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I-Ching (19xx)(Ken Tracton)[BAS]
I.C.B.M. (1979)(Rod Fitzgerald)[BAS]
I.Q. Builder (1978)(Tandy)[BAS]
IBLoad v2.0 (1979)(Racet Computers)[a][CMD]
IBLoad v2.0 (1979)(Racet Computers)[CMD]
IBM PC File Transfer (19xx)(Jeff Vavasour)[CMD]
Ice World War (1981)(Kit Domenico-Panic Simulations)[BAS]
Icebreaker (19xx)(-)[Strip Poker without Cards][BAS]
If Updated Execute a File v1.0 (1986)(Nick Andrew)[CMD]
Igor (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Ilaxan (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Ilaxan II (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Illusion (1980)(John R. Olsen-CLOAD)[BAS]
Imhotep v2.5 (19xx)(Terry Clark)[BAS]
In Memory Information System (19xx)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
In Search of Dr. Livingston (1980)(Fullerton)[BAS]
In the Hall of the Mountain King (1982)(Leo Christopherson-Tandy)[BAS]
In-B-Tween (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
InCalc (1982)(Glynis Holborow)[BAS]
Income Tax Calculator (19xx)(Wordsworth Pty)[85-86][BAS]
Index2 Disk Cataloguer (1979)(RB)[BAS]
Indoor Micro-Soccer (19xx)(Ed Levy)[CMD]
Indy Racer (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Indy-80 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Infidel (1983)(Infocom)[Rel. 22][CMD]
Infinite Basic (1979)(Racet Computers)[DSK]
Infinite Star Trek (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Inflation Projection (19xx)(Larry Muncie)[BAS]
InfoBox v2.1 (1979)(Tracy Licklider)[CMD]
Infocom Adventure Executor Source Code (19xx)(Infocom)[ASM]
Infocom Adventure Executor Source Code (19xx)(Infocom)[a][ASM]
Infocom Adventure Executor Source Files (1987)(InfoTaskForce)[C]
Infocom Vocabulary Lister v1.54 (1987)(George Janczuk)[CMD]
Inkey Subroutine (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Inkey$ Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Insanity (19xx)(-)[System Emulator][BAS]
Insect Frenzy (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[CMD]
Insert-Delete from Array Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Insta-Dupe v1.0 (19xx)(Pirate-80)[CMD]
Institute Adventure, The (1981)(Jyym Pearson-Med Systems)[CMD]
Integration- Gaussian Quadrature (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Integration- Simpson's Rule (19xx)(-)[BAS]
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