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 SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.202 
Dimanche 07/10/18 à 12:32 par Firebrand
C'est au tour de la distribution Linux Ubuntu d'avoir droit à sa version de MAME v0.202 compatible.
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger SDLMAME4Ubuntu v0.202 (64-bit)
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 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 7 FR 
Dimanche 07/10/18 à 12:29 par Firebrand
La traduction en français de la dernière beta de WinUAE est déjà disponible grâce à Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 7 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 7 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 7 
Dimanche 07/10/18 à 12:27 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta de cet émulateur pour Windows a été publiée. Voici la liste des nouveautés:
- If disk image's track size is less than 66% of nominal 2us track, assume it is using 4us (GCR) bit rate.
- Added option that catches JIT crashes that happen when already translated code jumps to non-existing memory causing interpretetive emulation to access non-existing RAM (for example JSR (An) was already translated but due to program bug, later call contains garbage in An) Logs a message and then generates fake exception 2 (if PC was even) or 3 (if PC was odd). This is not fully safe option because it is practically impossible (without slowing down JIT which would be against the point of JIT) to detect if crash is due to bad CPU PC or address registers or due to real bug causing access fault that now gets catched and not causing crash..
- Recording from hardware emulated RTG board always recorded internal resolution.
- Emulated undocumented AGA 64 pixel wide sprite feature: if sprite FMODE is lowered when sprite's first 32 pixels are being drawn, matching part in last 32 pixels will get zeroed.
- AGA sprite's width is decided and stored when SPRxDATx is written to, if sprite FMODE is changed after SPRxDATx write, sprite width won't change on screen except in above 64 pixel wide special case. (Previously used current FMODE value)
- Added vertical offset option to D3D scanlines.
- 68030 MMU rejected PTEST/PMOVE with EA mode 6 and generated F-line exception.
- 68030 MMU PTEST levels 1-7 does not check TTRs.
- If 68030/040/060 config has data cache emulation enabled but MMU emulation is not enabled: force chip ram as non-data cacheable.
- Magic mouse uncapture (uncapture when moving against window edges) now only uncaptures if no buttons are pressed.
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Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 7 (64-bit)
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 Xebra/Arbex v2018/10/03 
Dimanche 07/10/18 à 12:24 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur PlayStation a été mis à jour, mais aucune information sur ses améliorations n'a été donnée.
Télécharger Xebra/Arbex v2018/10/03
Site Officiel de Xebra/Arbex
 RetroArch v1.7.5 
Mercredi 03/10/18 à 12:50 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis dans une même interface a été publiée. Toutes les versions habituelles ne sont pas encore disponibles. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- CAMERA: Fix Video4Linux2 driver that broke years ago.
- CONFIG: Add ‘Reset To Defaults’ setting in Configurations. This will reset your config file to defaults.
- CHEATS: Add support for Rumble when increase or decrease by the rumble value.
- CHEATS: Add cheat variables to allow for updating large portions of memory.
- CHEEVOS: Prevent loading states before achievements are fully loaded.
- CRT: New porches and interlaced bug fix.
- CRT: New functionality, ability to switch between 15KHz and 31KHz, etc.
- COMMON: Support for “OEM-102” key (usually ‘\’ on Euro keyboards).
- DISCORD: Add ‘Ask To Join’ Feature.
- EMSCRIPTEN: Add stb_font support.
- INPUT: Add new menu toggle combos ‘L3 + R’ and ‘L + R’ (useful for Switch).
- IOS: Use safe area to account for notch for iPhone X and adjust main view.
- LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese / Brazilian translation.
- LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
- LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
- LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
- MENU: Add dropdown lists for many settings.
- MENU: Fix crash that could happen when changing core’s options on Android.
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Add option to rename playlists.
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Add option to filter extensions inside archives when adding to a playlist.
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Rename playlist entries with 2 single clicks.
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Fix shader parameter checkboxes not working
- METAL: Add screenshot support.
- NETPLAY: Save lobby details received back from server after first announcement.
- OPENGL/GLX: Implement Adaptive VSync – GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear.
- OPENGL/WGL: Implement Adaptive VSync – WGL_EXT_swap_control_tear.
- RUNAHEAD: Fix performance degradation that could happen over time (after approx. 30 mins). Fixed input IDs outside of range 0-35 causing slow performance in runahead.
- SWITCH: Add stb_font support.
- SWITCH: Add Retro Achievements support.
- SWITCH: Add networking support.
- SWITCH: Add touchscreen support.
- SWITCH: Add OpenGL support.
- SWITCH: Merging of RetroNX Nintendo Switch port, based on libnx SDK.
- VULKAN: Fix race condition in threaded mailbox emulation.
- VULKAN: Maintenance fixes.
- WIIU: Fix menu lag when built with DevKitPro r32.
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (CEX) (PlayStation 3)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.7.5 (PS Vita)
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 AppleWin v1.27.9.0 
Mercredi 03/10/18 à 12:37 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // a été mis à jour. Voici les changements apportés:
- [Bug #582] Support for partial disk II latch reads when accesses are very close. Fixes Curse of the Azure Bonds & Pool of Radiance (saving characters and creating disks).
Télécharger AppleWin v1.27.9.0
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 Messinfo.dat v0.202 (11.15) 
Mardi 02/10/18 à 12:35 par Firebrand
Cette nouvelle version de Messinfo.dat met fin à la vague de mises à jour des fichiers additionnels de AntoPISA pour ce mois.
- 11.15 01/10/2018: Aligned files to 0.202 version.
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v0.202 (11.15)
Site Officiel de Messinfo.dat
 VirtualC64 v2.5.1 
Lundi 01/10/18 à 11:10 par Firebrand
Cette mise à jour de VirtuaC64 n'a pour but que d'assurer la compatibilité de l'émulateur avec la dernière version d'OSX:
- This update is required for compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave.
Télécharger VirtualC64 v2.5.1
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 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.202, 2ème partie 
Samedi 29/09/18 à 13:53 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle fournée de fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.202 a été publiée:
BestGames.ini v0.202 (1.17):
- 2018/09/28 1.17: Online the version 0.202; 3 new games added.

Series.ini v0.202
- Items RENAMED (5): (cybsledj) to (cybsleda), (galpani4) to (galpani4j), (wecleman) to (weclemana), (weclemana) to (weclemanb) and (weclemanb) to (weclemanc).
- Serie RENAMED (1): (Racin' Force) to (WEC Le Mans).
- Series UPDATED (8): Asteroids, Crime Fighters, Frogger, Gals Panic, Hard Head, House of the Dead, Pac-Man and Road Fighter.
- Series ADDED (5): Amidar, Lucky Balls Casino Slot, Lucky Haunter Slot, Lucky Las Vegas Slot and Midnight Landing.
Télécharger BestGames.ini v0.202 (1.17)
Télécharger Series.ini v0.202
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 Fichiers additionnels pour MAME v0.202 
Vendredi 28/09/18 à 14:22 par Firebrand
Comme d'habitude, notre partenaire AntoPISA a commencé à mettre à jour ses fichiers additionnels pour la nouvelle version de MAME avec des données sur les derniers jeux ajoutés à l'émulateur.
Languages.ini v0.202 (0.90):
- 2018/09/28 0.90: Added 0.202 sets.

Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.202:
- 2018/09/28: Aligned files to MAME 0.202.
Télécharger Category.ini v0.202
Télécharger Languages.ini v0.202 (0.90)
Télécharger Unofficial Catlist/Catver v0.202
Télécharger Version.ini v0.202
Site Officiel de Category.ini
 Mameinfo.dat v0.202 
Jeudi 27/09/18 à 13:44 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME contient désormais les données relatives à la v0.202:
- Updated to MAME 0.202 (
- Added Source/Listinfo changes.
- Newest Bugs (26th Sep).
- Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'.
- Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos.
Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.202
Site Officiel de Mameinfo.dat
 WolfMAME v0.202 
Jeudi 27/09/18 à 13:43 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce build de MAME pensé pour les compétiteurs a été publiée avec les nouveautés de MAME v0.202.
Télécharger WolfMAME v0.202
Site Officiel de WolfMAME
 SDLMAME v0.202 
Jeudi 27/09/18 à 13:41 par Firebrand
Cette version de MAME pour MacOS a été mise à jour avec les denrières sources de l'émulateur.
Télécharger SDLMAME v0.202
Site Officiel de SDLMAME
 MAME v0.202 
Jeudi 27/09/18 à 13:40 par Firebrand
Le MAME mensuel est arrivé! Voici ce qu'il nous propose cette fois:
You know what day it is? It’s MAME 0.202 release day! This month’s release is chock full of new versions of previously supported games. We’ve added the Japanese releases of Namco’s Four Trax, and Taito’s Midnight Landing, the European release of Kaneko’s Gals Panic 4, a very rare unprotected version of Orca’s River Patrol, a version of Cinematronics’ Star Castle for cocktail cabinets, and a newer version of Konami’s WEC Le Mans 24. Perhaps the most interesting new version of an arcade game to be added is the final release version of Sega’s Toki no Senshi – Chrono Soldier. It turns out the previously-supported set was a somewhat unfinished prototype.
Improvements include more supported drawing modes for PlayStation and PowerVR2 (NAOMI/Dreamcast), fewer graphical glitches in Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye, and fixes for sprite priority in Beast Busters and Pac- Land. The CRT simulation shaders now correctly apply the defocus effect after the scanline effect. Possibly the most exciting progress this month is in UNIX workstation emulation. InterPro networking is now supported, and it’s now possible to install and run SunOS 4.1.4 on emulated sun4c systems including the SunView graphical environment.
There are plenty more reasons to update, including more Apple II fixes, enough fixes to make the Jugend+Technik CompJU+TEr usable, further progress on NEC PC- FX sound emulation, and another supported US NeoGeo MVS BIOS. Oh, and if you’re a fan of gambling games, Lucky Ball 96 from Sielcon Games in Argentina is now playable.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05059: [Documentation] Some games have incorrect release year listed. (sjy96525)
- 05881: [Documentation] (whitestar.cpp) rctycn and all clones: Incorrect descriptions. (sjy96525)
- 05904: [Graphics] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghaj: Sprite priority bug with the in- game message boxes. (David Haywood)
- 06020: [Color/Palette] (sshangha.cpp) sshangha, sshanghab, sshanghaj: Black sprites in some cutscenes. (David Haywood)
- 06258: [Graphics] (taitogn.cpp) usagi: Weird background color for score recap. (smf)
- 06874: [Gameplay] (seattle.cpp) blitz: Hangs on a black screen if the power-on self test is enabled. (Ted Green)
- 06967: [Crash/Freeze] (msx.cpp) canonv30f: [debug] Assertion Failed! m_entrymap.find(name) == m_entrymap.end() (Robbbert)
- 06991: [Crash/Freeze] (model1.cpp) swa: Crash with access violation after a while. (AJR)
- 06998: [Interface] Software lists title screenshot directories not working. (Robbbert)
- 07021: [DIP/Input] (vtech2.cpp) laser500: Reset key is not mapped. (hap)
- 07074: [Graphics] (skykid.cpp) drgnbstr: The title logo is not displayed correctly. (kunikuni)
- 07076: [Graphics] (psikyo.cpp) tengaij, tengai and maybe more: [possible] Bad glitch graphic on some stages. (cam900)
- 07081: [Crash/Freeze] (amstrad.cpp) cpc6128: Certain disks that work in older releases won't run. (AmatCoder)
- 07085: [Crash/Freeze] (mcr.cpp) Most machines in mcr.cpp, mcr3.cpp: Calling member function with null this pointer. (Vas Crabb)
- 07086: [Crash/Freeze] (r9751.cpp) r9751: [debug] Assertion Failed! Expression: m_functions.empty() (Osso)
- 07087: [Crash/Freeze] (atari400.cpp) a400, a400pal, a800, a800pal: Object finders are not for resources created on start. (Vas Crabb)
- 07089: [Crash/Freeze] Assorted machines: Attempting to bind callbacks to parent of root device. (Vas Crabb)
- 07090: [Crash/Freeze] (astrocde.cpp) tenpindx: Invalid format string in output finder tag. (Vas Crabb)
- 07091: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) sgunner2, sgunner2j: Coin inputs are not registered. (AJR)
- 07092: [DIP/Input] (targeth.cpp) targeth, targeth10, targetha: Player 2 Y axis is broken, and X axis is inverted. (AJR)
- 07096: [Crash/Freeze] (micro3d.cpp) All sets in micro3d.cpp: Hang during the boot process. (AJR)

New working machines
- Emma II trainer [Robbbert]
- Pitapat Puzzle [David Haywood, ClawGrip, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

New working clones
- 800 Fathoms (older) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
- Acorn Electron (Trial) [Centre for Computing History, ABUG]
- Botanic (English / Spanish, set 2) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Chouji Meikyuu Legion (Japan ver 1.05, bootleg set 2) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO (bootleg, set 2) [Siftware, MASH]
- Four Trax (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
- Frogger (Video Dens, bootleg on Scramble hardware) [ClawGrip, AJR]
- Gals Panic 4 (Europe) [nomax, The Dumping Union]
- Hard Head 2 (v2.0, Music Program v2.0) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 3.01) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo, Daniel Gallimberti]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 4.01) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo, Daniel Gallimberti]
- Mandanga (bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware, set 1) [Ivan Vangelista, The Dumping Union]
- Mandanga (bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware, set 2) [Ivan Vangelista, The Dumping Union]
- Meteorite (Proel bootleg of Asteroids) [MikeMcBike]
- Midnight Landing (Japan) [ShouTime]
- Midnight Run: Road Fighters 2 (JAD, Japan v1.10) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
- Pac- Man (Video Dens, Spanish bootleg on Galaxian hardware) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- River Patrol (Japan, unprotected) [ShouTime, Henrique Areias Pontes, Dane Biegert, Evan Korzon, Mario Mantese, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Star Castle (cocktail) [Brent Walker]
- Tehkan World Cup (1986 year hack) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- The Simpsons (4 Players Asia) [Leonard Oliveira]
- Toki no Senshi - Chrono Soldier (MC-8123, 317-0040) [ShouTime]
- TouchDown Fever 2 (bootleg) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- Vendetta (World, 4 Players, ver. ?) [Jorge Silva]
- WEC Le Mans 24 (v2.01) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working
- Air Combat 22 (Rev. ACS1 Ver.B, Japan) [hap]
- Cart Fury [Ted Green]
- Jugend+Technik CompJU+TEr [Robbbert]

Clones promoted to working
- Jugend+Technik CompJU+TEr (EMR- ES 1988) [Robbbert]
- Jugend+Technik CompJU+TEr (ES 2.3) [Robbbert]
- Jugend+Technik CompJU+TEr (ES 4.0) [Robbbert]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 3.50 - 616) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 3.50 - 623) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 3.50 - 626) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
- Lucky Ball 96 (Ver 3.50 - 627) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
- Stop Thief (Electronic Crime Scanner) (patent) [Mike]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
- Hazeltine 1420 Video Display Terminal [AJR]
- Hazeltine 1552 [Al Kossow]
- Jongputer [yukaritamura]
- Lee Data 1214D Display Terminal [Al Kossow]
- MIPS Magnum R4000 (big) [Patrick Mackinlay]
- MIPS Magnum R4000 (little) [Patrick Mackinlay]
- Nvidia nForce PC (CRUSH11/12) [Samuele Zannoli]
- Video 21 [MikeMcBike, Robbbert, hap, David Haywood]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
- Acorn Briefcase Communicator [Centre for Computing History, ABUG]
- Acorn Communicator (Italian) [Centre for Computing History, ABUG]
- Acorn Communicator (prototype) [Centre for Computing History, ABUG]
- Diner (LF- 2) French [PinMAME]
- The House of the Dead (prototype) [Andy Geezer]
- Wyse WY- 75 [Robbbert]

New working software list additions
- c64_flop: Bill Budge: Pinball Construction Set, JingleDisk - Holiday Musical Story with Computer Animation [FakeShemp]
camplynx_cass: Super Air Raid [Nigel Barnes]
- fmtowns_cd:
*Super Real Mahjong PII & PIII +, The Visitor [DamienD, Tokugawa Corporate Forums]
*Teito Taisen, Teitoku no Ketsudan II, Zoku Youjuu Senki - Suna no Mokushiroku [r09,]
- fmtowns_flop: Daisenryaku III '90 Map Collection Vol. 1 [r09]
- ibm5150: 2630 Fourier Analyzer (Demo), Easy-PC Demonstrator for Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics, Mitt forsta ordbehandlingsprogram (Swe), Ranger 1 (Demo), The Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit [FakeShemp, Justin Kerk]
- ibm5170: Heimdall, Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds [ArcadeShadow]
- interpro: Intergraph Mechanical Software [Brian Ekins]
- uzebox: Babylon Tower, Bomber, Bugz, Fifteen Puzzle, Holey Moley, Joyrider [ArcadeShadow]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
- bbc_flop_6502: P-System [Nigel Barnes]
- bbcm_cart: Smart Cartridge [Centre for Computing History, ABUG]

Translations added or modified
- Korean [Neius]

Source Changes
- pipibibsbl: Fixed clocks - they're different to original. [AJR]
- Moved imperfect graphics flag from drivers to PSX GPU device. [AJR]
- m6502: Made SET instruction in Mitsubishi M740 subfamily actually affect execution (fixes MT07091). [AJR]
- m79152pc: Implemented cursor, scrolling support, and some video attributes. [AJR]
- froggervd: Patched program ROMs, allowing game to work. [AJR]
- imds2: Split out emulation of I/O controller board as separate device. [AJR]
*Also identified and added more IOC firmware revisions.
- z80dart: Fixed miscellaneous bugs. [AJR]
*Default RxD to 1 to avoid spurious break condition.
*Corrected CTS level in RR0 after "Reset External/Status Interrupt" command.
*Allow immediate de-assertion of RTS output when nothing is being transmitted.
- pcd.cpp: Fixed pcx display. [AJR]
- tzx_cass.cpp: Finish a block with a 1 ms minimum pause when specified pause length is zero. [AmatCoder]
- dsk_dsk.cpp: Read sectors with deleted mark set. [AmatCoder]
- Apply scanline effect before defocus effect, and moved scanline effect into separate shader. [anikom15]
- bbusters.cpp: Fixed beast Busters sprite priority and converted to single- pass drawing. [Bryan McPhail, Daniel Filner]
- megatech.cpp: Added cart label numbers from manual. [Bryan McPhail]
- mips3: Fixed DMULT/DMULTU behaviour (GitHub #3718). [Bryan Perris]
- lethalj.cpp, artmagic.cpp: Reduced run-time tag map lookups, and improved function and region naming. [cam900]
- raiden2.cpp, r2dx_v33.cpp: Corrected Oki M6295 clock and pin 7 level for zeroteam, nzerotea, and zerotm2k. [cam900]
- legionna.cpp: Corrected metadata for denjinmk. [cam900]
- psikyo.cpp, dreamwld.cpp: Fixed tilemap rowscroll effects. [cam900]
- Improved PC- FX sound: [cam900]
*huc6230: Fixed PSG, converted ADPCM update to timer callback, and implemented CD- DA volume control.
*huc6272: Fixed CD- DA output.
- yunsun16.cpp: Reduced code duplication, run- time tag map lookups and unused members, and simplified tilemap scanning code. [cam900]
- funybubl.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
*Cleaned up member and region naming, and reduced run- time tag map lookups.
*Corrected Oki M6295 clock and converted sample space to memory bank.
*Corrected palette size and converted to use palette decoder member.
*Converted VRAM to use address map bank device, and converted drawing to use tilemap system.
- sshangha.cpp: Fixed Oki M6295 clock and pin 7 level. [cam900]
- nmg5.cpp: Converted bitmap layer to use a MAME bitmap, reduced need for ACCESSING_BITS, and reduced code duplication. [cam900]
- neogeo.cpp, neopcb.cpp: Eliminated register_postload, and eliminated some MCFG macro usage. [cam900]
- neogeocd.cpp: Re- worked to better match MAME code conventions. [cam900]
- crospang.cpp: Fixed tile banking - should fix bugs in bestri. [David Haywood]
- raiden2.cpp: Organised Raiden 2 and Raiden DX set by code revision. [David Haywood]
- seta001: Removed a sprite drawing kludge. [David Haywood]
- sshanghai.cpp: Improved video mixing and palette handling. [David Haywood]
- fuukifg2.cpp, fuukifg3.cpp: Fixed tilemap buffer offset. [David Haywood]
- Started converting Namco C65 and C68 to devices. [David Haywood]
- namcos2.cpp, namcos21.cpp: Use configured banking for audio CPU program. [David Haywood]
- namcos2.cpp: Separated C123, C169, C355 and ROZ drawing emulation from driver class. [David Haywood]
- namcos21.cpp: Split into three drivers for different configurations, and moved DSP emulation to a device. [David Haywood]
- opwolf: Removed C- chip simulation and cleaned up code. [Dirk Best]
- opwolfb: Inputs are read by Z80 and written to shared RAM. [Dirk Best]
- galaxian.cpp updates: [kazblox]
*Improved machine configuration and video sync in Take Off, Explorer, and Amigo (set 2).
*Marked Explorer and Amigo (set 2) as having imperfect sound emulation.
*Marked Take Off as having incorrect colors
*Fixed Jump Bug starfield limit.
*Fixed bullet size in Scramble.
*Derived jungsub clocks from the L-1200-2 pixel clock, as the Subelectro 113 board has no crystals.
*Improved SF- X and Monster Zero background drawing.
*Changed turpins to derive from Super Cobra rather than Scramble.
*Added sound program ROMs from Amidar to Mandinga, marked as bad dump.
*Improved protection simulation for The End and Scramble.
- mimonscr: Fixed video RAM mirror address - score is now displayed correctly. [kazblox]
- pacland.cpp: Improved sprite priority and drawing at screen edges. [kunikuni]
- sn76496.cpp: Made NCR8496 and PSSJ-3 noise generator behaviour match hardware tests. [Lord Nightmare, Qbix, ValleyBell, NewRisingSun]
- williams.cpp: Fixed Speed Ball inputs. [MASH]
- bbcb: Added AMS 3" Microdrive Disc System and Microware DDFS FDC floppy controller options (latter is not working). [Nigel Barnes]
- bbc: Added Acorn Bitstik and Bitstik 2 analogue controllers. [Nigel Barnes]
- acorn_fdc, atom_discpack: Set READY on HEAD_LOAD. [Nigel Barnes]
- emumem: Fixed I/O ports and memory banks in internal maps. [O. Galibert]
- interpro: Fixed network emulation. [Patrick Mackinlay]
*osdnet, dinetwork: Fixed time travel issues.
*taptun: Pad short frames and append frame check sequence on Windows.
*clipper: Fixed bugs in carry flag handling.
*i82586: Improved interrupt handling, implemented serialisation delays, fixed transmit bug, and added reset handling.
- apple2e.cpp: Corrected I/O intercepts to match hardware behaviour. [Peter Ferrie]
- apple2e: Fixed issues with cards in slots 1 and 2 that use the $C800 space. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]
- decstation improvements: [R. Belmont]
*Emulated accelerated quasi-blitter enough to get a working console.
*Added LANCE Ethernet controller.
*Started implementing IRQ handling in gate array.
- z8: Fixed numerous bugs, including detection of stack type, JP and CALL with indirect register addressing, and DA. [Robbbert]
- luckybal.cpp updates: [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
*Implemented banking and I/O multiplexing.
*Added DIP switch locations, and added pinout and I/O connections to notes.
- Added preliminary AMD LANCE Ethernet controller device. [Ryan Holtz]
- sun4.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
*Ignore writes to ASIs used by unemulated write-through cache controller.
*Fixed DMA and MMU page fault handling.
*Trigger memory access exceptions on access to undefined memory types.
*Added SBus slots with support for bwtwo, cgthree and cgsix cards.
*Added an alternate FCode PROM for the bwtwo framebuffer.
*Added a skeleton Artecon SB300P 3-serioal/1-parallel SBus card device.
*Corrected timekeepr type.
*Added sun4c MMU device implementing S4-buffer, S4-cache and S4-MMU functionality.
- sparc: Fixed TBR masking on traps and interrupts, and refactored CPU/MMU interface for better performance. [Ryan Holtz]
- nscsi_cd: Return data from correct offset when initiating read at a block that isn't on a sector boundary. [Ryan Holtz]
- timekpr.cpp: Fixed issue that could cause updates to be missed. [Ryan Holtz]
- Added skeleton SunPC 5x86 Accelerator, SunSwift 10/100 Ethernet + Fast Wide SCSI, and TurboGX+ SBus card devices. [Ryan Holtz, Andrew Liles]
- 32x: Improved audio FIFO behaviour and corrected DAC resolution. [smf]
- NES APU: Removed read/write trampolines and corrected channel enable reset state. [smf]
- vgmplay updates: [smf]
*Added support for Sega 32X sound.
*Added support for Y8950, YM2608, YM2610 and YM2612 sample playback.
*Added support for C6280, SN76496 and YM2203 sample playback.
*Automatically enable NES APU and Sega 32X channels in bad rips missing the enable commands.
*Assume default header size if header size read from file is invalid.
*Fixed off- by- one error in bounds check on PCM write.
- emumem: Fixed unmapped read values with subunits. [smf]
- mcr68: Mapped 6840 on lower data bits on all games - matches schematics for blasted. [smf]
- PSX GPU: Implemented textured dot rendering, transparent dots and line, and semi- transparent (STP) drawing. [smf]
- tandy1t.cpp: Improved keyboard simulation (improves behaviour in t100tx MS- DOS BASIC). [smf]
- zn.cpp: Hooked up Primal Rage 2 watchdog. [smf, coolmod]
- powervr2.cpp: Store different polygon types into separate lists, and ignore alpha value for opaque polygons. [snickerbockers]
- zsg2.cpp: Properly reset emphasis filter state at key- on (fixes popping in raystorm song 12). [superctr]
- nereid: Implemented palette read-back, and fixed save states. [Sven Schnelle]
- topcat: Implemented interrupts, cursor register read- back, plane enable, pixel placement rules, and other fixes. [Sven Schnelle]
- i8291: Set BO bit only if receiver is ready, fix MJMN bit, reset EOI flag when in TIDS, and implemented DCAS. [Sven Schnelle]
- voodoo_pci: Return different values for PCI configuration register 0x40 depending on GPU type (fixes MT06874). [Ted Green]
- coco12.cpp, coco3.cpp: Use CLEAR or CTRL as second shift, allowing more punctuation to be typed in natural keyboard mode. [Tim Lindner]
- Re- wrote serial mouse emulation: [Vas Crabb]
*Simplified code and eliminated timers.
*Split Microsoft mouse into separate two-button (Microsoft), three- button (Logitech), and click wheel devices.
*Made Mouse Systems mouse behaviour better match early Mouse Systems models.
*Added "rotatable" Mouse Systems mouse support (untested due to lack of software).
*Added Sun mouse support, currently hacked to run at 9,600 Baud to work around a separate issue.
- Fixed issue where dual-screen systems could be incorrectly displayed with 4:3 aspect ratio. [Vas Crabb]
- neogeo.cpp: Dumped sp1-u4 BIOS from a US 4-slot MVS. [ack]
- seta2.cpp: Added P0- 113A PCB layout and note about undumped version of Guardians using this board. [Brian Troha]
- vamphalf.cpp: Re- dumped Cool Minigame Collection (Italy). [caius, Brian Troha]
- suprnova.cpp: Verified PLD dumps. [caius]
- tumbleb.cpp: Improved documentation for tumbleb2 set. [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- namcos2.cpp: Dumped PLDs for rthun2j. [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- m72.cpp: Dumped PAL for rtype2j. [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- slapfght.cpp: Re- dumped getstarb1, updated ROM labels, and added placeholder for undumped protected PAL. [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca,, The Dumping Union]
- valtric: Re- dumped text ROM vt_07.bin and corrected size. [ClawGrip]
- fmtowns_cd.xml: Dumped Branmarker 2 Extra Disc. [DamienD, Tokugawa Corporate Forums]
- Corrected and improved documentation in konamigx.cpp, konamim2.cpp, and wecleman.cpp. [f205v]
- f1superb: Changed title to match manual and title screen. [f205v]
- vegas.cpp: Updated flags to better reflect emulation status. [Hydreigon]
- Updated hiscore.dat for recent changes in MAME. [Leezer]
- ibmpc.cpp: Verified dump of 08/16/82 revision of IBM 5160 (PC/XT) BIOS. [MicroCoreLabs]
- digel804.cpp: Dumped Celectronic Berlin/Digelec Promicron 2000 programmer v2.3 BIOS. [MikeMcBike]
- chihiro.cpp: Brute forced security key for Quest of D Oukoku no Syugosya. [Peter Wilhelmsen, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard]
- vastar.cpp: Dumped PROMs for dogfightp. [ShouTime]
- Corrected metadata for Chess Challenge 2, Dirt Dash, and Heuk Sun Baek Sa. [sjy96525]
- taitogn.cpp: Removed redundant flag from Usagi. [sjy96525]
- Added abbreviated forms of some command- line options to documentation. [Wellington Uemura]
Télécharger MAME v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger MAME v0.202 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MAME
 MESS v0.202 
Mercredi 26/09/18 à 14:04 par Firebrand
La nouvelle version du mois pour MESS a été publiée.
Télécharger MESS v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger MESS v0.202 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de MESS
Mercredi 26/09/18 à 14:02 par Firebrand
Ces builds de MAME spécialisés dans les hacks et homebrews a été mis à jour. Les nouveaux jeux supportés sont les suivants:
New Games
- [dinos142] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Fast Fight Blood Battle Version 2018 Tour Version)
- [ffightj2s01] Final Fight (Ming Yun Wu Shuang Edition 2016 [161024] )
- [gnw_bride] Game & Watch: Bride [by Montrose]
- [gnw_squeeze] Game & Watch: Squeeze [by Montrose]
- [kof97s80] Kof'97 (Clone Zero Modified Version)(Fixed Eight Gods Garbled, Fat Lotus Huan + Even Strokes + Big Snake Green Sunshine Two First Free, Went To The Fan Slap Small Bug To Be Repaired)
- [kof97s81] Kof'97 (The Martial Arts Myth Test Version 64)(83 Optimized Eight Gods Crazy Eight Feet Out Of The Move + Big Snake Double Sunshine Two Hair A Key Hair Attack Break Defense Dizziness)
- [kof97s82] Kof'97 (Wulin Mythology Test Version 65)(83 Optimized Eight Gods Crazy Eight Feet Out Of The Move + Big Snake Six Hair Sunshine + Protective Light A Key Hair Initial Dizziness)
- [kof97s83] Kof'97 (The Martial Arts Mythical Test Version 66)(85 Optimized Eight Gods Feet Move + Big Snake Double Sunshine Two Hair A Key Hair Attack Break Defense First Dizziness)
- [kof97s84] Kof'97 (Wulin Mythology Test Version 67)(85 Optimized Eight Gods Feet Move + Big Snake Six Hair Sunshine + Protective Light A Key Hair Initial Dizziness)
- [kof98hh110] Kof'98 (Combo 2018-05-05)
- [kof98hh111] Kof'98 (Easy Combo King Edition)
- [lernit] Team Lernit [by Vasily Familiya]
- [killblds04] The Killing Blade (Qun Ying Edition)
- [kov2p204s62] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Feng Ye Yuan Qing)
- [kov2p204s63] Knights of Valour 2 Plus (Jun Lin Tian Xia)
- [kovpluss287] Knights of Valour Plus (Huo Long Hu Ti)
- [mslug3h53] Metal Slug 3 (Enemy Soldier Reset Version Unknown)
- [rabbits01] Rabbit (Enable Hidden Character)
- [rabbits02] Rabbit (Easy Move)
- [rabbits03] Rabbit (Infinite Power Player 1)
- [sblast2bs01] Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (Level Sequence Repair)
- [shadfrces01] Shadow Force (Enable All Characters)
- [schmeisrs01] Schmeiser Robo (Enable Celberus)
- [sf2ceeas06] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Insane Edition)
- [sf2s03] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Easy Move)
- [sf2s04] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Hit Any Where)
- [sf2s05] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Magic Throw)
- [sfexs01] Street Fighter EX (Enable Hidden Characters)
- [sfex2s01] Street Fighter EX2 (Enable Hidden Characters)
- [sfex2ps01] Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Enable Hidden Characters)
- [sfexps01] Street Fighter EX Plus (Enable Hidden Characters)
- [snowbross03] Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Snowman Brothers Cure Version 2.6B)
- [wh1s02] World Heroes (Simple Attack Edition)
- [wh2s05] World Heroes 2 (Boss With Simple Attack Edition)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAME v0.202 (64-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger HBMAMEUI v0.202 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de HBMAME
 MAMEUI v0.202 
Mercredi 26/09/18 à 13:58 par Firebrand
Les builds de MAMEUI par Robbert sont également en ligne.
Télécharger MAMEUI32 v0.202
Télécharger MAMEUI64 v0.202
Site Officiel de MAMEUI32
 ARCADE v0.202 
Mercredi 26/09/18 à 13:55 par Firebrand
Le coucou suisse qu'est normalement MAME a visiblement besoin d'être remonté car c'est le deuxième mois consécutif que la nouvelle version est en retard par rapport au planning habituel. En attendant, Robbert publie l'ensemble de ses builds millésimés v0.202. Aucun changement spécifique n'est à signaler pour cette version d'ARCADE.
Télécharger ARCADE v0.202 (32-bit)
Télécharger ARCADE v0.202 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de ARCADE
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade v15.50 
Dimanche 23/09/18 à 12:59 par Firebrand
Ces 2 frontends ont été mis à jour... et pour une fois on connait les modifications!
- New, now includes a 64 bit version of GameEx.
- Some plugins and gamebase music is not supported in the 64 bit version. If this is a problem for you, uncheck the option during installation.
Télécharger GameEx v15.50
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v15.50
Site Officiel de GameEx
 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 FR 
Dimanche 23/09/18 à 12:43 par Firebrand
La dernière beta de WinUAE a été traduite dans la foulée en français par Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 FR (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 FR (64-bit)
 WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 
Dimanche 23/09/18 à 12:41 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta pour WinUAE a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Video recording from hardware emulated graphics boards recorded only black screen.
- Screenshot from hardware emulated graphics boards always captured visible output even if capture before filtering was ticked.
- Filter panel (D3D) scanlines work now properly in multimonitor mode. (Previously native/RTG selection was ignored)
- Taking screenshot/recording when in multithreaded RTG mode was not thread safe.
- x86 bridgeboard category move broke SCSI and IDE x86 expansions. Sound Blaster and NIC was not moved.
- x86 bridgeboard virtual serial mouse connected serial port was not reset at reboot.
- A2386SX bridgeboard chipset EMS banking emulation was not complete, chipset native EMS driver complained about invalid hardware.
- Creating state file when disk access was active and disk image included timing information (for example ipf) caused buffer overflow.
- Autoload checkbox was hidden under string field in Advanced information panel.
- Added untested ADKCON MSBSYNC disk synchronization mode support.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 (32-bit)
Télécharger WinUAE v4.1.0 Beta 6 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
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