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J.P. Winkle (1986)(MSX Magazine)
Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)
Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)[a2]
Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)[a]
Jack the Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Jack the Nipper II - In Coconut Capers (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Jake in the Caves (1986)(SvL Software)(nl)
Jaws (1989)(Screen 7)[t]
Je Compte (19xx)(-)(fr)
Jet Bomber (1985)(Aackosoft)
Jet Fighter (1988)(Eurosoft)
Jet Set Willy (1985)(Software Projects)
Jet Set Willy (1985)(Software Projects)[a]
Jet Set Willy (1985)(Software Projects)[u][b]
Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier (1985)(Software Projects)[t]
Jetalfs Strikes Back (19xx)(-)
Jewels of Darkness I - Colossal Adventure v2 (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
Jewels of Darkness III - Dungeon Adventure (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
Jissen - 4-nin Mahjong. Four Battle Mahjong (1984)(Sony)
Joe Blade (1989)(Players Software)
Johny Comomolo in 3-2-1 Fire (1986)(Dro Soft)
Johny Comomolo in 3-2-1 Fire (1986)(Dro Soft)[h CEZ]
Jony y el Trono del Jaguar (1986)(Grupo de Trabajo Software)(es)
Jony y el Trono del Jaguar (1986)(Grupo de Trabajo Software)(es)[cr G.M. & E.C.]
Joquei (19xx)(-)(pt)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
Juega... Pero Seguro (1989)(OMK Software)(es)
Juega... Pero Seguro (1989)(OMK Software)(es)[h CEZ]
Jumbo (1987)(Wolfgang Well)
Jump (1985)(Ascii)
Jump Coaster (1984)(Nippon Columbia - Colpax - Universal)
Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog Software)[tr pt Plansoft]
Jump Land (1985)(Nippon Columbia - Colpax - Universal)
Jumper 2 (1985)(Magic Circle)
Jumping Jack (1986)(LiveWire Software)[cr Special Services]
Jumping Rabbit (1984)(Mia)
Jungle Jim (19xx)(-)
Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)(es)
Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)(es)[a]
Juno First (1983)(Sony)