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 Fuse v1.5.5 
Mardi 03/07/18 à 13:29 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur ZX-Spectrum a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
Emulation core improvements:
- Improve sound accuracy on Unix 64 bits systems (thanks, Fredrick Meunier) (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:
- Allow the use of real joystick hats/dpads (thanks, Sarah) (Fredrick Meunier).
Télécharger Fuse v1.5.5 (Windows)
Télécharger Fuse For MacOS X v1.5.5 (MacOS)
Site Officiel de Fuse
 VisualBoy Advance-M v2.1.0 (wxWidgets) 
Lundi 02/07/18 à 12:58 par Firebrand
La nouvelle version de VisualBoy Advance-M a été compilée également pour Windows.
Télécharger VisualBoy Advance-M v2.1.0 (wxWidgets) (32-bit)
Télécharger VisualBoy Advance-M v2.1.0 (wxWidgets) (64-bit)
Site Officiel de VisualBoy Advance-M
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.199, 3ème partie 
Dimanche 01/07/18 à 13:00 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle série de fichiers additionnels pour MAME viennent d'être publiés. Ne manque que Messinfo.dat pour avoir un ensemble complet.
BestGames.ini v0.199 (1.14):
- 2018/06/30 1.14: Online the version 0.199; 3 new games added.

Languages.ini v0.199 (0.87):
- 2018/06/29 0.87: Added 0.199 sets.

Series.ini v0.199:
- Item RENAMED (2): (gtg) to (gtgj31) and (puyofev) to (puyofevj).
- Series UPDATED (2): Golden Tee and Puyo Puyo.
Télécharger BestGames.ini v0.199 (1.14)
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.199 (0.87)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.199
 WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 FR 
Dimanche 01/07/18 à 12:54 par Firebrand
Chez Tradu-France non plus, on ne s'arrête pas: la dernière beta de WinUAE est déjà disponible en français.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 
Dimanche 01/07/18 à 12:52 par Firebrand
Pas repos pour les braves, Toni Wilen embraye directement avec une nouvelle série de beta pour son émulateur Amiga. Celle-ci devrait être courte car elle s'intéressera principalement aux corrections de bugs. Voici la première fournée:
4.0.0 bugs fixed:
- 80-bit native FPU mode FREM and FMOD had parameters swapped in x86 code.
- 64-bit FPU mode config mode was not loaded from config file.
- "Minimize when focus is lost" could cause crashes.

Older bugs:
- "Minimize when focus is lost" incorrectly activated when switching modes in some situations. (same as above)
- If CPU panel select menu was active and then some other panel was selected: JIT got switched off.
- Don't abort with "tried to seek out of bounds" message when HDF/HD has virtual RDB and writing to too large offset.
- When inserting previously connected USB device, previous device type (Gamepad, CD32 pad etc) and autofire type (if any) was not restored.
- Do not copy data to Amiga side clipboard buffer if filesystem heartbeat signal is missing (=Some program took over the system), clipboard data can overwrite other program's data.
- Directory filesystem/UAE HDF uses indirect mode if new debugger is active. (Indirect is needed for debugger to detect memory reads and writes)
- "Minimize when focus is lost" minimized main emulation window when GUI was open and main window lost focus.
- RTG Multithread mode display refreshing was unreliable in palette modes when palette changed.

- Resolve hardfile/directory path environmental variables only when needed, loading and saving config now keeps original unresolved variables.
- Save also config file to crash dump file.
- QuikPak XP board emulation, not yet fully implemented.
- Added GVP v3.7, Blizzard 2060 v7.25 and QuikPak v2.1 to ROM scanner.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.0.1 Beta 1 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 VisualBoy Advance-M v2.1.0 
Dimanche 01/07/18 à 12:47 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur GameBoy Advance a été mis à jour. De manière un peu forcée car une vulnérabilité pouvant dévoiler des informations sensibles a été découverte et corrigée: il est donc recommandé de prendre cette nouvelle version. Seule la version MacOS est disponible pour l'instant, mais les compilations pour Windows ne devraient pas tarder. Voici les changements apportés:
Hey everyone,

New release of vba-m is now officially out. This release solves issue #255 where there was a security vulnerability found in the elf parser.
Rather than try to explain it myself, I’ll just copy and paste the issue.
It should explain the issue it could potentially cause. Now keep in mind the flags we used for our release builds help mitigate the issue before we knew of the issue, but it was still an issue that needed to be fix and special thanks to zzazzdzz on github who pointed out the issue, it was able to be fixed.

[2.1.0] Vulnerability fixes
- 68028b50 – (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) minor fix for mingw cross build (9 hours ago)
- 498019a3 – (origin/osx-32bit) support older 32 bit macs running 10.7, fix build (11 hours ago)
- 6b486258 – fix some ELF parsing vulnerabilities #255 (30 hours ago)
- c63d3640 – travis: add job for libretro module (2 days ago)
- ef8c89fc – Libretro: Do not compile arm disassembly module (2 days ago)
- 63431916 – fix 2 broken URLs in builder script (3 days ago)
- 48af3829 – travis: move cache key for ccache into jobs (3 days ago)
- 21b718b8 – Add Coverity Badge (4 days ago)
- 8778837c – add Travis CI support (4 days ago)
- fde9d731 – installdeps: add ccache to list of deps (4 days ago)
- 77a3673d – installdeps: install wx-common for mxe for wxrc (4 days ago)
- 90188e88 – installdeps: fix build instructions for mxe (4 days ago)
- 816aab99 – fix installdeps for ubuntu:trusty (4 days ago)
- e4923e72 – fix save dialogs on Mac #268 (4 days ago)
- 66a50e35 – note how to reset config in windows in (7 days ago)
- ed00dc77 – use GetWindow()->Refresh() on non-GTK too #260 (12 days ago)
- 89228b06 – fix high CPU usage under wxgtk2 #260 (12 days ago)
- d1603218 – fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check yet again (12 days ago)
- 0489756d – fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check in 46f52941 (12 days ago)
- 46f52941 – do not prefer wxgtk3 if $ENV{WX_CONFIG} is set (12 days ago)
- 437b366e – clean up wxgtk3 finding cmake code (12 days ago)
- 2efcb620 – support and default to wxgtk3 not gtk2 on arch (13 days ago)
- 430b5d63 – fix Mac OS 10.13 build issues (13 days ago)
- 9222894c – Merge pull request #263 from retro-wertz/patch-2 (2 weeks ago)
- 02e1f49a – Add couple of file ext on .gitignore (2 weeks ago)
- fad1dd15 – Merge pull request #262 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
- 9c859917 – Opps (2 weeks ago)
- 009c09ef – GBA: Show log when rom uses SRAM of FLASH save types (2 weeks ago)
- 90bc79f2 – Libretro: implement vbam logging using libretro logging api (2 weeks ago)
- f4b88ba6 – Libretro: Remove GBA LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
- 76389d8e – RTC: Change this #ifdef to GBA_LOGGING (2 weeks ago)
- 710d2f3e – UtilRetro: Remove LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
- e0fe8365 – Makefile: Add option for sanitizer, add -DNO_DEBUGGER (2 weeks ago)
- 94d07676 – Makefile: Remove sources we dont need (2 weeks ago)
- 50e91f79 – Remove unrelated function during rom load (2 weeks ago)
- 3c0e88bc – Remove wrong #ifdef decleration (2 weeks ago)
- 3791b0a0 – Libretro: Fix samplerate not passed correctly to gba core (2 weeks ago)
- 3385be25 – Silence some warnings (2 weeks ago)
- 4d4819f0 – Libretro: Add core options for Sound Interpolation and Filtering (2 weeks ago)
- 94f11023 – Libretro: Add core option to mute sound channels (2 weeks ago)
- 5a4c788d – Merge pull request #256 from retro-wertz/patch-1 (2 weeks ago)
- bdb164bd – Set mirroringEnable to false (2 weeks ago)
- 0047fa1a – Merge pull request #253 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
- 17b681b8 – ereader.cpp: Silence warning (2 weeks ago)
- 27fa30b4 – Libretro: Disable cheats by default, update to bios loading (2 weeks ago)
- 01c5f465 – Libretro: Cleanup controller layout binds (2 weeks ago)
- 319a4869 – Libretro: Do not allow opposing directions (2 weeks ago)
- 2c46522e – Libretro: Add Solar Sensor (3 weeks ago)
- 037e3771 – let’s place these in the correct spot shall we? (3 weeks ago)
- 90d2f5c8 – Added retro-wertz for his contributions in bringing in libretro back to speed and other things (3 weeks ago)
- 03bc7c24 – Merge pull request #249 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
- 991fc749 – Do this for GBA sound enhancements too (3 weeks ago)
- 4e4424e8 – GB: Fix sound options not working (3 weeks ago)
- abb62df6 – pause on menu pulldown on windows only (FIXED) (3 weeks ago)
- cb3e9e32 – pause on menu pulldown on windows only (3 weeks ago)
- 1115be12 – Merge pull request #248 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
- bc0e169d – Add missing file (3 weeks ago)
- edf939e9 – Gfx: Add #ifdef _MSC_VER, fix tiled rendering on windows (3 weeks ago)
- 57dc0c25 – Move gfxDrawTextScreen() into GBAGfx.cpp (3 weeks ago)
- 27aeb6dc – Re-add Types.h, remove some more #ifdef (3 weeks ago)
- 9ec142da – Add header guard (3 weeks ago)
- 7a194fb2 – do not pause games when menus are pulled down (3 weeks ago)
- 6e18c3c2 – exclude headers for now (3 weeks ago)
- 947cd10e – minor OSD code cleanup (3 weeks ago)
- 0dc3e06c – update installdeps for opensuse (3 weeks ago)
- cafe905b – Fix a cast for msvc compilers (4 weeks ago)
- 07bc2ee4 – Merge pull request #246 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
- 1606ea74 – libretro: Cleanup some #ifdefs (4 weeks ago)
- 1d4dacc6 – Merge pull request #244 from retro-wertz/fix_gba_cheats (4 weeks ago)
- e2dff89d – Fix cheats not working in GBA (4 weeks ago)
- a3510c90 – Merge pull request #243 from retro-wertz/fix_opcode (4 weeks ago)
- 9ab2ee67 – Fix some opcodes in arm (4 weeks ago)
- a5e717a2 – add brace so it doesn’t break compilation (4 weeks ago)
- 4a615ab3 – Gonna take my time and actually work on a D3D9 panel. Documentation here I come. (4 weeks ago)
- fdb39a1c – Merge pull request #242 from retro-wertz/fix_alignments (4 weeks ago)
- 26c8c61b – Fix some formatting alignments in arm/thumb opcodes (4 weeks ago)
- 7c3d8d02 – Merge pull request #241 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
- 8edd4ce5 – libretro: Fix save types not properly set using overrides (4 weeks ago)
- 893269d8 – Merge pull request #239 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
- 3411aa33 – libretro: Use stdint.h instead in most cases (4 weeks ago)
- 1f20ba81 – libretro: Update (4 weeks ago)
- b0982ac8 – Always apply map masks (4 weeks ago)
- ff4f1235 – libretro: Fix wrong file pointer (4 weeks ago)
- 8f6e5de5 – libretro: Fix error : narrowing conversion (4 weeks ago)
- 8a1fd587 – libretro: Add header guard to UtilRetro.h (4 weeks ago)
- 85dea8a5 – add cygwin cross build support (9 weeks ago)
- 8638c769 – require pkg-config in cmake for gtk checks #227 (9 weeks ago)
- 60f2bd3f – remove ffmpeg from suse installdeps (9 weeks ago)
- 9933b6bb – if cross compiling openssl, need to add –cross-compile-prefix=- (2 months ago)
- 55caf62e – win cross script: pass RANLIB to openssl make (2 months ago)
- 9cd26b25 – windows cross build script: use autoconf for bzip2 (2 months ago)
- d5f90f0a – fix SDL sound on windows (3 months ago)
- fe9f0641 – fix msys2 builder script (3 months ago)
- 70c8dee8 – cmake: default ENABLE_OPENAL to OFF (3 months ago)
- d992cfa2 – Finalize vertical draw fixes and code cleanup (3 months ago)
- 62e8098f – Fix forbidden conversion in remote.cpp (3 months ago)
- edb2fd26 – Merge pull request #214 from Eleuin/name-fixes (3 months ago)
- 9843af2b – Fix cmake directory in installdeps (3 months ago)
- 80bcdab9 – Fix draw height across rendering modes (3 months ago)
- f3f6ee7b – fix compile errors with ffmpeg git (3 months ago)
- 5ae853a9 – fix installdeps for OpenSUSE (3 months ago)
- 8540860a – adjust changelog version regex for cur. version (4 months ago)
- 61e2f3b2 – Merge pull request #204 from Eleuin/filter-bounds-fix (4 months ago)
- d7a4eddb – Fixed filter draw bounds (4 months ago)
Télécharger VisualBoy Advance-M v2.1.0 (MacOS)
Site Officiel de VisualBoy Advance-M
 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.199 
Dimanche 01/07/18 à 12:39 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour Ubuntu a été mise à jour avec les sources de la v0.199.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.199 (32-bit)
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.199 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de SDLMAME4Ubuntu
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.199, 2ème partie 
Samedi 30/06/18 à 13:26 par Firebrand
Deux nouvelles collections de fichiers additionnels ont été publiées pour MAME v0.199: Category.ini et Catlist/Catver qui permettent de trier les jeux selon divers critères.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.199
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.199
 WolfMAME v0.199 
Samedi 30/06/18 à 13:22 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME adapté aux compétitions de high-scores a été mis à jour avec les sources de MAME v0.199.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.199
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
 SameBoy v0.11 
Samedi 30/06/18 à 13:21 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur GameBoy, pensé avant tout pour MacOS, très précis a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
This version is not compatible with save states of older versions.

New/Improved Features
- The Cocoa and SDL ports can now rewind the game using a configurable key
- The libretro port can now be compiled for Haiku and Wii U
- The libretro port now has split-screen link cable emulation
- The Cocoa and SDL ports can now under-clock the emulator for a “slow motion” effect
- A new LCD screen filter for both the Cocoa and SDL ports
- The new PPU and timing system introduced an up to 100% performance boost (More details in “Accuracy Improvements/Fixes”)
- A new debugger operator – {...} can now be used to dereference a pointer to a 16-bit value
- Fullscreen support in the SDL port
- Improved audio in the Windows SDL port, on supported versions of Windows
- The delete and unwatch debugger commands are now less strict
- Added joystick hat support to the SDL port
- The Cocoa port now uses Metal on supported Macs for better performance on laptops and less capable desktops
- The Cocoa port now allows specifying a boot ROMs folder, so it can be used with the original boot ROMs
- Improved the Cocoa debugger, it is now more responsive and no longer truncates output
- The lcd debugger command now shows more accurate details about what the PPU is currently doing
•The SDL port now has proper joypad configuration, similar to the Cocoa port
•The SDL port now has more consistent joypad menu navigation, in comparison to keyboard navigation
- Improved analog stick controls in both ports

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
- This version introduced major accuracy improvements, making SameBoy able to pass:
*All of mooneye-gb’s acceptance tests
*All of Wilbert Pol’s tests
*All of Blargg’s tests
- Improved emulation of analog characteristics of the APU for more accurate sound
- Emulation of an open-bus-like quirk behavior in GDMA and HDMA
- A whole new T-cycle accurate PPU:
*Accurate interrupt timing and blocking
*Sprite timings are now accurate
*Pixel pushing timing is now accurate, for pixel-perfect emulation of Prehistorik Man
*Has accurate memory and register access timings
- Accurate emulation of several timing edge cases related to the halt instruction
- Accurate emulation of a DMA bus quirk on the DMG
- Complete and accurate emulation of the OAM bug, including cases not tested by Blagg’s tests
- Fixed a regression in dmg_sound-2
- Several accuracy fixes in SameBoy’s built-in boot ROMs
- DMA now blocks PPU OAM access
- Correct emulation of wiring both sets of buttons in JOYP
- Fixed a bug where HDMA and GDMA were 4 times faster than they should have been
- I/O register access conflicts are now emulated, including behavior differences between models
- Improved accuracy of the halt bug
- Correct emulation of the DMG STAT-write bug, which is just a specific case of I/O register access conflict
- Emulated an APU glitch where in some edge cases a DIV-triggered APU event is skipped

Bug Fixes
- Minor text adjustments in both the Cocoa and SDL ports
- Fixed the Android build of the libretro port
- The call instruction is now properly symbolicated
- Fixed an issue that caused the Cocoa port to play a beep sound when certain buttons were pressed
- Fixed several graphical issues with some of the filters
- Worked around an SDL bug introduced in the macOS port of SDL
- Fixed a bug where SameBoy froze after leaving turbo mode
- Fixed a bug where the Windows port could not handle Unicode paths
- Fixed a bug where the debugger wrote to the wrong CGB RAM bank
- Fixed a bug where debugging symbols were not properly reloaded
- Fixed save states in the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where battery saves were not always saved in the SDL port
- Fixed a bug where the SWAP instruction was incorrectly disassembled as RLC
- Fixed a bug where the Cocoa memory viewer would play a beep sound and show a warning after resetting the emulator

Misc Internal Changes
- API refinements
- Minor improvements to the Windows build system
- Documented several differences between DMG revisions and CGB revisions, and between DMG and MGB. SameBoy now explicitly targets DMG-CPU-B and CGB-CPU-E, and hopefully more revisions in the future
- The official Windows binaries now use SDL 2.0.8
Télécharger SameBoy v0.11 (MacOS)
Télécharger SameBoy v0.11 (Windows)
Site Officiel de SameBoy
 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.199, 1ère partie 
Vendredi 29/06/18 à 12:50 par Firebrand
AntoPISA a commencé son travail sur les fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.199. Les premiers publiés sont Version.ini qui permet de classer es jeux selon la version de MAME dans laquelle ils sont sortis et CHD-Info qui permet de gérer ses CHDs.
Télécharger Version.ini v0.199
Télécharger CHD-info v0.199
Site Officiel de ProgettoSNAPS
 VirtualC64 v2.1 
Vendredi 29/06/18 à 12:46 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Commodore 64 pour MacOS a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- Now passing VICE test openio/de00int and all tests in the irqdma test suite.
- Fixed a bug in the implementation of the LSR command.
- The floppy drive's clocking logic has been improved. A couple of demos that did not work in the previous release can be loaded smoothly now.
- Some minor GUI issues have been fixed.
Télécharger VirtualC64 v2.1
Site Officiel de VirtualC64
 My Nes v7.4.6753 (32-bit) 
Vendredi 29/06/18 à 12:44 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added: Namco 163 sound channels (mapper 210 external sound channels)
- Fixed: save-load state in Namco 106 mappers (# 19 and 210)
- Fixed: channels cannot be silenced using Audio>Channels menu items from the last update.
- Improved: Audio filters order fixed to match what described in the wiki, it goes now like this: high-pass filter at 442 Hz => high-pass filter at 90 Hz => low-pass filter at 14 KHz.
Télécharger My Nes v7.4.6753 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de My Nes
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v15.34 
Jeudi 28/06/18 à 12:41 par Firebrand
On commence à être habitués avec GameEx: encore une nouvelle version, mais aucune information disponible à son sujet.
Télécharger GameEx v15.34
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v15.34
Site Officiel de GameEx
 History.dat v1.99 
Jeudi 28/06/18 à 12:39 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME contient désormais des données relatives aux jeux de la v0.199.
Télécharger History.dat v1.99
Site Officiel de History.dat
 SDLMAME v0.199 
Jeudi 28/06/18 à 12:22 par Firebrand
La dernière version de MAME est désormais disponible pour les utilisateurs d'OSX.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.199
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
 ARCADE v0.199 
Jeudi 28/06/18 à 12:21 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME a été mis à jour vers MAME v0.199. Pas d'autre information à son sujet.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.199 (32-bit)
Télécharger ARCADE v0.199 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 bsnes v106r44 beta 
Jeudi 28/06/18 à 12:18 par Firebrand
byuu ressuscite bsnes! Le projet est maintenant fait en parallèle de higan. Si ce dernier se veut multi-plateformes et focalisé sur l'exactitude de l'émulation, bsnes n'émule que la Super Nintendo et se concentre sur les performances, les fonctions et la facilité d'utilisation. Toutes les fonctions ne sont pas encore implémentées dans cette beta qui sert avant tout à avoir des retours d'utilisateurs pour faire une version stable solide:
- I'm releasing a beta version of bsnes, for the purpose of gathering feedback and ensuring that the first official release of bsnes is as solid as possible.
- With the exception of dynamic rate control for automatic audio/video sync, and no pack-in video shaders or cheat code database, it is mostly feature complete. However, please do not form a lasting opinion of bsnes based on this beta.
Télécharger bsnes v106r44 beta
Site Officiel de bsnes
 Nestopia - Undead Edition v1.49 FR 
Mercredi 27/06/18 à 14:33 par Firebrand
La dernière version de cet émulateur NES a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France.
Télécharger Nestopia - Undead Edition v1.49 FR
 MESS v0.199 (32-bit) 
Mercredi 27/06/18 à 14:31 par Firebrand
Il y a du changement du côté de ce build de MAME ne s'occupant que des machines non arcade. En effet, la version 64-bit est annulée pour l'instant car ne fonctionne plus et depuis déjà la v0.198 MESSUI n'est plus publié. Reste juste donc la version 32-bit de MESS:
- MESSUI has been discontinued. The site has instructions how to use MAMEUI to perform the same function.
- MESS64 hasn't worked since 0.198 so has been cancelled for now. MESS32 works fine and will run on a 64-bit computer.
Télécharger MESS v0.199 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de MESS
 Mameinfo.dat v0.199 
Mercredi 27/06/18 à 14:27 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME contient désormais les données relatives à MAME v0.199:
- Updated to MAME 0.199 -
- Added Source/Listinfo changes
- Newest Bugs (27th Jun)
- Added/Fixed all missing ROMset and CHD infos
- Added/Fixed 'Recommended Games'
- Fixed MAMEinfo.dat infos
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.199
Site Officiel de Mameinfo.dat
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