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 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.071 
Vendredi 21/10/16 à 12:02 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed a crash on isoselector close
- Fixed a bug on delete after conversion on single audio conversion
- Fixed the blank value on abort of bios selection
- Added a control to verify if mednafen.exe exist on start emulation
- Fixed a problems with blank title string for game not detected on database
- Changed the MedguiR updater server
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 ClrMAME Pro v4.031a 
Jeudi 20/10/16 à 12:40 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a rapidement été publiée. Pas d'information sur les modifications, mais il s'agit probablement d'un correctif.
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 EmuCon v2.7.1 
Mercredi 19/10/16 à 13:37 par Firebrand
Ce frontend multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
I missed some bugs here and there.
After the big update, a new build to fix the very unstable thumbnails view. And a plus, I've created 128x128 and 68x68 system icons. They look so beautiful that will bring tears to your eyes. It took me almost a month because I also had to update most system icons for dark backgrounds. They look ugly if you select black as the games list background color.
WARNING: If you change games font (name, size) while in thumbnails view, you must restart the frontend or the thumb cell size will not repaint correctly. This is a painting bug caused by EasyListView control and there is nothing I can do to fix it. You can change games font in details view mode and then change to thumbs view.
Another great news. EmuCon can detect image types when loading them. If you have a PNG file format but filename is using a .jpg extension, the image will be loaded without crashing the frontend! :D
JPG images are now loaded correctly.

- Proper detection of PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP image types, to fix frontend freezes and crashes (unzipped and zipped)
- Thumbnails view mode was unstable and bugged
*system icons were not always loading
*added "Small (16x16)" system icon size
*created a system icons array; they are all loaded before activating thumbnails view mode (faster and safer)
*new setting "Alpha Blended Icons" to show the system/favorite icons without the white border (enabled by default)
*added support to display JPG files
*incrased minimum thumb size to 152 pixels
*when no snapshot is loaded, a 128x128 icon is displayed instead of the 48x48 icon size
*UNFIXABLE bug: if you change games font (name/size), the thumbnail cell size doesn't update correctly; only a frontend restart fixes it
- Filter icon filename for "Amstrad CPC" was wrong, preventing from load the tool bar icon
- MAME description in changed to just "MAME" (file "emulator_parameters[default].ini")

- Updated all system icons so they can be visible in dark backgrounds; also created 68x68 and 128x128 sizes
- Delete selected games UI tweaks
- Feature "Select Emulators to Play" (tool bar button "Emulators"):
*added "Apply" / "Abort" button so you can cancel changes
*increased screen size to fit long strings
*changed view mode to "tiles" to show custom fonts for each emulator
*added emulator filename with full path for each emulator
*settings are saved to "sysemulators.ini" when closing the screen (on "Apply" button click) to preserve changes in case of frontend crash

- New security setting: Disable "Delete Seleted Games"; to prevent kiddies from deleting your games files (preferences screen, "Games List" tag)
NOTE: this setting is enabled by default; to delete your game files you must uncheck the new setting

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 ClrMAME Pro v4.031 
Mercredi 19/10/16 à 13:33 par Firebrand
Une nouvlle version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs pour Windows a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- fixed: various softwarelist/standard mix problems with double set names - chd name matching problem which came back with 4.030 fix for unneeded chds - identifying wrong set leading to all kind of sideeffects like prompts to rename sets or skipping wrong placed sets - skipping detection of a missing set when identical sets are shared in different sysdefpaths - reporting wrong "wrong sysdefpath" warnings when 100% identical sets are shared in sysdefpaths or for clones where parent's set name was identical in different sysdefpaths or when a set was renamed and old name is now used in a different sysdefpath
- fixed: rebuilder matched files counter
- misc: remember dir2dat setting for datfile format
- misc: updated unrar dll to
- misc: updated 7z dll/sdk to 16.04
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 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.39 
Dimanche 16/10/16 à 13:17 par Firebrand
Ca faisait un bon moment que cet émulateur arcade n'avait pas été mis à jour. Mais le développement ne s'était pas arrêté pour autant comme le prouve cette conséquente liste d'améliorations:
Fixes and new features
- Shots Factory update: esc to close window, change "All Sprites" to "Layer 1" [dink]
- Fixed Palette Viewer color issues [dink]
- Fixed Clear and ClearLock for Analogue & Mouse in the Input Editor [dink]
- Fixed regression in FB Alpha v0.2.97.38 for E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force (Parent and Clones) [dink]
- Fixed graphics issues for Heavyweight Champ (Japan, FD1094 317-0046 decrypted) in SEGA System16B driver [JacKc]
- Haunted Castle is most likely-probably fixed now (sorry!) [dink]
- Fixed Van Van Car [dink]
- Added nsc8105 mcu support to the m6800 cpu core [dink]
- Fixed road issues with Turbo Outrun [Barry]
- Added i8051 mcu core [iq_132]
- Fixed rowscrolling issues in Caveman Ninja (tree level and ending), Joe and Mac Returns (ending), Mutant Fighter intro [dink]
- Sync. romsets with MAME 0.175 [Barry]
- Fixed sprite issues on the Hacha Mecha Fighter bootleg titlescreen [dink]
- When writing an .avi, don't lose frames when F1 (ffwd) is pressed [dink]
- Added SN76477 soundcore [dink]
- Fixed explosions and missing SFX in Stratovox / Speak and Rescue by hooking up the SN76477 soundcore [dink]
- Fixed sound in Porky [dink]
- Fixed booting & DIP issues with Main Event (SNK) [dink]
- Fixed P2 inputs in Cabal [dink]
- Fixed Gwar (Japanese version) [dink]
- Fixed the apple sprite in Pooyan [dink, Zazzone]
- Fixed the music tempo in Darkseal and used this new fix for Vapor Trail and Crude Buster as well [dink, Gab75]
- Fixed Konami's The Main Event, it had sprite and priority issues (K052109 custom) [dink]
- Fixed Highlight mode in Sunset Riders, fix also needed by Chequered Flag [iq_132, dink]
- Operation Wolf, allow continue by default [dink, gamezfan]
- Added re-recording functionality [blip, dink]
- Split avi files every 2 gig while recording to prevent corrupted video [dink]
- Added selectable 1x, 2x and 3x pixel modes to the avi writer [dink]
- Fixed Warriors of Fate 3rd fire button on clones [gxb]
- Improved the speed of the search function [dink]
- Fixed crash loading a savestate or replay while a different game is running [dink]
- Improved desynch issues with netplay and input recording of Capcom CPS1, CPS2, PGM and certain Cave games [dink]
- Fixed possible crash with Battle Bakraid loading a state when the game isn't running [dink]
- Made the recording icon smaller to be less intrusive while playing games and recording inputs [dink]
- Added an option to display joystick/button movements while playing input recordings. [dink]
- Fixed choppy sound on music fade-outs in DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm [dink]
- Fixed gear shifting in Continental Circus [dink, Gab75]
- Added new feature: Shift+F1 toggles FFWD on/off [dink]
- Temporary work-around to Data East Backfire! to prevent crash [dink]
- Under some circumstances certain macros could not be mapped [dink]
- Fixed "smoke" and "dust" sprites in Super Hangon [dink]
- Fixed crash when dieing in certain situations in Bonze Adventure [dink]
- Fixed gear shifter in Contental Circus, Chase HQ, SCI, Racing Beat, Double Axle and Top Speed [dink]
- Fixed missing SFX and graphics glitches in Top Speed [dink]
- Fixed the adventure world in UFO Senshi Yohko Chan [dink]
- Fixed video issues with savestates for certain Kaneko Supernova games [dink]
- Fixed some broken sprites in Guwange [dink]
- Fixed the big alien in Turbo Force (revisited) [dink]
- Allow movement of the "Scanning ROMs" window [dink]
- Fixed remaining lives issue in Woodpecker [dink]
- Fixed missing line of pixels at the top of the screen in Air Gallete [dink]
- Fixed some missing samples in Seta games w/ X1-010 soundchip [dink]
- Fixed crash issue with X1-010 soundchip and 64bit systems [dink, Gab75]
- Fixed graphics issues in US AAF Mustang and Twin Action in the NMK16 driver [dink]
- Fixed analog controls and shifting in Konami GT / RF2 and Hyper Crash [dink]
- Fixed crash issue with xx-in-1 Megadrive pirate carts [dink]
- Fixed "BAD HARDWARE" issue with Arkanoid [dink]
- Fixed life counter in Zzyzzyxx [dink]
- Fixed dips and possible crash issue on 64bit systems with the Seta2 hunting games [dink]
- Fixed the HUD face icon in Warrior Blade [dink]
- Fixed several graphics issues in Gaiapolis [dink]
- Fixed transparent color issue in Metamorphic Force and Violent Storm [dink]
- Added YM2610 ADPCM samplebanking support for KOF98AE [dink]
- Fixed choppy scrolling on the left side of the screen in Blazing Star [dink]
- Fixed minor graphic glitch in X-Men [dink]
- Fixed Funky Bee and Sky Lancer palette issues [dink]
- Fixed timing issues in Martial Champion, now works but with graphical issues [dink]
- Updated the cheat engine to support more modes: Watch, Wait for Modification, Level Selection and One-Shot [dink]
- Fixed "Break the Statue" text in Metamorphic Force and spotlight on the belly dancer in Violent Storm [dink]
- Fixed oddly-placed black lines and opaque windows in Lethal Enforcers [dink]
- Fixed several bugs in the Konami-scc (K051649) core [dink]
- Updated the Quiz Olympic driver [iq_132]
- Updated the TMS9928a vdp to a newer core/line-based version [dink]
- Fixes Magical Tree in SG-1000
- Fixes the Radar screen in Colecovision Defender
- Updated the Sunset Riders protection chip emulation, fixes walking on slanted surfaces [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed the sprite offsets in Konami's Vendetta/Crime Fighters [dink]
- Fixed the roms of Moon Alien 2 (Older Version) [JacKc]
- Added configurable clipping to generic tile drawing [iq_132]

Clones and updated romsets in existing drivers
- Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg set 4 (with YM2151 + 2xMSM5205), 920313 etc) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 3) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 4) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (920313 etc bootleg set 5) [Janniz, f205v, JacKc]
- Added clone of 1945k III (older, OPCX1 PCB) [system11, iq_132]
- Added clone of Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1) [Muddymusic, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Fighting Fantasy world rev. 3 [bmcphail, JacKc]
- Added clone of The NewZealand Story (US, old version) (older PCB) [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added clone of Metamorphic Force (ver AAA) [Abelardo Vidal, JacKc]
- Added clone of Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940311) [undamned, ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added clone of Air Gallet (Europe, older) [Artemio Urbina, JacKc]
- Added clone of New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware) [caius, JacKc]
- Added clone of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H) [The Iron Goat, JacKc]
- Added clone of Gulf Storm (Korea) to the Dooyong driver [system11, JacKc]
- Updated The King of Fighters '99 (15th Anniversary Edition) to 20160827 Build [JacKc]
- Updated The King of Fighters '98 (Combo/Ivex Hack) to 20161004 Build [JacKc]
- Added clone of Street Fighter (Japan, pneumatic buttons) [ShouTime, Smitdogg, Jan Stuhler, Paul Thacker, Sean Sutton, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added 2 new Phoenix clones: Amstar Set 2 and Condor (S C Novar bootleg of Phoenix) [f205v, JacKc]
- Added clone of Bubble Bobble: Ultra (Hack by Penta Penguin) [dink]
- Added clone of Demon's World / Horror Story (set 2) [Sugoi Helsinki, JacKc]
- Added clone of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Asia 4 Players, version ?) [Abelardo Vidal, The Dumping Union, JacKc]

New additions to existing drivers
- Added Triki Triki (Lover Boy bootleg) [Rafael Alonso (from ARCADE VINTAGE), JacKc]
- Added Mercenario (Commando bootleg) [Rockman, JacKc]
- Added Super Street Fighter II: The Tournament Battle (Japan 931005) [ShouTime, JacKc]
- Added Mutant Warrior ( Altered Beast Datsu bootleg) [The Dumping Union, JacKc]
- Added Shogun Warriors (Korea?) to the Kaneko 16 driver [Barry]
- Added Dai Makai Mura debug edition to the PCE-SGX driver [dink]
- Added Jungler, Tactician, Commando (Sega) & Loco-Motion to the RallyX driver [dink]
- Added Bang!, Snowboard Championship and Touch 'n Go (Korea, Unprotected) to the Gaelco2 driver [dink, iq_132]
- Added '96 Flag Rally to the 1945kiii driver [dink]
- Added Mega Q-Bert to the Megadrive driver [dink]
- Added Sega Master System Brawl to the Megadrive driver [dink]
- Added Bomb on Basic City by vetea to the Megadrive driver [dink]
- Added Bara Buru to the Sega MasterSystem driver [dink]
- Added Data Storm to the Sega MasterSystem driver [dink]
- Added Deluxe 4 U and Deluxe 5 to the ESD16 driver [JacKc]
- Added Super UWOL! SG-1000 to the SG-1000 driver [dink]

New drivers
- Added driver for Parallel Turn [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Breakthru and Darwin 4078 [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Crazy Climber, Guzzler, Swimmer, River Patrol, Silver Land and Yamato [dink, iq_132]
- Added driver for Zodiack, Mogu Chan, Dogfight, The Bounty, The Percussor. [dink]
- Added driver for Dr. Micro [dink]
- Added driver for Seicross, Radical Radial and Frisky Tom [iq_132]
- Added driver for Calorie Kun [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Jr. PacMan [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Burger Time, Lock 'n Chase, Bump 'n Jump / Burnin' Rubber, Minky Monkey, Disco no.1 [dink, iq_132]
- Added driver for Metal Freezer [Angelo Salese, iq_132]
- Added driver for Fast Freddie / Fly Boy, Jump Coaster, Boggy '84, Red Robin, Imago [dink, iq_132]
- Added driver for Heavy Unit [iq_132]
- Added driver for Dangar, Galivan and Ninja Emaki [iq_132]
- Added driver fot The Deep [Lucia Elia, iq_132]
- Added driver for Zero Team 2000, New Zero Team and Raiden2DX v33 [iq_132]
- Added driver for Chequered Flag [iq_132]
- Added driver for Naughty Boy, Pop Flamer, Trivia Master/Genius [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Cheeky Mouse [dink]
- Added driver for Zodiack, Mogu Chan, Dogfight, The Bounty, The Percussor [dink]
- Added driver for Jaleco's City Connection [iq_132]
- Added driver for Phoenix & Pleiads [iq_132, dink (sound)]
- Added driver for Syusse Oozumou [iq_132]
- Added driver for Aeroboto / Formation Z [iq_132]
- Added driver for Syvalion, Tetristh, Record Breaker and Dynamite League on Taito H hardware [iq_132]
- Added driver for Track and Field / Hyper Olympic, Masters of Kin, Reaktor and Yie Ar Kung-Fu (GX361 conversion) [iq_132, dink]
- Added driver for Gigas, Freekick, Counter Run and Perfect Billiard [vbt]
- Added driver for MSX1-based games [dink]
- Added driver for Konami's Ping Pong [iq_132]
- Added driver for One + Two [iq_132]
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 Messinfo.dat v10.19 (MAME/MESS v0.178) 
Mardi 04/10/16 à 13:47 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour MAME a été mis à jour pour MAME v0.178. Les modifications sont les suivantes:
- 10.19 03/10/2016: Aligned files to 0.178 version. Updated: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt' and 'alltimesMESS.txt'.
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v10.19 (MAME/MESS v0.178)
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 Romulus v0.032 
Dimanche 02/10/16 à 13:56 par Firebrand
Ce gestionnaire de ROMs a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- ADDED From profiles list popup menu an option to create XML Dats of selected profiles.
- ADDED To report option exportation to CSV format. Thanks to Special-T.
- ADDED Some rebuilding files optimizations.
- FIXED Ignored setting compression level option from scanner window and not always using the general defauls settings. Thanks to Executer.
- FIXED Problem in generator option creating checksums when compressed file has folders and MD5 and/or SHA1 is activated.
- FIXED Freezing when using extract option from scanner in a uncompressed files method and is saving in a different drive from files source.
- FIXED Wrong Profile type displaying when an old dat is updated and new one has different type.
- FIXED Problems detecting updated profiles at Updater option in Trurip group.
- CHANGED Fixdat creation no asks for fixdat filename in batch mode. Romulus automatic name it.
- REMOVED try to open as compressed file when rebuild if file has no compression extension like .zip .rar .7z .001. This will increases a lot rebuilding speed in no compressed files.
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 EmuCon v2.7 
Vendredi 30/09/16 à 13:27 par Firebrand
Ce frontend multi-systèmes pensé pour les machines domestiques a été mis à jour après une longue absence. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
WOW! Look at at. After two long years, a new version of Emu Loader's little brother is out. After all the work I've done in Emu Loader, it's time to update EmuCon.
I added support for MAME and updated a couple features. You can switch favorite profiles while favorites is enabled. Your custom games list fonts are now saved in a new sysgamecustomfont.ini file. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to port settings from EmuCon.ini so you'll have to set your custom fonts again... sorry!. This is a good change because you will not lose the game font settings on a fresh frontend install.
One big change is the cleanup of emulator_parameters[default].ini file. I removed tons of duplicates. EmuCon can do approximate filename search when looking for the emulator parameters. There's no need to have mess ROM=params and mess64 ROM=params entries for the same system. Only the first is enough.
The format of the games list files have changed again (emucon_dir\games\). EmuCon will try to update your current games list. If that fails, you'll have to re-create them all again manually.
Can you say thumbnails view mode ? Ported from Emu Loader and adapted to handle all the 65 systems supported. Both unzipped and zipped game snaps are supported. There is no tool bar icon for it. You can access view mode in the main menu.
Two new systems have been added: Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. For Wii UI, CEMU emulator is the choice. Nintendo 3DS uses Citra.
Don't except to play games on these systems as both emulators are new and very limited.
Version 2.7 also have tons of tweaks and optimizations. I had two years to work out the bugs from v2.6 but still, I'm sure there are many things left to fix. There isn't much more features to be added in this frontend.
Make sure to check out the change log before using this new verison.
Thanks to the user Angga, EmuCon have a new icons pack, including new splash/about screens! For more details you can visit this thread in Emu Loader's forum. There's a MEGA download link at the end of the post. Thank you for the pack Angga, great work! :)

- EmuCon was unable to detect the presence of games list files at startup ("emucondir\games\"); the old files with ".ec" extesion were being searched instead of the new ".txt" extesion
- Removed size constraints from the images panel to fix weird behavior (main screen)
- Moving main games list splitter was not updating the info texts in "Image Layout Dimensions" window
- Image resampler was initializing twice at startup
- Frontend crash due to a bug in the images panel update code; most noticeable in WinXP
- Virtual drive mount/unmount parameters gets corrupted if you don't have a virtual drive executable selected (Emulators Setup screen)
- Games popup menu appearing if you call it while no game is selected... mouse right-click on an empty space
- Multi-floppy disk dialog selection was appearing for MSX games; blueMSX has its own internal v-DRIVE feature to swap multiple floppy disk games
- All Atari system icons had 1 pixel cutoff from the bottom text ("\ec_icons\" folder)

- EmuCon games list files format has changed a little bit... again; to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes and reduce file sizes
*end tags (/file) and (/size) replaced by /)
*EmuCon will try to update your current games list; if fails and or EmuCon keeps crashing, you must delete files in "emucondir\games\" folder and re-create games list for all systems
- Times played/total playtime files format changed to fix problems with Unicode filenames and to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes ("emucondir\played_games\")
*replaced the ¬ char by ;
*end tag (/file) replaced by /)
- You can switch between different favorites profiles while favorites filter is enabled (main tool bar button); all other favorites functions are disabled!
- From now on, when a game is re-selected (filter change, view mode change, etc...), it will always appear in the middle of the list (vertically); it's easier to find this way
- Tweaks in "Run Game Confirmation Dialog" (main menu) and messages dialogs
*default font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9
*games list version info and emulator version info texts merged into one line to reduce dialog height and to avoid waste of space
*removed some redundant texts to avoid confusion
*renamed "Run Game" button to "Execute"
- Games list column header "Media Type" renamed to "Media"
- Changes and updates to the video preview feature
*new "experimental" setting: "Play Dummy Video to Stop Current Playback" in preferences screen; play a short video to stop current video playing if you select a new game that have no video to play
(also executed before starting a game and exiting the frontend)
*new file "images\novideo.avi"
*minor optimizations to the CallPlayVideoPreview() function
- Replaced the weird "Segoe UI Semibold" font by "Segoe UI"
- File 'videopreview.ini' is not available in the distribution pack anymore. It will be generated at startup if not found. This is to prevent overwriting your current video preview settings when updating the frontend
- Changes and fixes to the custom games list font (preferences screen)
*font settings are now saved on a separate file called "sysgamecustomfont.ini", so you don't lose the settings on a fresh frontend install
*clicking "Default" system font button was resetting the fonts of all systems instead of just the selected system
*if a system have custom font, its text will be displayed in red
*if a system have custom font and it's the same as the default font ("All Systems"), it will not be saved in the .ini file when closing preferences screen
- Replaced the THashedStringList array to only one var when loading "Played/Playtime" info into games list; each system used its own var, wasting RAM
- User interface tweaks:
*Minimum screen resolutions supported: 1024x768 (4:3) / 1366x768 (16:9) / 1280x720 (16:9) 1280x720 some controls are resized/ relocated to fit this resolution
*a few forms auto-resize to fit more text if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
*font size increased on some screens if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
*form "Emulators Setup" reorganized for easier parameters reading/editing
*preparations to support 4K resolution (3840x2160)
- Menu items "Play with Emulator #" are now hidden if they have no emulator assigned to them (games popup menu)... experimental
- Menu item "Delete Image" is now hidden if game's image is zipped... cannot be deleted (images popup menu)... experimental
- Changes/improvements to Last Played Games (MRU)
*a new "Total Playtime" column (playtime and times played); only for 1280x720 and higher resolutions
*favorite icon added to the MRU list
*if Windows desktop resolution is 1280x720, the MRU form self-adjust to fit all data
*Games count text added for each selected system... for easier tracking
*system filtering was a little bit off, showing games of wrong systems
*speed tweaks
*games list font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9; for better Unicode support

- Image effect "Scale 2x" is no more (main menu "Images" / "Resampler")

- Second parameter "-tg16" added to PC Engine to run games with MESS (-tg16) as some games do not run with -pce parameter
- New setting: "Splitter Color" for the images layout splitters; they're not bound by the images panel background color anymore (preferences screen, 'Images' tab)
- New setting: "Allow Only One Instance"; prevent multiple instances of the frontend running at the same time (preferences screen)
- New library "SynFastWideString.pas"; better handling of WideString vars; this libary is a lot faster than WideString var from Delphi 7, and use FastMM v4 improved RAM manager
- New feature "Multiline Captions": enable it to show "two line" captions; 32x32 and 48x48 icons only (preferences screen)
- Support for MAME since it can load non-arcade games (MAME v0.162 and newer)
- File 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' updated with MAME entries and many redundant entries removed since EmuCon does approximate filename searches
- Games list status bar color customization (preferences screen)
- Games list/images panel splitter customization (preferences screen)
- Games list last column sorted is now restored at startup
- Two new systems:
*Nintendo Wii U: emulator supported - CEMU
*Nintendo 3DS: emulator supported - Citra
- Added a thumbnails view mode; experimental feature!
*access only via main menu "Games List View Mode" (there is no tool bar button)
*unzipped and zipped images are supported (.png; .jpg)
*unicode filenames only with unzipped images
*images panel is disabled/hidden while in thumbnails view
*game snapshots only
*change thumb settings in "Games List View Mode" / "Thumbnail Settings" in main menu or games popup menu
*view favorite icon in thumbs; enable "Show Favorite Icon in Games" in Favorites tool bar button or in thumbnails "Settings" dialog
*view system icon in thumbs; enable "Show System Icon" in "Thumbnail Settings" (main menu)
*new file "emucondir\images\favicon_thumbnail.png"
*threaded feature; the more cores your CPU has, the faster images will load
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 MESSUI v0.178 (32-bit) 
Mercredi 28/09/16 à 14:15 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME adapté à l'émulation des machines domestiques a été mis à jour vers MAME v0.178.
Télécharger MESSUI v0.178 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de MESSUI
 Mednafen v0.9.39.2 (32-bit) 
Mardi 20/09/16 à 12:22 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-système a été mis à jour. Voici les nouveautés:
- SMS: Sanitize some previously-missed variables in the save state loading code.
- MD: Fixed a bug that caused some YM2612 state to not be restored properly on save state load.
- MD, SMS, NGP: Fixed an old Z80 emulation bug with interrupt handling.
- Make an index of save state sections on save state load, to detect sections in a save state that are unused by the state loading code(for debugging).
- MD, PCE, PCE_FAST: Sanitize some previously-missed variables in the save state loading code.
- SS: Added PAL support.
- SS: Fixed vertical positioning brokenness with custom "ss.slstart" setting values with interlaced video.
- PC-FX, WonderSwan, NES, VB, PSX: Sanitize some previously-missed variables in the save state loading code.
- Fixed a use-after-free bug in the SDL sound output driver.
- NGP: Fixed several off-by-1 bugs in the address to ROM data translation function.
- Removed nonsensical unused frame advance loop in drivers/main.cpp leftover from 0.5.x.
- PCE_FAST: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash with large "pce_fast.ocmultiplier" setting values when running CD games.
- PCE_FAST: Skip 512-byte copier header if detected when loading a ROM image.
- PCE_FAST: Made some minor optimizations.
- PCE, PSX, PCE_FAST: Avoid UB by biasing uintptr_t values instead of pointers directly in the CPU core.
- GB: Corrected the layer names used with the layer toggling feature.
- SS: Fixed a potential problem with SH-2 DMA event rescheduling when bus lock is held, that probably wouldn't ever happen in practice.
- NES: Fixed several instances of missing initialization of on-cart WRAM.
- SS: Marked more functions with MDFN_COLD hint, and marked a few functions to be forcibly-inlined where it makes sense.
- SNES: Fixed an issue causing a compilation error on Mac OS X
Télécharger Mednafen v0.9.39.2 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de Mednafen
 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.070 
Samedi 10/09/16 à 12:17 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour Mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added a selectable number of cd for M3U maker
- Fixed a bug with CD detection occurred on last MedGui release
- Fixed a bug with single audio conversion
- Changed MedInstR (MedGuiR installer) to prevent erroneus installation message
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v0.070
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
 Messinfo.dat v10.17 (MAME/MESS v0.177) 
Jeudi 08/09/16 à 12:53 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif sur les machines domestiques émulées par MAME a été mis à jour pour MAME v0.177. Voici les données modifiées:
- 10.17 07/09/2016: Aligned files to 0.177 version. Updated: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt' and 'alltimesMESS.txt'.
- 10.16 20/08/2016: Fixed some duplicated entries.
- 10.15 15/08/2016: Added dmax8000.cpp, fcisio.cpp, sm7238.cpp and tv990.cpp driver entries (I had forgotten).
Télécharger Messinfo.dat v10.17 (MAME/MESS v0.177)
Site Officiel de Messinfo.dat
 QuickPlay v4.1.4 
Dimanche 04/09/16 à 12:59 par Firebrand
Un correctif à la dernière mise à jour de ce frontend multi-systèmes a été rapidement apporté. Voici de quoi il s'agit:
- correct syntax error in mutliloader
Télécharger QuickPlay v4.1.4
Site Officiel de QuickPlay
 QuickPlay v4.1.3 
Vendredi 02/09/16 à 13:57 par Firebrand
Ce frontend mulit-systèmes a été mis à jour. Voici les nouveautés:
This release mainly about CD/DVD loading, cached loading and Retroarch support.

- New full Retroarch Efind (everything but MESS: that's to follow next!)
- Multiloader Cache
*now can cache archived images locally in a temp directory
*uses robocopy and looks for symlinks
*checks cache before redownloading
*checks your local copies of archives and recopy if they got interrupted/corrupted
- Multiloader functions/upgrade
*upgraded to use daemon tools lite 10.4 - the newest and actually best! Vastly improved performance
*you can now mount a zip in daemon tools and pass the iso to the emulator
*we now look in archives using 7zip to find the runnable iso
*made multiloaders for some PSP, Gamecube, NDS and Dreamcast emus (which enables us to cache those systems' games too)
*added Saturn emulator SFF to multiloader
*supports the non-typical command line of NullDC the Dreamcast emu
- Multiloader maintainance
*fixed a bug where you sometimes had to click a rom twice to (multi-)load it
*removed winmount from the multiloader (this was great but got discontinued)
*fixed exclamation marks and ampersands in paths
*fixed to consitently use 8:3 names or shortnames
- Efind
*fixed bug with efind window and large displays
*fixed issue with results screen
- added background images submitted by dar3255
- Corrected system names for some odd systems
Télécharger QuickPlay v4.1.3
Site Officiel de QuickPlay
 MESSUI v0.177 (32-bit) 
Mercredi 31/08/16 à 15:00 par Firebrand
Ce build de MAME équipé d'une interface utilisateur graphique a été mis à jour avec les dernières sources de MAME.
Télécharger MESSUI v0.177 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de MESSUI
 Mednafen v0.9.39.1 (32-bit) 
Mardi 23/08/16 à 12:43 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- SS: Settings "ss.dbg_mask" and "ss.dbg_exe_cdpath", and the functionality they control, are no longer available unless Mednafen has been compiled with "MDFN_SS_DEV_BUILD" defined(such as with -DMDFN_SS_DEV_BUILD=1 in CPPFLAGS env var passed to configure).
- SS: Replaced some instances of case ranges with more portable constructs.
-SS: Run VDP1 vblank erase at end of vblank, so we know how much time we have and thus how many entries in the framebuffer we'll be able to erase. Currently, the available time calculations are generous, allowing for a bit more erase than what's possible on a Saturn, but we can tighten it up in the future once it's fairly certain there aren't any more event scheduling accuracy issues. Fixes FMV subtitle text in "Panzer Dragoon".
- SS: Fixed a bug that caused VDP2 frames to be short by 1 to 3 CPU cycles.
- SS: Reschedule the SH-2 DMA event handler as necessary to prevent it from running when the SH-2 bus is locked.
- SS: Force the SH-2 DMA and SCU DMA event handlers to be rescheduled to SH7095_mem_timestamp time when necessary.
- SS: Check for pending events right before calling VDP1, VDP2, SMPC, and SCU regs read/write handlers, which may then call their own event update functions.
- Fixed an old bug that could cause a startup crash on Windows systems without XInput DLLs installed(e.g. some Windows XP systems).
- NES: Fixed a very old bug triggered when disabling(via CTRL+1) the background layer, that would cause sprite pixels to also be visually disabled too under certain circumstances.
- MD, PC-FX: Fixed several instances of left-shifting negative values.
- SS: Fixed a compilation error when compiling with the debugger disabled("--disable-debugger" passed to configure).
- Added configure options "--with-external-mpcdec" and "--with-external-tremor", for distribution packagers.
- SS, SNES-Faust: Fixed a few issues causing compilation errors on clang.
- SS: Tweaked how seek command pause works; fixes a lockup issue in "Astal".
- WonderSwan: Fixed a bad usage of "char" without an unsigned/signed qualifier.
- SS: Slow down SCU DMA to VDP2 VRAM under certain conditions.
- SS: Adjusted VDP1 polygon and line draw commands to behave as if SPD=1, ECD=1 when color mode >= 6; fixes missing graphics problem in "Hi-Octane".
- SS: Reworked SCU DMA's timekeeping and scheduling code to be more accurate; reduces the size of the flickering section of the FMV in "Lunar".
- SS: Fixed handling of CPU<->SMPC open bus.
- Relaxed the CloneCD Q subchannel sanity checks to allow a track number of 0xAA(leadout).
- SS: Implemented kludgy(incomplete) support for quasi-illegal window X start position values; fixes ground layer issues in the forest stage of Panzer Dragoon 2.
Télécharger Mednafen v0.9.39.1 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de Mednafen
 LusSpace FE v1.22 
Jeudi 18/08/16 à 12:58 par Firebrand
Ce frontend multi-systèmes a été mis à jour. Une seule amélioration est à signaler:
- New version of my frontend with little improvement of boxarts support.
Télécharger LusSpace FE v1.22
Site Officiel de LusSpace FE
 MedGui Reborn Stable v0.069 
Dimanche 14/08/16 à 13:21 par Firebrand
Ce frontend pour mednafen a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Better recognize of Saturn Game Region
- Fix a bug on mp3 to ogg/wav cue converter
- Mednafen - stdout.log windows now is full maximized
- More Clear categorization of Mednafen Errors on Mednafen - stdout.log windows
- Removed PSX CUE Renamer (now is not usefull)
- Rework on generic cue/toc creator, now work with all cd system supported by Mednafen (not PC-FX)
- Removed "Redump" button on Game utility
Télécharger MedGui Reborn Stable v0.069
Site Officiel de MedGui Reborn Stable
 OpenEmu v2.0.3 (stable) 
Samedi 13/08/16 à 13:18 par Firebrand
Ce logiciel regroupant plusieurs noyaux d'émulateurs pour MacOS a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixed analog controllers that send excessive input events (e.g. DualShock 4 and others) interfering with frontend and core functions.
- Fixed case where some bluetooth mice (e.g. Logitech MX Anywhere 2) break the input system.
- Fixed Steam Controller support when properly configured through Steam.
- Fixed case where cancelling an alert could make it impossible to stop or reset gameplay.
- Updated localizations.
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Note: Preferences for Default Cores have been reset.
Télécharger OpenEmu v2.0.3 (stable)
Site Officiel de OpenEmu
 ClrMAME Pro v4.030a (32-bit) 
Jeudi 11/08/16 à 10:43 par Firebrand
Un correctif pour la dernière version de ce gestionnaire de ROMs a rapidement été publiée. Voici de quoi il s'agit:
- fixed: scanner speed regression on crc32 collision sets
Télécharger ClrMAME Pro v4.030a (32-bit)
Site Officiel de ClrMAME Pro
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