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 WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 3 
Samedi 26/05/12 à 15:59 par Firebrand
WinUAE continue sur sa lancée avec cette nouvelle version beta. Voici ce que celle-ci propose:
- FPS led was always yellow in most non low latency vsync modes.
- Custom input event toggle didn't work (3rd and 4th slots), (2.4.1)
- Custom input event non-toggle mode with qualifiers didn't work correctly.
- Allow D3D RTG hardware sprite if non-power of 2 textures are supported, do not require shader support.
- Do not override currently selected CD image when loading statefile if new CD path does not exist.
- Do not report CD not present state if restoring CD32 statefile that was created with inserted CD. It would usually cause immediate reboot to CD32 title screen and most CD32 shovelware ports won't care about the CD after game has been loaded. This has been broken previously many times..
- Any active breakpoint stopped all interrupts in some situations if 68020 cycle-exact mode.
- "ALT-TAB or middle mouse button untraps mouse - F12 opens settings" window title was missing.
- Uncapture mouse when entering debugger.
- Fixed blank screen in directdraw + no filter mode. (b1)
- Do not move directories or empty files to Windows recycle bin (if recycle bin option enabled).
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 PCSX-Reloaded v78288 (24/05/2012) 
Samedi 26/05/12 à 15:56 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle versoin de cet émulateur PlayStation compilé pour MacOS a été publiée. Les nouveautés sont néanmoins assez mineures:
- Preliminary widescreen support
- Code fixes
Télécharger PCSX-Reloaded v78288 (24/05/2012)
Site Officiel de PCSX-Reloaded
 1964 WIP vr137 
Samedi 26/05/12 à 15:48 par Firebrand
Cette version de travail de 1964 a été mise à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- ini update
- fixes crashes with Diddy Kong Racing and random resets with South Park
- Counter Factor re added for some games, fixes issue 74
- games tested, comments added
- took settings from the official ini
- 1964Video.ini: enabled jigsaw effect for Banjo-Kazooie
Télécharger 1964 WIP vr137
Site Officiel de 1964 WIP
 GameEx v12.61 
Lundi 21/05/12 à 22:36 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de GameEx a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Fixes a few issues where incorrect box art and album art would display.
- New setting to sync display resolution to DVD and videos. If set and supported by your system GameEx will change resolution to match the video. This allows external receivers/processers and displays to upscale the picture instead of Windows. This allows 480p and 576p to be displayed at native res and refresh rate with the refresh setting added a couple of versions ago. It also allows 1080p content to displayed at that resolution if GameEx is running at a lower resolution.
- When GameEx is set to run at a specific resolution DVDs and any use of the web browser will now also run at that resolution.
- Fixes issues where folder icon in list was only displaying if MAME ICONs where enabled.
- For registered users when browsing video folders GameEx will detect a DVD folder structure and allow playback.
- GameEx can now also be used as a standalone video and DVD player if opening with a supported file including DVD and Blu Ray ISOs. If used in this manner GameEx will also always act as a registered version.
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 My Nes v4.2.0.0 (32-bit) 
Dimanche 20/05/12 à 12:14 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur NES pour Windows continue tranquillement son développement. Voici la ajouts de cette nouvelle version:
- Added: user-interface multi language support.
- Fixed: APU reset timing
- Fixed: APU length halt timing
- Fixed: APU length reload timing
- Fixed: OAM stress
- Fixed: cpu dummy reads
- Fixed: cpu reset
Télécharger My Nes v4.2.0.0 (32-bit)
Site Officiel de My Nes
 Mednafen v0.9.22 WIP (Unstable) 
Dimanche 20/05/12 à 12:09 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur multi-systèmes a été publiée. Voici la liste des modifications:
May 8, 2012:
- PC-FX: Increased the minimum allowable value for the "pcfx.cdspeed" setting from "1" to "2".
- Replaced internal module graphics layer toggling code with absolute graphics layer enable mask setting code.

May 5, 2012:
- NGP: Reduced the size of the noise channel LFSR from 16-bits to 15-bits, per mic_'s suggestion(and test program and recorded sound sample).

May 4, 2012:
- Fixed broken support for "CTRL" modifier when configuring command keys/hotkeys(this doesn't affect hardcoded default key assignments, or manual configuration file changes to use the ctrl modifier, both of which already worked fine, it's just the in-Mednafen configuration process that was broken in regards to the CTRL modifier key).

May 2, 2012:
- PSX: Fixed SPU handling of voice pitches > 0x3FFF; fixes broken sound effects in "Tales of Phantasia", and likely other games as well. Thanks to "sparklewind" for bringing the bug to my attention, and recording sound samples of the sound effects from a PS1.

April 30, 2012:
- MD: Reworked YM2612 LFO PM/FM emulation based on notes from Nemesis. Changed the LFO AM waveform start phase so that the first "sample" is 0; though the waveform probably needs to be changed from sine to triangle. Corrected(I hope. :b) LFO AM depth setting 0x1 shift factor.

April 29, 2012:
- PSX: Increased CD audio buffering slightly, and flush buffers on Pause, to reduce the number of voice audio glitches in "Tales of Destiny 2".

April 28, 2012:
- PSX: Began adding save state support.
- Fixed a regression in the deinterlacer code, from the April 20 fix, that was causing the first entry in a valid line widths array to be trashed.

April 26, 2012:
- NGP: Got rid of various truncations of CPU cycle counts to 8-bits(they're still ultimately truncated to 8-bit, but only in one place now, so that it can easily be removed in the future when the CPU timing mess is resolved).
- PCE: Added direct BRAM editing capability to the debugger's memory editor.
- PCE: Fixed broken direct main RAM viewing and editing in the debugger's memory editor.

April 23, 2012:
- MD: Added support for region overrides in the internal database(though no entries that override region are present yet).
- MD: Changed supported region(as indicated by the game's embedded header) preference order to prefer domestic NTSC over overseas PAL.
- MD: Removed an erroneously superfluous interrupt pending check in the 68K emulator core(which should have been removed a long time ago, since it is apparently a leftover of the original C68K timing model).

April 21, 2012:
- MD: The upper 8 and lower 8 horizontal lines on the screen are now rendered as the border color in 224 height mode; fixes graphical glitches in "Micro Machines", possibly other games.
- MD: Corrected VDP vblank flag set and clear time, fixes sprite glitches in X-Men 2.

April 20, 2012:
- Fixed a bug in the system-independent deinterlacing code that was causing graphical glitches with Genesis interlaced mode under certain conditions
- MD: Reset-button-triggered reset no longer resets VDP state, fixes major graphical corruption with Bonkers after such a reset.

April 19, 2012:
- MD: If the YM2612 channel "algorithm" has changed, start the attack phase on the next key on from maximum attenuation, to ostensibly fix a broken sound effect in Ecco the Dolphin 2(Tides of Time), per the Gens EG implementation; this needs to be tested on an actual Genesis, which will have to wait until I'm able to obtain a Genesis flash cart.

April 18, 2012:
- MD: Fixed the YM2612 save state code to work again(after the recent changes broke it); however, the recent changes have broken save state compatibility with save states from 0.9.21-WIP and earlier, and that isn't going to be "fixed".
- MD: Fixed a major problem with the new EG implementation that was causing significant timbre and volume issues, due to an erroneous assumption(from PS1 emulation work) of how the attack phase entry works(thanks to a terse old forum post from Steve Snake for clarifying the issue).

April 16, 2012:
- MD: Tweaked the sin and exp table algorithms to more or less match those described at (different chip, but at least the logsin table is supposed to be the same as the YM2612). The LFO tables still need to be worked on, though.
- MD: Fixed a bug(relating to ADSR phase skipping) in the new EG code that caused some broken music in Flashback.

April 15, 2012:
- MD: Fixed CSM support(untested) in YM2612 emulator.
- MD: Rewrote YM2612 emulator EG portion, based on information from Nemesis and MAME/Genesis Plus GX. (CSM support was broken in the process, and will need to be fixed, along with some other code cleanups)
- MD: Simulated FIFO bits in the status register were only being set(to 1), and never cleared. Fixed. (Mega Turrican actually checks the FIFO full bit, unlike many other games).

April 14, 2012:
- MD: Updated Z80 core to latest FUSE SVN revision(though it required heavy modification for inclusion in Mednafen, so it's possible something Z80-emulation-related could have broken in the process); the update fixes some undocumented flag results, and changes/fixes timing for some instructions.
- MD: Implemented very crude VDP FIFO timing simulation, fixes issues with "Soldiers of Fortune" and "Fatal Rewind".
- MD: Removed old, questionable YM2612 hack, fixes some missing sound effects in "Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits".

April 13, 2012:
- MD: Changed VDP line timing based on information in Genesis Plus GX, "Bram Stoker's Dracula" is now playable.
- MD: Reset(via F10 button) will now reset less state than power off/on "reset", to allow "X-Men" to progress to the final level.
- MD: Revamped 68K emulator timing, for more versatility and better timing granularity(exact timing not so much, at least not yet...) at the cost of increased CPU usage.
- MD: Fixed a bug in the VDP DMA fill and VDP DMA VRAM copy timing calculations, fixes graphical glitches in a few games.
- MD: Applied Yabause revision 1972 C68K timing fix patch.

April 11, 2012:
- MD: Fixed a few(but there are many left :() YM2612 emulator bugs, based on information at

April 10, 2012:
- PSX: Unmapped entries in the CPU emulator's fast instruction fetch memory map are now filled with a pointer to a dummy page, to prevent a game's crash from crashing Mednafen as a whole.
- PSX: Removed unused partially-implemented CPU trampoline code and data, to reduce RAM usage and clean up code a bit(it was originally to ensure stability with a PC-as-a-pointer style CPU optimization, but that optimization was never implemented due to being in conflict with branch delay slot emulation).

April 9, 2012:
- PSX: Added main RAM mirror addresses to the fast instruction fetch memory map.
- PSX: Added various coprocessor-related instructions to the disassembler.
- Added logical AND mode command key functionality(where all buttons/keys configured to the command are required to be in a pressed state simultaneously for the command to occur), on a per-command basis(commands can be configured in this mode with SHIFT+F2).

April 8, 2012:
- Fixed transposed memset() value and length arguments in cdromif.cpp, thanks to skitt for the notice.
- PSX: Fixed triangle coordinate precision in relation to draw offset based on more tests, fixes flickering graphical glitches on the right side of the screen in "Quake II", probably other games as well.

April 7, 2012:
- PSX: Added L3 and R3 button emulation for emulated Dual Analog gamepads.
Télécharger Mednafen v0.9.22 WIP (Unstable)
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 1964 WIP vr136 
Dimanche 20/05/12 à 11:59 par Firebrand
Un nouvelle version de travail de cet émulateur Nintendo 64 a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- rearranged the status bar
- display ROM internal name in window
Télécharger 1964 WIP vr136
Site Officiel de 1964 WIP
 WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 2 
Samedi 19/05/12 à 11:58 par Firebrand
Toni Wilen ne perd pas son temps et nous publie rapidement une nouvelle version beta de WunUAE. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Missing harddrive in harddrive dialog if any device returned "too short STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR only x bytes". (2.4.0)
- D3D crashed if Vista or newer and D3D9Ex couldn't be used (shaders didn't load for reason for example) (2.3.something)
- Vsync dynamic adjustment algoritm updated.
- Added vsync debugging command line options:
- -vsync_min_delay : val is value from 1 to 90, minimum guaranteed extra time left for display rendering. Automatic dynamic adjustment system can still use higher values if needed.
- -vsync_forced_delay : val is forced extra time, dynamic adjustment is disabled. is percentage of total frame time, the bigger the value, the less chance for tearing and slower CPU emulation performance (if fastest possible mode).
Above Parameters work in low latency no buffer mode and in all legacy vsync modes.
- -vsynclog shows frame counts (total, missed, errors, time waited for frame relative to total frame, average of previous value, current frame time difference) Low latency only parameter.
- -vsynclog2 starts logging current adjustment parameters. Mostly undocumented values except last 4: current adjustment value, time/scanline, total frame time, adjustment percentage value.
Note that time unit is internal PC time counter (Rate can be seen in winuaebootlog.txt)
- Added -rtg_blitter command line option (0 = disable native RTG blitter acceleration code)
- Show more correct vertical and horizontal frequency in display mode change log line.
- Added -bsdlog command line parameter, enables full bsdsocket emulation logging. (This was previously compile-time option)
- Support PC screen resolutions that have both progressive and interlaced modes.
- PC interlaced modes work in D3D mode, fixes blank screen.
- Added 50i/60i switching support to autovsync.
- Added timing compensation to low latency vsync for some drivers (nvidia only?) that don't count any lines inside vblank period. (MinV=1 in the log)
- IOCTL 32-bit overflow fix, CDFS DVD read error when accessing data outside of first 2G.
- Built-in CD image mounter 32-bit image size restrictions removed.
Télécharger WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 2
Site Officiel de WinUAE
 Catlist FR v0.145u8 
Vendredi 18/05/12 à 11:46 par Firebrand
La dernière version de Catlist est désormais disponible en français.
Télécharger Catlist FR v0.145u8
Site Officiel de Catlist FR
 1964 WIP r135 
Jeudi 17/05/12 à 12:08 par Firebrand
Un correctif rapide de la dernière version a été publié. Peu d'informations à son sujet cependant:
- Fixed my last commit
Télécharger 1964 WIP r135
Site Officiel de 1964 WIP
 Catlist v0.145u8 
Jeudi 17/05/12 à 12:03 par Firebrand
Cet ensemble de fichier permettant de classer les jeux par catégories a été mis à jour pour MAME v0.145u8.
Télécharger Catlist v0.145u8
Site Officiel de Catlist
 History.dat v1.45c 
Jeudi 17/05/12 à 11:58 par Firebrand
Ce fichier informatif pour les frontends de MAME a été enrichi avec les données des jeux apparus dans les dernières versions intermédiaires de MAME.
Télécharger History.dat v1.45c
Site Officiel de History.dat
 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.26 (Unicode) FR 
Mercredi 16/05/12 à 19:52 par Firebrand
La dernière version de Final Burn Alpha a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Tradu-France qu'on ne présente plus.
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.26 (Unicode) FR
 GameEx v12.60 
Mercredi 16/05/12 à 19:50 par Firebrand
Le développement de GameEx semble reprendre son rythme de croisière: une version quotidienne, voir plus! Voici les nouveautés des 2 versions sorties successivement:
- Many updated and some new emulator configs and downloads thanks to Stilkdog.

- Fixes Karaoke broken in release yesterday.
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 1964 WIP vr134 
Mercredi 16/05/12 à 19:47 par Firebrand
Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Nintendo 64 a été publiée. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
VI/s and FPS counter:
- fixed build warnings
- removed unneeded code (check for regressions)
- fixed FPS counter (it hasn't displayed the correct value in some cases)

About box: added more space
Télécharger 1964 WIP vr134
Site Officiel de 1964 WIP
 GameEx v12.58 
Mardi 15/05/12 à 19:05 par Firebrand
Le développpement de GameEx semble se réveiller avec une nouvelle version. Voici les changements du jour:
- Fixes check for media insertion and the setting for this has been added to the setup wizard. Will now also check for Blu Rays.
- Unprotected Blu Rays can now be played from Blu Ray disk media.
- Fixes UPNP not working with some servers.
- Fixes GameEx locking cd/dvd drives.
- UPNP videos are now streamed where possible and not downloaded.
- Ability to set default audio language for videos in the Setup Wizard.
- Remembers last audio language.
- Ability to switch audio stream when playing a DVD.
- DVDs now start at menu. Skipping trailers and adverts
Télécharger GameEx v12.58
Site Officiel de GameEx
 WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 1 FR 
Mardi 15/05/12 à 19:03 par Firebrand
La dernière mouture de WinUAE a été traduite en français par l'équipe de Trad-France.
Télécharger WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 1 FR
 Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.26 (Unicode) 
Mardi 15/05/12 à 19:02 par Firebrand
Cet émulateur multi-systèmes plutôt porté sur l'arcade a été mis à jour. Les améliorations sont les suivantes:
- Added two clones of Arkanoid to the Arkanoid driver[Barry, f205v]
- Added Gigaman 2 to the CPS-2 driver, adding ability to disable Q-Sound in the CPS-2 drivers [Barry]
- Added Phoenix clone of Street Fighter Alpha to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
- Added Phoenix clone of Super Street Fighter II Turbo to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
- Added bootleg of Dragon Ninja to the DEC-0 driver [Barry, f205v]
- Added bootleg of Cobra Command to the DEC-8 driver [Barry, f205v]
- Added clone of Driving Force to the Galaxian driver [Barry, Team Europe]
- Added clone of Moon Cresta to the Galaxian driver [JacKc, Andy Welburn]
- Added clone of F-X to the Kyugo driver [Barry, f205v]
- Added Oxygene's NeoGeo 3D! demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Guardian Storm to the NMK16 driver [JacKc, B. Ståhl, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
- Added clone of Knights of Valour 2 to the PGM driver [JacKc, XingXing]
- Added clones of Flicky (alt graphics roms for 128k sets) to the Sega System 1 driver [Barry, f205v]
- Improvements to Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo which now works correctly [Barry]
- Fixed missing sounds in games based on Final Crash or Street Fighter 2: Magic Delta Turbo sound [Barry]
- Added support for missing priority mode writes in knightsb, knightsb4, the punipic sets, and wofb [Barry]
- Changed knights and knightsb4 to get the sprite mask values from work RAM [Barry]
- Changed the Daimakai bootleg to use the bootleg Sprite RAM it writes, and get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
- Changed the punipic sets to get the scroll layer RAM offsets and sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
- Changed wofb, and other wof sets that don't write the registers to get the sprite priority masks from work RAM [Barry]
- Hooked up the EEPROM in the dino, punipic and wof bootleg sets that don't read dip switches [Barry]
- Updated the EPOS driver, adding sound for Dealer and implementing the watchdog [iq_132]
- Tidied the Phoenix sets in the CPS-2 driver [Barry, based on info from Pythagoras]
- Fixed some unicode titles [JacKc, XingXing]
- Added Hyllian's Data Dependent Triangulation 3X to the softFX blitters [Hyllian, msbhvn]
- Optimised the xBR filters [Hyllian, Barry]
- Sync some sets and titles with latest MAME SVN [JacKc]
Télécharger Final Burn Alpha v0.2.97.26 (Unicode)
Site Officiel de Final Burn Alpha
 RockNES v5.08 (i686 SSE2) 
Lundi 14/05/12 à 19:04 par Firebrand
Une rapide mise à jour a été effectuée sur cet émulateur NES pour Windows. Le numéro de version ne change d'ailleurs pas. Voici ce qui a été fait:
- A quick code cleanup. I reupload it.
Télécharger RockNES v5.08 (i686 SSE2)
Site Officiel de RockNES
 MAME Plus! XT v0.145u8 r5023 
Lundi 14/05/12 à 19:02 par Firebrand
Les dérivés XT de MAME Plus! ont été mis à jour selon MAME v0.145u8.
Télécharger MAME Plus! XT v0.145u8 r5023
Site Officiel de MAME Plus! XT
 WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 1 
Lundi 14/05/12 à 19:00 par Firebrand
Et c'est reparti! La première version beta de ce qui sera probablemment une longue série vient d'être publiée. Les nouveautés sont les suivantes:
- Autovsync 50/60Hz also accepts 100/120Hz modes if available, supports also refresh rates +-1 from nominal.
- CD32: CD command receive DMA emulation correctly emulated, TOC read hack removed.
- CD32: Repeat each CD TOC packet 3 times (same as real CD TOC format) (Universe title screen CDA)
- CD32: CD audio stopped if multiple play requests were sent very quickly (Universe in-game CDA)
- GUI RTG monitor selection implemented.
- Low latency vsync + fastest possible CPU auto adjustment updates.
- Legacy vsync automatic adjustment implemented, hopefully improves stability. (Remember that legacy vsync is only compatible with approximate/ce CPU modes)
- FPS led background flashes yellow if frame was missed in vsync modes.
- Detect display driver forced vsync, switch to double buffered mode if low latency no buffer mode.
- Always call D3D SetMaximumFrameLatency(1) if vsync mode (any vsync) to reduce latency, previously was only called when low latency no buffer mode used. (SetMaximumFrameLatency only available on Vista and later) Usually display driver control panel can be also used to override this value.
- Added auto scale integer scaling method, uses autoscale display size instead of max overscan.
- Integer scale mode filter horizontal and vertical zoom sliders value is now added to native screen size before calculating integer scaling value. (Negative values reduce size of screen = scale to higher multiplier earlier)
- Integer scaling supports non-power of 2 integer upscaling ratios now, downscaling still only supports 1/2, 1/4 and so on to prevent scaling artifacts or blurriness.
- Warp mode now works properly in all vsync modes.
- Most filter modes (autoscale etc..) now fill "invisible" borders with black, for example this removes ugly extra border(s) in autoscale fullscreen or full-window mode when using non-4:3 displays. (In other words anything outside of 4:3 sized window are now blanked in non-4:3 screen/window sizes)
- Low latency vsync displayed blank screen if emulation was restarted using GUI Restart button.
- JIT GUI cache size box was broken.
- Do not return error code if uaehf.device read or write io command has null data pointer and length is also zero.
- Added more Windows error codes to directory filesystem to AmigaDOS error conversion table.
Télécharger WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 1
Site Officiel de WinUAE
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