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Flak (1984)(Funsoft)
Flappy (19x)(Michael Basik)[cr Burp][t +1 Troep]
Flash Gordon (1986)(Mastertronic)[cr Laser][t +5 Laser]
Flight of the Albatross 2 (1998)(Commodore Zone)[cr ORI][t +2 ORI]
Fliptris (19xx)(Artcore Labs)[cr AFL]
Floating Point Action (1986)(Golden Games)
Flummi's World (1994)(Substance)[cr DTC][t +5 DTC]
Flyer (1998)(Computer Workshops)[cr ORI]
Flyerfox (1984)(Game Gems)
Flying Ace (1992)(Avalon Hill)[cr Suckers]
Flying Digger, The (1984)(OHB Software)
Flying Shark (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr REM][t +4 REM]
Football Director (1988)(D&H Games)[cr TRB]
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[cr EMU]
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)[cr TLC]
Football Manager 2 (1988)(Addictive Games)(de)[cr CHR]
Football Manager 3 (1992)(Addictive Games)[cr EMP][t +1 SCS]
Football Manager 3 (1992)(Addictive Games)[cr RSI]
Football Manager World Cup Edition (1990)(Addictive Games)(de)[cr PAR+AFL]
Footballer of the Year (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)[cr REM][t +3 REM]
Footballer of the Year 2 (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)[cr Lazer]
Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)[cr REM][t +6 REM][Docs]
Force One (1987)(Firebird Software)
Forester (1991)(CP Verlag)[cr Hitmen][t +4 Hitmen]
Fort Apocalypse (1982)(Synapse Software)
Fortress (19xx)(LK Avalon)(Pl)[cr F4CG+AVT]
Foton (1991)(Trash Productions)[cr CHR][t +1 CHR]
Foton (1991)(Trash Productions)[cr GLS][t +1 GLS]
Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)(Elite)[cr CRM]
Frankenstein - Part One (1987)(CRL)[cr REM]
Frankenstein - Part One (1987)(CRL)[h DOM & Digital Dungeon]
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1985)(Ocean Software)[cr DD]
Fred (1983)(Quicksilva)[cr S8]
Freespace 2075 (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)[cr LXT][t +2 LXT]
Freespace 2075 (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)[cr LXT][t +2 LXT][a]
Frenzy (1992)(Zzap! 64)[cr Epic][t +3 Epic]
Friday the 13th (1985)(Domark)[cr REM][t +3 REM]
Frogger '93 (1993)(CP Verlag)
Frogger '93 (1993)(CP Verlag)[cr Dynamic][t +2 Dynamic]
Frogger '93 (1993)(CP Verlag)[cr XTC][t +2 XTC]
Frogs and Flies 64 (1997)(Loadstar)[cr F4CG]
Frogs and Flies 64 (1997)(Loadstar)[cr F4CG][a]
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