty hack to prevent showing wrong icons under Explore as “breadcrumb” icon
- MENU/UX/XMB: Optimized certain icon drawing loops (Main horizontal icons were looped even when not visible, and all previous “breadcrumb” icons were looped when only one certain was needed)
- MENU/UX/MATERIALUI: Fixed showing icons where there should not be any (Waitable Swapchains, Show Recording + Streaming)
- OSX/MACOS: Fixed Cocoa keyboard not allowing to map Analog stick
- PS2: Use the recently created ps2_drivers which makes easier the loading and init of all the drivers: Memory Card, USB, HDD, Audio, Controllers
- PS2: Adds exFat support for USB, and probably solves some unexpected issues when using an HDD driver for booting cores/games.
- SDL GFX: Fix no menu on start/blank screen issue.
- SRAM: Don’t init SRAM saving without content (gets rid of the redundant logging)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (XP/Vista 32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (XP/Vista 64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Metal2) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Linux)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Nintendo GC)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Nintendo WiiU)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (.3dsx) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (.cia) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (PlayStation 2)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (PS Vita)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.14.0 (Xbox One)
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 pfeMAME v2.26.7 
Dimanche 11/12/22 à 14:34 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour MAME a été mis à jour, sauf pour sa version MacOS (pour l'instant?). Voici la liste des changements:
- I have dropped the support for force shutting down the MAME executable. The support for the keyboard monitoring was flaky and sometimes just crashed everything. Also support under Linux and MacOS is almost non-existent due to those operating systems being more secure.
- Fixed the bug that stopped the log file viewer from scrolling to the bottom of the log on MacOS.
- Fixed an issue I started getting with SSL certificates on some platforms when checking for the software update. This was throwing an exception and so I couldn’t find the current software version from the repo.
- Fixed the toolbar button sizes so that the hover text on all platforms aligns correctly.
- Changed the view and search box’s to be default size. MacOS was complaining about my trying to make the control too large.
- Created a custom search control so that I can control the text and background colours as well as the hint text color. The default control was too strict in MacOS. Doing this has lost the pretty magnifying glass but maybe later I will work out how to add that back in.
- Changed the ROM filter to a wx.ComboCtrl with custom list control as the drop down. This allows me full control over the text and background colors across all platforms.
- Finally ditched the generic status bar and created my own custom status bar. This gives me full control over the colours across all platforms (Yes I’m pointing at you MacOS).
- Switched to using pygauge rather than the inbuilt gauge for progress bar display. This allows me to set the color and I just like it more.
- Moved the main screen progress bar to be an overlay rather than the small patch it used to be contained in. Looks nicer and more modern to me.
- Made the quantities info on the statusbar readonly (Yes you could actually delete it).
- Stopped the statusbar quantities field from being able to be given focus at all and no left click highlighting.
- Pop-up image viewer was not closing with the ESC key
- Altered the pop-up image viewer to use the full vertical space available.
- Added keyboard shortcut SHIFT-V to launch the fullscreen video player
- When the full screen vide player is running, pressing the space bar will skip to the next video. Any other key will exit.
- Changed to using a callafter to set the ROM tiles focus back after running a ROM in TileView. Have done this to try and fix an issue whereby sometimes after running a ROM, the tiles don’t get back focus and you loose keyboard navigation without clicking the left mouse button (Which forces focus on the first tile). The callafter should allow all controls to be redrawn before trying to give focus.
- Removed an annoying underscore form the output in the RomInfo screen.
- Changed the font_info function to return a named tuple. This makes my code cleaner in each module that I call that function to pull out the font information and set local font variables.
- Added a Bios drop down list to the Slots preferences page. This is populated from the xml file. This allows you to set ROM specific Bios configurations (Like if you want to always have the spectrum ROM using the GOSH bios, or Amiga 500 using the 3.1 Kickstart ROM). If nothing is found in the ROM specific INI file then it will default to the first BIOS in the list.
- Dropped the auto restart after certain preferences are changed. It never worked too well across different platforms, and even on Windows after restarting I was finding control bindings stopped working.
- Fixed the button colors not working properly on Linux. Needed to be specific in the colors.
- Updated the slot control buttons to use the global color theme.
- Fixed a bug where the random ROM runner could select a ROM that is one too far off the list which would cause an unmanaged exception.
- Fixed a bug in the backup code. If a file that was listed to backup didn’t exist (like if you have no favourites) then the process would fail badly. Now it will tell you that the missing file has been skipped.
- Fixed similar bug in the restore code.
- Fixed a bug where if a video play is not available, the playback timer would keep counting down in a loop.
- Fixed a bug in the code I use to check for valid values for Audio volume. It seems that using isnumeric() for negative numbers thinks they are not a number. Have to strip the leading ‘-‘ off the string.
- Major change to preferences. I have moved the preferences window into the main window as a tab shared with the ROMs list. Also done the same with the ROM specific preferences. They are now side-by-side.
- Improved the slot configuration’s view – it now expands to take up the horizontal space available which makes systems with no slots look better in the view.
- Changed the size of the spin controls on the Sound tab in preferences to stop annoying GTK complaints about the size being too small for the native control.
- Slot option heading and buttons will no longer show for System ROMs that don’t actually have slot options.
- Changed to using event.m_col to determine what column has been clicked in the Ultimatelistctrl. Was previously using a calculation based on pixels that doesn’t work well enough. As Ultimatelistctrl supports m_col where the standard listctrl doesn’t across all platforms, this seems a much better idea. This fixes an issue with ordering by Manufacturer as the column wasn’t being detected correctly.
- Replaced my custom code for replacing escaped ASCII characters with html.unescape. My code took 2 seconds while the inbuilt takes 0.07 so I think its written in C. Speeds up the -listxml read from MAME.
- Lots of general code cleanup and refactoring.
- Extra error checking in to check if the softwarelist ‘hash’ folder and relevant file doesn’t actually exist.
- Layout improvements in
- Corrected some misleading naming in (self.rom_name that was actually a version of self.rom_file_name but not really for example.
- It seems I have been using the shelve module incorrectly. It returns an object, not a list, but still seems to work. I have rewritten the code a bit to ensure a list is returned.
- Created docstrings for functions in Still a bit of a WIP but a step in the right direction.
- Some slight improvements to dark mode coloring. Notebook tab background is now set to the window background color and inactive tab text color is the same as window text color.
- Fixed a bug where if the color string is not set in the pfemame.ini file, it would throw an unmanaged exception as the default type was a colour object, not a color string.
- Added some more defaults to the pfemame inifile creation for first-time-run.
Télécharger pfeMAME v2.26.7 (Windows)
Télécharger pfeMAME v2.26.7 (Linux)
Site Officiel de pfeMAME
 HBMAME Version.ini v0.245.9 
Samedi 10/12/22 à 13:56 par Firebrand
Ce fichier permettant de trier les jeux de HBMAME selon la version de l'émulateur a été mis à jour pour la dernière version de celui ci.
- 2022/12/09: Update versions 0.245.3 to 0.245.9 (thanks to r0n1n AKA kloug666 ).
Télécharger HBMAME Version.ini v0.245.9
Site Officiel de HBMAME Version.ini
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.250 (2ème partie) 
Vendredi 09/12/22 à 13:55 par Firebrand
Une deuxième série de fichiers additionnels de ProgettoSNAPS pour MAME ont été publiées. Voici les changements:
Category.ini v0.250:
- 2022/12/08: Aligned files to MAME 0.250.

Catlist/Catver v0.250:
- 2022/12/08: Aligned files to MAME 0.250.

Languages.ini v0.250 (1.42):
- 2022/12/08 1.42: Added 0.250 sets.

Series.ini v0.250:
- Series UPDATED (8): Cherry Master, Cross Pang, Gradius, Ibara, Quizard, Silent Scope, Trivia and Trivial Pursuit.
Items RENAMED (8): (ibara) to (ibarao), (sscope2b) to (sscope2ubvd1), (sscope2c) to (sscope2ucvd1), (sscopea) to (sscopeua), (sscopeb) to (sscopeub), (sscopec) to (sscopeuc), (sscoped) to (sscopevd2) and (trivia12) to (triviag1a).

Version.ini v0.250:
- 2022/12/08: Aligned to MAME 0.250.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.250
Télécharger Catlist/Catver v0.250
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.250 (1.42)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.250
Télécharger Version.ini v0.250
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.250 
Jeudi 08/12/22 à 11:49 par Firebrand
Une première bordée de fichiers additionnels pour MAME a été publiée. Plutôt courte, elle n'en comporte que deux; mais le reste devrait arriver assez rapidement.
BestGames.ini v0.250 (1.31)
- 2022/12/07 1.31: Online the version 0.250; 1 game removed (victlapa) and 3 new games added (3,474 evaluated).
Télécharger BestGames.ini v0.250 (1.31)
Télécharger CHD-info v0.250
 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.250 (64-bit) 
Jeudi 08/12/22 à 11:36 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour Linux Ubuntu a été mise à jour vers MAME v0.250.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.250 (64-bit)
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