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 Une bien triste nouvelle 
Lundi 28/06/21 à 14:23 par Firebrand
C'est avec tristesse que nous avons appris que Near (anciennement Byuu) a mis fin à ses jours suite à un cyberharcélement de longue durée.
Near avait grandement contribué à l'émulation Super Nintendo avec le célèbre BSNES en l'amenant à un niveau de qualité et d'exigence remarquable ainsi qu'à la préservation de ses jeux. Il avait bifurqué sur l'émulation de multiple systèmes avec Higan et travaillait sur le très prometteur ares dont il a publié de nouvelles sources avant l'acte fatidique.

Le monde de l’émulation vient de perdre un grand personnage. Qu'il repose en paix.
Site officiel de ares
 GameEx et GameEx Arcade Edition v16.94 
Dimanche 27/06/21 à 14:52 par Firebrand
Deux nouvelles versions pour ces frontends ont été publiées consécutivement. Voici la liste des changements:
- New random background videos feature.

- Certainly not the best feature in GameEx although it does provide games out of the box. GameEx Arcade is now working again since Flash was removed from Windows thanks to the Ruffle emulator.
- YouTube is now also working again in GameEx.
Télécharger GameEx v16.94
Télécharger GameEx Arcade Edition v16.94
Site Officiel de GameEx
 KEGS v1.07 
Dimanche 27/06/21 à 14:46 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // pour MacOS et Linux (l'archive contient les deux versions, ainsi que les sources) a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Can create new disk images while running: press N in the disk image selection screen.
- Support for loading disk images directly out of .zip archives (read-only). In the disk image selection dialog, select the .zip file, and then it will step into the archive and you can select the file inside.
- Major rewrite of IWM routines to now add support for WOZ version 1 and version 2 5.25" disk images.
- Many Mockingboard fixes to enable mb-audit v0.7 to pass.
Télécharger KEGS v1.07
Site Officiel de KEGS
 FCE UltraX v2.4.0 FR 
Vendredi 25/06/21 à 15:21 par Firebrand
Tradu-France a traduit en français la dernière version de FCEUX (32-bit).
Télécharger FCE UltraX v2.4.0 FR
 FCEUX v2.4.0 
Vendredi 25/06/21 à 15:19 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour a été mis à jour, mais les améliorations ne semble surtout concerner que les versions utilisant Qt/SDL (Windows 64-bit, MacOS). En voici la liste:
The 2.4.0 release primarily focuses on improving stablity and capabilities of the Qt/SDL GUI port.

Qt/SDL Build Improvements:
- Added Windows to supported operating systems.
- Now buildable against both Qt5 and Qt6.
- Unix OS build fixes.

Qt/SDL New Tools:
- Added a pattern table tile editor to the PPU viewer.
- Added a sprite table viewer window.
- Added an NES palette color editor tool. Can now edit palette RGB values in realtime.

Qt/SDL Nametable Viewer:
- Added tile and attribute gridlines visibility feature.
- Rearranged window layout.
- Viewport now has zoom levels.
- Viewport now has context menu functionality.

Qt/SDL PPU Viewer:
- Added tile gridlines visibility feature
- Improved active palette display.
- Added pattern table tile viewer context menu options.
- Added a click or hover focus policy option to select tile via mouse.

Qt/SDL Movies:
- Added AVI and WAV recording capability.

Qt/SDL Trace Logger:
- Fixed buffer overrun issue.
- Improved disk write performance.

Qt/SDL Hex Editor:
- Improved editor responsiveness.
- Added a font selection option for text customization.
- Added row / column coloring options.

Qt/SDL GUI Improvements and Bug Fixes:
- Added main menu hide feature.
- Accelerators added to main menu.
- Hot key interface re-worked to better integrate with main menu shortcuts.
- Added menu preset options for autofire pattern and fixed timing issues.
- Added an quick access link to fceux online documentation.
- Added a recent ROMs list to the main menu.
- Added TBL support to hex editor.
- Bug fixes for using native OS QFileDialog option.
- Added RAM init menu options
- Added Qt style plugin and stylesheet selection/load options to UI config window.
- Added feature that allows the binding of gamepad buttons to key sequences that can trigger GUI shortcuts.
- Added PPU overclocking feature to timing config window.

Qt/SDL Video Improvements and Bug Fixes:
- Added aspect ratio selection support.
- Added viewport cursor and draw input aids options.
- Added visible scanline entry fields to video config window.
- Fixed crash issues when switching between OpenGL and SDL drivers.
- Fixed New PPU selection via video config window.
- Fixed image distortion issues when using various video scalers and clipping.
- Screen shot function now captures raw window pixels to allow for higher resolution, aspect ratio and scaler effects to be seen in image.
- Added NTSC/PAL/dendy auto detection at ROM load.

Qt/SDL Stability Fixes:
- Fixed various segmentation faults
- Fixed various memory leaks caught by valgrind.
- Cleaned up many compiler and cppcheck warnings.
Télécharger FCEUX v2.4.0 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger FCEUX v2.4.0 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger FCEUX v2.4.0 (MacOS)
Site Officiel de FCEUX
 m64p 23/06/2021 
Jeudi 24/06/21 à 12:19 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet ensemble pour l'émulation Nintendo 64 a été publiée. Voici la liste de changements:
- IS Viewer support. You can view the output from IS Viewer by going to Emulation->View Log. This log view is now updated live, so you can leave that window open while you play
- Some bug fixes for the dynarec, including Indiana Jones crashes and Densha de Go (English) not booting.
- Improvements to VRU speech recognition
- Fix for flickering in San Francisco Rush
Télécharger m64p 23/06/2021 (Windows)
Télécharger m64p 23/06/2021 (Linux)
Site Officiel de m64p
 CaPriCe Forever v21.6 
Jeudi 24/06/21 à 12:16 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Amstrad CPC a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Improve loading of CDT tape files;
- Improve CDT conversions;
- Add Tape counter;
- Support direct binary file load and execution;
- Improve CRTC behaviour using Kevin Thacker tests;
- Fix multi-origins assembler compilation issue using Pasmo;
- Fix minor bugs.
Télécharger CaPriCe Forever v21.6 (32-bit)
Télécharger CaPriCe Forever v21.6 (64-bit)
Site Officiel de CaPriCe Forever
 Ootake v3.02 
Mardi 22/06/21 à 14:20 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce très bon émulateur PC-Engine a été publiée. Voici les changements apportés:
- When playing "Wizardry III & IV (J)", the file name of the battery backup RAM will be the same as "Wizardry I & II (J)". The file name is [(CD)Wizardry I & II (J)_bram.dat]. You can share save characters between "I&II" and "III&IV". If you uncheck the "Setting-> Improve-> Shared bram (Wizardry 1&2 and 3&4)" menu, it will be saved(used) as a separate file.
- "Swap Wizardry 1&2 or 3&4 CD-ROM" has been added to the "CD-ROM-> CD Change (No Reset)" menu. If both "Wizardry 1&2" and "Wizardry 3&4" are CD-full-installed("CD-ROM-> CD Install" menu), you can switch the CD-ROM ("Wiz1&2" or "Wiz3&4") to be inserted into the PC Engine. Execute this menu when the CD-ROM replacement message is displayed during the game.
- When the "Screen-> Mode-> for Video Caputure Mode" menu and the "Screen-> Mode-> for Video Caputure Mode Non-Scanlined" menu are selected, the image quality setting is such that the screen does not wavy.
- The sprite display processing has been brought closer to the operation of the actual machine. In the battle scene of "Burai 2", the problem that the effect display such as magic was missing half and was displayed (occurred from the recent version) has been solved.
- When playing "CD Battle Hikari no Yuushatachi (J)" with CD installation ("CD-ROM-> CD Install" menu), insert the CD you want to battle and press the [F1] key once. After that, the CD replacement is automatically recognized without pressing the [F1] key.
- Fixed the bug that key input was not accepted when the controller setting window was canceled during setting.
- Other minor parts have been corrected and improved.
Télécharger Ootake v3.02
Site Officiel de Ootake
 m64p 21/06/2021 
Mardi 22/06/21 à 14:14 par Firebrand
Cette solution tout en un pour l'émulation Nintendo 64 a été mise à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- This release now includes mupen64plus's "new dynarec". It's enabled by default for new installs. For existing installs, you can enable it by going Settings->Core and Video Settings and setting "R4300Emulator" to "2". This should reduce the load on the CPU for most games.
- A first for any N64 emulator: VRU (Voice Recognition Unit) support! Only 2 games made use of it: Hey You, Pikachu! and Densha de Go! (English translation here:
*Both of these games expect the VRU to be connected to controller port 4.
*Once you click "Emulate VRU", it will begin to download an English language voice model, which is required for speech-to-text recognition. It only does this the first time.
*It will download the model into the same directory as the EXE, so that directory needs to be writeable.
*You need a microphone to use the VRU. You can search on YouTube for some gameplay footage of Hey You, Pikachu! to see how it's used.
*Only English is supported.
Télécharger m64p 21/06/2021 (Windows)
Télécharger m64p 21/06/2021 (Linux)
Site Officiel de m64p
 NPlayers.ini v0.232 
Lundi 21/06/21 à 14:05 par Firebrand
Ce fichier permettant de classer les jeux MAME par nombre de joueurs a été mis à jour pour MAME v0232.
Télécharger NPlayers.ini v0.232
Site Officiel de NPlayers.ini
 Raine v0.91.18 
Dimanche 20/06/21 à 14:44 par Firebrand
Pas la peine d'attendre des liens fonctionnels de la v0.91.17 pour Windows, la suivante est déjà là! Voici les changements apportés:
- I might have released 0.91.16 & 0.91.17 too fast, but this one finally holds its promise : all the cps2 games supported (at least those using qsound, gigaman2 being a bootleg without any z80 rom it's out of the list, I even added it to non working games !).
- Except that I finally added some breakpoints in the console for the z80 which helped me a lot to finish this. And updated the help for the regs and break commands, still in the console.
Télécharger Raine v0.91.18 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.18 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.18 (32-bit) (Linux)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.18 (64-bit) (Linux)
Site Officiel de Raine
 AppleWin v1.30.3.0 
Dimanche 20/06/21 à 14:40 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Apple // a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- [Change #962] Remove the HookFilter.dll, and statically link instead.
*this removes the runtime dependency on VCRUNTIME140.dll (ie. vc_redist.x86.exe).
- [Bug #965] Fix display flicker on exit.
Télécharger AppleWin v1.30.3.0
Site Officiel de AppleWin
 Raine v0.91.17 
Samedi 19/06/21 à 14:22 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes a reçu deux mises à jour successives. A l'heure où j'écris, les liens pour les versions Windows ne sont pas fonctionnels sur le site officiel et seul l'avant-dernière version est téléchargeable. La news sera éditée lorsque les problèmes seront corrigés. En attendant, voici la liste des changements:
Raine v0.91.17:
- The cps2 music detection was crap in the previous version, here is the fixed version !
- This one is based on reading the code in the z80 rom and using directly a table which describes the sounds to play, so it's very reliable to detect if something is a music, but it doesn't work for all the roms, it works for the majority though. For those which don't work (mainly the oldest ones including cps1 qsound and the newest ones !) the sound commands dialog is simply disabled. Anyway it's good enough for me for now... sorry for the double release !

Raine v0.91.16:
- It's a binary only for those playing with sound associations to play with customized musics, look in the forum for details. This version fixes the sound commands for matrimelee and adds support for cps2 games... yeah all of them, even the cps1 games using qsound. It's still quite experimental for the cps2, but it seems functional enough for a release...
Télécharger Raine v0.91.16 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.16 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.17 (32-bit) (Linux)
Télécharger Raine v0.91.17 (64-bit) (Linux)
Site Officiel de Raine
 Project64 v3.0.1 
Samedi 19/06/21 à 14:10 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur Nintendo 64 a été mis à jour, mais les changements ne sont pas connus.
Télécharger Project64 v3.0.1
Site Officiel de Project64
 WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 23 FR (32-bit) 
Jeudi 17/06/21 à 12:06 par Firebrand
La dernière beta de WinUAE est maintenant disponible en français grâce à Tradu-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 23 FR (32-bit)
 WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 22 FR (32-bit) 
Mercredi 16/06/21 à 15:47 par Firebrand
On dégaine vite chez Tradu-France, mais cette fois l'auteur de WinUAE aura été plus rapide. L'avant dernière beta de l'émulateur a été traduite en français, mais la prochaine ne devrait pas tarder.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 22 FR (32-bit)
 WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 23 (32-bit) 
Mercredi 16/06/21 à 15:45 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta a été publiée pour cet émulateur Amiga. Voici les améliorations:
- Display positioned was shifted in some programs. (b22)
- Fixed horizontal jitter in some AGA programs. (b22)
- Black screen in some programs. (b22)
- Automatic scaling fixed. (b22)
- Switching from programmed horizontal blanking back to hardwired h-blanking didn't work.
- Added Overscan option to Display panel. Overscan selection is default from previous versions. This probably will replace will TV filter options in the future. Overscan+ and Extreme are even more larger modes, only useful if programmed blanking is enabled, more details later. TV options probably need some calibration.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 23 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (14/06/21) 
Mardi 15/06/21 à 14:53 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES a été mis à jour. Un seul changement est à signaler:
- Don't allocate PPU debugger bitmap arrays on the stack.
Télécharger Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (32-bit) (14/06/21)
Télécharger Nintendulator v0.985 Beta (64-bit) (14/06/21)
Site Officiel de Nintendulator
 RetroArch v1.9.5 
Lundi 14/06/21 à 14:26 par Firebrand
Cet ensemble de noyaux d'émulateurs réunis sous une même interface a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- ALSATHREAD: Make alsathread default for all ALSA devices with threads
- ARCHIVE: Fix loading of archived content with file names containing ‘#’ characters
- CHEEVOS: Upgrade to rcheevos 10.1
- CHEEVOS: Challenge indicators
- CHEEVOS: Group achievements by category in quick menu
- CHEEVOS: Relabel ‘Start Active’ with ‘Encore Mode’
- D3D10: Window title should now update
- D3D11: Window title should now update
- D3D11: Allow fastforward in fullscreen
- D3D12: Window title should now update
- D3D12: Allow fastforward in fullscreen
- CRT/SWITCHRES: New implementation
- FONTS: Improve message wrapping with CJK languages
- FONTS: Fix garbled characters when converting encodings
- INPUT: Allow the 8 analog stick directions to be used as keys for core keyboard mappings
- LIBRETRO: Add API extension for setting ‘need_fullpath’ based on content file extension and to request persistent frontend content data buffers
- MENU/SEARCH: Add enhanced search functionality to the ‘Manage Cores’ menu
- OPENDINGUX: Fix black screens when triggering gfx driver initialisation via menu actions
- UNIX: Get better battery stats on sysfs nodes
-VIDEO: Extend Frame Delay range to 19 to accommodate PAL land too
- WIFI/LAKKA: Add nmcli to wifi drivers
- WIFI/LAKKA: Add wifi configuration menu
- X11: fix fullscreen when swapping monitors/resolution
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Windows XP/Vista 32-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Windows XP/Vista 64-bit) (Windows)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (64-bit) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Metal2) (MacOS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Nintendo GC)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Nintendo Wii)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Nintendo WiiU)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (.3dsx) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (.cia) (Nintendo 3DS)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Nintendo Switch)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (PlayStation 2)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (PSP)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (PS Vita)
Télécharger RetroArch v1.9.5 (Xbox One)
Site Officiel de RetroArch
 WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 22 (32-bit) 
Lundi 14/06/21 à 14:11 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle beta pour WinUAE a été publiée après plusieurs semaines de silence. Cela signifie en général que la liste des améliorations va être généreuse, et c'est encore le cas:
- Copper vblank start was delayed by few cycles.
- uaegfx used unsafe (assumes unrecoverable state if invalid address) address translation function without validating the address first. Invalid VRAM address would have crashes emulated Amiga.
- "Add harddrive" tried to incorrectly guess logical geometry and didn't enable full drive mode if drive didn't already have RDB. (and it become weird and useless drive)
- Picasso96 v3.0+ uaegfx screen dragging support fixed.
- Extended window border mode joystick/mouse direction/buttons indicators fixed.
- Overscan blanking filter settings added to filter profiles.
- DMA debugger now shows AGA FMODE>0 bitplane and sprite fetch read values fully (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Previously it was always truncated to 16-bit.
- Memwatch points now fully support AGA FMODE>0 bitplane and sprite fetches.
- Memwatch log only (L) flag was not cleared when memwatch point was replaced or reset.
- Bitplane graphics wrapping around is now emulated (BPLxDAT fetch done before hsync but it is long enough to be partially visible after hsync). Normally can't happen but it can happen in bitplane DMA overrun situations or if weird programmed mode. Not fully working yet.
- Hard reset tried to free hardware emulated RTG VRAM twice causing memory corruption.

More programmed mode/normal mode special case related updates, including really weird never before used modes (Thanks to Ross again ) Still work to do.

- Many programmed screen modes had corruption.
- Vertical now also supports wraparound (Horizontal added in b18), if vblank starts at line 0 or later (normal PAL/NTSC vblank start is last line), they will be correctly drawn after "real" last line. More lines are shown if VB starts later than normally.
- BPLCON3 EXTBLKEN (horizontal blanking) is now fully emulated and accurate. Note that ECS Denise works differently than AGA:
-* ECS Denise: ECSENA=1 + EXTBLKEN=0: blanking disabled, including vertical (except tiny blanking during hsync to keep display black level detection working), ECSENA=1 + EXTBLKEN=1 and ECSENA=0: hardwired blanking. No programmed blanking, itseems HBSTRT/HBSTOP registers don't exists in ECS Denise.
-* AGA: ECSENA=0 and ECSENA=1 + EXTBLKEN=0: hardwired blanking. ECSENA=1 + EXTBLKEN=1: HBSTRT/HBSTOP programmed horizontal blanking.
-* Note that display devices need blanked signals during part of hsync period (and vsync), it is used to set black levels, without blanking, image might become very dark or have strange colors, have strange brightness pulsing etc. This is not emulated.
- Increased internal max native display width by 2 lores pixels. ECS Denise/AGA can show 1 lores pixel more in right overscan compared to OCS. (Increased by 2 to keep display width even)
- Programmable vertical blanking is now handled accurately. VBSTOP = line when sprites are reset and first loads are done. VBSTOP+1 = first visible line. Sprites are also now emulated correctly even if VBSTRT is after vsync period. Display is now correctly blanked if vertical blank period is in visible part of display. First line of display is also adjusted depending on VBSTOP value when BEAMCON0 VARVBEN is enabled, even if other bits are not set.
- Advanced chipset "OCS H-Blank glitch" implemented (option already existed few betas ago). When enabled, first blanked line has background color visible in right border and last visible line has right border blanked. Not emulated by default because it looks really ugly and it is usually invisible when using real hardware due to overscan.
- Programmable horizontal (HSSTRT and HSSTOP) and vertical sync (VSSTRT and VSSTOP) emulation improved. Previously h/v-sync and h/v-blank was combined, now they are fully separate.

Part of below was already known previously but this time all chipset versions have been tested one by one and fully emulated now:

A1000/OCS Denise/ECS Denise last line differences:
- When A1000 Denise gets VB strobe, vertical blanking starts next line.
- When OCS Denise gets VB strobe, vertical blanking starts after 2 lines.
- When ECS Denise/AGA gets VB strobe, vertical blanking starts next line.

A1000 Agnus sends first VB strobe when current line is first line, line zero. (Which as a side-effect causes delayed vblank interrupt, interrupt is generated when line 1 starts) Other Agnus versions sends first VB strobe when current line is last line.

Bitplane DMA vertical DIW is forced closed when VB starts and sprite DMA is inhibited during all VB lines. Unless ECS/AGA and BEAMCON0 HARDDIS=1 or VARBEAMEN=1 or VARVBEN=1. (Note: DDFSTRT/STOP limits are not same, BEAMCON0 HARDDIS=1 or VARBEAMEN=1 or SHRES=1 or UHRES=1)

A1000: first blanked line is line 1. Line 0 is last visible line at the bottom of screen.
OCS Denise: first blanked line is line 1. Line 0 is last visible line at the bottom of screen. (This was not previously emulated, some programs might suddenly have different colored last line)
ECS Denise/AGA: first blanked line is line 0. Last line (312/313/262/263) is last visible line at the bottom of screen.
(Back in the CRT days last line was almost always invisible)

Normally only COLOR0 changes are visible during last line. All chipset versions have same first visible line. OCS Denise outputs 1 more visible line than ECS Denise/AGA in default PAL/NTSC modes.

Vertical blanking in this context means RGB output DAC (after Denise/Lisa) is in blanked mode. Vertical sync usually is different than vertical blanking in programmed modes.
Télécharger WinUAE v4.9.0 Beta 22 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 m64p 13/06/2021 
Lundi 14/06/21 à 14:08 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cette solution tout en un pour l'émulation Nintendo 64 a été publiée. Voici les changements apportés:
- A couple of minor emulation accuracy improvements for PI and RSP DMAs. I'm not aware of any impact on games.
- Widescreen support (you'll find it in the ParaLLEl Video options). This is the equivalent of setting your TV to "force 16:9". This would normally be used on a game like GoldenEye, which has a widescreen option in the pause menu. Using this on a regular 4:3 game is just going to stretch the image.
Télécharger m64p 13/06/2021 (Windows)
Télécharger m64p 13/06/2021 (Linux)
Site Officiel de m64p
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